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  1. Here’s a great one. German school children go to work for 8Euro an hours to raise money for “refugees”.

    (Seriously, why do they need any more money? They get everything paid: housing, utilities, and get 1000 Euro per head for expenses)

    This guy witnesses one of the children “working for charity” and cannot contain his disgust:
    (automatic subtitles in English at youtube)

  2. Germany: Merkel and Orban clash over migrant crisis

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel clashed with her Hungarian counterpart Viktor Orban over the subject of migration, at a joint press conference following a meeting between two leaders in Berlin on Thursday.

    Merkel said that Europe “can’t simply decouple from the need and suffering” of those who live beyond its borders.

      • Forced Charity = Communism

        We have it here in America. Kids cannot graduate from high school without having mandatorily “volunteered” for community service.

        This so totally rips the heart out of individual volunteerism that polite language cannot describe it.

          • Thank you for responding, dear yucki and malca.

            As someone who has spent thousands of lifetime hours rescuing wildlife and organizing one of Silicon Valley’s most enduring Independence Day events, you might well know just how revolted I am by these, “days of service”.

            If they aren’t strictly voluntary, how are such personal “sacrifices” any sort of “days of service”?

            People who distort these vital dimensions of the Social Contract ought to experience unique forms of psychological and physiological hell as part of ruining voluntary human imagination.

            Then, again, that’s just me. So go figure!

      • Merkel showing up at these debates is like having someone bring a knife to a gunfight. Every last one of her government policies have been conspicuously refuted by simple reality on the ground. Why anyone thinks she has anything worthwhile to say or contribute is another one of those mysteries for the ages.

  3. VoA – Europe Grasps for Solutions in Growing Migrant Crisis

    A rescue ship carrying 60 migrants picked up from rubber boats in the Mediterranean Sea arrived in a Spanish port Wednesday, after being refused entry by Italy and Malta.

    Tens of thousands of migrants have reached European shores this year so far, and southern European countries are refusing entry to the latest arrivals unless their burden is shared. VOA’s Zlatica Hoke has more.

    • euronews – NGOs claim a “political crackdown” is stopping them from rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean

      • It all just a big show. 73 percent of illegal immigrants do not come via Austria (subtitles work in English)

    • Italy earmarks 42 million euros for migrant returns

      The populist Italian government will spend 42 million euros of public funds on migrant returns that were previously set aside for their reception, interior minister Matteo Salvini told reporters in Rome on Thursday.

      “A business that made a few individuals rich at the expense of many has now become an investment in security and migrant returns,” Salvini said.

      Earlier on Thursday, Salvini issued new tougher criteria for government representatives and officials assessing political asylum claims in Italian towns and cities. Out of 43,000 claims for asylum, only 7 percent of migrants were refugees, while a further 5 percent were entitled to protection, Salvini said.
      ITALY – 42 mn from migrant reception – Salvini

      Rome, July 5 – The interior ministry has shifted 42 million euros of spending from migrant reception to voluntary repatriations, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Thursday.

      He said the move had been made possible after screening all ongoing integration and reception projects, funded both by the EU and Italy. “What until a short while ago was a business that enriched a few people at the expense of many has become an investment in security and repatriation,” he said.

      “The line item is still the same, immigration, but there different ways of using the funds that are under that item”.


      Germany, Austria set talks with Italy to shut southern migrant route to Europe

      VIENNA/BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany, Austria and Italy said on Thursday they would hold talks next week on how to shut down the Mediterranean route taken by tens of thousands of migrants from Africa to Europe, with Rome calling the situation urgent and “dangerous”.

      The initiative came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to set up migrant transit centers along Germany’s border from which migrants refused asylum could be sent back, defusing a dispute that threatened to bring down her ruling coalition.

      But the centers, meant to curb and regulate migration from Africa and the Middle East, will hinge on cooperation from other European Union nations loath to see migrant numbers accumulating on their own soil, spurring a search for cross-border solutions.

      The migration crisis peaked with an influx of well over one million people in 2015 and, while annual arrivals have since tumbled, EU members have feuded over how to share the burden and support for eurosceptic, anti-immigrant parties has surged.

      Under Germany’s plan for migrant centers along its boundary with Austria, migrants seeking entry who had already registered elsewhere in the EU would be sent back to that country.

      This prompted Austrian worries that tighter German controls would raise the number of migrants on its own soil – anathema to the ruling coalition of conservatives and the anti-immigrant far right led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

      Speaking after talks with Kurz on Thursday in Vienna, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Berlin’s plan would not saddle Austria with people who had already registered elsewhere.


      Kurz said Germany and Austria would work with Italy, the EU entry point for most migrants, to stem the flow from Africa.

      “We agreed … that next week there will be a meeting of the German, Austrian and Italian interior ministers with the goal of taking measures to shut the Mediterranean route into Europe, to make sure that illegal immigration to Europe on this route is stopped,” Kurz told a joint news conference.

      In Rome, far-right Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he would try to strike a deal with Germany next week ahead of an EU interior ministers’ meeting in Innsbruck, Austria.

      “Before receiving even one asylum seeker from another European country, we want to see a precise commitment giving the timetable, costs, means, men and resources on how the EU plans to help us defend our external borders,” he told reporters after meeting the deputy premier of Libya, from where most migrants board people smugglers’ boats for Europe.

      “If we don’t block the flows from the south, it is a problem for everyone… The situation is dangerous,” said Salvini, adding he would visit north African countries in coming weeks to press his crackdown on illegal seaborne immigration.

