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  1. Taiwanese think tank floats South China Sea base plan for US troops

    Unnamed researchers call on Taipei to lease Taiping Island to the Pentagon as tensions rise in contested waters

    The bold proposal by some experts of an unnamed pro-independence think tank calls for the Pentagon to set up a base on Taiping Island for humanitarian and rescue operations, according to local news media.

    Taiping, the biggest islet in the Spratly chain, is technically controlled by Taiwan, though an international arbitration tribunal has ruled that it is merely a land formation over which no claimants are entitled to claim sovereignty.

      • Anyone think this isn’t to put pressure on the Chicoms to ensure that Kim agrees to the total destruction of his nuclear and missile development programs as well as his existing stocks while allowing massive inspection?

        • Like the proverbial bus load of lawyers sitting at the bottom of a lake: It’s a good start.

          We both knew that Trump would not think of missing an opportunity to place Beijing’s plums in the Vise-Grips. The Chicoms will be singing soprano by the time he gets done with them.

  2. Hussain Al-Naqeeb, 29, of Maple, is wanted for forcible confinement and other charges.

    A man is wanted for allegedly holding a woman against her will for two days downtown.

    Toronto Police say the unidentified woman was “forcibly confined, assaulted and threatened” between Monday and Tuesday in the Bathurst and Lake Shore Blvd. W. area.

    Hussain Al-Naqeeb, 29, of Maple, is wanted for two counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of uttering threats, forcible confinement, causing unnecessary suffering, mischief under $5,000, motor vehicle theft, and failing to comply with probation.

    He is described as 5-foot-10 and 185 pounds, and police say he should be considered violent and possibly armed with a knife.

    • FYI the reason the birds and harassing the cats is that those cats are nest thieves who have stolen eggs or nestlings from nearby nests.

      • Between housecats and, especially, feral cats, America’s songbird population has taken it in the shorts. Cats are superb hunters. Just review that last segment where the beleaguered feline whips around and drags his avian attacker right out of the air.

        Incidentally, those catch, spay, and release programs for feral cats do absolutely nothing to protect this vanishing wildlife.

    • Hilarious! Almost every last bird attack involved mockingbirds. These are highly aggressive defenders of their territory. An indicator of this is how these fowl mimic up to dozens of other bird calls. By doing so, they drive off multiple avian contenders that might be competitors for local food sources or nesting spots.

      In urban areas, if you listen closely, you will sometimes hear these little impersonators replicate car alarms, beeping microwave ovens, telephone ring tones, and a host of other unexpected renderings.

      Just thank your stars if you’ve never had to endure a juvenile mockingbird whose entire repertoire consists of just two or three calls. They will cheerfully repeat their limited song catalog all night long.

      I had such a youngster take up residence in my yard one spring and, eventually, was forced to load up my Crossman 1377 air pistol (600 FPS muzzle velocity), soft-pump it with two-out-of ten strokes and lob one or two pellets into the treetop that this little sucker thought was his own private minaret.

      • They can drive you crazy. In one neighborhood I use to live in one cat was a notorious nest thief she was harassed constantly but after a couple of years the birds move their nests to avoid her. She also went up in the trees after after squirrels, killed them and ate them, she was also the most loving cat I have ever seen, including my cat.

  3. Saudi Arabia ranks number one in food waste (saudigazette, Jun 10, 2018)

    “Saudi Arabia ranks number one in the world in wasting food, according to a report by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

    The report revealed that around 30 percent of food produced is wasted amounting to over SR49 billion annually.

    The average Saudi wastes 250 kg of food annually compared to the global average of 115 kg.

    A large portion of food leftovers are wasted in dinner parties, weddings, restaurants, and hotel buffets.

    Saudi Arabia has the highest consumption of grains in the world where the average citizen consumes 158 kg annually compared to the global average of 145 kg per person.

    Later this month, the Shoura Council plans to review a proposal of a law to combat food waste and squandering.

    The law would comprise penalties on individuals and organizations with regards to food waste, such as enforcing a fee on restaurant goers who leave unfinished plates.

