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82 Replies to “No, it wasn’t photoshopped”

  1. Thanks. It doesn’t take much to destabilize him. The brow issue ought to do it. Imagine, from now on, many people will be looking at his eyebrows while he talks to them, followed by the socks.

    The entire G7 summit was a set-up to make Trump appear weak and untrustworthy. That’s why Justin gave that speech when Trump had left, all supported by Germany and France and EU.

  2. What would they do without us? In the Third Reich we all would
    ended up prompt in a concentration camp, in Communism in the
    Gulag. They also bless our energy like leeches and lie to us every
    day. How can we escape their will to destroy? Only by destroying
    them and becoming guilty and nasty as they are? A couple like that
    wouldn’t last long. When people exploit and use each olther, the only
    way to escape them is to go inside. A marriage in which partners are
    terrorized and exploited must be divorced. But this marriage with such
    “representatives of the people” seems indissoluble. Even Hitler an his
    guys were still honest about it. He never concealed his plans for all of us.


  3. To have JT’s fake eyebrow go AWOL while pillorying DJT is just beyond belief. The idea that he thought, or someone talked him into, fake eyebrows is really too much. Why didn’t he just dye his eyebrows, millions of women do it?
    Now take a look at his hair. Not one speck of gray in dark brown hair at his age? I doubt it…

    • Yeah, my next thought after “fake eyebrows? what’s wrong with his own??” was…. “I wonder if all that fabby hair is a toupee.”

  4. It seems crazy. Since 2 years I came to the discovery that we ourselves are the creators, judges and masters of ourselves. Even in the almost 50 years before that, I always had a tendency to believe in heaven, to wishful thinking. Since I learned that all our hormones are subject to our will like an army, I have experienced states of happiness in moments when others kill each other. Staying positive in the worst moments of life challenges us to do mental pull-ups. The more the muscle develops, the more hopeless the situation becomes. How can I laugh when everyone expects me to cry?


  5. Funny translation: Excactly the other way round:

    “The more the muscle develops, the more hopeless the situation becomes.”

    • Eventually I realize no one’s gonna make me happy. If this life is all I have, can I influence it? Can I put myself in conditions that make me euphorically happy every day of my life? Yes, I can! In the beginning there is unbelief, after that it becomes easier and easier. Tolle preaching here and now. That wasn’t enough for me.

      A manager in New York who dreams of Hawaii at his desk is neither in New York nor in Hawaii. I knew that much. But how can I be happy when you preach: “In your situation you must be the unhappiest person in the world! You have lost everything that you consider valuable to us!”

    • OK Bernd, you found your Zen. A realization. A separation of attachments and desires.

      “(11) Jesus said, “This heaven will pass away, and the one above it will pass away. And the dead (elements) are not alive, and the living (elements) will not die. In the days when you (plur.) used to ingest dead (elements), you made them alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day that you were one, you made two. And when you are two, what will you do?”

      What will you do, to thwart these narcissists ruling the Western Nations to make in their own images?

  6. Every day I see young German women with Muslims, Africans, migrants, so-called refugees. I’m at peace with myself. I don’t attack them anymore, I don’t judge them. I’m not vicious, and I’m waiting for their cries for help. I only know that our lives are not made of envy and ridicule, but of us. Make the best of it, then the women will like you again.

    • Maybe all this hysteria is just to make us envious, cowardly, loaded with inferiority complexes. I’m not playing this media game anymore. This is about me in my life. If my son should wait for me one day, he wants a strong, not a bitter father. Only then can he be proud of both of us.

    • “Every day I see young German women with Muslims, Africans, migrants, so-called refugees. I’m at peace with myself. I don’t attack them anymore, I don’t judge them. I’m not vicious, and I’m waiting for their cries for help”

      This is passive-aggression.

  7. If white men choose to have their own way: “We refuse your enmity”, even to non-white women. Because everyone feels that they can no longer manipulate these men. If 1 white man wanted to stay in a Muslim area, he is automatically desired by the women. But not under this quality of failure. Women always “save” themselves to winners. Islamization offers a great opportunity to eradicate Islam!

    • The soft holds the stone. But being soft does not mean being as idiotic as Muslims. But introduce yourselves: White men are more popular than ever in all those deserted white bars and clubs! Then Muslims must adapt to the pressure of procreation. “But women are held captive by men!” There is a transition period in which the attractiveness of these men will decrease steadily.

      • Market law: What is rare, has originality, what is genetically unaltered, automatically becomes the desired product.

    • “Women always “save” themselves to winners.”

      If they have freedom of choose they can. But in Islam they don’t. To not marry their first cousin or at least another muslim is forbidden.

      So are you suggesting your ‘Whites’ submit to dhimmitude to make this choice of their loins have any chance of working?

  8. Imagine a house full of Muslims, but only a white man. What will happen? The urge of women to reproduce the rare will be stronger than any “rules” of the Muslims. From where I know this? That’s the law of nature. It will even get so far that Muslim men will argue about which of their daughters gets this man.

  9. On the question of race, racists and non-racists separate. I’m a non-racist. “My attitude will make Germans and Europeans extinct,” claim racists. I claim the opposite: Millions and millions of whites and Europeans have become pointlessly extinct as a result of their attitude.