      Salvini made no mention of Austria.

      Austria’s border with Italy includes the Brenner Pass, a vital north-south European transport corridor. Kurz has previously indicated Austrian readiness to curb movement over the hitherto open boundary barring a deal with Italy.

      For her part, Merkel is consulting with EU peers including Italy and Greece, the other main first port of call for migrants entering the EU, on deals to take back migrants who first registered there before reaching Germany.

      “If the talks with Greece and Italy fail, we will have to think again about measures,” said Seehofer, head of the Bavarian CSU coalition allies of Merkel’s Christian Democrats.


      In Berlin, Merkel received anti-immigrant Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban – the EU’s fiercest critic of her previous open-door stance on migration – for talks and the two quickly clashed over what constituted a humane solution.

      Merkel said Europe was morally obliged not to “simply decouple itself from the need and suffering” of migrants and also to provide aid to impoverished, conflict-ridden African countries to help discourage their people from leaving.

      “That means development aid, but also legal channels (for immigration), study places, places for skilled labor, and that must be a new partnership with Africa,” she told a joint news conference with the Hungarian premier.

      Orban, who romped to re-election in April after what critics said was a campaign demonizing refugees, followed by legislation to prosecute rights groups who help them, said the EU could best display humanity by sealing its borders to deter migrants from undertaking perilous sea journeys in the first place.


      • The populist Italian government will spend 42 million euros of public funds on migrant returns that were previously set aside for their reception, interior minister Matteo Salvini told reporters in Rome on Thursday.

        It sounds as if someone in Italy has a sense of fiscal responsibility.

    • TRUSTED 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The Guardian Salvini’s anti-migrant pledge ‘practically impossible’ to fulfil

      Less than a month into the job, Matteo Salvini has made headlines by barring foreign flagged migrant rescue ships from Italian ports, calling for a census of Roma and travelling to Tripoli “to help Libya as well as Italy block migration”.

      Italy’s interior minister has accused NGOs of “causing trouble” by rescuing people at sea, called reports of human rights abuse in Libyan migrant centres “lies”, insisted the country will take in “not one more” refugee and pledged he will never allow his country to become “a holding pen for all of Europe”.

      He has lost no opportunity to show his commitment to halt the mass migration that helped bring his far-right, xenophobic League party to power. But one legally complex and hugely expensive election promise – to “send home” 500,000 illegal immigrants already in Italy – may not be so easy to keep.

      “Practically, it’s impossible,” said Sergio Bontempelli, a migrant rights campaigner with the Association of Rights and Borders. “But it’s been happening for years – a politician comes along and says ‘we’ll send them all home’, but they are only words, which people unfortunately believe.”

      Bontempelli compared Salvini’s campaign tactics with those of the US president, Donald Trump, who vowed to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep out immigrants and force Mexico to pay for it.

      “Words matter a lot. They don’t produce anything in terms of deportation but they do produce a lot in terms of instigating hatred and violence,” Bontempelli said.

      The challenge might be huge, but Salvini has already signalled that he is determined to enact promises made to his voters. Last month he blocked the arrival of over 600 migrants who were aboard the Aquarius rescue ship and has warned others that they are unwelcome. The vessel eventually docked in Spain.

      On Salvini’s Facebook page, supporters spur him on with encouragement whenever he repeats his vow to “get rid of them”. But they are likely to end up disappointed.

      The first anomaly in Salvini’s rhetoric is the figure of 500,000.

      “There is no credible statistic on the number of people in the country at this time without a valid residency permit,” said Christopher Hein, a professor of law and immigration policies at Luiss University in Rome.

      “There is also a mixture between those who have entered the territory irregularly and those who have entered with a valid entry visa but then overstayed their period of authorisation. So long as the interior minister doesn’t reveal his source, I cannot judge. But then he could easily say 2 million; where is the truth?”

      Hein said that a vague indicator of how many illegal immigrants might be in Italy could be gleaned from data on the numbers who had requested asylum. About 130,000 applied in 2017, with about 50,000 being turned down.

      However, many of those who are rejected gain protection after appealing through the courts.

      Italy’s deportation procedure is messy, costly and for the most part unworkable. When an illegal immigrant receives a deportation order, they are first given the choice to return home voluntarily, a procedure that is usually organised by NGOs. But few use this option, with just 1,500 expected to take it up in 2018.

      If they do not go home voluntarily, they are given a deadline to leave the country: failing to do so is a criminal offence. At this stage, it is also up to the immigrant to obtain travel documents and fund their journey home.

      For immigrants detained in one of the five centres for identification and expulsion (CIE), then it is up to Italian authorities to obtain travel documents from the countries of origin – an often insurmountable challenge given that the relevant authorities in their home countries often do not exist or function in an efficient way or do not want their citizens back – and fund their return.

      Italy has bilateral deportation agreements with only Nigeria, Tunisia, the Gambia, Sudan and Egypt. It is against EU law to return people to countries at war or where they could be subjected to the death penalty, torture or other inhumane conditions. War-riven Libya is the main departure point for migrants and refugees, the majority of whom are from sub-Saharan Africa, setting out on the treacherous sea crossing to Italy’s southern shores.

      Last year, 31,624 undocumented foreigners were detected in Italy, of which 6,514 were repatriated, according to interior ministry figures.

