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  1. The Press Herald doesn’t see fit to mention the fact that this teen mob was made up of Somali Muslim migrants. Why cover this up? Because apparently Lewiston officials, as well as the local media there, are intent upon covering up migrant crime, so that the non-Muslim natives will remain ignorant and complacent regarding the Muslim migrant influx.

    We see the same coverup happening all over Europe.

    An update on this story. “Man who was ‘trying to get his life straightened out’ dies from beating in brawl at Lewiston’s Kennedy Park,” by Matt Byrne, Press Herald, June 15, 2018:

    The 38-year-old man who was badly beaten during a brawl this week in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park has died, state police said.

    Donald Giusti of Lewiston died Friday afternoon at Central Maine Medical Center, where he had been hospitalized since late Tuesday night when the fight erupted.

    Friends of Giusti, a father of two, described him as a former brawler who had been trying to turn his life around.

  2. The judge appointed by Barack Obama who put Paul Manafort in jail this week previously cleared Hillary Clinton of responsibility for the deaths of four American servicemen in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Manafort was put in jail for allegedly engaging in witness tampering, but most people see the jailing as a fraud to divert public attention away from the IG report that slammed James Comey and bolstered President Donald Trump’s arguments against the corrupt Deep State.

  3. MONTPELIER, Vt. — An endorsement by Bernie Sanders is one of the most coveted gifts in Democratic politics. But the Vermont senator and liberal darling is notoriously reluctant to back many politicians, including, it turns out, his own son.

    Sanders has come under scrutiny in recent weeks for not publicly endorsing his son, Levi, in his race for a New Hampshire congressional seat. But people who know him say Sanders, a potential top-tier contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, has always been stingy with endorsements and that parsimoniousness is extending to his own family.

  4. British vets are demanding the production of non-stunned slaughter meat be properly recorded, as well as calling for the amount produced in the UK to be cut as exports of the Sharia-compliant meat to Saudi Arabia have increased.
    The British Veterinary Association (BVA) highlighted statistics from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) showing 22 percent of sheep and goats are not stunned before slaughter in the UK – as halal and kosher requires – an increase from 15 percent in 2013.

    However, religious groups in the UK do not consume all of the halal meat produced here, with the rest being sold to other groups. There is also no reliable data on how much is exported – despite it being considered cruel and inhumane by many animal rights groups including the BVA and RSPCA.

    “This lack of information has been brought into sharp relief by the recent government announcement on a trade deal with Saudi Arabia that could greatly increase the exports of British lamb and other meat, some of which may be from non-stun slaughter,” the BVA explained in a statement.

  5. University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is threatening a lawsuit against a professor from Bloomsburg University, accusing her of making defamatory statements about him.

    According to The Daily Caller, Professor Wendy Lynne Lee called Peterson an “incel misogynist” (“incel” = “involuntary celibate”) and a “committed white nationalist” on Twitter.

    After DC education reporter Rob Shimshock contacted Lee about her tweet, she promptly deleted it. However, Shimshock managed to get a screencap of it:

    “Jordan Peterson: incel misogynist. Committed white nationalist. See @TPUSA compendium of sources. There’s a whole section devoted to @jordanbpeterson and his decent [sic] into rank bigotry.”

    Peterson’s lawyer Howard Levitt advised Lee via email to “please immediately retract all of your defamatory statements, have them immediately removed from the internet.” He also asked for an apology to Peterson.

  6. Angela Merkel’s Coalition partners threaten to start sending migrants back to other European countries tomorrow as the German Chancellor seeks emergency talks on the crisis with EU leaders
    Angela Merkel’s leadership teetering on the brink of collapse in immigration row
    Her Coalition partners Christian Social Union have issued deportation warning
    Europe-wide row over immigration from the Middle East risks tearing EU apart
    Boat of migrants rescued at sea finally docks after refused port at Italy and Malta

  7. Muslims across Europe are marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, which in 2018 was observed between May 17 and June 15, in accordance with the Islamic lunar calendar.

    Ramadan, a major topic for public discussion in Europe this year, received considerable media coverage, a reflection of Islam’s rising influence.

