Could President Trump have ended the Cold War?

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  1. No!! NK has done its job and passed the baton on to Pakistan(unstable) and Iran(lunatic) and can now bask in the glow of its supposed confirmation as a sane member of the world states. The fact that it really had no choice between its crumbling economy, China’s annoyance with the nuke tests and its increasing isolation in all directions seems to be totally ignored. this was the ONLY way that NK could save face and gain from its sinful endeavours and it will do so as the US and the west will drown it in funding. Of course, back home they will all be sniggering about how the Iranians will teach them all a lesson and planning now how to subvert the south and take it over without a war. The south have been altruistically masochistic towards NK…”they are family” and some of its leaders are idiots with regards to that state and they will rush in to help it and there will be an “opening of the gates” perhaps but most will be northerners with definite orders on where to go and infiltrate to start the rot that is now destroying the west.

    • It is obvious that you suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) to write such a post. What does President Trump have to do to get credit for his AMAZING accomplishments?
      The man has changed the course of history, for the good of mankind and people like you can only spout some insane drivel that is utterly meaningless.

      Just accept the fact that Donald J. Trump is turning out to be one of the greatest American Presidents in history.

      • I am not knocking Trump . What he has achieved seems to be amazing but that assumes that NK is genuine. Just reread my post and try to understand it and the communist attitude towards truth and agreements about which you seem to know nothing going by the dump above. I wont expand further as you probably have no idea anyway and I will just waste my time.

        • Let’s see if NK continues to aid Iran’s ballistic missile program eh? I bet that was not covered in the agreement although knowing Trump it might well have been but then will it be obeyed?

          • I don’t understand your logic.
            Iran is finished, it’s over. The country the most hurt by the Trump-Kim deal is Iran.
            There’s an ongoing citizen silent revolution in Iran.
            Throughout the entire country, truckers are on strike and more. The citizens are openly defiant towards the security forces. Give it a few months and the regime will fall.

            • My logic? Just think.Seriously although Iran is damaged they are far from finished. Your view, which you are totally entitled to have, is idealistic and based upon wishful thinking. While I so hope that you are indeed correct, it reeks totally of a failure to recognize the depths to which fatalistic fanaticism will happily descend without a thought. Do you seriously think that they will roll over and seek peace? Do you read their weekly vows? The repression there gives hope that there could be a revolution, peaceful or otherwise. But any experience with fanatical totalitarian regimes will show how little chance such has of succeeding as they will happily kill all dissidents. As for Pakistan getting rid of its nukes while India still has them? really? Who thought up that one? What Trump has done is exceptional but let’s not get carried away with it all. It is neither the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning, it is just one step on the way.

  2. Could he have ended the Cold War? Only if he caused the USSR to collapse as President Reagan and to a lesser degree George H. W. Bush did, Trump brought North Korea to the table by bring North Korea to the bring of collapse. Will the North do what they promised, only if we watch them closely and are ready to pull out and resort to force. Will Trump pull out if the North doesn’t live up to the agreement? I see nothing in his history that says he won’t.

    All we can do is wait and see if peace or war will come out of this agreement? But no matter what North Korea and China do (more on this further down) we have to think about what Iran and Turkey are doing. Iran and Turkey have moved up the scale to the top threat to world peace, threats that are graver them most realize. The threat of Iran is openly admitted by all but the far left while the threat of Turkey is generally laughed at, just as past generations laughed at the idea that North Korea and Iran would ever become dangers to the world.

    • Erdogan is a bigger danger then most want to admit because of work to recreate the Ottoman Empire, in this quest he is flooding Western Europe with massive numbers of “refugees” among these invaders there are a large number of trained soldiers who are waiting for the word to attack. According to what he is saying Erdogan is getting close to ordering his people in Europe to attack, when this happens the Hezbollah agents in Europe will be forced to move or allow Turkey to take the limelight and draw large numbers of Moslems to their banner.


      • I agree that Turkey is dangerous but Erdogan is just one man. Remove him and it may well destabilize all that he has done. The repeated purges indicate that many do not agree with him. Iran, however, has a clique of hard core Islamic leaders and you would have to take out the lot along with the revolutionary guard leaders to have any real effect.

        • I add that mass executions in Turkey would cause riots (after decades of secular freedom) and the MSM would have to notice(but would they?) . In Iran there have already almost certainly been mass executions but the MSM happily ignores them and it will have no effect as they are not armed and supplied.

          • Erodgan wouldn’t do what he is without the support of people who think like him, they may not make the news but they are there. It was the Army that kept Turkey secular through coups when the civilian government was going too Islamic. Turkey is Dangerous but not yet as dangerous as Iran. and if we keep this is mind they won’t get as dangerous as Iran.

            Iran is in massive trouble because of the water shortage, this is more of a problem then most people realize. It can turn into a massive upraising as the people riot for drinking water and food.

      • Without expanding it to include Russia, China, the U.S., my two cents on to the threat to Europe.