      “Failure to cooperate with the country of origin means that it is impossible to repatriate an irregular migrant, unless the latter is in possession of a valid identity document,” the ministry said.

      A person can only be held in a CIE for 90 days, although in some cases stays last a year or more, with conditions regularly criticised as inhumane. If Italy fails to deport someone, then they are released with an order to leave the country of their own accord within a week. But the majority simply disappear.

      Salvini said he would boost the number of detention centres to 20, one for each Italian region, in order to accelerate expulsions. His predecessor, , made a similar declaration last year but failed to make progress.

      “In reality these centres have never worked,” said Bontempelli. “You keep people in a type of prison, causing suffering, but as a mechanism for deportation it makes no sense.”

      The other main impediment to Salvini’s plan is the massive expense. On top of the cost of identification, detention, legal hearings and flights, each deported migrant has to be escorted to a plane by two police officers at a cost of about €3,000 (£2,650). The total repatriation cost for one person is estimated to be between €6,000 and €15,000.

      “Regularising migrants [enabling them to work] would be much cheaper and would even allow for tax contributions into the state’s coffers,” said Alessandra Ballerini, a human rights and immigration lawyer.

      Salvini said he would use money currently spent on hosting asylum seekers to pay for mass deportations. He told voters that the previous administration’s reception policy cost €50bn.

      Some of the cost of migrant reception, integration and deportation is paid for via the EU’s asylum, migration and integration fund (AMIF).

      “But 90% of Italian taxpayer money would be needed to deport 500,000 people,” said Hein. “The fund is already being accessed and will continue to be, but it won’t be possible to say ‘we will shift half a million people and the EU should pay for it’.”

      • “Practically, it’s impossible,” said Sergio Bontempelli, a migrant rights campaigner with the Association of Rights and Borders.

        What joy! Moron idiots with below-room-temperature-IQs like Bontempelli are placed in official positions whereby they’re allowed to sanctimoniously instruct us that our, time-tested methods of sorting out no-use—worthless, hostile, paedophilic, criminal, parasitic, scumbags—just happens to be, “Islamophobic”, or (far worse), [GASP!] “RACIST!”

        Within my lifetime, I only can hope to bear witness to what repercussions await these sociocultural termites. George Orwell’s, “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”, only begins to circumscribe what awaits an inattentive and acquiescent Eloi caste which refuses to believe that Muslim Morlock cannibals await them.

        What could possibly go wrong?!?

    • Open Society Foundations Urge Italian Minister Matteo Salvini to Stop Repeating False Statements

      On the La7 TV channel’s In Onda program, Italy’s Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini repeated false claims about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations.

      He claimed “Soros wants to fill Italy and Europe with migrants” and that he “would like Italy [to become] a giant refugee camp because he likes slaves.” We urge Minister Salvini to stop repeating these and similar false statements about Mr. Soros and the work of the Open Society Foundations.

      George Soros believes Europe needs a comprehensive, pan-European solution to address migration—including reform of the Dublin III Regulation and an increase in aid to promote democracy and prosperity in countries that are the source of most migration to Europe. His actual views on this are well known and can be found here.

      The Open Society Foundations are the second-largest philanthropy worldwide, working through more than 20 national and regional foundations to support human rights, justice, and democracy around the world.

      The Open Society Foundations have been working in Italy for more than a decade, providing grants to local groups involved in a range of social issues, including migration. Our funding helps organizations in Italy that work on all aspects of the challenges posed by migration. This ranges from ensuring that refugees and migrants are treated with dignity and humanity by the authorities, to exposing and countering migrant exploitation in certain sectors of the economy, to supporting local host communities and volunteers, who provide services such as language lessons.

      The Open Society Foundations do not provide financial support for the search and rescue operations conducted in the Mediterranean by various NGOs, although we commend these humanitarian efforts.

    • France: March for refugees across Europe reaches northern France

      For its 56th stop after two months of walking, the March for a Better Hospitality towards Refugees in France organised by the association L’Auberge des migrants arrived in Grande-Synthe in the North of France on Thursday.

      About 75 people arrived in the city, where a huge wooden refugee camp used to be located. After a short stop there, 200 demonstrators went to the town hall, where they protested against the ‘crime of solidarity’ and against the block on French-Italian and French-British borders.

      Demonstrators are trying to place pressure on the French government to withdraw the ‘Asylum and Immigration’ law approved in April by the French parliament.

      The March for a Better Hospitality towards Refugees in France aims at to raise awareness about refugees and asylum-seekers. It started on April 30 at the Italian border town of Ventimiglia and will end on July 8 in London.

  4. euronews -Mideast: should the EU step in?

    Official says Europe could play role of ‘honest mediator’ between Israelis and Palestinians.

  5. US teen to meet Somali president after Quran recitation win (abcnews, Jul 5, 2018)

    “A Minnesota teenager who became the first American to win a prestigious Quran recitation contest will travel to Somalia to meet the country’s president.

    Ahmed Burhan Mohamed has become a local celebrity since winning the Dubai International Holy Quran award last month. The 17-year-old beat out more than 100 other contestants from around the world.

    The Star Tribune reports Mohamed will travel to Somalia this week at the invitation of the East African country’s president, who wishes to meet and congratulate the teen. Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in the United States.

    Mohamed received a perfect score on his proper pronunciation, voice and style as he recited random verses of the Quran from memory. The Quran has more than 6,000 verses and spans more than 600 pages. He received a trophy and a cash prize worth about $68,000.”

