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15 Replies to “Trudeau shows some maturity”

  1. All tariffs?

    Does that mean even the previous tariffs Canada had been imposing on cattle, dairy, barley, and a few other items? It would seem to me that would be the case because Trump is very happy. For USA dairy exports alone, the tariff is 270%.

    This is a major win for Trump. And Canada has no choice in the matter if jobs are to be saved.

      • Every Trump joke has an element of truth. If he says it, he wants it, and he’ll get much of it.
        Justin was very uncomfortable, the body language. He started crossing his leg and stopped in mid-air. He was crossing it at an angle that indicates discomfort.
        BTW: Italy supports Trump re Russia rejoining the group.

      • When Trump jokes, there’s always a big element of truth.
        Justin is quite uncomfortable. Notice when he sits down, he starts crossing his leg and abruptly stops in mid-air. Very funny. He realized he was crossing at an angle that indicates discomfort. He was seriously prepped on bad body language.
        BTW: Italy sided with Trump and agrees to readmit Russia in the talks.

  2. Trump was joking but how much was he joking? Trudeau was looking like he had just bitten into something sour and couldn’t spit it out. It will be interesting to see what is going to come out of the negotiations.

  3. It seems Trump’s America is more comfortable with the likes of Zionist Israel,cruel and kookie North Korea and Putin’s Russia than America’s old and trusted allies.Strange.

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