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9 Replies to “Arab Andy does ‘sociology experiment’ with bomb scare”

  1. The threat itself was an act of terror, the bomb didn’t have to be real to create terror and the reaction of the people to the threat shows they wre terrified. He needs to be sent to prison.

    • If he goes to Supreme Court, I think he’ll lose. The deed was intentional, planned, and the intent was to spread terror.
      He won’t be convicted on terror charges but rather on disrupting the peace, mischief…
      He should be made to pay police time and prosecutor’s costs.

      • Not that they will step in and take over the case but during WWII Congress made fake bomb threats a Federal Crime, this has never been removed from the books.

        I know I am dreaming the Feds will let the state handle it but they could step in.

      • He even says that in his own stupid video. He says he couldn’t have gotten a better reaction. He didn’t look shocked and disappointed and say, “hey what gives? Why’d nobody laugh?”
        Clearly this was terrorism by even the most intuitive definition of the term. Terrorism for money demonstrably. But possibly terrorism for the advancement of Islam using Clock Boy techniques of create a logical reaction by non muslims then accuse them of islamophobia.

  2. A Study of Socialism’s Sons
    A bomb and everyone runs
    The Martyr, more manly becomes
    When the women are slowest of bums.

  3. Yes. It was an act of terror. And remember, tying up resources, even for a “joke,” increases the burden on tax payers and fatigues the public will to stand up for itself. It is no surprise that a Mohammedan calls such behavior and expression of humor.

    ….And the protests of innocence as he was being apprehended! Yikes! Such narcissism. This is what we’re up against on the one hand: thousands upon thousands of young men without a proper moral compass. And on the other hand, so-called “progressives” who will only see the color of his skin and thereby his victim status. We, the democracy-loving people of the West, are being hammer-and-anviled between these two forces

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