  6. TWITCHY – IMPEACH! Maxine Waters should be ASHAMED of her LA district (that she doesn’t even live in) THIS video proves it

    Perhaps Maxine Waters should spend more time focusing on her own LA district than on screeching about Trump and threatening his administration because HOLY COW, what a dump. Why do people keep electing her if she allows the district she is supposed to represent to look and be this way?

    That and she doesn’t even live in said district.

    This is awful.

    video :

  7. Oops, what’s this!? Guess she’ll take the starburst after all!

    Germany willing to cut tariffs on US cars, lifting automakers’ shares

    Germany’s chancellor said Thursday she’s willing to back lower tariffs on U.S. auto imports as a potential European Union (EU) concession to the Trump administration – just one day after CEOs of Germany’s biggest carmakers reportedly voiced support for eliminating such tariffs entirely.

    Angela Merkel said she would be ready to support lowering the tariffs, though the measure couldn’t just apply to the U.S.

    “I would be ready to support negotiations on reducing tariffs but we would not be able to do this only with the U.S.,” she said, as reported by Reuters, adding that singling out one country would violate World Trade Organization rules.

    • Please pardon my language, but:


      At a peasely ten minutes, this clip is MANDATORY VIEWING.

      Eeyore, please consider moving this to the front page and thank you, Richard.

      PS: Was that Bill Whittle narrating?

  8. Florida Alert: Don’t Believe What Pollsters Say about the Gun Control Views of NRA Members

    DATE: July 4, 2018
    TO: USF & NRA Member and Friends
    FROM: Marion P. Hammer
    USF Executive Director
    NRA Past President

    By Marion P. Hammer

    July 3, 2018 – 2:00pm

    Marion Hammer

    Time and again national pollsters insist on reporting how NRA members and other gun owners feel about gun control. Don’t believe a word of it.

    None of these pollsters has access to NRA’s membership list. NRA strictly protects its membership list and doesn’t give it to mainstream media types, pollsters, solicitors or anyone else. It is a private list and always has been. Anyone who claims to have access to NRA’s membership list is not telling the truth.

    Pollsters simply ask people they survey if they are NRA members or gun owners. However, they have absolutely no way to determine whether the information they get is accurate. So despite their claims, they can’t accurately say how NRA members or gun owners feel about gun control.

    In gun control polls conducted by national pollsters, it is folly to believe that gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership, gun ownership, or their views on gun control. NRA members and gun owners aren’t inclined to share their personal information with people they don’t know.

    No one wants to be put on any kind of list of gun owners and that absolutely applies to lists created by pollsters for anti-gun clients.

    It is folly to believe gun owners tell pollsters the truth about NRA membership or gun ownership. It is even folly to believe the majority of people, whose privacy is interrupted by a pollster, tell pollsters the truth about anything.

    • It is even folly to believe the majority of people, whose privacy is interrupted by a pollster, tell pollsters the truth about anything.

      Yet, how many countless BILLIONS of dollars change hands based on this hopelessly inexact “polling data”?!? It’s the exact same malaise as relying upon wealthy, ivory-tower economists to steer a national economy.

      I really detest the entire “Fake News” hysteria, but if there were ever some unbelievably “Fake News”, it is these modern surveys. So many of them have sponsor-pleasing biases baked in at the factory (e.g., The Great Warmening™) that they cannot possibly produce legitimate or objective results.

      This I know personally from attempting to conduct professional (uncompensated but incentivized) business solicitations and even just existing-client surveys. If you can get a 1% response rate, you should be over the moon.

      How these “pollsters” can deny that they’ve been breathing their own exhaust for the past few DECADES is a bit of Olympic medal-winning flummery.

      In the engineering world, when instruments are obtaining spurious readings due to instabilities of their own output, these wayward sensors and detectors are impolitely referred to as, “sucking on their own own butts” (i.e., GIGO), and there’s few better terms that apply to modern these media “pollsters”.

      America’s flipping, fecking CIA couldn’t even predict the Soviet Union’s collapse yet we’re supposed to believe—a bunch of overcompensated, photogenic, blow-dried charlatans—that Hillary was cheated (unlike The Bern, HAH!) and that Trump connived his way into the Oval Office.

      Did I mention that there’s several large bridges for sale?

      As PT Barnum was alleged to have said:


      • When I took statistics in Collage one of the first things the Professor taught us was how to ensure that the poll showed what the customer wanted. I haven’t trusted polls since then.

  9. Illegal migrants in Paris suburb soar to 400,000 as hundreds of migrant children sleep on streets (telegraph, Jul 5, 2018)

    “Illegal immigrants, now estimated to make up a fifth of the population of Seine-Saint-Denis, north-east of Paris, are severely straining public services and creating social tensions, according to a parliamentary report.

    Seine-Saint-Denis has long been the French department with the highest proportion of immigrants, but the report warns that the number of illegal migrants may have risen as high as 400,000.

    The report catalogues what the conservative newspaper Le Figaro describes as “the incredible deterioration of social, economic and security conditions” in the area, where 28 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line.

    Police, schools, courts and other public services are struggling to cope, while the presence of undocumented foreign nationals is blocking the implementation of effective policies by the authorities, argue the two MPs who wrote the report…”

    • Illegal migrants in Paris suburb soar to 400,000 as hundreds of migrant children sleep on streets

      In days of Eeyore, such vagrant or indigent, underage populations turned the more colloquially familiar, Midget Mobs™.

