Martina Markota: Teen Vogue Endorses Antifa

A small afterthought about ANTIFA.

I wonder if they think of themselves as comic book, superheroes. Masked crusaders for justice fighting evil.

I have another analogy for them.

Pubic lice.

Think of them as a minor annoyance, sucking the power of the rights afforded to all of us to protest and speak our truths publicly, but redirecting it to stop the rights of others using violence and semantic-rhetorical tricks to justify that violence.

At first, it isn’t worth the effort of the social body to notice them, or focus much effort on dealing with a problem that small, even though the local area may feel inflamed now and again and a soft scratch might relieve it for a moment.

Over time, the problem grows more and more and eventually the social body will feel it is worth the effort and expense of stopping what it normally does and consider the problem something that goes beyond the usual performance envelope of the day to day activities, and fix it.

And that day is close and will be wonderful to watch.

But it does leave one question though.

Do pubic lice think they are superheroes?

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6 Replies to “Martina Markota: Teen Vogue Endorses Antifa”

  1. IMO: There are quite a few vulnerable individuals, thus either brainwashed or in it for personal retribution, in their groups.
    If brainwashing is involved, yes, they think they’re superheroes.
    If not, it’s the pleasure of recognition and retribution. If they didn’t have a satisfactory social life before joining the group, it would remind me of new converts to Islam.

  2. This is what you would expect when children are leftist brainwashed at school and university. Do notice just how brave are these creatures until they receive some due. People forget that the SA were created to combat the roving gangs of violent communists in early 1920s Germany and that the TRUE ancestors of antifa were those communist scum. The only way to control and combat them is with a similar force. Maybe we need an SA without its socialist or racial overtones to do just that as I know that so many of my fellow demonstrators are itching to see these louts cop it.

    • We are moving in that direction, and faster then most people realize. The active patriot militia will probably start after the left follows Mad Maxine Waters orders and starts physical violence against the Trump supporters. The man who decked the antifa goon at the Patriot Prayer march is an example of what antifa in the US can expect. The Grandson of a friend says there are a not of non outlaw bikers in Patriot Prayer and we have the very large Bikers For Trump movement all across the US.

      All of the signs say the fun and games are going to start sometime this year, if the Dem leaders have any say it will be after the election but the Nutbucket left in the Dems want it before the election so we will have to wait and see.

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