    The Social Affairs Committee of the Shoura Council also proposes to establish a national center to limit food waste by offering guidance and awareness campaigns.

    Currently, there is no similar law in place that fines individuals on food waste.

    Some of the major causes of food waste are low awareness in society, dinner hosts’ tendency to show off to guests and often some restaurants and hotels that have poor organization related to curbing food waste, according to Abdullah Al Darbah, the CEO of Saudi Food Bank “Etaam” in Makkah. Moreover, there is now law that limits food waste, he added.

    Considered the first Saudi food bank, it offers a service at 48-hour notice to individuals and organizations by either collecting leftovers in meal boxes in a hygienic manner or recycling food.

    The Saudi Food Bank announced since the start of Ramadan its latest initiative of providing 1,740,000 meals to needy families by 360 volunteers.

    Throughout the year, the organization saves an average of 9,000 meals per day.

    So far it has served 6 million meals. Their visits to hotels, food courts, weddings, and other occasions have saved around 6 million meals so far.

    In 2017, 49 tons of leftover food equal to 144,000 meals was stored from Red Sea Mall’s food court restaurants.

    “It’s unfortunate that it’s becoming a social custom where hosts offer excessive amounts of food to guests at dinner parties,” commented writer Eman Abdulfatah.

    “Some do it to show off and afterwards leftovers are thrown away. Some restaurants with open buffets do the same.”

    “It’s mainly due to low awareness in appreciating food, although it is embedded in our religious values,” she added. “Many individuals are not used to fill their plate in reasonable portions.

    Meanwhile, health problems among Saudis are prevalent where 59.4 percent of the population suffers from overweight and obesity problems and 23.9 percent are diabetic. Additionally, 40.5 percent have hypertension.”


    This is a video by Brian of London who used to do a podcast called Shire Network News. It was a fabulous show that I listened to every week. He and several buds collaborated on the show. But Brian decided to move to Israel and while they tried to keep the show up it was just too difficult long distance.
    I don’t know if anyone here knows of him but he is a great guy, been pitching for the CJ for over a decade, and someone worth following.
    He has known TR for years, was on the EDL forum and is definitely #FreeTommy.

  5. Iowa counties – more registered voters than adult residents?
    post-script to an comment last week from Richard last week on motor voter in Texas: Case 4:18-cv-00981 Document 19 Filed in TXSD on 06/01/18 Page 1 of 8

  6. ITV News -Inside the UK’s first Down’s syndrome drag night

    The UK’s first drag event featuring performers with Down’s syndrome will pave the way for more inclusivity in the arts, organisers say.

      • Acceptable incest is just around the corner as will be the normalizing of paedophilia. Both of these were ignored until just after WW1 in the west but still happen in the rest of the world.

        • The left is (was?) suing in a couple of states to get them to let mothers marry sons and have kids and fathers marry daughters and have kids. I haven’t heard anything about these suits for a couple of years so they might have been dropped.

      • Have we reached peak decadence yet?

        Not by a country mile. Rational minds are incapable of imagining the perversion and degradation that the Left regards as de rigueur.

  7. Protests over plan for Muslim rapper to perform at Bataclan

    A row erupted has over a planned performance by a controversial Muslim rapper at the Bataclan, where 90 people were killed during the November 2015 Paris attacks.

    Laurent Wauquiez, leader of the conservative party, The Republicans, said the concert would be “a sacrilege for the victims and a dishonour for France.”

    Two lawyers acting for relatives of those killed and injured in the Bataclan massacre said they would launch legal action to get Médine’s planned shows on October 19 and 20 cancelled on the grounds that they pose a threat to public order.
    Right-wing MPs started an online petition titled “No to the rapper Médine”, which has garnered more than 9,000 signatures.

    Médine, whose full name is Médine Zaouiche, is known for provocative lyrics about Islam and France’s secular tradition. One of his albums is called ‘Jihad’.

