Some good news for a change: Links 2, June 4, 2018

1. Has the left gone to far even in California?

2. This is the best thing that could have happened IMO.

(Putting migrants into the areas of people who make the decisions and pay the bills will go a long way towards making it a less abstract exercise of sanctimony for the wealthy, and a reality check for what this means to the less wealthy French. This, is fantastic. The video does not really explore this as it should. But think it through. Its brilliant. This must be done everywhere. I say put 300 of them on whatever compound Soros actually lives in with his young wife. And another 150 at 10 Downing St. And another 75 at least at whatever hideout the Canadian Prime Minister lives in while he hides from the public by pretending to renovate 24 Sussex Dr.)

3. U.S. School Kids Told to Declare Submission to Allah

(Although this story isn’t sourced and doesn’t give much in terms of the W5s, I have read solid news pieces on this exact event at multiple schools across the USA. Where students had to do calligraphy exercises which was to write the declaration of Islamic faith. Technically, a conversion to Islam, for those that believe in incantations. So Im inclined to believe it.)

Twelve and 13-year-old students in West Virginia were ordered by a government school teacher to declare their submission to Allah, the Islamic God, as part of the Muslim declaration of faith known as the shahada. The assignment sparked outrage among parents, and comes amid similar scandals nationwide.


The controversial exercise called for students in 7th grade social studies to write out the words of Islamic conversion in Arabic calligraphy. It was reportedly part of a packet on “world religion” that was sent home with students.


The shahada (shown), which students were ordered to write in Arabic, is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a declaration of faith in Allah and in Mohammed, a man Islamic holy books describe as his “messenger.” While there is plenty on Islam in the packet, there were no Bible verses, no Ten Commandments, and no Lord’s Prayer.

Parents were furious. “I saw the assignment of writing the Shahada in Arabic. Their excuse was calligraphy,” said Rich Penkoski, a father of one of the students who also runs a Christian ministry, told the Christian Post. “I was like, ‘Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!’ First of all, calligraphy was invented in China 3,000 years prior to Muhammad. The fact that they were trying to get my daughter to write that disturbed me.’

4. I really dont know what to make of this video. Is this a brave senior Catholic cleric? Or someone peddling an anti-Shiia narrative to a Sunni crowd? I would guess B given the state of the church.

5. Free Tommy Demo, British Embassy, USA

6. Could Apple have actually done something positive for people’s privacy?

(This is an update I would get. I wonder if Little Snitch will still work. That is the privacy .357 magnum for a Mac though.)

Apple will attempt to frustrate tools used by Facebook to automatically track web users, within the next version of its iOS and Mac operating systems.


“We’re shutting that down,” declared Apple’s software chief Craig Federighi, at the firm’s developers conference.

He added that the web browser Safari would ask owners’ permission before allowing the social network to monitor their activity.


The move is likely to add to tensions between the two companies.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook had previously described Facebook’s practices as being an “invasion of privacy” – an opinion Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg subsequently denounced as being “glib”.

Thank you all very much who sent in so much great material all night and day. From Xanthippa, to ML, M., Wrath of Khan, Charles, EB., and many many others I have lost track of, as well as the translators who even now are working on materials to show us what miracle seems to have happened in Italy in the past 48 hours or so, and it does seem to have been a miracle. I hope to bring you that material soon. We have one translator for Italian now, so its moving a little slower than at other times.)

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  1. 4. Related: “Papal Propaganda Pushes Francis as New Age Messiah” USA Survival – Published on June 4, 2018

    The new film, “Pope Francis: A Man of His Word,” promotes “Mother Earth,” rather than Jesus Christ, and constitutes propaganda for the global left. So says Matt Gaspers of Catholic Family News. In this show, Gaspers joins Cliff Kincaid for a discussion as to whether the Obama Administration worked with the Jesuit Pope to overthrow his predecessor, Pope Benedict. Did did Francis funnel money from the Vatican bank into the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton? Is he trying to be a New Age messiah?

  2. #4 – Some clarifications concerning the video “Monsignor advocates etc…”

    Those are Iranian Shias and sympathizers living in Europe

    members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( N C R I )

    – an Iranian political organization based in France

    political wing for the MEK ( People’s Mujahedin of Iran )

    they get funds from the USA and others

    Bolton – McCain – Giuliani – Gingrich and many other politicians went to their annual meeting last year in France
    Bolton video :- but there are video of the others too


    Then this “Monsignor Gaillot” is a kind of communist cardinal nothing less ….

    ….he was demoted by pope JohnPaul II for having expressed too controversial and heterodox positions on religious, political and social matters.

    and of course here he says what people in the audience want to hear

    you can spot ” Maryam Radjavi “the leader of the “N C R I” at 0:33 and 4:15 on the video

    Maryam Rajavi ( wiki ) :

    […]In 2003, she was arrested by Paris Police Prefecture alongside some 150 MEK members for “preparing to commit or finance acts of terrorism”.
    Twenty-four sympathizers of the MEK were placed under investigation, including Maryam Rajavi for allegedly “associating with wrongdoers in relation with a terrorist undertaking”.
    The investigation lost momentum and many of the restrictions on the suspects’ movement were lifted in 2006 leaving nine people to be investigated for possible money laundering.
    In 2014, all of the charges were dropped

    • Maryam Rajavi at the same Iftar

      Ramadan of revolt against the mullahs’ religious tyranny in Iran

      ( 24 min ) ( French subs )

    • January 19 2018 – Maryam Rajavi meets with former US House Speaker Gingrich and Senator Torricelli

      ( 4 min 25 ) narrated in English

    • Yes MEK!
      Of course they’re all terrorists and crooks, but that’s all we got!

