Jordan Peterson Vs. left leaning woman and a very lucid host

There is a LOT of Jordan Peterson videos out there. In the Reader’s Comments alone for the past 48 hours or so, there is several hours of Dr. Peterson interviews. But this one at 36 minutes starts out so strong by an interviewer that has an unusually lucid view of what is going on makes it worth posting.

CAVEAT: I am only 3 minutes in as of posting, but its a great 3 minutes.


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7 Replies to “Jordan Peterson Vs. left leaning woman and a very lucid host”

  1. Too much… and on and on it goes…

    Mad Caddies – State Of Mind (Official Video)
    Fat Wreck Chords – Published on June 20, 2007

  2. The woman is trying to say that the left and women aren’t getting their voices heard, and that any person who disagrees with her are minions of the patriarchy.

  3. She is talking about the pay of nurses in Britain, the problem is that all of the medical personal work for the government and the government sets the wages.

  4. Yeah, look at for example Sweden where women have more ‘equality’ than probably any country on this earth… Importing hundred of thousand of individuals that treat women like dogs, spearheaded by these women…

    We are in deep shit, and going fast down the drain…
    Just saying…

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