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  1. Did North Korea Fake the Demolition of its Underground Nuclear Test Site?

    When North Korea blew up its nuclear test site at Punggye-ri last month it was supposed to be a goodwill gesture that would highlight Pyongyang’s willingness to negotiate with the United States. At the time, some warned the move was symbolic anyway because the nuclear test site may have run its course and may no longer have been usable. Now CNN is reporting analysts are saying the whole thing may have been even more symbolic than that and the explosion was likely all a charade for the invited foreign journalists.

    Many were already skeptical considering North Korea invited foreign journalists to witnesss the supposed destruction of the nuclear test site but not weapons experts. We may now know why as analysts say the explosions appeared to be a tad small to actually have destroyed the site. “The fact that journalists were reportedly only around 500 meters from the explosions is a good indication that these were small blasts,” an official told CNN. “And the amount of dust leads us to believe that they were quite superficial.”

    [more at link]

    • I do not understand just how an underground site can make such lovely, widespread above ground explosions without spreading radiation everywhere. IMO FAKE!

      • … without spreading radiation everywhere.

        You can bet the farm that North Korea took all radioactive materials and shuffled them off to Buffalo before staging this little bit of talchum, or “masked dance”. See following video for jaw-dropping artistry.

      • They collapsed the access tunnels, if the test area was set up right there was no radioactivity near the area collapsed.

        The test area that collapsed was the mountain falling into the explosion area (which is highly radioactive) creating a chimney from the explosion area to the outside venting radioactivity to the outside.

        • That was my point: China has been absolutely paranoid about the collapse of that mountain contaminating all of Manchuria(prevailing winds) and that would be the last thing that NK should wish for. However closing off tunnels by explosives without radiation venting should be possible in theory but how much less stable is that mountain now?

          • … how much less stable is that mountain now?

            Considering how small the explosions were, not much “less stable”.

            • Yeah it wouldn’t have take a lot of explosive to collapse an access tunnel. Most people get their ideas of how much is needed from the movies and think a lot more is needed then reality says is necessary.

              Given the collapse of the one test region the Engineers probably were very careful to not destabilize the mountain more then was necessary to bring down the tunnel.

              Having said that I don’t want to be anywhere near either of the test facilities.

  2. Cryptocurrencies Lose $46 Billion After South Korean Bourse Hack

    A cryptocurrency exchange hack in South Korea jolted holders of digital assets, fueling a $46 billion rout and extending this year’s Bitcoin slump to more than 50 percent.

    The hack brought an abrupt end to two weeks of calm for the biggest virtual currency and reignited concerns about the security of lightly regulated crypto exchanges. The venues have come under growing scrutiny in South Korea, the U.S. and other large economies in recent months amid a range of issues including thefts, market manipulation and money laundering.

    Bitcoin has dropped 11 percent since 5 p.m. New York time on Friday and was trading at $6,784.04 as of 10:21 a.m. in Hong Kong on Monday, bringing its year-to-date loss to 53 percent. Most other major virtual currencies also slumped, sending the market value of digital assets tracked by to a nearly two-month low of $294 billion. At the height of the global crypto-mania in early January, they were worth about $830 billion.

    Enthusiasm for virtual currencies has waned partly due to a string of cyber heists, including the nearly $500 million theft from Japanese exchange Coincheck Inc. in late January. While the latest hacking target — a South Korean venue called Coinrail — is much smaller, the news triggered knee-jerk selling by investors, according to Stephen Innes, head of Asia Pacific trading at Oanda Corp. in Singapore.

    “This is ‘If it can happen to A, it can happen to B and it can happen to C,’ then people panic because someone is selling,” Innes said.

    Coinrail said in a statement on its website that some of the exchange’s digital currency appears to have been stolen by hackers, but it did not quantify the value. Coinrail only said that it was cooperating with investigators and other exchanges to try and track down the perpetrators and recover the assets.

    The exchange said it has managed to freeze all exposed NPXS, NPER and ATX coins, and that other cryptocurrencies are now being kept in a cold wallet, which isn’t connected to the Internet and is less vulnerable to theft. The statement is the only content available on the exchange’s homepage. Coinrail trades more than 50 different cryptocurrencies and was the world’s 98th most active venue, with a 24-hour volume of about $2.65 million, according to data compiled by

    Some Asia-listed stocks with exposure to digital currencies fell on Monday. South Korea’s Omnitel Inc. and Vidente Co. both retreated at least 4 percent, while Japan’s Remixpoint Inc. slumped about 6 percent.

  3. 15 People Killed, Up to 19 Wounded in 3 Attacks in Afghanistan Amid Ceasefire (sputniknews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “At least 19 civilians have been injured and 15 security personnel killed in three separate attacks in Afghanistan, the Pajhwok Afghan News agency reported.

    An attack on a local education department in the Afghan city of Jalalabad in eastern Nangarhar province took place at around 10 a.m. (05:30 GMT), on Monday leaving at least 10 civilians injured, the Pajhwok Afghan News agency reported citing the governor’s spokesman Attaullah Khogyani.

    One of the attackers was reportedly killed by a blast of the explosive device he had detonated while three other assailants were shot by the security forces.

    In a separate incident, 15 Afghan security personnel were killed by the radical Taliban movement in Kunduz province, the same agency reported. Moreover, another attack on Monday in the Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province reportedly claimed the lives of 14 civilians.

    The attacks took place ahead of the ceasefire between the Afghan government and the Taliban movement, timed to Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim holiday marking the end of the month of Ramadan. The truce was announced by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday and supported by the Taliban on Saturday. Ghani said the ceasefire would not prevent the security forces from carrying out their operations against the Daesh terror group.
    Although no official date of the ceasefire had been announced, local press outlets indicated Tuesday as the first day of the truce.”

    • Since when have muslims stuck to cease fires? News to me as like diplomatic immunity and attacking civilians they regard such as mandatory open season on easier targets. Never mistake muslims for civilized beings!

        • Westerners projecting psychology onto Asians (Far East or MME) blithely assume everybody shares a basic moral code.
          Honor/Shame. A whole different ballgame.

          Some simple soul wrote that NorK’s Kim was going to view PTrump as a “father-figure”. Just wanted to be loved.

          Those who brief people like Xi or Kim are detail-oriented. They play to the Western media, then cut for domestic consumption. How many hours of video does it take to imitate a “friendly” gesture or a “disapproving” frown?