      Time for Parisian officials and their gendarmerie to scour through the works of Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo if they want a glimpse of how this story ends.

      Hint: Child prostitution, snuff movies, nanoscopic levels of self-esteem, drug-running, near-constant physical or sexual abuse, involuntary homosexuality, drug addiction, being police “look-outs”, messengers, smuggling mules, deep personal shame, comparatively tame social benefits scams, and an endless list of other miseries are what await an unemployable surplus of semi-literate, marginally fluent, indigent, underage population in a foreign, major metropolitan environment.

      This sort of malevolence doesn’t happen (as much) back in their home villages because of a relatively flat economic profile and distance from major urban centers. Only when you artificially inject a massive population of needy alien indigents—otherwise known as creating Mendicant Voter Plantations™—into a totally foreign, urban landscape, do these issues reach critical mass (in all of that term’s manifold definitions).

      However shopworn it may be, the time-honored question still beggars (literally) an answer: What could possibly go wrong?!?.

      • We are entering a Dark Age, combine this story with the 10 year old Drag Queen in one of Eeyore’s posts today and you see a very dark future for the world.

  10. Make-or-Break Exams Bring Out the Best and Brightest Cheaters

    Tiny cameras, implanted microphones, sneaker transmitters—Iraqi students apply creativity and diligence to devising new ways to cheat on tests


    “Students take tests on subjects including math, Islamic Studies and English. The night before the first exam last month, the questions for the Islamic Studies test surfaced on the internet. One: “What is the story of the companion of the Prophet who lived in extreme poverty?” The test went ahead, but the Education Ministry annulled the results, outraging thousands of students who now need to retake it.”

    “Students are desperate to do well to improve their chances of winning one of the few positions available in a job market unable to absorb the 400,000 young people who enter it each year.”


    Around $210 at the market will buy an earpiece along with a receiver in the form of a card that can be slipped beneath clothing, enabling the cheater to communicate via Bluetooth with a co-conspirator outside the exam hall. The cheater quietly reads out the questions—without being spotted by exam supervisors—and the accomplice murmurs the answers directly into his or her ear. Or, if the cheater can smuggle in a cellphone, he or she snaps a photo of the questions and sends it out to the accomplice.”


    “Female students have an advantage, because they can conceal an earpiece under a head scarf, according to Ms. Sumaidae, the official on the exams board”.

    “Some students have even undergone surgery to have a microphone implanted beneath their skin or deep inside their ears, according to Messrs. Lafta and Qaisi. “

  11. Sex, Lies and the Deep State
    What the affairs of the deep state tell us about it.
    July 5, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    At the heart of the effort to bring down President Trump were two affairs. Unlike the bizarre lies about Moscow hotel rooms and prostitutes in the Steele dossier that was used by the Clinton campaign and its allies to smear President Trump and generate an investigation against him, these affairs truly took place.

    And they didn’t just expose the malfeasance of four people, but of a corrupt political culture.

    The affairs between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in the FBI, and between Senate Intelligence Committee security director James Wolfe and New York Times reporter Ali Watkins, did more than betray the spouses of Strzok, Page and Wolfe. They also betrayed the duties of the two men and two women.

    The affairs were not private matters. The two illicit sexual relationships were also illicit political arrangements. As the Inspector General’s report noted, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a Clinton ally who has since been fired, used Page as his liaison with Strzok to circumvent the chain of command on the investigation. McCabe used Page as his conduit and Watkins’ media employers used the young reporter as a conduit to her older married lover and the leaked information he allegedly provided her.

  12. Did Obama Grant Residency To Sworn Enemies Of America?
    New bombshell allegation reveals the depth and breadth of Obama’s appeasement efforts.
    July 5, 2018
    Ari Lieberman

    Like a recurring bad rash that simply won’t go away, the aftershocks of Barack Obama’s calamitous Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) keep coming and with each aftershock, another layer of betrayal, deception and appeasement is exposed. The latest controversy centers on an allegation made by a high level Iranian official that the Obama administration, in an effort to appease the mullahs and close the Iran deal, granted citizenship or residency permits to 2,500 Iranian nationals some of whom were connected to the ruling mullah elite.

    The bombshell allegation was leveled by hardline cleric Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour. Zolnour is no small-time slouch. He’s chairman of Iran’s parliamentary nuclear committee and a member of its national security and foreign affairs committee. He’s also part of “Supreme Leader” Ali Khamenei’s inner circle so presumably, he has some inside knowledge.

    Though he did not name names, Zolnour alleged that Obama extended naturalization to the children of top level Iranians; this in an effort to curry favor with the mullahs and make them more amenable to signing the JCPOA. The children of at least two top Iranian officials currently reside in the United States. The son of Iran’s speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, and the son of Hossein Fereydoun, a brother and close aide to Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, both reside in the nation routinely characterized by their parents as the “Great Satan.”

    To date, the only Obama administration official to publicly comment on Zolnour’s allegation was former State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who termed his allegation, “…totally made up BS.” Like most Iranian officials, Zolnour is a dissembler and his allegations should be viewed with healthy dose of caution. Nevertheless, there is ample reason to believe that there’s some truth to the allegation, after all, many ancillary aspects of the Iran deal were kept from Congress and the American people by an opaque administration that trampled on the concept of transparency.

    • Did Obama Grant Residency To Sworn Enemies Of America?

      Why is there even a question mark punctuating the end of this headline?

      Talk about so-called Fake News! GAH!!!