    However, the 35-year-old rapper, born in the Channel port of Le Havre, has offered his condolences to the families of those killed in the Paris attacks. He says he is against violence and the jihad he is referring to is an individual, internal struggle.

    Liberals see him is an artist who wants to shock people into thinking about difficult issues in new ways, but lyrics such as “I put fatwas on the head of jerks” and “crucify the secularists” have shocked and disgusted conservatives.

    Jean-François Copé, the mayor of Meaux, near Paris, and a former head of The Republicans, said it was “intolerable and completely mad” to allow Médine to perform at the Bataclan. He demanded that President Emmanuel Macron ban the concert.

    Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-Right Front National, which has been renamed as Rassemblement National (National Rally), tweeted: “No French person can accept that this bloke goes and pours out his filth at the scene of the #Bataclan.”

    Bruno Retailleau, a Republican senator, urged the government to employ “the same weapons against this rapper as those used against Dieudonné,” a comedian who has been convicted and fined for hate speech against Jews and condoning terrorism. Several of Dieudonné’s shows were banned under the former government of President François Hollande.

    The row comes after survivors and families of victims of the Bataclan attack, which was claimed by Isil, filed a legal complaint on Friday over the failure of soldiers near the venue to intervene. They had been ordered not to enter the Bataclan. The case, which also seeks an explanation about why special forces were not deployed, could prove embarrassing for military commanders and political leaders in office at the time.

    • Any group of individuals who could plan the “Ground Zero” mosque certainly won’t have problems desecrating the memory of some 89 people who died in the theater. Given that Médine Zaouiche is a pro-jihad extremist, his performance at Bataclan would be the equivalent of dancing on those 89 graves.

      Something that I’m confident Zaouiche knows damn well and is looking forward to.

          • 1) you don’t shoot to kill, you shoot to stop. I sounds better in court.

            2) I was taught to double tap because the first might hit a bone and be deflected.

            • 1) you don’t shoot to kill, you shoot to stop.

              In the case of Médine Zaouiche, the first shot would stop all of his future reproduction.

              Come to think of it, THREE bullets. Gotta have one for a gut shot!

  8. 5 hurt, including a child, as 40+ shots are fired into Philly crowd
    Updated 4:27 PM; Posted 4:27 PM

    By The Associated Press
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police say five people, including a 5-year-old boy, were shot on a north Philadelphia street, and two were critically injured.

    Capt. Frank Palumbo said shots were fired from across the street into a crowd of people. Investigators said 41 shell casings were found.

    A 21-year-old man was hit five times in the chest, forearm and leg. He and a 41-year-old man were listed in critical condition at Temple University Hospital.

    A 48-year-old man and a 43-year-old man were listed in stable condition. The boy was hit in the knee and taken to St. Christopher Hospital for Children in stable condition.

    • Probably gang related, but which gangs? Are the Islamic Invaders trying to take over the streets from the black gangs?

      The shooting seems to be more accurate then is normal in black gang shootings.

  9. Germany: Suspect behind murder of German teen taken to Frankfurt detention centre

    The suspect in the murder of 14-year old German girl Susanna Feldman, Ali B., was reportedly flown from Wiesbaden, where he was questioned, to a detention centre in Frankfurt am Main, Sunday.

    District attorney for Wiesbaden Oliver Kuhn said that the the suspect’s “appearance before the investigative magistrate of Wiesbaden, which lasted almost six hours, confirmed all the information gathered during the police interrogation.”

    Kuhn did not reveal any information about the suspect’s statement before the magistrate.

    The Iraqi asylum seeker is accused of raping and killing Feldman, whose dead body was found on the outskirts of Wiesbaden last Wednesday.

    The suspect had been arrested in northern Iraq by Kurdish security forces after fleeing Germany, according to officials.

    The defendant reportedly fled Germany together with eight family members by boarding a plane to northern Iraq, before the arrest warrant was issued.

    • So, that pitcher and drinking glass aren’t just props…

      Brilliant move. Iran is one of the absolute worst nations in terms of water poverty, responsible water resource management, and the prudent use of those vital resources. He left out one thing about those “50 million” Iranians who are threatened with displacement.