  4. Libyan coast guard intercepts 180 migrants in Mediterranean (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “Libya’s coast guard has intercepted 180 migrants, including women and children, in the Mediterranean Sea, a day after stopping more than 150 migrants on two other boats.

    It says the latest boat, whose passengers included 31 women and 12 children, was stopped Sunday off the coast of the western town of Khoms.

    The migrants were taken to a naval base in Tripoli.

    Libya was plunged into chaos following a 2011 uprising. The chaos has made it a popular route to Europe for migrants fleeing poverty and conflict in Africa and the Middle East.

    Libya has worked to stem the flow of migrants, with European assistance.”

  5. Italy’s Populist League Dominates Municipal Elections Sunday (breitbart, Jun 11, 2018)

    “As the results of Italy’s municipal elections from around the country continue to pour in, the biggest gains are going to the anti-establishment League party, with its 5-Star partner suffering important setbacks.

    Sunday’s mayoral elections involving 761 Italian municipalities and nearly seven million Italians—over 10 percent of the population—show a decisive victory for Matteo Salvini’s League (and with it, the broader centre-right coalition).

    The League’s governing partner, the leftward-leaning, populist 5-Star Movement, showed unimpressive results and took just 6 percent of municipal posts, just three months after taking the largest share of the vote in national elections on March 4.

    The leftist Democratic Party (PD), which has been steadily losing ground for the past year, lost major ground even in its traditional stronghold cities…”

  6. 5 shot dead at home in southern Thailand (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “Five men were fatally shot Monday in southern Thailand, police said, the latest killings in a region plagued by insurgency for more than a decade.

    The five were killed at about 1 a.m. as they were meeting at the home of one of the victims, said police Capt. Zulkifli Rasoe, a deputy investigator in Bannangsta district in Yala province. An unknown number of attackers broke into the house and opened fire on the victims before escaping, he said. The victims’ bodies had multiple gunshot wounds to the body and head, and police found shotgun shells and bullet casings at the crime scene.

    Police said they were investigating whether the shooting stemmed from a personal conflict or was related to the insurgency…”

    • You can be certain that exterminating or concentrating muslims in KLs would drastically reduce the murders but unlike the Burmese, the Thais are too sensitive to western leftist opinion. Do notice that the Vietnamese give muslims short shrift.

  7. Heavy fighting on Yemen’s west coast kills hundreds (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “Yemeni officials say heavy fighting between pro-government forces and Shiite rebels has killed more than 600 people on both sides in recent days.

    Government forces, backed by a Saudi-led coalition, have been advancing along the western coast in recent weeks as they battle the rebels, known as Houthis.

    The officials said Monday the fighting has escalated as government forces close in on the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, a vital lifeline through which most of the Yemeni population’s food and medicine enters. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief media.

    The coalition has been battling the Iran-allied rebels since March 2015, in a war that has killed more than 10,000 people.”

        • It has been so long between major wars most people don’t realize just what the cost of heavy fighting or serious genocide is.

          • Germany alone lost more men at Stalingrad than did the allies over the ENTIRE war. Proof that the west could never have beaten Germany. The USSR has NEVER honestly reported casualties for that battle as they really do not know and every spring brings up more bodies in the ploughing. Estimates go up to 3 million.

            • Proof that the west could never have beaten Germany.

              We could have won but the cost would have been resorting to chemical weapons, bio weapons and eventually nuclear weapons.

              Having said that yes the entire list of the nations fighting Germany were necessary. If Hitler had waited until he had forced Britain to a negotiated surrender (the Brits weren’t far from collapse when the Germans stopped the Battle of Britain.) before he attacked the USSR he would have been able to throw his entire weight against the Soviets and won. If he had followed the plans the General Staff wanted, one needle like lightening strike into Moscow to capture the city and most of the Soviet Leaders he would have probably won. If he hadn’t declared war on the US after Pearl Harbor the US population wouldn’t have let FDR throw most of our military might against Germany and Germany would have won. Those are just a few chances for victory that Hitler threw away.

              As I said we could have done it alone but it was much cheaper with Soviet help.

              • As I said we could have done it alone but it was much cheaper with Soviet help.

                Good help is so hard to find.

              • Had Hopkins not intervened, the USA would have stayed out of the war, japan would have invaded Siberia, the Moscow railhead would have fallen in 1941. Taking Malta with the troops not now decimated by the winter would have ensured victory for Rommel and the fall of the ME thus making the Caucasian oilfields thrust unnecessary and bringing in turkey on the side of the Axis. The USSR would have been bottled up and have no choice but to beg for peace(considered by Stalin not my opinion) Then Germany would have given the UK its full attention and it would have had the nukes first while isolationist US would still be arguing. Remember that it was the UK who first gave all of their knowledge and scientists to push the Manhattan project into fact (not knocking the far larger US contribution BTW) and if Germany had them it had the bomb.
                To beat Germany or ANY totalitarian state requires a HUGE body count(see Vietnam) and democracies cannot handle that and never will and especially so if undermined by the left at home(see Churchill losing in 1945)

                • You have some valid points but in WWII we lost about 50,000 dead, the same figure in Korera and in Nam. The left pushed the idea of horrendous causalities that were unprecedented. If, I repeat if the left isn’t working against the democracy (WWII) then the democracy will accept large numbers of causalities. Another difference is that during WWII we had the why we fight commercials at every showing of any movies. I Korea and Nam we didn’t bother keeping the home front knowing why we are fighting. The same thing is happening now, the entertainment industry is not making why we fight shows and the networks (cable included) wouldn’t show them if they did. Look at the US Civil War, we lost over 500,000 men in that war and didn’t have near as many people as we do now. The problem is that we have let our internal enemies gain control of the major opinion forming media and are now playing catch up.

                  President Reagan embedded reporters in the various military units and the reporters were in the field. This is why the reporting of Gulf War I and the Second March to Baghad was so good. After the embeds were removed the reporters went back to getting their stories from high ranking people holding news conferences. This means that reporters and the news consumers aren’t shown the human side of our troops and the people we are trying to help. This is also why the citizen journalists who show the human side of the conservative protests are helping us.