      • We have an Iranian official (the title alone makes him a known liar) saying that Obama (know traitor who hates the US) saying that Obama committed another crime to damage the US. You and I can say that he did that with very little worry about our reps but the author of the article has to consider his reputation and his job if they can’t find more evidence supporting the claim.

        Yes I think he did this but can’t prove it.

  13. the gateway pundit – The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has filed criminal charges against seven German NGO’s for human trafficking — including Doctors Without Borders.

    The groups being charged are Against SOS Mediterranee, Sea-Watch, Doctors without Borders Germany, Save The Children Germany, Jugend Rettet (all Berlin), Mission Lifeline (Dresden) and Sea-Eye (Regensburg).

    The controversial NGOs have come under scrutiny lately for their efforts picking up illegal immigrants off the coast of Libya under the pretense they are “being rescued from drowning” and bringing them to Europe.

    The Italian government recently announced that they are closing their ports to these “humanitarian” ships in an effort to stop the illegal migration. Malta has since impounded multiple Sea-Watch vessels that are sponsored by the Lutheran Church in Germany using taxpayer funds.

    The captain of one of the ships, Claus-Peter Reisch, was subsequently arrested in Malta and charged with sailing under false flag. He has since been released on bail, but must remain on Malta until trial.

    The charges being filed by AfD are based on a German law against human trafficking (Aufenthaltsgesetz §96) which deems it a crime to “aid or assist in illegal immigration repeatedly or on behalf of several foreigners, or for profit”. They are supported by all 92 members of parliament of the AfD, and was conceived by Petr Bystron, a former Czech refugee who is now AfD spokesman on the Foreign Committee of the German Bundestag.

    Bystron is the Speaker of the Alternative for Germany party (AfD) on the Foreign Policy Committee of the German Bundestag. He went to Germany in 1988 as a political refugee and joined the AfD in 2013. He was chair of the AfD for the State of Bavaria 2015-2018. He is currently one of the top ten most popular German politicians on social media.

    According to the AfD, the NGOs use their people-trafficking activity to acquire donations totalling millions of Euros. SOS Mediterranée has an annual budget of around €4 million, Sea-Watch €1.7 million, Sea-Eye €500.000 and Mission Lifeline (which just began raising money in Fall of 2017) €250.000.

    Strafanzeige gegen NGO-Schlepper: Exklusivinterview mit Petr Bystron

    • euronews – The EU migrant rescuers left in limbo

      “We will challenge the Maltese authorities with legal steps for sure… because people are dying right now”

    • Italy: Salvini demands EU end Libya arms embargo

      Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said that the European Union should lift its arms embargo on Libya in order to combat migrant trafficking, during a joint press conference with his Libyan counterpart Ahmed Maiteeq in Rome on Thursday.

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Italy interior Minister (Italian): “Before sending back to Italy a single asylum seeker coming from other European countries, we want to have concrete commitments, precise ways, time, resources, facilities on how the European Union intends to help us protect the external borders.”

      SOT, Ahmed Maiteeq, vice president of the presidential council of Libya (Italian): “Libya is a country that has an economic possibility, but has no means. The embargo takes away all the possibilities we can have to help everyone we want to help.”

      SOT, Ahmed Maiteeq, vice president of the presidential council of Libya (Arabic): “The Libyan government is under restrictions with regards to equipment, maritime security – this is a major problem that we suffer from, as we are often unable to protect our maritime boundaries.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Italy interior Minister (Italian): “We want the end of the embargo because human traffickers and weapon dealers obviously disregard the embargo and arm themselves as they wish, and the only ones who are blocked are those who represent legitimate and recognized authorities.”

      SOT, Matteo Salvini, Italy interior Minister (Italian): “Next week I will have a meeting with the German colleague Seehofer before the Innsbruck council to agree an Italian-German agreement on the phenomenon of immigration and to put Libya and the concrete help to Libya as the first point of the European Council of Ministers of Interiors to be held on 12 July in Innsbruck.”

    • NGO-Schlepper

      What a priceless wee keeper! I’m going to have a verschluginer time of working this sparkling little gem into my writing, but only hell and high-water will prevent it.

    • Yes, yes, yes it is about time we started using lawfare against the left and their groups, make them pay for their crimes.

  14. ‘See results!’ Iran hints it will block all Gulf oil exports in case of American sanctions

    Iran has threatened to block seaborne oil shipments along a route that is used for almost 1/3 of all oil exports if Washington attempts to halt Tehran’s own exports.

    The US State Department’s policy planning official earlier said that America’s goal was to reduce Iran’s oil revenues to zero.

      • A lot of nations would be screaming for the US and any allies it could gather to replace the current regime.

    • Iran hints it will block all Gulf oil exports in case of American sanctions

      Can you say, “Immediate Military Suicide”?

      V E R Y … G O O D … I … K N E W … Y O U … C O U L D !

      [/Mister Rogers]

      Hokay, folks. What we’re talking about is New Panamax, (as in: revised Panama Canal specs) and Malaccamax (i.e., Straits of Malaca) capacity oilers. These boat classes are so massive that the Coriolis Effect (i.e., geophysical positional precession like pendulums experience) must be integrated into their navigational calculations. For the nonce, we’ll ignore how these ships’ crews are routinely provided with bicycles to reach and perform the stations of their assigned duties on these massive boats.

      Sink just one of these mega-puppies in a mission-critical canal, strait, or channel location, then jist sit back and munch some hot-buttered-popcorn because there’ll be some endless “festivities” to enjoy right after that.

