REPOST: Muslim Brotherhood transformation of Turkey & Germany

This is an important document. I am reposting it because a lot of people did not see it yet, and things move down the time line pretty fast.

Dr. Bill Warner sent it out to his list and it garnered a rapid 4000 views in a day or so. And well it should.

Some of the implications of this video for the West are severe. The documentary does not beat you over the head with these implications, and does not do your reasoning for you. Watch, think, and post your thoughts in the comments please.

The German border officer for one, should alarm us all. How many of the gatekeepers in Canada and the US operate as this man does? And the speed and effectiveness that the Muslim Brotherhood transformed Turkey from the most secular state in the world, with the harshest anti-religion and anti-Islam laws became the head of what appears to be a new European Caliphate sooner than we may be comfortable knowing.

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  1. Where there is a socialist government there is corruption. Under Obama the US had a socialist government (still does to a large extent) and he embedded a large number of people in the government. Canada has a socialist government with a large number of socialists embedded in the government. This means that both nations have many corrupt immigration officials like the German one, plus we both have far left NGOs who are offering advice (and probably bribe money) to the people trying to enter North America.

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