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  1. Poles often laugh when they hear my name and ask Russian Germans: Are you Jewish? For Scripka was apparently often a name in Russia that Jews bore. I recognize myself in Jewish and Slavic as well as Germanic parts.

  2. I think my Jewish share (if anything, is 10-20 percent), my Polish 30-40, the rest is so called German.

    The study with the factual title “The composition of the population of Germany with regard to genetic origin” is still dormant behind closed doors of the Swiss company Igenea in Zurich.

    For one year, biologist Joëlle Apter and the company’s deputy managing director, Inma Pazos, compared 19,457 gene analyses of Germans. The result of their work is sensational: German women are much more often of Germanic descent than German men, and one tenth of Germans have Jewish ancestors.

    Inma Pazos: “Modern genetics leads racism ad absurdum. Because all genetic analyses prove without any doubt that every human being has countless roots, because the indigenous peoples have migrated over thousands of years. There’s a mishmash in every human being. If we had genetic material from Adolf Hitler, we could possibly prove that Jews also belonged to his ancestors. The probability is ten percent.”

    The most important results of the Swiss study on the descent of the Germans:
    Only six percent of all Germans are of Germanic origin on their father’s side.

    More than 30 percent of Germans are descended from Eastern Europeans.

    One tenth of Germans have Jewish roots.

    In order to clarify a person’s parentage, the paternal and maternal lines must be analysed, which is possible by means of a saliva sample as in a paternity test.

    Research into the paternal lines of the Germans revealed that 45 percent belong to the haplogroup – a term used by experts to describe a large branch of the human family tree – R1b, which originally comes from Siberia. It is the largest in Europe. 25 percent come from haplogroup 1, Scythians and Vikings. It is about 20,000 years old and migrated from the north to the south, also known as the “Viking tribe”.

    15 percent of Germans belong to the haplogroup R1a, which includes Vikings and Slavs. It originated in North Asia 30,000 years ago and is now mainly found in England and Eastern Europe. “Hebrew tribe” is the name of haplogroup J, since 40 percent of all Jews belong to it. In Germany, it is represented with ten percent. The haplogroup E3b with only five percent share of the German population has Phoenician roots.

    At first glance, the result of the examination of the maternal lines using “mitochondrial DNA”, which is inherited only by women, appears contradictory. According to the Swiss study, 50 percent of Germans have Germanic descent on their mother’s side, but only six percent on their father’s side.

    The interpretation of the two scientists: The shorter lifetime and the higher mortality rate of our forefathers, for example due to wars, had led to a significant reduction in Germanic descent in former Germania.

    Unscientifically speaking: German women are more German than German men.

    Professor Dr. Salomon Korn (64), Vice President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, comments on the fact that one tenth of Germans have Jewish roots: “The history of Jews in Germany is over 1700 years old – and thus older than that of many tribes immigrated during the migration of peoples.

    Until the first crusade in 1096 and after the emancipation of the Jews in the 19th and early 20th centuries there were mixed marriages between Jews and Christians. If we consider the succession of generations since then, “then it is no longer surprising that ten percent of Germans have Jews as ancestors,” says Korn zu BILD am SONNTAG.

    Genetic analysis is a widespread hobby, especially in the USA. In this way, 172 years after the death of the third US President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), it came out that the author of the declaration of independence had conceived at least one child with the black slave Sally Hemings. The actress Whoopi Goldberg was able to clarify that her ancestors belonged to the Papel people in Guinea-Bissau.

    Since all people in the world are descended from a foremother Eve and a forefather Adam, who lived in East Africa about 200,000 years ago, our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, the carrier of genetic information) is 99.9 percent absolutely identical. About 100 000 years ago, the descendants of Adam and Eve began their long march “out of Africa”.

    Only one tenth of a percent of DNA, created by changes in the copying of the genetic material over thousands of years, determines whether a person is tall or small, black or white, blond or brown.

    These mutations allow the geneticists to determine for each individual person where his ancestors come from.

    The Swiss company Igenea specialises in individual origin analyses using saliva samples. An analysis of the paternal line costs 105, that of the maternal 120 euros.

    “We only go back up to 40 generations, 800 to 1000 years,” explains Igenea manager Inma Pazos, “if you went further back, there would be too many copying errors that would falsify the result.