                • Yes if the US hadn’t cut off the supply of scrap metal to Japan they wouldn’t have hit the US for several years. They would have hit the various European colonies for the minerals they needed but left the US alone. If they hadn’t hit us we wouldn’t have entered WWII for several years. And if Hitler hadn’t declared war on the US internal politics would have required that we send almost all of our military assets to the Far East.

                • Democracies can and have absorbed much higher causality rates then the 50,000 in WWII, Korea and Nam. But as you point out this was done without internal enemies undermining the war effort. This is why the left is going to resort to a civil war in the US. They are losing control of the media and of the electorate. This means they are going to have to move to seize power to stop the US from rebuilding to our full strength. Once this war is over the left will not be in a position to stop us helping restore and preserve freedom.

                  Yes I have simplified the very complex problem but we are headed to the destruction of the leftist ideology and the restoration of the will of the free people to remain free.

  8. Turkey arrests 771 for terrorism in 7 days (ansamed, Jun 11, 2018)

    “More mass arrests are taking part in Turkey two weeks ahead of early presidential and parliamentary elections slated for June 24, amid a state of emergency still in place roughly two years after a coup attempt.

    Over the past week, 771 people have been arrested on terrorism charges across the country, according to the interior ministry. Most (492) are suspected of links with network allegedly behind the coup attempt and led by ‘imam-in-exile’ Fethullah Gulen. Several operations have also been conducted against alleged members of the PKK terrorist organization, which led to 234 arrests. Some 37 suspected Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate have been arrested this week as well as 8 of outlawed leftwing groups. The UN estimates that 160,000 people have been arrested under the state of emergency since the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.”

  9. Youtube probably won’t let this video stay up too long:

    Feroz Khan from Dresden speaks plainly about the murder case Susanna and those who are responsible for it. (Feroz Khan became well known after speaking against Merkel refugee policies on live televised talk show in Germany – the host thought he would say something different) Once again, he is outspoken about the irresponsibility of all the actors profiting from this immigration catastrophe.

    He writes: “Please share this video until it reaches the latest anti-AfD’ler and finally these people will realize what they have done with their aspirations.”

    (English subtitles available at Youtube)

  10. Ports blocked for “rescue vessel” Aquarius – Salvini: From today Italy says “no” to illegal immigration:


    An official of the Merkel party CDU wrote on Facebook about the victim of an Iraqi rapist:

    “Susanna could just as well have died in a car accident”.

    The North-Rhine Westfalia board member Venny Lang wrote on Facebook about the circumstances of the murder of Susanna and sees no connection to refugee policy or with any religion. SCREENSHOT OF POST at the link:

    Venny Lang :
    “The girl is dead irregardless of the suspects nationality. How many mass murders or rapists has Germany already produced (in its history)? To push the blame onto all refugees, even those who are not criminal and try to integrate, doesn’t help this girl. I’m so very sorry for her relatives.”

    Luis Torges responds: “If the borders were closed in 2015, Susanne would still be alive”
    (Because this guy and his family wouldn’t have been able to enter or apply for asylum)

    Venny Lang:

    “How do you know that, she could have been run over by a car or some one else could have killed her. Whether one is violent has nothing to do with their country of origin or religion. And closing boarders is cowardly and goes against all Christian principles.”

    • How do you know that, she could have been run over by a car or some one else could have killed her. Whether one is violent has nothing to do with their country of origin or religion. And closing borders is cowardly and goes against all Christian principles.

      How do you know that, she could have been run down by a Ramavan or some one else could have killed her. Whether one is violent has nothing to do with their country of origin or religion. And closing borders is cowardly and goes against all Christian principles.

      There, fixed that.

      The rest of this article’s unmitigated poppycock isn’t even worth commenting on.

    • Ohh I would laugh if that sow had it happen to her or her family. Notice how a leftist throws up “Christian values” but totally ignores the end result of her views which will be far from Christian..

  12. OH MY GOODNESS -This one DEFINITELY needs to be translated:

    “The time will come when many who have complained will apologize to Thilo Sarrazin!”

    Heinz Buschkowsky denounces the total political failure that has made possible the murder of the 14-year-old Susanna F. by a long-expelled, criminal Iraqis. He prophesied: “The time will come when many who have complained will have to apologize to Thilo Sarrazin!”

  13. The US-North Korea summit may help decide a trade war with China

    NR: Here it comes. Trump is going to hang the Nork albatross around Red China’s neck. [CNBC – Salt to taste]

    Talks of a trade war with China have momentarily taken a backseat to increasingly acrimonious negotiations with Canada, Mexico and the European Union, as President Donald Trump spent much of the last week exchanging barbs with major economic partners.

    However, one veteran market watcher warned that investors should stay vigilant on the threat from China – because it could roar back to roil markets if the U.S.-North Korea summit goes awry.

    “We’re relying on China for help there so I don’t expect Trump and company to start blasting China with tariffs in anticipation of this meeting,” Jack Ablin, chief investment officer at Cresset Wealth Advisors, told CNBC’s “Futures Now” on Thursday. “If China is smart what they’re going to do is string Trump and Company along with North Korea.”

    China has positioned itself as an invaluable resource to the U.S. in pressuring North Korea to denuclearize, Ablin said. That has given the country a bargaining chip against any trade threats, and the Trump administration may be loath to antagonize Beijing if the Chinese can help sway Pyongyang.

    Trump is set to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un face to face in Singapore on Tuesday. The Trump administration has said the aim is full denuclearization, something North Korea is not expected to give up without a fight.

    “But, if these negotiations go south or there’s some disappointment, I expect these tariffs will be back on the table,” Ablin added.

    Meanwhile, the chances of a trade conflict with China are far higher than the markets anticipate, says Ablin.

    “The likelihood of an outright trade war with China is probably 30 to 40 percent,” the investor told CNBC. “So it’s not a main, huge risk but I will say if you ask the average investor about the possibility of a trade war with China, they’d probably tell you it’s 10 percent.”

    He added: “I do think I want to err on the side of caution.”

    Ablin said tariffs on China, the world’s second-largest economy, would be “enough to create a sizable [downward] catalyst” for the U.S. stock market.

    As for the potential for the North Korea summit itself to be market-moving, Ablin says expectations are so low that any development would be a positive.

    “It’s really only upside pretty much,” he said. “Most observers are not expecting much and so if anything comes of it, it will be positive but that said it will likely just kind of string things along.”