      It’s difficult to imagine few other moves that Iran ever could make that would draw more hostility and unwanted attention to Islam’s (thoroughly persecuted) minority Shiite population than Tehran choking off one of this planet’s most crucial (petroleum exporting) waterways.

      Like yucki sez:

      No limbo.
      Straight to hell.

      Works for me. Garsh it’s so sincerely wonderful to have genius-level individuals doing the math for all of us.

      To close: It appears as though (without much surprise) that Iran desperately hopes to acquire the same reputation as Japan’s Kamikaze pilots.

      Through the Straits of Hormuz flows enough energy to make the gigawatts of nuclear-produced and so-called solar or geothermal “clean energy” currently being harvested look like a farking kitchen match-strike. For a meaningful comparison, all of those massive Radio Antennae Telescopes arrays like Arecibo and the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (show in “Contact)?

      They’ve never collected enough energy even to light a birthday candle.

      Now, walk that back into the impact of Iran choking off the Straits of Hormuz. One could only hope that Tehran’s Majlis was a corpse-filled smoking hulk within a few weeks days

  15. If We’re Nazis, Expect More Violence
    The Left’s escalating rhetoric has only one objective.
    July 5, 2018
    Dennis Prager
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    Because of the ever-descending moral and intellectual state of the mainstream news media, there has been no outcry against the leftists who call President Donald Trump and all Americans who support him Nazis. Indeed, members of the media now regularly do so.

    Without that outcry, this labeling will only increase; and this steadily increasing drumbeat of hysteria is likely to lead to one result: violence against conservatives.

    It is not plausible to foresee any other outcome of left-wing normalization of the terms “Nazi” and “white supremacist.”

    The American left has put itself in a moral quandary: Either it doesn’t mean it when it calls the president and his supporters Nazis, in which the case it is merely guilty of cheapening — and, as I explained in my previous column, actually denying — the Holocaust, or it does mean it, in which case morality demands it take violent action against Trump supporters.

    For at least a decade, I have been saying that America is fighting a second Civil War. But I have always added that unlike the first Civil War, this one — thank God — is nonviolent.

    It’s getting harder and harder to assume it will stay that way.

    • Candace Owens: There Will Be a ‘Major Black Exit’ From the Democratic Party

      Even if every last American Black departing Democrat partisanship took up Independent Political Status, that would do more for this nation’s overall health than few other moves.

      PS: It appears that Candace Owens is emerging as the Michelle Malkin of her own ethnic origins. There is no way to more enthusiastically welcome either of these priceless individuals to the Conservative cause.

      • With one exception everything the actors say was said by the real person. The exception is when they scratch out the slavery clause, in reality John Adams said that slavery was going to tear the US apart within 100 years. The producers of the play thought no one would believe that he called the future that well.

        • The producers of the play thought no one would believe that he called the future that well.

          Neither did the Pentagon’s brass hats believe United States Army General, William (Billy) Lendrum Mitchel, when he insisted that carrier-based aircraft would be essential with respect to fighting a Pacific Theater war against supposed ally (of that time), Japan.

          They court-martialed him instead: In one of the first (modern-day) Big Betrayals™ to come down the sewer</strike pipeline.

          • Enjoy, I haven’t watched that copy so I don’t know about the quality of video or audio, I watched my DVD of the play/movie on the 4th.

  16. Peter Strzok may not comply with subpoena: attorney

    Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell says Peter Strzok’s attorney is representing a client with grave civil and criminal exposure.

  17. Le Monde publishes Macron’s plan to reform Islam in France

    Association financed by tax on halal and Mecca pilgrimages

    A confidential statement to French President Emmanuel Macron by one of his closest collaborators and published Thursday by French daily Le Monde outlines a plan to regulate Islam by making financing transparent and better integrating the community based on the principles of French social and economic life.

    The plan was drawn up by Macron collaborator Hakim El Karoui, and provides for the creation of an association managed by French Muslims that will train and pay the imams, remodel the mosques and manage communication.

    It will be financed by a tax on halal food products and on pilgrimages to Mecca, as well as by a tax exemption on donations by followers.


    Le Monde – Islam de France : des propositions-chocs pour réguler le culte musulman

    Le consultant Hakim El Karoui, proche d’Emmanuel Macron, propose de réguler le culte musulman par le biais de son financement aujourd’hui opaque.

    Organiser le culte musulman par la régulation des flux financiers qu’il génère et non pas en recherchant une représentativité, hors d’atteinte, des institutions cultuelles. Tel est l’un des schémas sur lesquels travaille l’Elysée pour préparer le discours promis par Emmanuel Macron concernant l’islam de France. Initialement annoncé pour le premier semestre, il a été repoussé à l’automne compte tenu de la complexité des paramètres en jeu.

    Dans une note de vingt pages présentée fin mars, l’une des personnalités au cœur de cette élaboration, Hakim El Karoui, auteur en 2016 d’un rapport sur les musulmans pour l’Institut Montaigne, qui a l’oreille du président, lui propose un modèle dont l’institution pivot serait une Association musulmane pour l’islam de France (AMIF). Composée et dirigée par des Français de confession musulmane, revendiquant une « neutralité » face aux différents acteurs, elle serait chargée de collecter suffisamment de fonds pour pouvoir financer le salaire et la formation des imams, la construction et l’entretien des lieux de culte, un travail théologique et des actions de lutte contre l’islamophobie et l’antisémitisme.