  10. What does all this mean to us? The more resistance – the more resistance. The more hate – the more hate! Apart from the fact that Africans and Muslims are overrunning us by far, we can only kindly ask them to take care of their own countries with a sense of honour.

    Since we have no self-esteem, we are not respected and will never be. Only when we have “a tea in the desert” with these “Sub-Humen”, they will try “understand” us.

    Weak minds may laugh at us: “You are naive, they will destroy us!” Unfortunately, they do not understand that they are a projection surface of self-destruction. As they hate themselves, they attract the hatred of all others against themselves like flies to honey.

    If we really want to be ourselves, we have to “tick” very differently. We are not ourselves, we are a soulless shell. We hate ourselves like little dogs, so we yap at everything that is not as small and cowardly as we do.


      • You are posting a large volume of way way off topic materials under posts that have nothing to do with the material you are posting.

        This is highly inconsidertate to everyone else that actually is looking to read or contribute to the topic of the post.
        Please stop using this site as a personal podium. Right to freedom of speech does not mean the right to hijack someone else’s forum for your own purposes.

        Or better yet, take all this to an islamic forum and post it all there. Islamweb.somethingorother for example.

        Thank you.

        • It is New Age hodgepodge. Half-right used in a wrong way. I had hoped to keep Bernd here but he won’t reply. It is like the muslim giving you their favorite texts of their koran and then saying, “now do you submit?” and with a free conscience cutting your head off if you don’t, (because they gave you a fair chance). The comfort of superiority. So that they can just as easily turn around and say that only a senior Imam can ever possibly discuss and understand the text.

          Bernd uses this too.

          “People of the mental state who “welcome” Islam are mentally ill. … …They’re programmed so that none of us can deprogram them.”

          To wake people up with evidence and reason make deprogramming very likely.

          Plattitudes won’t.

        • This is highly inconsiderate to everyone else that actually is looking to read or contribute to the topic of the post.

          Thank you, Eeyore. You have shown admirable restraint in this matter. Bernd has taught me to simply scroll past all of his comments and replies because they basically amount to a homework assignment about inapplicable detritus.

          My recent class in Nanomaterials Characterization Techniques came with all the homework I will ever want for many months into the future.

          Again, thank you, Eeyore.

  11. you have to imagine the madness: Millions of us are suicidal and want every possible destruction of our homes. The rest of us are xenophobic without ever knowing a stranger. This hatred is not the fault of the “strangers”. It is a sign of fear and weakness. For 70 years Americans have not talked to Czechs, suddenly claiming they are their brothers!

    • Only when strangers realize we are happy, we are ourselves, will they accept us. Because in all the foreigners, the instinct that they don’t want to destroy cultures is also ticking. Help them to build up their (from us) destroyed homelands instead of presenting them as devils. Everything will comply if you are PEOPLE and not devils yourselves!

      • The need to exploit us is closely linked to our greed. Stingy people attract robbers. They found out Canadians never close their doors. Most crimes take place in America, Brazil or South Africa, where the fences are higher than elsewhere.

        Stingy people attract robbers. They found out Canadians never close their doors. Most crimes take place in America, Brazil or South Africa, where the fences are higher than elsewhere.

        Why don’t they flee to Far East? It is like fear of death: Most often it attacks people who have never lived. People who have lived are not afraid of death.

        • Above all, we must stop blowing up chimeras and bugbears like Soros as spoilers. It is we ourselves who allow and promote this. For whatever reason. They’re not Jews (“Globalists”) who want to destroy us. It is we ourselves who long for our death.

          • Everything that moves, we fall like vultures. We must do exactly the opposite: Muslims show us how beautiful their home could be. But we feel that we are victims, we can neither control ourselves, nor our women, nor our money, so they despise us, and exploit us without thinking about it, we throw ourselves into their hands. We disregard ourselves and are disregarded, we challenge their hatred on a daily basis. We don’t know who we are, where we come from, what keeps us and what constitutes us.

        • “Stingy people attract robbers.”

          There is so much fallacious in the plattitudes you write Bernd. As a counterpoint, read about the generous Swedish women who are raped in the refugee camps.

          This “law of attraction” that what you “feel” will bring you fortune. A good open heart and every scumbag rolls in, unresisted.

          The law of attraction is Sub-Dom. They draw off each other. Whereas, noble people acknowledge each other as wholesome and therefore work together without being into each other.

          The more I look the more damaged you appear.

  12. Bernd By all means enjoy your new state of being and knowledge but PLEASE give us a break. You sound more like a Jesuit/Hare Krishna/Communist evangelist with every post and you are losing most of us. I respect your right to any belief system that leaves me, mine and my soul alone but we all have a limit. No offence intended as I simply do not wish to see you blocked.

    • Obviously I was asking too much of you.
      I don’t fear you Bernd and some of your posts are excellent but saturation palls. As for my beliefs? They do not concern you.
      Hare Krishna’s made a lot of noise and fuss and brainwashed the susceptible although they were mostly benevolent. They were mentioned on purpose

  13. Trudeau is a real squirrel the only thing we can be thankful for is that if the next election is at least semi honest he won’t remain in power.

  14. I never waste time listening to pop music of any kind as a rule so perhaps I was off field in my comments but that was only because of the sheer volume. By all means enjoy your “music” as it is your right to do so.

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