    Markets have not moved as much on North Korea-U.S. developments recently. When Trump called off the summit on May 24, the S&P 500 ended the day 0.4 percent lower. After the June 1 announcement that it was back on, the S&P gained 1 percent.

  14. How Big Is North Korea’s Economy? Pick a Number, Any Number

    Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s landmark summit on June 12 has spurred hope that North Korea may finally open its economy. That could also be a boon for economists, who know next to nothing about how it actually works.

    North Korea stopped releasing detailed statistical data in the 1960s, and for the next four decades the only hard economic numbers came from limited revenue and spending figures in annual national budget reports. The government removed absolute numbers altogether in the early 2000s, and since then has only offered year-on-year percentage changes for various oddly described sectors. They look like this: [see graphics at link]

    The dearth of information has left economists with little option but to combine these patchy figures with inexact estimates of agricultural and industrial output based on satellite photographs, thermal imaging and, according to Marcus Noland, an expert on North Korea at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, possibly a network of spies in the country. Noland has written that he’s “only half-joking” when he tells people he makes up his data on the country.

    South Korea’s central bank—considered the most authoritative source for North Korean economic data—uses figures compiled by the government and intelligence agencies to make estimates. That includes everything from water flows at dams to smoke coming out of chimneys to the size of rice paddy crops, according to Lee Seog-Ki, senior research fellow at the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade, a think tank run by South Korea’s trade industry.

    Once numbers are produced, often they aren’t comparable. One estimate might present gross domestic product in local currency, another in current-year dollars, and still another in inflation-adjusted dollars. Since most projections use the same units for North Korea and South Korea—and South Korea has generally reliable statistics—we can use GDP ratios of the two countries to show how varied the North Korea estimates are: [see graphics at link]

    Over a 26-year run, the Bank of Korea has estimated North Korea’s economy to be roughly 1.8 times the size the United Nations thinks it is. While such wild deviations would sound unreasonable for any other country, agencies are upfront about how much uncertainty is involved. The CIA, for instance, acknowledges that its GDP estimate (adjusted for purchasing power parity) of $40 billion has been “rounded to the nearest $10 billion.”

    The lack of data makes it nearly impossible to know how much money the average North Korean citizen earns per year. Here are the figures for 2011, a year that allows the closest comparison among agencies with no adjustment, given the availability of data: [see graphics at link]

    Trade statistics aren’t much more reliable, even though other countries must report their imports and exports with North Korea. That’s due to a number of reasons: Governments sometimes confuse the two Koreas when reporting trade, and they may be tempted to keep some transactions hidden with a rogue regime under international sanctions.

    So if the numbers on North Korea’s economy are so flawed, then why do agencies bother to publish anything at all? Rüdiger Frank, who has studied North Korea since spending a semester in Pyongyang in the early 1990s, says it comes down to supply and demand: “If you keep asking for numbers, they will eventually be produced.”

    NR: And, yet somehow, we’re supposed to trust this slimeball weasel? Not even “Trust but verify” works in this situation.

    • EB my grandfather watched the 1930 Flight Commander(the original that spawned dawn Patrol) thanks to your site and he wanted me to thank you for it and the others that he picked up (3 Musketeers, Thief of Baghdad.), The acting was less but the flying was much more realistic(as you would expect seeing as they used veteran WW1 pilots). I haven’t seen it myself but , no doubt, I will be dragged in to watch it.

        • EB Thank you. I will DL the former but the islamophile LoA I will not. I read his “5 pillars of wisdom” some years ago and it “did him in” for me. His kind have helped destroy the west and I have no time for him.

          • None of which changes the fact that Sir David Lean’s direction of Lawrence of Arabia produced some of the finest cinematography in all moviedom.

            Yes, I too have read his “5 Pillars of Wisdom”, and full well realize that (in the movie) Lean’s chronology is about as accurate as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

            If LoA didn’t do it for you, try Lean’s production of Boris Pasternak’s masterpiece, Doctor Zhivago. Again, filmmaking at its very finest. For a real kick in the pants, try watching one of Lean’s earlier works like, Hobson’s Choice (1954).

            In it, Charles Laughton is a Victorian bootmaker whose strong-willed daughter keeps him perpetually off-balance. Much hilarity.

            Other choices? The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Sound Barrier, In Which We Serve or A Passage to India will keep you busy.

            For recent cinematography that approaches Lean’s excellence, consider viewing, Aftershock, by director, Feng Xiaogang. This superb bit of filmmaking tells the story of a family torn apart by the 1976 Tangshan earthquake which killed at least 240,000. The opening sequence is pure genius.

            English subtitles provided. Bring your own hanky.

            Aftershock trailer to follow:

            • Incidentally, Aftershock was the very first full-length IMAX movie made outside of America.

              Here is one of the film’s more heartwrenching scenes:

              • In case it is not obvious, the mother has surrendered her only child to relatives who live elsewhere. Never to be seen again.

                Incidentally, director, Feng Xiaogang, was criticized by modernists for not having been harsher about Mao’s role in destroying China.

                Evidently, they do not seem to realize that, had Feng been more critical, the film would never have been released.

                PS: As you might be able to tell, I’m a film snob. So, let me put it this way, I watched Aftershock TWICE

                At 135 minutes in length, that’s saying something.

            • Lean’s view of islam is like that of so many other middle class Brits: romantic and totally unrealistic.I guess that my hatred of islam surpasses yours HR as I cannot watch LoA beautiful or not (We have the DVD). Perhaps if you had a few painful scars you might understand.
              I had enough problems coping with Omar Sharif in DZ but he was only forced to return to islam when he retired and returned to Egypt. As for the others you mention, I have seen them all bar Aftershock and “Hobson’s choice” was a favourite grandparent expression long before I ever watched the movie. I will make a point of watching Aftershock so I will thank you for that

          • I haven’t seen enough movies in my life, none made in the last couple decades.

            Have you ever seen “Educating Rita” with Julie Walters and Michael Caine? In an almost unheard of transition, Walters (more than) successfully took her role from the stage to the silver screen. Her irrepressible character (Rita) is an absolute howler.

            This is a film that deserved an Oscar or three but was never recognized because it wasn’t “Made in America” (i.e., Hollyweird). See eight minute television trailer below:

      • If you are insufficiently outraged, please consider viewing:

        The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

        What the IMDB reviewer conspicuously fails to mention is that this classic American hero, General Mitchell, made himself exceptionally unpopular with top brass by predicting how Japan (at that time a US ally) was an emerging threat that would have to be answered with air power.