    Muslim leaders sought to leverage the media attention to showcase Ramadan — a time when Muslims abstain from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset, to commemorate, according to Islamic tradition, the revelation of the Quran to Mohammed — as the peaceful nature of Islam in Europe.

    European multiculturalists, normally strict enforcers of secularism when it comes to Christianity, made great efforts to draw up guidelines, issue instructions and carve out special privileges to ensure that Muslims were not offended by non-Muslims during the festival.

    Breaking with the past, however, a growing number of European politicians publicly spoke out against Ramadan, especially regarding the adverse effects of prolonged fasting on school-aged children. The backlash, evidenced by the emergence of politically incorrect political parties in Europe, appears to reflect a growing wariness of runaway multiculturalism and the steady erosion of Western values.

    Following is a brief summary of a few Ramadan-related occurrences in several European countries:

  8. Israel foils Hamas plot to bomb Jerusalem, Tel Aviv
    Joint investigation by Shin Bet, IDF and Israel Police reveals Nablus-based cell of more than 20 terrorists who were planning to carry out a suicide bombing in the capital, remotely bomb Tel Aviv and settlement of Itamar; Netanyahu: ‘That is the reason we will continue to maintain security control over the entire area west of the Jordan.’,7340,L-5289788,00.html

  9. A High Court judge has criticised a social worker who took a child away from his mother because she refused to give him an ice cream.

    The social worker said the woman was failing to meet her son’s “emotional needs”, and also highlighted how she did not allow him to get his hair to be cut “in the way that he liked”.

    Mr Justice Mostyn, who is based in the Family Division of the High Court in London, said the social worker’s criticisms were “utterly insubstantial” and “obviously inconsequential”.

    Note: this goes further to demonstrate the double legal standard. Cut off your daughter’s genitals – no problem. But not get your son ice-cream – take that kid away!

    • The social worker said the woman was failing to meet her son’s “emotional needs”, and also highlighted how she did not allow him to get his hair to be cut “in the way that he liked”.

      The very next “major issue” will be this social worker’s supposed inability to obtain a sufficiently Brazilian-style, bikini line wax job. After that, it will be the “racist” black tires on her very own car and, next up, the right-wing, Nazi, “White” vanilla ice cream on that child’s ice-cream cone.

      Need we continue detailing all of the other innumerable avenues into racial privilege and, ever-so-harmful Caucasian “advantages” (as in dying en masse to permanently end African slavery, Nazism, Imperialism, or just plain-old Communist and Islamic Facism)?

      Quite noticeably, these monumental, blubbering, whingers have never had to pull the pin on anything more challenging than a freshly unwrapped, store-bought shirt.

    • Pentagon Covering Up Fact That Female Officers Nearly Sank Navy Ship

      Good on ya, Xanthippa ! I thought that I’d gotten the scoop on this from, “The Other McCain”. Regardless, I’ll be posting this article in tonight’s Reader’s Links.

      Again, good on you, gel!

  10. Oppression Disguised as Equity
    Testimony of Bret S. Weinstein, United States House of Representatives
    May 22, 2018 Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the day that 50 Evergreen students–students that I had never met–disrupted my class, accusing me of racism and demanding my resignation. I tried to reason with them.

    • Dr. Weinstein’s testimony includes a warning that he received from the University police chief that rioting students were stopping cars, presumably in search of him.
      also included Founder and Executive Director, USC Race and Equity Center unless students are required to take ethnic studies or other racially-focused courses, they could easily matriculate through four or more
      years of college without ever engaging in a meaningful conversation about race. This largely applies to learning about gender and sexual orientation as well. This, not overblown concerns about assaults on free speech, must be addressed on campuses.

      • (cont.) In my expert opinion, this is for the campuses, not for the United States Congress, to address…. Even if 10,000 professors (a hypothetically high number) experienced aggressive encounters with student activists and other so-called speech suppressors on their campuses, that would be just 0.7% of postsecondary faculty members across the country. This seems like such a low number to warrant so much national conversation about professors’ freedom of speech supposedly being under attack by our students…. Having watched the first part of this congressional hearing, I feel a responsibility to use data from our climate studies to correct some fundamental misunderstandings of five key terms and concepts that are often associated with college student activists: microaggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces, bias response teams, and intersectionality

        • I don’t like this guy. I just don’t.
          Turns my stomach. All this creepy jargon, down so pat.
          He’s got leftist cooties crawling all over him. Decided to cross over.


