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4 Replies to “Bret Weinstein Testifies to Congress on The Evergreen State College riots, Free Speech & Safe Spaces”

  1. Evergreen isn’t the only University collapsing, Mizzo lost 16.5% of their enrollment betwe3en 2015 and 2017, we don’t yet know how much they have lost until registration next month but they have already layed off 160 employees this year. I have no idea how many of them were instructors and how many were support staff. I know that last year they shut down several dorms and are planning on shutting down more this year.

    Bret Weinstein said that he wasn’t going to talk conspiracies but the only way to explain what is happening is a massive conspiracy that includes all of the Western nations education systems. I hope that some of the Universities manage to remain free from the Marxist storm troopers who are attacking civilization so we can continue to turn out the next generation of scientists but I am not sure this will happen. Right now the Japanese Universities seem to be the only ones that are mainlining an immunity to the cultural Marxist virus. Yes I know Chicago University is currently free from most of the taints of infection but they are in Chicago which is run by the Democrats so how long will they be able to hold off the infection?

  2. “Drs. Bill Ayers & Joel Westheimer discuss education, citizenship, & democracy”
    Marc Spooner – April 23, 2018

    -Bill Ayers, University of Illinois (Chicago), & Joel Westheimer, University of Ottawa
    – Interview by Marc Spooner, University of Regina

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