        • The Battleship Navy, the US was lucky that the Battleships were sunk at Pearl or the Battleship Admirals would have lost the war for us. Although seeing the Mighty Mo sail in with her 16 inch guns firing has got to be one of the most terrifying sights you can see.

          FYI part of the agreement in letting the Battleships be used as museums is that they be kept in sea worthy and battle worthy condition. If war comes all the Navy has to do is install a new electronics suite and provide a crew. Of course it would take time to train the men for their new ship but with experienced seaman probably not that much time.

          • Never been convinced that FDR did not know about the Japanese plans as it was too good to be true for isolationist USA and the fact that the two carriers suddenly up and left adds fuel to that. King knew that it would be a carrier war in the Pacific as that was why so many carriers had been laid down already.

            • The US code breakers knew there would be an attack but not where, and they weren’t real sure about when. Now you can damn FDR all you want but the “Black Gang Code-breakers” in Honolulu would have warned the High Command in Honolulu. They were the one that had broken the Japanese codes but the location was hand delivered to all concerned in the Japanese Navy and government.

              Having said all of that FDR was probably happy that he could get the US into the war and was doubly happy that Hitler had declared war on the US. FDR wasn’t a nice person and wasn’t the hero history says, his first VP was an out and out communist who sent all classified info he got to Moscow. Truman was another leftist and was owned by the Kansas City mob who also sympathized with the communists.

              • I think that eventually we will find out that FDR and Churchill knew. There is a story of a Dutch submarine that saw the Jap fleet on its way to PH and radioed it in to the Brits but upon return to ? it was asked to carry a package to somewhere and mysteriously disappeared well away from jap naval vessels. One UK naval officer posted this well before the IT as it was he who delivered the package to the ship and he talked to the crew(forbidden…but he spoke Dutch and they did not know that). Suddenly he was sent to (IIRC) south Georgia island or somewhere like that for the rest of the war
                Hopkins was the chief soviet spy in the US and FDR’s right hand man and a total traitor to the west. In 1943 he airlifted enriched uranium to the USSR by plane and not just once. Yes I think that FDR sacrificed >3000 US servicemen to combat the greater evil and idiot Hitler did him a favour.

            • The New Jersey is a good ship with a proud history, my reference to the Mighty Mo is because is was the last build with thicker armor and bigger engines. The guns on both are the same size, one of my Sunday School teachers served on the Mighty Mo throuhout all of WWII. He was consulted by the navel historians when they were writing about the ship.

          • Although seeing the Mighty Mo sail in with her 16 inch guns firing has got to be one of the most terrifying sights you can see.

            I have stood on the deck of the Mighty Mo right at the spot where Japan’s unconditional surrender was signed.

            Few more fearsome war machines have ever been built.

          • I am not sure about the first but the second sticks close to what really happened, something that stopped shortly after WWII.

    • First sorry about posting it more then once.

      Now I agree that peaceful is a much better way but given the way the police were fomenting a riot I am not sure peacefully is still an option. We have to keep working on the peaceful solution but watch the reactions of the government, remember Britain is a full blown totalitarian government and the current actions of that government say they aren’t going to allow any peaceful change of power.

  15. Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades
    June 10, 2018

    Polio has been reported in Venezuela, a crisis-wracked country where the disease had been eradicated decades ago, the Pan-American Health Organization reports.

    The organization said the child had no history of vaccination and lives in an under-immunized extremely impoverished Delta Amacuro state.

    Polio, or poliomyelitis, is a crippling childhood disease caused by the poliovirus, and preventable through immunization.

    Doctor Jose Felix Oletta, a former Minister of Health, told AFP that the last case of acute poliomyelitis in Venezuela was reported in 1989.

    “The virus especially affects people in conditions of malnutrition and unvaccinated, as this case,” Oletta added.

    Oletta slammed health authorities in President Nicolas Maduro’s government for taking more than a month to notify the PAHO that it had identified the virus. International health regulations require it to do so within 24 hours.

    Venezuela, devastated by economic and political crises, also accounted for 85 percent of cases of measles reported across Latin America and the Caribbean over the past year, the PAHO said.

    Of the 11 countries that reported cases, Venezuela had the overwhelming majority of cases, but also 35 deaths since mid-2017, the international organization said.

    More specifically, “there were eleven countries that reported 1,685 confirmed measles cases across the region,” of which 1,427 were in Venezuela, a PAHO report released Saturday found.

    • Polio has never been totally eradicated in muslim countries as immunization is infidel. Like many diseases these scum will put western health back half a century. Already now hospitals in the west are groaning under the malaria, TB, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea cases flooding in and that ignores their viloence.

      • All jobs for my proposed Peace Corpse Redux™.
        Graduates with SJW concentrations will find themselves at long last.
        Empowering acid-burned girls in Pakistan, immunization campaigns in Malawi, anti-cultural appropriation in Mindanao.

  16. Soon after Imran Awan’s other wife called police on him, she was shot at by gunmen
    By Daily Caller News Foundation June 10, 2018

    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s indicted former IT aide, Imran Awan, was married to two Virginia women simultaneously, and 15 days after one of them told police that Imran kept her “like a slave,” gunmen shot into her family home, according to police reports filed in Pakistan.

    The shooting at Sumaira Siddique allegedly occurred in Pakistan in August 2016 — days after the House Inspector General informed the Committee on House Administration that Imran allegedly committed cybersecurity violations. In a report filed with the local police, Siddique’s father, who owns the home, said he believed Siddique had been targeted.

    The shooting was unsolved, though in a separate case, Imran’s stepmother, Samina Gilani, alleged in court papers filed in April 2017 that Imran said he would “do harm to me and my family members back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore.” He also “threatened that he has the power to kidnap my family members back in Pakistan.”

    Imran and his family also had access to all the emails and files of 1 in 5 House Democrats. The IG found the IT aide made “unauthorized access” to House data during the 2016 election at the same time Wasserman Schultz was dealing with the hack of the Democratic National Committee.

  17. …of course – what else would you expect?

