Poland, another valued Ambassador to the obvious

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  1. For fourteen hundred years we have fought the Muslims as our greatest enemy and suddenly we have a moral obligation to take millions of them in because they are slaughtering each other for the umpteenth time? Why? What do we owe to the Mohammedans? Where do leftists get these ideas? They sure as hell wouldn’t help us or anybody else. God bless the Pole for being so direct and having the courage to say the word, “No”.

    • Well we know the left’s stated reasons are null and void because they do not feel the same about the White South Africans who are experiencing a bona fide genocide.

      Although today, most leftists don’t bother with the “refugee” ruse. They mostly demand the end game. A border free world.

      Soon they will drop the pretence of multiculturalism and just say they want a Marxist world.

      • That time is rapidly approaching, you can tell that by the way the left in the US is coming out and openly stating they are socialist and communists.

  2. Well said Poland. Please don’t weaken, don’t compromise, and don’t appease the collectivists.
    There is no place in Europe for islam.
    Unfortunately, much of Europe is infected with the debilitating disease that is socialism.

    • They are approaching the end game when they openly push for a Marxist world, this is rapidly approaching and the world will collapse into chaos once they do this and the resistance starts fighting back.

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