    Conflits d’intérêts
    Les institutions actuelles, censées être représentatives des musulmans, ne fonctionnent pas pour au moins deux raisons, explique l’auteur de la note. D’une part, la France a laissé les Etats d’origine des familles musulmanes (essentiellement Algérie, Maroc et Turquie), rivaux, « importer » leurs problèmes et priver le Conseil français du culte musulman (CFCM) de toute capacité d’action. D’autre part, des conflits d’intérêts entravent ces institutions, beaucoup de leurs membres étant impliqués dans le « muslim business », à savoir le marché du halal, l’organisation du pèlerinage à la Mecque et le recueil des dons, ce qui ne les dispose pas à accepter une régulation. Hakim El Karoui, qui n’est pas à l’origine de la divulgation de cette note que…

    (the rest behind paywall

    Comment l’Elysée veut réguler le culte musulman par les flux financiers

    Le consultant Hakim El Karoui, consultant proche de l’Elysée, plaide pour la création d’une Association musulmane pour l’islam de France (AMIF). Cette institution serait chargée de récolter des fonds pour financer la formation des imams ou encore construire des lieux de culte.

    Comment venir à bout des circuits financiers opaques qui régissent aujourd’hui l’islam en France ? Hakim El Karoui, consultant sur la politique arabe de la France depuis août 2017, a sa petite idée : créer une Association musulmane pour l’islam de France (AMIF), par laquelle transiteraient à terme les fonds générés par la pratique religieuse, et qui finirait par s’imposer comme l’organisation référente du culte musulman en France, d’après une note que Le Monde a pu consulter.

    Permettre l'”émancipation” du culte musulman

    Composée et dirigée par des Français de confession musulmane, l’AMIF devrait revendiquer “une neutralité” face aux différents acteurs.

    L’idée serait de faire transiter par l’organisme l’essentiel des sommes générées par le culte musulman, alors que les circuits financiers de l’islam, auxquels prennent part les Etats d’origine des familles musulmanes (essentiellement l’Algérie, le Maroc et la Tunisie) sont aujourd’hui peu traçables, qu’il s’agisse d’alimentation halal, de pèlerinage ou de construction de mosquées. “Beaucoup d’argent circule et il est possible d’organiser son emploi”, assure Hakim El Karoui au Monde.

    Dans une démarche de “transparence totale”, de “professionnalisme” et d'”indépendance”, l’AMIF devrait permettre d’améliorer le “service rendu” aux musulmans de France. En prélevant une redevance sur le halal (60 millions d’euros d’ici à cinq ans), l’AMIF s’attribuerait le rôle de “certificateur des certificateurs”, notamment en attribuant un visa aux mosquées qui délivrent des cartes d’abattage. Alors que le pèlerinage à La Mecque coûte de plus en plus cher aux fidèles, l’AMIF permettrait là d’encadrer les tarifs de tels voyages et d’offrir un meilleur service. L’institution pourrait également recevoir des dons directs, défiscalisés. Des recettes qui donneraient ainsi le pouvoir à l’AMIF de superviser la formation des imams et de participer à la construction de nouveaux lieux de culte. L’objectif : constituer “un grand mouvement d’émancipation” du culte musulman par rapport à “la tutelle de l’Etat”, selon Hakim El Karoui. En contrepartie, l’AMIF aurait une “charte politique claire et républicaine” passant notamment par le “respect de la laïcité” et de l'”égalité hommes-femmes”.


    Hakim El Karoui : “L’islam est une religion française”

  18. Japan cult leader behind gas attack, followers are executed (abcnews, Jul 6, 2018)

    “Doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara and six followers were executed Friday for their roles in a deadly 1995 gas attack on the Tokyo subways and other crimes, Japan’s Justice Ministry said.

    The hanging of Asahara, 63, closes a chapter on one of Japan’s most shocking crimes in the 20th century. During the morning rush hour of March 20, 1995, members of the his Aum Shinrikyo cult punctured plastic bags to release sarin nerve gas inside subway cars, killing 13 people and sickening more than 6,000.

    “This gave me a piece of mind,” Kiyoe Iwata, who lost her daughter in the subway attack, told Japanese broadcaster NHK. “I have always been wondering why it had to be my daughter and why she had to be killed. Now, I can pay a visit to her grave and tell her of this.”

    Asahara and five of the six executed were implicated in the subway attack. The cult also carried out other crimes that together with the subway attack killed 27 people in total. Six other followers remain on death row.

    The others hanged Friday included two scientists who led the production of the sarin gas and a man who was one of those who carried out the actual attack on the subway.

    Founded in 1984, the cult attracted many young people, even graduates of top universities, whom Asahara hand-picked as close aides.

    The cult amassed an arsenal of chemical, biological and conventional weapons to carry out Asahara’s escalating criminal orders in anticipation of an apocalyptic showdown with the government.

    The cult claimed 10,000 members in Japan and 30,000 in Russia. It has disbanded, though nearly 2,000 people follow its rituals in three splinter groups, monitored by authorities.

    Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Suga said authorities are taking precautionary measures in case of any retaliation by his followers.”

    • Doomsday cult leader Shoko Asahara and six followers were executed Friday for their roles in a deadly 1995 gas attack on the Tokyo subways and other crimes, Japan’s Justice Ministry said.

      A mere two decades or more to achieve justice? Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Texas anymore.

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