    NY Times, AP Focus on Backlash, Submerge Details of Iraqi Migrant’s Murder of German Girl –

    “The most recent in-house story at the Times appeared on Friday (the Times’s website has carried about a half-dozen wire reports about the case during the past week, including three appearing after reporter Katrin Bennhold’s article).

    The story’s headline effectively told readers that the political implications of the murder were more important than the details of the crime, while its early content labored mightily to avoid mentioning the arrest, causing readers who didn’t get that far to believe that the Bashar might be one “suspect” among several.

    Bennhold noted Bashar’s arrest in an oh-by-the-way mention at the end of Paragraph 9, after telling readers that he has a prior record of police contact.

    Bennhold didn’t name Susanna Feldman as the victim until Paragraph 13. She never identified Feldman as Jewish, though many other news outlets have, including the UK Telegraph.

    • Looks like they are not the only ones “submerging details” -After a visit to the Iraqi ambassador: Sebastian Münzenmaier (AfD) reveals new inconsistencies! The “official” story about the whole family leaving with paper only issued in Arabic from the Iraqi consulate is FALSE.

      (auto-translate to English works)

    • The police deliberately provoked a violent response to try and make the demonstrators look bad. I don’t care how you spin this they were not trying to stop trouble they were causing the trouble, probably on orders from their Islamic Home Secretary.

    • John Kerry negotiated with North Vietnam after he came home from Nam but while he was still a serving officer, his negotiations were coordinating the war protests with the attacks and other offensive moves by the North. This is text book treason but his only punishment was being kicked out of the Navy and the Jimmy Carter ordered his dishonorable discharge be upgraded to honorable and his medals reissued.

      He knows that unless there is a massive revolution he won’t ever be prosecuted for his treasonous actions in two wars.

  18. Left-wing mayors in Italian coastal cities courted outrage Sunday as they defied the democratic will of the Italian people to throw open their ports to a migrant delivery ship carrying 629 illegals, despite the newly elected national government having ordered it be turned away.
    Mayors in Naples, Messina, Reggio Calabria, and Palermo stood against the poll-topping, recently installed Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini Sunday after he said the migrant ship Aquarius would be turned away from Italy, reports Italy’s Il Giornale.

    UPDATE 1500: Spain opens ports to migrant import ship
    A strategic victory appears to be emerging for Italy’s Salvini Monday afternoon after ports outside of Italy offered a berth for the contested Aquarius ship, apparently rewarding the new interior minister for standing his ground over the highly emotive, politically charged issue of migrant movement across the Mediterranean. La Vanguardia reports both Valencia and Barcelona have offered to take the ship in after comments by Spain’s new leftist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

    The original story continues below:

  19. Note: It is a symptom of overburaucratized big government to target kids lemonade stands, as we have seen. This warms my heart:

    Country Time Lemonade Will Pay Legal Fees For Unlicensed Lemonade Stands
    Are you thinking of helping your kid setting up a lemonade stand this summer? Apparently, some young entrepreneurs are getting shut down due to a lack of small business permits. In a very savvy PR move, Country Time Lemonade has offered to reimburse any permit fees or fines (up to $300) that are incurred while operating a lemonade stand. Here’s their “Legal-ade” video:

    • Country Time Lemonade has offered to reimburse any permit fees or fines (up to $300) that are incurred while operating a lemonade stand.

      Brilliant move. Even if it costs them a million dollars, the positive, pro-kid publicity will be worth ten times that much.

      The saddest part being that Lemon Pledge furniture wax has more real lemon juice in it than Country Time Lemonade.

    • When will this sanctimonious, skirt-wearing turd learn to just sit down and STFU?

      Never in my life have I seen a Western religious leader so totally confound his own avowed doctrine. There is an odor of brimstone that surrounds this smarmy, virtue signaling puppet master.

      It is a monster raving loony like this that may well end up welcoming a bomb vest murderer into the Sistine Chapel.

  20. Ottawa Citizen – Chrystia Freeland’s granddad was indeed a Nazi collaborator – so much for Russian disinformation

    The news conference on Monday by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland was interesting not for the announcement that Canada was extending its training mission to Ukraine but for the questions and answers about the minister’s grandfather.

    There have been a number of articles circulating about Freeland’s Ukrainian grandfather Michael Chomiak and his ties to the Nazis.

    Some of those articles have appeared on pro-Russian websites. Freeland, who strongly supports Ukraine and is a major critic of Russia’s seizure of the Crimea, suggested to journalists that the articles about her grandfather were part of a Russian disinformation campaign. (The Russian government sees Freeland as virulently anti-Russian and has placed her on their travel ban).

    “American officials have publicly said, and even Angela Merkel has publicly said, that there were efforts on the Russian side to destabilize Western democracies, and I think it shouldn’t come as a surprise if these same efforts were used against Canada,” Freeland told reporters after they raised questions about the articles about her grandfather.

    The Globe and Mail also reported that an official in Freeland’s office denied the minister’s grandfather was a Nazi collaborator.

    In addition, the claims were dismissed outright by those in the Canadian-Ukrainian community. “It is the continued Russian modus operandi that they have,” Paul Grod, president of the Canadian Ukrainian Congress told the Globe and Mail. “Fake news, disinformation and targeting different individuals. It is just so outlandish when you hear some of these allegations – whether they are directed at minister Freeland or others.”

    Well it actually isn’t so outlandish. Michael Chomiak was a Nazi collaborator.

    What are the sources for the information that Freeland’s grandfather worked for the Nazis?

    For starters, The Ukraine Archival Records held by the Province of Alberta. It has a whole file on Chomiak, including his own details about his days editing the newspaper Krakivski Visti. Chomiak noted he edited the paper first in Crakow (Cracow), Poland and then in Vienna. The reason he edited the paper in Vienna was because he had to flee with his Nazis colleagues as the Russians advanced into Poland. (The Russians tended to execute collaborators well as SS members).

    See archive entry below:

    So what was the Krakivski Visti? It, like a number of publications, had been seized by the Nazis from their Jewish owners and then operated as propaganda outlets.

    Here is what the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum has to say about Krakivski Visti and a similar newspaper, Lvivski Visti, both publications associated with the Nazi regime.

    “The editorial boards carried out a policy of soliciting Ukrainian support for the German cause,” the Holocaust Museum noted. “It was typical, within these publications, to not to give any accounts of the German genocidal policy, and largely, the editions resorted to silencing the mass killing of Jews in Galicia. Ukrainian newspapers presented the Jewish Question in light of the official Nazi propaganda, corollary to the Jewish world conspiracy.”