        Europe is shaping up as Bat Yeor’s Eurabia.

        It isn’t just the wannabe sultan, Erdogan. It’s the weight of the Muslim Brotherhood, Inc. that’s behind him. Mohamed Morsi fell in Egypt, but every power player from the IMF to the WTO left their calling cards in the short time he was in office. If Erdogan is overthrown, it’ll buy time, but the infrastructure will remain in place.

        Till we drive a stake through its filthy heart.

        MB institutions own massive, tangible assets that are integrated vertically and horizontally. From real estate to industry, distribution and service sectors.

        What the MB doesn’t own, it has infiltrated. Embedded in every government bureaucracy, all the way up to and including Heads of State. Every intelligence agency is as compromised as the C.I.A. under John (“Abdul”) Brennan.

        Global financial networks make it more shock-resistant than most countries. (Liquidity is assured – there’s always [and everywhere], Qatar.)

        It taps dirty money and sponsors terrorism every bit as much as Hezbollah. Besides, the Brotherhood has a history of working together with Hezbollah and the IRGC. Iran sheltered al-Qaida, Hezbollah is training Hamas _right this minute_.

        The Bros. are entering the mainstream as legitimate political parties. These will only grow with the demographic tilt. Coalition-style governments of Europe will be increasingly compromised.

        • Europe is one of the flash points and will be a major problem for a long time. There are signs that armed active resistance to the Invasion is not far away, it is coming but we don’t know when, the longer it takes to start the worse the fighting and the higher the butchers bill.

          Throughout all history Europe has always been slow to rally to the fight but once they start fighting the end up winning. This time we will either see the death of Europe or the rebirth. (I don’t remember who I stole that from but it is something needs to be repeated.) Yucki you have said that he is culling the herd so the invasion by the MB lead Islamic invaders is a good way to sort the intelligent and brave from the unintelligent and cowardly.

          • What if Germany goes Turk faster than we expect? The numbers are growing, I don’t see push-back anywhere near sufficient. Between complacence and Stasi enforcers – I don’t know – they’re too quiet.

            EU rebels are heartening, though. Poland, Hungary, Austria, even poor little corrupt Italy! Can’t see them standing down to EuroGendFor.

            • What if Germany goes Turk faster than we expect?

              “Do not take counsel of your fears.” Gen. George Patton

              If Germany goes Turk faster then we expect we will have a harder fight, but we can still win. We may no like some of the things we end up doing to win but we will win.

        • Indeed. Just one example as to how Islam is perceived in the UK:

          The chief advisor to the UK government on how to portray Islam in schools,media,universities and public institutions was the grandson of the founder of the Muslim brotherhood.

          Misinformation by infiltration at very high levels.

    • China is behind most of the threats to the West and they are playing a high stakes game of winner take all, their economy is much closer to collapse then any country besides those in Africa and South America, where they are seeking to gain control of both Continents. They are competing with Iran in both places and in Africa seem to be gaining more control then Iran. Of course ISIS and Erdogan are also playing the Game of Thrones in Africa so we don’t yet know which side is dominate.

      China wants to be the big dominate nation in the 21st Century and are working hard to seize that position. This desire is hampered by the very grave danger to their economy due to their corrupt political and economic system combined with the massive environmental degradation they have caused in their (failed) quest to drag their nation out of Third World status. China and India have been described as nations with First World Cities surrounded by Third World nations. Both have massive enviromental damage combined with massive economic problems.

      China is trying to cure their economic problems by seizing the entire South China Sea and the mineral resources there. Combine the mineral wealth with the control of trade to most of the South China Sea nations this would give China and they would be dominate in that region. During the Obama years Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and Indonesia created an alliance to ensure that they remained free, since the election of Donald Trump and the restoration of American might and will to fight for freedom the Philippines have joined the alliance. This opposition has caused China to have to shift resources from their moves towards Africa, South America and Europe.

      As with the Soviets in the Cold War winning against China is mainly waiting for the inevitable economic collapse. The only problem with that is that thanks to the Marxists that control Europe it is a race to see which collapses first Europe or China. The Chinese colonization of Africa is (to a limited extent) staving off their collapse but this combined with the environmental degradation caused by their primitive agricultural practices combined with the large families (due to their acceptance of Western Medicine but not modern farming) is causing a massive number of Africans to head to Europe seeking welfare to live on.

      These are the dangers the world faces and they are made worse by the actions of the left who would rather see the US and the West destroyed then to left Donald Trump succeed in his actions to save the US.

