Churches now host men only events for Ramadan.: Links 1, June 12, 2018

1. Farage on Trump and the trade imbalance with the G7

2. A Taste Ramadan free evening meal is being held in Birmingham – and is open to the public for the first time


Mohammed Yasin, chairman of Stechford Mosque, some of whose congregation helped put together the event, said: “We have people from all religions and communities coming together to share an iftar meal and more.


“This is the first community iftar we have held in a church rather than a mosque and the first one we have opened up to the public. We hope to see people there from all walks of life.”


He added: “This is a male-only event and the church has a capacity of 100 people.”

3. “These blasphemy laws have to stop”

4. Today’s US to Canadian $ exchange rate is 1.30 per 1 US dollar.

5. I have news for the British MP, Alisdair McGreggor. What sex you are when born is NOT an “assignment” but a configuration of genetic predetermination. Really. Grow up or read a book. Also consider the rights of the family of a murdered child, not to mention their feelings, before you worry about the imaginary ‘gender’ of the child murderer.

6. Trump on Trudeau

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8 Replies to “Churches now host men only events for Ramadan.: Links 1, June 12, 2018”

  1. Qur’an 5:51 “Oh you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of on Another. And whoever is an ally of them among you—-then indeed, he is one of them.”

  2. Yes, exactly. We’re told that people from all religions and communities, people from all walks of life —all are welcome at this Iftar dinner at a mosque, no wait … it’s actually at a church.

    And then we read that it’s open only to males. The simple explanation is that females are not considered people. The more complex explanation is that females are people, but are ranked lower than the males (all protests about “honouring” to the contrary), and since this church can only accommodate 100 people, well, the first to be denied will be the females. It’s an “honour” to be so treated apparently. This honour is akin to that bestowed when a female wears a hijab, or is denied an equal share of inheritance, or has her witness value in court cut in half.

    The net result: a church of Christ celebrating Islam, the religion that denies all the tenets of the Christian Church, and to top it off, while preaching the equality of all, practises gender segregation, actually exclusion in this case.

    The irony is rich.

  3. You may listen and hear the caller is the kind of Christian who will submit to Islam:

    ‘These are the type of Christian parents that drive their children to The Lie’

    The phone caller is intellectualizing Christianity. Sin, for him is getting things wrong; the setting of ‘The standard of God’ and trying to get there and never will.

    But for Jesse, it is your inner core that has to be perfect, and everything else will flow naturally from it. The perfect child, (the one everyone is born as), often has the world get in and it becomes twisted and corrupted. The way – to the truth – to the life, is to follow the path the story of Jesus told. By repentence of pride, to seek and face the pain of your fears, to see behind – which is the truth that will set you free. Forgive and you will be forgiven. You sin no more. For sin is slavery. And your yoke has gone.

    So what do people of The Lie do? They claim they are Willing Slaves! With a new Slave Name to be summoned by a Boss; or a Slave Identity to be shamed by a Comrade; or a body they no longer feel they belong in, to demand a Pronoun for the shell. Defined proudly and legally as a Religion, Society and Sexuality. “No one can be without sin!” They declare.

    But yes, you can be free. The truth will set you free. And then you’ll remain separate to sin. They see you now have the Light… and as they hated the Son of Man for it, they will hate you too

    • For those with their religions on their sleeves, their identities on the surface of their bodies, or far removed from the child they were once born; the Call, “Allah is Greater,” is seductive. For it sets the bar higher than anyone else, and declares that no other bar can ever be made higher afterward, on pain of death. No more Prophets. To submit to the Five Pillars, and be declared superior, ‘the best of men.’

      To owe is to be owned. A debt to Allah, a debt to Society, a debt to the Pronouned. The Dhimmis, Proletariat and Breeders are forced by law to serve these new masters. Reverts, Converts and Inverts suddenly rise in numbers for the more preferential lifestyles offered. Sharia, Fairness, Equality. The individual is torn apart and divided amongst them.

  4. 5.
    “It is now LibDem policy that calling Ian Huntley Ian Huntley is transphobic and that anyone who does so is guilty of a “moral failure”. The Soham killer has been telling fellow lags he now identifies as a woman and, according to various media reports, has asked them to call him “Lian”. Alisdair Calder McGregor, who sits on the LibDem Federal Policy Committee, says that “deadnaming” Huntley by calling him Ian is transphobic, “whoever they are and whatever they’ve done”. McGregor went on to say that it is LibDem policy that prisoners, “even those whose offences sicken us”, should be held in prisons which reflect their gender identity rather than their birth gender assignment. The LibDems seriously want Huntley in a women’s prison.”

    Dhimmis hide beneath a muslim
    Sheep flock ’round a Socialist
    Perverts shift with transmorphism
    Pedophiles that Coexist.

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