    “In 1943 and 1944, both Lvivski Visti and Krakivski Visti hailed the German-approved formation of the 14th Waffen SS Division Halychyna, composed of Ukrainian volunteers,” the museum pointed out.

    So much for Russian disinformation.

    On Wednesday the Globe and Mail reported that, “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland knew for more than two decades that her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper.”

    PICS : Crimea under Russian occupation :

  21. Inside Obama’s secret meetings with 2020 contenders

    Still the reluctant leader of the Democratic Party, Obama has been providing counsel to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other presidential hopefuls.

    Barack Obama has in recent months met with at least nine prospective 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Deval Patrick, pulling them in for one-on-one sessions at his Washington office.

    All the meetings were arranged quietly, without even some close advisers to the people involved being told of the conversations, in part because of how much Obama bristles at his private meetings becoming public knowledge. All have been confirmed to POLITICO by multiple people who have been briefed on the secretive sit-downs.

  22. A fashion show that replaced female models with drones ‘displays the severe restrictions women in Saudi Arabia face every day’. Organisers of the event at Jeddah Hilton hotel proudly showed off their ‘different approach’ to showcasing designer dresses, in front of an all-male audience, on Twitter. This huge snake crawled up through a toilet and into a family’s bathroom However, in a kingdom where women are bound by conservative rules, the flying clothes have caused a lot of mockery and outrage online. Many on social media have compared the flying clothes to a horror show, with one commenting: ‘It’s like a ghost film.’

    Read more:

    Twitter: | Facebook:

  23. Pro-Trump Jews are the Future of American Zionism
    Zionism without chutzpah is unsustainable.
    June 11, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    President Trump boldly moved the embassy to Jerusalem. And a poll shows a nearly even split among American Jews opposing and supporting it, while 85% of Israeli Jews back the courageous decision.

    77% of Israelis back Trump’s handling of US-Israel relations while 57% of American Jews disapprove.

    How can the vast majority of Israelis be happy with the relationship while the majority of American Jews aren’t? The answer gets at the heart of the split between what American and Israeli Jews want from Israel. And also to the root of a deeper split within the Zionist tree.

    Modern Zionism is split between positive aspirational Zionism and negative respectability Zionism.

    Positive Zionism was the movement of a cultural, religious and national minority to reclaim an independent identity and unleash the potential of the Jewish people. Negative Zionism was a reaction to anti-Semitism. And then, when Zionism became safe, it became a trophy of communal respectability.

    Now that Zionism is no longer safe or respectable, the trophy is in the communal dumpster.

    Positive Zionists are self-directed, but negative Zionists are other-oriented. Their Zionism is only another bid for approval from the same people and political movements whose rejection made them Zionists.

    The Israeli left began as a series of movements that embraced Zionism because the Communists (and oth

    • The future of American Zionism…among Jews…either from insular religious communities or have the same tough Queens attitude as Trump.

      Add another category: among those who’ve made alliances with Evangelical Christians.

      Have to be careful, though. Some are just as militant about bringing Jewish souls to Jesus as Mohammadans are about getting reverts to submit.

    • Idiot jew-haters think “Zionist” is a pejorative, a curse word.
      They say “Zionist Israel” – like “Imperialist America”.
      Israel is the Land of Zion, that’s just what it is.

  24. SPLC: PragerU is Alt Right and Anti-Alt-Right
    June 11, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Expecting any kind of logic and consistency from an organization whose research listed a bar sign as a hate group is asking a lot. And I say that as an individual whom the Southern Poverty Law Center listed as a hate group… before it decided to stop doing that.

    Still the SPLC’s attack on PragerU is particularly weak.

    The bizarre part comes at the very end.

  25. Geert Wilders Puts the Political Elites On Notice
    The people are rising up. Can the elites put the genie back in the bottle?
    June 11, 2018
    Robert Spencer

    Geert Wilders spoke at a massive rally for Tommy Robinson on Saturday. 20,000 people came out to call for Tommy’s release, and Wilders took the opportunity to put the political elites of Britain and continental Europe on notice.

    “Our governments,” Wilders declared, “sold us out with mass immigration. With Islamization. With open borders. We are almost foreigners in our own lands. And if we complain about it, they call us racists and Islamophobes. But I say, no more! And what do you say? No more! And that’s right: enough is enough. We will not be gagged anymore. No more tyranny.”

    It was extraordinary that the British authorities allowed Wilders into the country at all. Several years ago he was banned from entering the country, but although the ban was reversed on appeal, the British government recently banned Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, Lauren Southern and Lutz Bachmann from entering, all for the crime of opposing jihad terror and Sharia oppression, and thereby made it clear that it is more authoritarian and unwilling to uphold the freedom of speech than ever – at least when it comes to criticism of Islam, Muslim rape gangs, and mass Muslim migration.

    Even worse, the bannings of Sellner, Pettibone, Southern, and Bachmann were just part of a long pattern. Pamela Geller and I were banned from entering Britain in 2013, apparently for life, also for the crime of telling the truth about Islam and jihad. Meanwhile, Britain has a steadily lengthening record of admitting jihad preachers without a moment of hesitation. Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri’s preaching of hatred and jihad violence was so hardline that he was banned from preaching in Pakistan, but the UK Home Office welcomed him into Britain.

  26. DA Schubert Crushes Soros’ “Social Justice” Candidate
    DNA, crucial to Schubert’s case against Golden State Killer, refutes politically correct dogma.
    June 11, 2018
    Lloyd Billingsley

    Leftist billionaire George Soros funneled some $400,000 to defeat Sacramento district attorney Anne Marie Schubert. On June 5 voters rejected Soros’ “social justice” candidate Noah Phillips and more than 60 percent cast ballots for Schubert, who leads the prosecution of Joseph DeAngelo.

    He was responsible for 12 murders and more than 40 rapes across California during the 1970s and 80s, the most prolific criminal to avoid capture. Trouble was, the Golden State Killer, as he came to be known, hadn’t reckoned with DNA science.

    Police had his DNA from the rape test kits, and a relative’s DNA from an open-source site proved the key to DeAngelo’s arrest in late April. Victims and law enforcement alike celebrated the arrest of the man also known as the Original Nightstalker. Establishment media found a villain in DNA testing itself.

