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17 Replies to “Islam on campus USA”

  1. No way, José!
    Not gonna say – bis-ma-allaha-ha!
    Quick thinking. I probably would’ve mumbled something to be polite.
    Kids shouldn’t be put in that position!

  2. Islam Is a Supremacist Ideology that aims to conquer and subjugate. Non-Muslims must be given the chance to submit.

    Non-Muslims in conquered territories are treated as less-than-human, having no rights and few privileges. Oppression is more than economic exploitation. It has another dimension – a ritualistic religious dimension – that reaffirms the supremacist mindset. The non-Muslim, called a dhimmis, is to be constantly subjected to humiliation.

    For example, a dhimmis cannot, upon penalty of death, possess a weapon, raise a hand to a Muslim in defense, criticize Islam, convert to any religion but Islam, marry a Muslim woman, display religious objects, or employ a Muslim. Dhimmis must live in ghettos, privately practice their religion, wear distinctive clothing, walk on the back streets or to the far left side, walk humbly, accept insults, etc. Oppression of non-Muslims is deemed a code of tolerance. However, tolerance, in Islamic doctrine, means grudgingly enduring inferior beings.

    Understanding the inherent nature of the Islamic supremacist ideology makes it clear: Islam sees the West (and all non-Muslims for that matter) as an inferior realm to be brought under Islamic rule and subjugated. Islam originated as a supremacist ideology that believes it deserves to rule over others.

    The dynamics of a supremacist ideology is similar to an abusive relationship with its victim psychology. By accepting the blame the victim gains the illusion of control: “we can stop this by changing” and this mindset is common among the appeasement faction through out the West.


    • Nice nutshell.
      I would have refused to do either and probably been kicked out of that course. I cannot see any muslim professor as worthy of such a job and capable of serious enlightenment. I bet it was a minority preference appointment and that he is quasi fake…I would love to analyse his marking trends and ? publications to see his bias against women and infidels.
      Someone should wear suede shoes into his room as they are(IIRC) made from pigskin and then argue with him as that would provoke the inevitable muslim mouth frothing rage always so video worthy.


        • At uni I found that some muslims liked to play chess and as I was graded I had to play them. NPs they hadn’t tried to kill me then and despite my suspicions they seemed human. I used to play a rather silly game of offensive chess looking for a “brilliant” middle game win with complex sequences leading from a sacrifice. I guess that as it did happen more than not I thought that I was an okay player. However, I was easy meat for the pawn swappers as the then created open game bored me, but then I found that all of the muslims were such. Not one tried a creative game: they would base their game on ultra defence look to win a pawn and then swap. I had to change my whole game to win against them and as a result no longer enjoyed playing. I guess that I was not a very good chess player but it did prove to me that muslims are intellectually and creatively sterile. Academically later on this was the case in all that I ran into. Some were okay data spewers but all were so mind locked. I wondered for years if my prejudices had influenced my views but I am yet to see an exception. By all means let me know of there are any decent ones out there

  3. “The Basics of Islam 3: Robert Spencer on Wasn’t Muhammad Peaceful?”
    JihadWatch Video – Published on April 25, 2016

      • So tragic that with all that money, all that talent and fame that, he only wanted to be white and loved. I never really took much notice of him when he was alive but his end was so sad. IMO the crucifixion of his doctor was symbolic of the MSM/leftist hypocrisy (find someone to blame other than the obvious one)rather than factual as that amount of money always gets what it wants and we all know how the plutocrats treat their servant doctors. As for him being a paedophile I could never believe that even when he was alive.

        • He was a pedophile, who had plastic surgery to change the look of his equipment and then ended up spending all most all of his money paying off his victims.

          • Are you really certain? I mean have you seen forensic evidence from the police as opposed to MSM bile? As for his victims being paid off, that means nothing as blackmailing innocents is very common and the huge number of supposed “me too” victims has resulted in very few cases going to court. I do remember one supposed MJ case where the mother boasted of it being deliberate. Don’t get me wrong I am no fan of his, just of the truth. If you have access to proof disillusion me (no sarcasm implied) I wont mind.

  4. “Gene Autry-Don’t Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You (Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch Radio Show 12/07/1947)”
    Gene Autry Official – Published on October 12, 2017

  5. In this situation, the blame is squarely on the Administration who hired this intolerant ideologue. A pink slip is in order . . . immediately.


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