Beauty is an objective attribute

This has taken me a few days to get around to watching. This is a very good summary of a lot of topics, each of which deserve serious analysis. It is therefore, impressive in a few minutes to deliver it all so well.

In a sense, it is another vector in the left Vs. Right, which seems also to be a subjective by interpretation Vs. search for objective truths

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  1. “Sexual experimentation between the same sexes and medical advances of helping genders ‘trapped within the wrong body’ in Germany more than one hundred years ago shaped our understanding of gay identity today.

    The city’s liberal years – before the rise of Hitler – are detailed in a new book, Gay Berlin.

    The science of ‘transsexuality’ was founded in Berlin at the Institute of Sexual Science where the first male-to-female surgery was performed. The words ‘homosexual’ or ‘transvestite’ were German innovations. ”

    Creating ugliness around them, makes them appear beautiful inside by comparison.


    I saw a TV news report about this the other day. Directly facing the beautiful church is the backside, panties showing, of Marilyn Monroe. Several people were interviewed for their opinion, including the woman in charge of art installations in this park, and the consensus was “get over it uptight Baptists.”
    The juxtaposition of this “pop” sculpture and a traditional stone church is telling of where we are now.

    • Am I the only one who thinks its disrespectful of Norma Jean? Of all the moments of her short life before she fell victim to a Kennedy, she is immortalized from a moment in a movie? Movies are where actors pretend to be someone else, usually doing things the actor wouldn’t do.

      • You are right, this is the left using a dead actor to attack Christianity, the left is showing that they don’t care about Norma Jean except when they can use her to attack some institution they hate.

  3. The cult of ugliness first raised its head during the 70s with the advertising slogan ugly is beautiful, the left has been pushing this idea ever since and their attacks have reached the point where the Miss America beauty contest will no longer judge contestants looks. This will destroy this contest and the left will move on to the other beauty contests.

    • What is interesting about this is that the left is able to hold these two
      opinions at the same time:
      1) The swimsuit and evening gown rounds of the Miss America pageant are demeaning to all woman and hence, we will eliminate them.
      2) A porn actress that has starred in films such as “Wet Showers” and “Dirty Nurses” is a strong, empowered woman.

      It is amazing to me how they are able to do this. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

  4. The reason beauty exists is because objective truth exists. Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. are realities. Our civilization and our sanity depend on them. Never forget that.

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