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3 Replies to “Double standard in law in the UK”

  1. Knock, knock, bell
    Takeaway Halal
    Who let it in?
    Another Christian
    Were they devout?
    They like you to find out.
    What a haughty Mo was that
    To rip the Cross onto the mat
    And smile with all of Islam’s charm
    Salamalekum, “do no harm.”

  2. The rule of law has been destroyed in Britain and it won’t be easy to re-establish, it takes a long time to build faith in the law handling the problems. It only takes a short time to destroy peoples faith in the law, This faith has been destroyed in Britain and the European Nations, and a lot of damage has been down to that faith in North America. It is unlikely that the rule of law will survive the attempts of the left to create their pipe dream utopia.

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