      Important: There won’t be a vacuum when the Twisted-Ragheads are thrown out.
      There’s a large and enthusiastic diaspora, besides the MEK brave enough to lurk in the shadows all over Iran.

  3. 1. Has the left gone to far even in California?

    In an almost too-predictable convergence, both Islam and the Left suffer from chronic over-reach. Both ideologies “over-drive their headlights” in the same exact same (and very hazardous) ways.

    If there is one single trait that characterizes Islam, it is overreach.

    Please recall that there are many Muslims who remain furious with Osama bin Laden for launching the 9-11 Atrocity. Their ire has nothing to do with besmirching Islam’s supposedly “peaceful” reputation. Nor does it arise from such barbaric and needless loss of human like.

    The majority of Muslims who disparage bin Laden do so because he tipped the ummah’s hand well before Islam had acquired sufficient strength (i.e., nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction) in order to fulfill its proclaimed goal of global jihad.

    Turkey has pulled its power play one or two decades early. Absent any meaningful pushback, in just another ten or twenty years, Europe will be so overwhelmed by its internal immigrant skirmishes to where Turkey’s current threat of unleashing another deluge of military colonists (hat tip: Daniel Greenfield) would see Europe cave like a Chinese crash test.

    Remember folks, there’s only one thing to tell a politician from Turkey: GET STUFFED!

  4. Putting migrants into the areas of people who make the decisions and pay the bills will go a long way towards making it a less abstract exercise of sanctimony for the wealthy, and a reality check for what this means to the less wealthy French. This, is fantastic.

    Le bingo, Eeyore!

    This is not just mere “turnabout”, it is a crucial retroflection of lunatic Liberal “values” upon its own core fundamentalists. Oh, to watch and hear the squeals of protest when these squirming, writhing, wriggling, bleeding hearts run, smack-dab, into reality.

    • Spreading the Invaders out into small packets in the rich areas will either change the minds of the rich about mass migration (invasion) or cause them to run to some place that the Invaders haven’t reached yet. Or both.

    • “Colonizing Algeria was crime against humanity, Macron [The Morning Call]”
      africanews – Published on February 17, 2017

      • “Anarchy U S A – 1966 John Birch Society Film” BoogieFinger – Published on February 10, 2017
        15:18 – Algeria (Warning: Graphic Images)

          • China is trying to move into the big boy leagues by moving into the Med and making itself a major player in that region. They have purchased a port in Greece and are planning a high speed rail from there to Moscow and probably planning on tieing this line with the New Silk Road railroad. They are also suppose to be bulding a railroad through their client state Pakistan to Iran so they will have a line of communication that can’t be blockaded by NATO.

            This expansion is both good news and bad, the good is that it will cause the Chinese economy to collapse sooner, maybe. The bad news is they may develop enough economic ties to push their economic collapse several decades down the line. (Unlikely but possible).

            The major problem created by the Chinese presence is that when combined with the Russian Fleet and the Iranian ships Iran wants to put in the Med (the last I heard they want their port to be in Lybia) this will mean that the Med is no longer a European lake and that the entire southern coast of Europe is open to Islamic invasion backed by Russia and China.

            This presence in North Africa will also allow them to tie their new colonies in sub Saharan Africa to their port in the Med. Think Britain when they controlled a lot of Sub Saharan Africa and Egypt. Don’t laugh about the Chinese colonies if you are ruthless enough they can be massive money makers to the Colonial power.

            • Iranian ships Iran wants to put in the Med…
              So many wants, these looney-tunes!

              They don’t have much of a navy, just enough to make us look bad, which made the Manchurian Prez feel good.

              It’ll have even less soon.

            • They are also suppose to be bulding a railroad through their client state Pakistan to Iran so they will have a line of communication that can’t be blockaded by NATO.

              You’ve mentioned this on several previous occasions. In retrospect, I seem to recall that Pakistan and Iran aren’t the best of neighbors. Yes, both are rabid clients of Beijing, but that doesn’t mean either of them want a way for heavy arms to be moved back-and-forth between them by rail.

              I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall when the Paks and Iranians are being cuddled by the Chicoms. The diplomatic slicing and dicing must be a sight to see.

              As Oscar Wilde so brilliantly observed:

              It is best to mince your words very finely.

              It makes them so much easier to eat afterwards.

  5. 1 – The left and Islam always move early and go too far, California is experiencing a semi conservative revolution that will change the political map of California at least for a while and possible for a long time. The left is now experiencing the whirl wind they sowed with the Identity politics, they are now complaining about the return to tribalism that they forced on the US. They have done the same thing to Europe but because the didn’t have as many minorities until the Islamic Invasion it wasn’t apparent, now Europe is rapidly catching up to the US in the return to tribalism and their speed in the return will probably cause them to resort to violence faster then the US.

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