    “If there’s anything to be cautious about,” wrote Erika Smith of the Sacramento Bee, “it’s the collection and storage of genetic material from thousands, if not millions, of people.” For McClatchy national correspondent Stuart Leavenworth, DNA matching “has put genetic testing companies on the defensive and raised questions about their ability to protect consumer privacy.”

  27. Democrats Versus DA and DNA
    George Soros funds opponent of the Sacramento DA that busted the Golden State Killer.
    May 21, 2018
    Lloyd Billingsley

    From the late 1970s through 1986, a vicious criminal terrorized California with 12 murders and more than 40 rapes. In late April, police in Sacramento arrested Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, charging that he was the Golden State Killer, the Original Night Stalker, and the East Area Rapist.

    “The answer has always been in Sacramento,” said Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. “For forty years, countless victims have waited for justice.”

    Schubert organized the press conference that brought district attorneys from central and southern California, where the Golden State Killer had raped and murdered. Now leftist billionaire George Soros is bankrolling a campaign to oppose Schubert and on June 5 elect Noah Phillips, a self-proclaimed progressive who touts “social justice” themes.

    As the Sacramento Bee reports, “Soros has funneled about $400,000 to Phillips through his California Justice & Public Safety PAC” and has been “spending heavily this year to flip district attorney races for progressive candidates all over California and in several other states.” Activist Shaun King has kicked in $40,000 and Phillips’ endorsers include Sen. Kamala Harris, who got her start under Willie Brown and received $5,400 from Soros for her 2016 Senate campaign.

  28. Austrian Chancellor Threatened Via Internet Over Shutting Mosques – Reports (sputniknews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz receives threats on social networks over recent decision to close several mosques in the country, the Oesterreich newspaper reported, citing the Federal Chancellery.

    According to the newspaper, Kurz started receiving death threats on Facebook. The Chancellery also confirmed that the relevant information was received by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism.

    The media outlet added that the personal protection of Kurz and some ministers had been enhanced.

    Earlier in June, Kurz said on his Twitter account that Austria would expel up to 40 imams and would close several mosques over violation of the Austrian Islam law…”

  29. Qatar says it files case against UAE at UN’s highest court (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “Qatar said Monday it filed a case against the United Arab Emirates at the United Nations’ highest court, accusing Abu Dhabi of “discrimination against Qatar and Qatari citizens” amid a yearlong boycott of Doha by four Arab nations. An Emirati minister dismissed the filing as a stunt.

    The case before The Hague-based International Court of Justice focuses on the UAE’s decision to expel Qatari citizens, block Qatar from accessing its airspace and other matters arising as part of an ongoing diplomatic dispute, Doha said in a statement.

    Qatar accuses the UAE of violating its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Bahrain, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the other countries boycotting Qatar in the dispute, have not consented to the court’s jurisdiction, though the UAE has, Doha said.

    “The UAE deliberately discriminated against Qataris on the basis of their nationality, resulting in serious human rights abuses,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said. “Today’s application is the first step in bringing an end to these violations and to restoring the basic rights of the many Qataris harmed by the UAE’s actions.”

    Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash wrote on Twitter it was “not surprising” as Qatar previously had “lied.”

    The court released a statement late Monday confirming the case had been filed.

    Cases at the ICJ generally take months or years to complete. However, requests for provisional measures like those requested by Qatar are dealt with quicker.

    Rulings by the ICJ are final and binding on the nations involved.

    The four Arab nations began the boycott in June 2017, accusing of Qatar supporting for extremist groups in the region, charges denied by Doha. The four nations have also pointed to Qatar’s close relationship with Iran, with which it shares a massive offshore gas field that provides the peninsular nation its wealth. Qatar restored full diplomatic ties to Iran amid the dispute.

    Boycotting countries’ demands include limiting diplomatic ties to Iran, shutting down the state-funded Al-Jazeera satellite news network and other media outlets, and severing ties to all “terrorist organizations,” including the Muslim Brotherhood and Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Qatar has rejected the demands as violations of its sovereignty.”

  30. UN approves EU ships seizing illegal arms off Libya (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “The U.N. Security Council has voted unanimously to authorize the European Union’s maritime force to enforce an arms embargo on the high seas off the coast of Libya for another year.

    The British-drafted resolution adopted Monday authorizes EU ships in Operation Sophia to stop vessels on the high seas off Libya’s coast suspected of smuggling weapons in violation of a U.N. arms embargo.

    Operation Sophia is also charged with seizing migrant-smuggling vessels.

    Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ latest report on implementation of the embargo said the only inspection resulting in the seizure of banned weapons took place on June 19, 2017, on the motor vessel El-Mukhtar.

    Operation Sophia’s commander and deputy secretary-general of the European External Action Service urged renewal of the resolution in a council briefing on June 3.”

  31. French authorities clear 336 migrants from camp near Dunkirk (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “Authorities have cleared 336 migrants from a makeshift camp outside Dunkirk and assigned them to reception centers in the region of northern France.

    The closure came just weeks after some 400 migrants were transferred to centers from a local gymnasium, where they were temporarily sheltered after another camp was shut.

    The town of Grande-Synthe, the site of the two evacuations, is a way-station for some migrants, many of them Iraqi Kurds. Human smugglers have been known to operate there, offering passage across the English Channel to Britain.

    Interior Minister Gerard Collomb is cracking down on migrant encampments around France.

    On May 30, about 1,000 migrants were removed from a camp in Paris’ far north. Nearly as many were removed from two other Paris camps five days later.”

  32. US man gets 15 years for trying to join Islamic State group (abcnews, Jun 11, 2018)

    “A New York man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for trying to join the Islamic State group, despite telling the judge he only wanted to provide humanitarian aid to Syrians.

    The U.S. District Court judge told Arafat Nagi (NAH’-gee) on Monday he found his humanitarian claims hard to believe in light of graphic social media posts of Islamic State violence and a photo of Nagi posing with an assault rifle.

    The 47-year-old Lackawanna (lak-ah-WAH’-nah) man traveled to Turkey in 2012 and 2014 and was planning another trip at the time of his 2015 arrest. He pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

    Prosecutors say Nagi’s public posts and purchase of military gear made clear his intention to fight for the Islamic State group.”

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