      Namely, that with little government interference, they have squandered so much of their hydrological assets that this entire new round of suffering was brought about almost entirely by themselves alone. Using ancient “field flooding” irrigation and over-pumping deep aquifers (that take millions of years to recharge) are just two examples of the ruination they bring down upon themselves.

      Nevertheless, as their throats slowly parch, they still manage to squeal, “Death to Israel!” What endless bu!!sh!t.

      • Back in the 1970s a company in Colorado was making water recycling units for the houses. They had a 200 gallon tank of fresh water and distilled the dirty water (when the solid waste became to much they automatically called the company to come out and empty them. They also had tanks that held the required minerals that added them to the water and they automatically called for refill when low. When the distilled water was more then the tank could hold they called the city and the city bought the excess water from the sodas and food. Iran needs a lot of those units in their houses.

      • There’s was a twitter video about Cape Town turning down free water-tech help from Israel. South Africa said, no thanks, joooozzz~

        2015 article:
        How Israel Is Solving the Global Water Crisis

        Israel could not have made the desert bloom without its incredible innovations in water technology. As the world becomes more aware of the importance of conserving water, they are turning to Israel for exports and expertise.

        • Give recipient nations only one shot at the technology. If they turn it down, it does not become available again until another administration is in power. Maybe, not even then. Another turn down, another administration, thankyouverymuch.

          I am beyond revolted at how nearly every last Antisemitic tribe, culture or WTF-ever are wholly dependent upon Jewish invented vaccines, Interferon, and surgical robots but turn their noses up at any sort of direct offer from Israel.

          These filthy, abject hypocrites all should be made to live up their word and deny themselves any benefit of Israeli and Jewish inventions or discoveries.

  10. The doctor who accidentally decapitated a baby inside his mother’s womb has been cleared of serious misconduct and can return to work, a tribunal has ruled. Dr Vaishnavy Laxman, 43, should have given her 30-year old patient an emergency caesarean section as the premature infant was in a breech position, a medical tribunal heard. Instead, she told the mother, who was 25 weeks pregnant, to push as she pulled on the baby’s legs while attempting to carry out the birth naturally, at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee in March 2014. This caused the infant’s legs, arms and torso to become detached, leaving the head still in the mother’s womb.

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    • It is possible that it was an accident, but at 25/40 the baby is so small that how the head could become trapped is beyond me. Normally even vertex deliveries “pop” out at that stage with little effort and some care (<1kg being normal ) while breech deliveries which usually need forceps awareness are also much easier. It sounds to me like incompetence although why they said a "caesarean" makes me think that perhaps the child's head was considerably larger than usual (evidence?) although medical board decisions are incredibly PC and the real relief was that the doctor was not white, nor the child a minority as then there would have been no doubt about a deregistration. Medical boards in the west are extremelt left.

  11. This is the dramatic moment a schoolgirl fought off two knife-wielding teens as her friend lay bleeding after being stabbed in a street in Streatham Hill. Council had ‘attitude problem’ with people living in Grenfell Tower before fire Passerby rushed to help the 16-year-old boy who was found with multiple knife wounds near Streatham Hill station, south London, at about 4.30pm yesterday. He is now fighting for his life in hospital while three men, aged 18, 19 and 53, have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Terrifying footage taken from an upstairs flat shows the aftermath of the stabbing.

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  12. A defiant pensioner has revealed the injuries she suffered in her own home in the hope that it will help track down her attackers. Iris Warner, 90, was found slipping in and out of consciousness in her home in Brent, North West London, where she has lived for decades. Council had ‘attitude problem’ with people living in Grenfell Tower before fire Her memory of events is sketchy, but she remembers being woken up by a man standing over her who she believes then struck her in the face multiple times with ‘some kind of instrument’. Her bedroom has been left in disarray, suggesting that the intruder was looking for something. Her life hung in the balance following the attack earlier this week, but she has pulled through and her condition is improving.

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