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13 Replies to “Having eggs and fireworks fired at me during a peaceful protest would make me angry. Just sayin…”

  1. I think the Antifa people are living in a sort of Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world with little Hobbit rules and play-acting segments. I can’t believe they really think the Trump supporters are all Hitler-worshipping Nazis but that’s the role they’ve been assigned for today’s presentation. I’ve overheard enough snippets of their conversations to know that they use Marxist/revolutionary terms to make believe that they are Fidel and Mao on the front lines of the Long March. I suspect they are a bunch of alcoholics with very little grasp on reality. I’ll betcha there’s a bar where they all meet after the show and drink themselves into socialist revolutionary oblivion while comparing battle stories from the day…

    • What touched a nerve for me was when this ANTIFA female SAW one of her co-revolutionaries swing at and hit a non-communist, and when he fought back, knocking out the soy-boy with a single punch, she asked him why he was so angry. As if he had no cause.

      Is that a psy-op or is she that brainwashed?

      • Brainwashed, maybe, but IMO more likely just a well-trained revolutionary socialist who always know what the right next thing to say is whether it’s true or makes any sense or not. “Why are you so angry, you racist” serves the purpose of molding the paradigm into one of the brave freedom fighters battling racist Nazis and that’s all that matters. Yuri Besmenov explains that as a KGB agent he didn’t actually believe he was always doing the moral thing at all times, he just knew he was doing what was required. That woman probably draws a paycheck right from old George Soros himself. She’s probably a Lieutenant. The Antifa thing could well be her whole life and she’s just doing her job…

        • Good point, the little idiots need some real pros there to direct them and try to stop the violence when they lose. Having a good intel report on her would be very interesting.

        • I think there are poeple who belive it.
          30 years ago people in germany called the CSU(always the Brother Party of Merkels CDU)Nazis because their leader STRAUSS was a strong Antisosialist.

          What you see today against the AFD is the same like 30 years ago.

      • I imagine they wouldn’t say no to a toak, but I know for a fact that the Antifa crowd in Vancouver drinks at a place called the WISE (Welsh Irish Scottish English) Club on Venables Street and they turn up en masse after an event. Is that specific enough for you?

        I know a lot of conservatives have a real hate on for marijuana but the only drug I have ever seen that makes people violent is alcohol. Perhaps you’re not aware that the movie “Reefer Madness” was not an entirely accurate portrayal of the effects of marijuana. Despite what you may think pot does not make people want to rape and kill, but booze sure as hell does…

        Alcohol is a lot more powerful than pot, too. Daily drinking can take a person into a dark fantasy world that bears little relation to the real world. Pot, on the other hand, might make you a bit lazy. I’ve seen many fights in my life and every single one of them has been booze-fueled. Alcoholism is still our number one social problem even if drugs seem more glamorous but our British drinking-culture still defends it to the end…

  2. The guy who got knocked out was carrying a thin rod which had to be made of metal. He was also swinging it as hard as he could at the guy who knocked him out. It’s right there in the video.
    In my personal opinion people who bring iron rods to protest should serve a minimum one year, first offense, no questions asked, no fuss no muss. It is not unreasonable or authoritarian to punish people for bringing iron rods to protests. Of course, that wouldn’t stop a Democrat judge from finding in favor of the guy with the iron bar, would it…

    • No it wouldn’t, if you bounce around on youtube you find a lot of videos that agree with me about the civil war, they are pretty much evenly split between those who say one is coming and those who say it has started.

      • “No it wouldn’t” what? And of course I “bounce around YouTube” and I agree. Everybody’s talking about the Second US Civil War…

        I would say the civil war has started but it’s still at a very low level. The fact that Maxine Waters hasn’t been roundly condemned by her fellow Democrats shows that there is no chance for peace between the two sides because Auntie Maxine isn’t going to accept anybody who is not a Democrat as President, which sort of defines a very soft-so-far civil war I suppose.
        The Democrat position is now to fight the Republicans on everything and work toward their overthrow at all times. I’d say that’s close enough. Someone is going to get shot at a “protest” and it’s going to escalate from there. The Democrats are calling for a one-party system and many of them want that party to be socialist, plain and simple…

        • Oh! “No iw wouldn’t” stop the judge. I see now…:)

          I wonder if the average American is aware of what a monumentally bad idea a civil war would be? It would be funny if it weren’t so damn serious. Up until a few years ago the US had to be one of the most stable countries on earth, which is one of the factors that has led to their success. What the hell happened? That stability is a very valuable thing and should not be thrown away over nothing like this…

    • I like the Tae Kwon Do sequence: round-house punch, followed by a forearm strike, then DOWN – head first. Every block, every blow is meant to break.

      The forearm strike is a favorite of mine. It’s all momentum, the power comes from the whole body. Done right, even a small girl can break boards without the slightest bruise.

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