  11. Turkey Turns On Its Christians

    Under Erdogan’s leadership, especially after the 2016 coup, Turkey’s religious minorities find themselves marginalized and isolated from the Sunni majority. Anti-Western and anti-EU rhetoric often morphs into rabid anti-Christian incitement with the clear message that the country’s Christian citizens are not true Turks, a message that the state-controlled media and government officials have either actively promoted or refused to denounce. Exacerbated by government policies such as the addition of jihad teaching to the school curriculum, these measures place Turkey’s non-Muslim minorities in an increasingly precarious situation.

      • Assad’s got show-Christians. Iran has Jews, too.
        They say nice dhimmi things. Almost all packaged for Western PR so Marine Le Pen can back up Putin’s boy and look good.

        Don’t buy it – a very small community that’s tolerated by the rulers. Their tardish neighbors and shopkeepers could butcher them tomorrow.

        Nazis fled there after the War. Some Greek neo-Nazis have joined them. They’re added to the “Christian” population statistics, but these are dubious.

        The Russian military family community is self-contained, Russian Orthodox. They don’t mix. They live in a heavily fortified enclave.

  12. Three Adults in Polyamorous Relationship Ruled Legal Parents of Child in Canada (breitbart, Jun 17, 2018)

    “Two men in a relationship with a woman have been declared the legal parents of a child in a polyamorous family in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

    “Society is continuously changing and family structures are changing along with it,” wrote Justice Robert Fowler of the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court’s family division in his decision, reports the Canadian Press. “This must be recognized as a reality and not as a detriment to the best interests of the child.”

    Though the province argued its Children’s Law Act allows only for two individuals to be named as parents on a child’s birth certificate, the three adults took their case to the courts.

    “It has been well-established that in dealing with the matters of children, the best interests of a child or children shall always be the determining factors for the courts,” Fowler said in his decision.

    “I have no reason to believe that this relationship detracts from the best interests of the child,” the judge added. “On the contrary, to deny the recognition of fatherhood (parentage) by the applicants would deprive the child of having a legal paternal heritage with all the rights and privileges associated with that designation.”

    The child was born to the woman in the St. John’s polyamorous relationship in 2017. According to the decision – which does not identify the three members of the relationship – the two men and the woman have been involved for three years, but the biological father of the child is unknown.

    The Canadian court has previously recognized three adults as legal parents of a child. The news report observes in 2007 the Ontario Court of Appeals recognized two lesbians as mothers of a child whose biological father had already been ruled a legal parent. However, the three adults in that case were not involved in a polyamorous relationship.”

    • Two men in a relationship with a woman have been declared the legal parents of a child in a polyamorous family in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

      Let’s just see the hangtime for this sh!t when it comes due to pay for the child’s medical bills or college edumahcation.

      You’d best believe one of those two Eloi males will be scurrying for the door at warp speed.

  13. Edmonton – Police suspect fire at mosque in Edson, Alberta was deliberately set

    EDSON, Alta. – RCMP in Alberta say they’re investigating an arson at a mosque in a community west of Edmonton.

    Police say damage to the Edson Mosque on Saturday night was minor and that no one was injured.

    But Toufik Baterdouk, vice-president of Islamic Society of Edson and Masjid, says the case is disturbing because several members of the mosque had just finished prayers and were still in the parking lot when the flames broke out.

    Baterdouk says the fire damaged the front door and some siding, and there was an odour of gasoline around the door afterward.

    He says security footage appears to show someone with a bag walking away from the mosque just moments after the fire began.

    Baterdouk says the mosque in Edson has been open for about five years and there have never been problems before.

    video – RCMP investigating after fire at Edson, Alberta mosque leaves community shaken

    The Muslim community in Edson, Alta. is shaken after someone tried to set fire to a local mosque on Saturday as dozens of people were leaving their evening prayers.

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