    Okay curtailment: Biologist Misses Joëlle Apter of IGENEA is Jewish

    • That German women are “more German” than German men is, I believe, not really surprising after the bloodletting of millions of lost men. Germany is the heart and centre of Europe, and was for thousands of years a contested area between the streams of peoples who migrated through the country. The fact that the “purity of races” existed as a perverse form is a testimony to their identity insecurity.

  3. I respect the intelligence of Jewish people, but I am of the opinion that intellectualism can destroy humanity. Whether it was the inventors of communism, feminism, the atom bomb, Christianity, the anti-baby pill, all Jews. Like all good things, it has a negative side. Jews are pushing the game to the point where they have to be restricted. If Jews give us the knowledge, they are also able to wipe us out. It is not their fault, but the stupidity and inability of humanity to keep up with their development.

    • Everyone wants to know the key to wisdom, the formula. But most of them remain poor and suffer. I never accuse Jews, I only say: Let people share your knowledge!

  4. Most of them I learned from Jews about people. They should know because they were constantly under threat. If there should be no second Hitler, I ask the Jews on their knees to make their knowledge available to us and to share it with us all.

  5. “on their knees” = on MY knees. No one can live permanently at the expense of other people and peoples without experiencing a terrible backlash. ISRAEL, save us by forgiving what has been done to you and saving what you are yourself! The nations SUFFER, is this your WILL, can this be your will?

  6. You smart Jewish people: Do not drive people back into the arms of those who, in the end, see you as the main cause of all evil!

    • That would be tragic for Jews and Christians. There have been wrongs by some gentiles/christians to some Jews and visa versa. The vast majority of Jews and Christians have never done each other any harm and lived peacefully alongside each other. I see a certain amount of anti semitism in written form on the right/Conservative side because some prominent Jews have promoted the left and there is mistrust regarding their motives. On the left there is anti semitism because prominent Jews have great influence on the levers of power via international banking and media ownership. However as with all group/identity politics, the majority of the individuals in both groups – Jew and Christian, are innocent bystanders, just trying to live their lives as best they can. To work against each other is unproductive and harmful to all of us. Jews are clever people but so are Christians, we need to work together and unite for our mutual survival and betterment and leave the blame and mistrust of the past behind.

  7. What’s so difficult about saying: “Our land is Israel. We support all free peoples to the best of our ability. Every people struggling for its freedom has our support. We will do everything to make sure that not only Israel lives, but everyone who feels like Israel and needs a home. You are us – and we are you!”

  8. I am far from “idolizing” National Socialism
    (“NatSoc”), but the colored pics are impressive.

    This I will translate later, cause it’s so insightful and
    unknown so far “Nuremberg Trial: Right or Revenge?!”

    It’s not about hanging these basterds, but
    about the criminal act to hide the own crimes

    • My question is: What will was in the enthusiasts that was exploited to destroy them? Why is everything that is community today dismissed as negative from the outset?

    • The crazy thing is that children who experienced this drill later became the most correct people. They made their way through thick and thin, entrepreneurs with a lot of success.

  9. Who does not discipline himself, experiences from outside a border which limits him. In our case, more and more foreigners are pouring into our countries, which will painfully teach us the lost discipline again.

    It is like the Muslim dagger that penetrates our soft tissues. What should the jihadi think of opponents like the CSD, where make-up queers walk through the city in high heels and celebrate this nonsense as “liberation”?

    Who seriously expects us to be taken seriously by someone else in this world? 100,000 years was all about survival. We decide it’s all bullshit.

    That nonsense doesn’t pay off in the evolution of mankind, but takes bloody and mean revenge, these nonsense-makers will still have to take note, in order to wake up times.


    Islam calls us to refrain from perversions and idiotic expressions and to concentrate on survival. If we cannot even maintain our own existence, Islam will judge it for us, and easily.

    We should start being ashamed of ourselves. We are not capable of governing our countries, nor of ensuring safety and order on our roads, nor of protecting our children from drugs and pornography.

    But we are upset about “Islam”. Is there anything more ridiculous in the world than us? We’re wimps, that’s all. Islam has known this for at least 50 years.

  11. The HJ boys had to carry 10 kilos and more in their backpack for 30 kilometres over hill and dale without breaking down.

    Today’s children can’t even pull up, they just can’t move the computer mouse from left to right (fine motor skills).

    “Pimpf” (there is a Depeche Mode song of the same name) meant “little fart”.

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