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9 Replies to “David Menzies on ‘Al Quds’ day in Toronto”

    • Not meaning to insult any intelligent Canadian but Trudeau needs a brain before he can understand the damage he has done to Canada.

      • A brain – or whole brain-trust – put this TOOL in place.

        You’ve got to go after the interests that positioned him. Starting with the MB, Iran, and New-World-Order, Inc. They’ve got to be exposed as racketeers and foreign operatives.

        I have no idea how.

  1. As much as it’s correct to despise PM Treason, this problem of allowing in the descendants of those our nation defeated, without them having changed their supremacist mindset one iota, goes back to Papa Doc Trudeau.

    In the intervening years, Harper did nothing to stem the flow of this treason. In fact, Jason Kenny boasted in many missives I received how proud he was to have accelerated family “reunification” for these invaders.

    Muhammadans are truly a legitimate fifth column and knowing that obvious reality, what labels are appropriate for those gov’t officials who have aided and abetted this dissolution of “peace and good gov’t” they were sworn to uphold?

  2. Yup what fun loving community members
    When theses types move into Canadian neighbourhoods
    All the decent people that can leave….
    Only the low class and poor that can’t afford to move end up staying
    These ignorant scum are filled with hate and one of these days
    We will have some politicians that restrict these evil creeps from comin* here and leave them in their shithole countries where they belong. The indoctrination of children perpetuates this ongoing
    Cess pool of existence called extremist Islam….

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