  3. I have thought about it ever since my last post and despite how impressed I am with Trump’s achievement here I stick to my answer that it will not end the cold war as communism is being far more successful in stealing the hearts of our children and our youth than in open war. We have imperialist China buying up the world (third as well as the west) and becoming militarily ominous, a totalitarian supposedly non communist Russia(can anyone tell the difference? Churches OK but Stalin is still there)) whose real benevolence is yet to be tested and we have NK. Optimistically NK will stick to its agreement but seriously will that stop its communism and it intentions? Do read up on NK soldiers in and after the Korean war. Their fanaticism made even the Vietnamese look mild and the Chinese almost look good. NK communism has always been hard core Stalinist and their aim has always been to subdue the Korean peninsular by any means and they really do like what they see in south Korea. So IMO They will obey the agreement WRT nukes but they will still think that the west is stupid and weak and they will continue to plan the takeover of the south if now by infiltration and leftist takeover of education as in the west.
    What is crucial (besides the obvious cessation of nukes) is that they cease all technical contact with Iran but the twitter note from their foreign minister still plants their flag firmly in Iran and for it to happen now is a sign that they will not stop in the future.
    I feel that NK feels that it has gone as far as it can go and “got away” with as much as it can and now, as above, wants western money and wants to see Iran do the dirty work for it. they really do not care about Iran although they like its money. They really just want Iran to dish it out to the west which includes Israel and the US. Flame away.

    • The difference is that Russia today does not have communism holding it back the way it did in the USSR. A free market economy makes it far more dangerous should its intentions be so.

    • This is just one battle not the entire war, North Korea is still a problem but given time they may become part of a reunified Korea. That is when the danger from Korea will be big, the money and skills of the South combined with the fanaticism of the North.

      Yes Russia is much more dangerous now then it was during the Soviet Days, its economy is stronger and it is allowing people to thing which brings about new developments in all branches of the sciences and engineering disciplines.

      The only thing you can trust Putin to do is what he thinks is in his best interest. He has been trying to get Turkey to leave NATO for a long time, he has almost succeeded and is watching the Turkish viper hoping to play him against Iran as he distances himself from Iran because of the new danger caused by their nuclear weapons program and Donald Trumps guts.

      As I have stated many times China is the major danger (right now) they are pushing the strongest nation on earth and the dominate power. The big problems they have are 1) a very weak economy, 2) a resurgent US and 3) the European people discovering patriotism. What is happening in Europe is either the death of Europe or the rebirth of Europe. Europe was born in the last Dark Age and it may be reborn in the new Dark Age. We will have to wait and see which it is.

      • Putin’s plenty wary of the Turk. He’d stop his encroachment of Syria if he could, but he couldn’t even hold Afrin from “moderate jihadi” Turkmen.

        • Given what is happening around the world if the Dems weren’t so obsessed with destroying Trump by any means possible we could probably swing Putin to be an ally, of course we would have to watch to ensure he doesn’t decide betraying us is in his best interest.

          • Mrs. May and Iran have sought to get the US into a shooting war with Russia. For different reasons and at different angles, but that objective is becoming more clear as the threat recedes.

            Some of the Democrats and Rinos seem to have been sympathetic to the idea. Again, motives differ. The corporate media here and in the UK have been the most powerful conspirators.

    • Japan in 1945 was on its knees and the whole world knew it.
      North Korea may be on its knees but the whole world does not know this for certain and the comparison is wrong. NK have not capitulated, They have bargained away an item that they wished to be rid of anyway. Japan capitulated ONLY provided that the war criminal Hirohito went untouched and MacArthur kissed the Japanese backside to ensure that the occupation all went well (nearly 80% of major war criminals escaped punishment especially those of “noble” birth thanks to his actions and many allied ex POWs and the Chinese never forgave Dugout Doug for that)
      As for the NK leader ‘spinning on a dime’ he is megalomaniacal and eccentric enough to do so and as NK communism is cultist he could just get away with it and pull it off. I certainly would boggle if he did. But I would still NEVER trust him.

      • Yes, but both subjects of those kingdoms thought their leader was a god. I thought that was the main point. Losing their god – free falling.

        Then there is the trust factor:

        “Lou Dobbs Tonight 6/11/18 | Lou Dobbs Tonight Fox Business June 11, 2018”
        OtisandBruceshow – June 11, 2018
        Lou Dobbs & Doug Wead begins @ 18:33

        • That is potentially a good point. But IMHO you have peri-gods ( and to the Japanese Hirohito was almost a god) and you have stalinist pretenders like the NK fellow whose name I can never remember and while I agree there is a similarity and his word is that of a totalitarian god I doubt that the average NKean sees him as a god. The average soviet feared Stalin and not a few worshipped him (those untouched by him) but most were very happy that he was no god and they knew it. That is the basis for my comparison.

          BTW a few favourites of mine for you ( we have them on DVD)
          “Brief Encounter” ( a David Lean early one along with “In which we serve” (my grandfathers favourite)) and “Elvira Madigan” both of which I watched as a child thanks to my mother. Both are probably nauseatingly romantic for males but.. I am still waiting for the wonderful action scenes in Flight commander…40mins in and scarcely one. Grandad fibbed.

  4. Pelosi is a dried up old husk and looks and sounds like a vampire’s leftovers. She should give it a rest as she seems almost demented at times in her babbles.

    • I want her to stay in DC for a long time, every time she opens her mouth more people decide to vote Republican.

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