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19 Replies to “Russian cabbie claiming he fell asleep when ramming crowd”

  1. Knock, knock, bell
    Takeaway Halal
    Who let it in?
    Another Christian
    Were they devout?
    They like you to find out.
    What a haughty Mo was that
    To rip the Cross onto the mat
    And smile with all of Islam’s charm
    Salamalekum, “do no harm.”

    • Well that’s pretty damning footage. He almost comes to a stop, then clearly makes an effort to swerve onto the sidewalk (you can see his left hand on the wheel, turning clockwise), and accelerate. “Fell asleep” or “lost control” aren’t going to convince any judge.

  2. I find this unusual in that jihadis are always eager to claim jihad, because it is their virtue. This guy chooses, probably, taqiyya even though to his people he is virtuous. Is it a new twist? Is he just a jihadi who caught a cowardly cold?

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