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    • Peterson asks the most painful imaginably questions.

      Brilliant contribution, Richard.

      Peterson’s specific opposition to “equality of outcome”, is utterly critical to our world’s future. Currently, modern Liberal efforts to ensure equality of both opportunity and outcome represent one of the swiftest avenues into everlasting hell.

    • … pedaling without a chain” … Fewer, wiser, words have been spoken.

      Give it to the busy guy…

      Holy flurcking schnidt! While I’ve never had it put so clearly, in my R&D senior lab process tech role, customer engineers would telephone ME instead of the engineering staff solely because I would take them more seriously than the regulars.

      “The square root of the workers produces half the value…

      This horrific equation makes my gorge rise…

  1. 15 killed by cattle rustlers in northwestern Nigeria: Police (abcnews, Jun 2, 2018)

    “A police spokesman says at least 15 people have been killed by cattle rustlers who attacked a village in Nigeria’s northwestern state of Zamfara.

    Muhammad Shehu tells The Associated Press the victims were killed late Friday in Zakuna village in what appeared to be a reprisal attack. Shehu says the cattle rustlers had been repelled in an attack earlier in the day but regrouped.

    Cattle rustlers have killed scores of people in Zamfara state since January amid growing tensions in the area.

    Insecurity remains a major problem in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. In the northeast, security forces continue to battle the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, which still carries out deadly suicide bombings and mass abductions.”

    • Cattle rustlers have killed scores of people in Zamfara state since January amid growing tensions in the area.

      Brands and notched or tagged ears make it pretty easy to identify improper livestock ownership.

      Find out who it is that’s in possession of this illicit kine, and kill them.

  2. Iraqi official: Islamic State kills family of 12 (abcnews, Jun 2, 2018)

    “Islamic State militants killed 12 members of the same family, including women and children, in an attack on their northern village home Saturday, an Iraqi official said.

    Ammar Hekmat, the deputy governor of the Salahuddin province, confirmed the attack early in the village of al-Farahatiyah. It was not immediately clear why the family was targeted.

    Iraqi forces have driven IS from virtually all the territory it once controlled, but the group has continued carrying out sporadic attacks, mainly targeting security forces.

    “We’re not sure if one of the family members was a police officer, but IS has a presence in desert areas like Salahuddin, Mosul and Diyala,” an Iraqi intelligence official said. “They carry out attacks in villages outside the cities to scare families and remind them they are still there.”

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.”

    • Islamic State militants killed 12 members of the same family, including women and children, in an attack on their northern village home Saturday, an Iraqi official said.

      Why is this be blatted about with such endless squealing and hysteria?

      As if these barbaric turds don’t snuff whole villages of each other on a daily basis.

      Worst of all. Western powers have yet to recognize, or even barely admit, that chlorinating entire gene pools of these bomb-vest-wearing cretins might be a relatively economic measure.

      • “Why is this BEING blatted about with such endless squealing and hysteria?”

        Eff, I hate this lack of preview…

      • What’s with the computer generated audio? I have noticed it more and more at PJ Media.

        It prevents voice-print analysis and preserves the narrator’s identity.

    • “The Barrack Obama Temple of Adoration and Fealty.”

      Never have I been so thoroughly confused.

      My brain enjoys the loco-motor exercise of typing out such pure and refined ridicule.

      My stomach, nevertheless, is barely able to withstand such abuse.

      What’s a genuine honey-bouncer to do?

  3. ‘I Feel Like the Minority:’ Americans Tell Washington Post They’re ‘Sick’ of Mass Immigration (breitbart, Jun 1, 2018)

    “A handful of Americans residing in Gainesville, Georgia say they’re “sick” of mass immigration to the United States, telling Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post that they “feel like the minority” in their own country.

    The Washington Post‘s latest profile by Jenna Johnson interviews nine Americans about their views on immigration. While six of the Americans said they supported amnesty for illegal aliens and didn’t have an issue with current legal immigration levels — the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million immigrants a year — three Americans interviewed for the piece voiced their opposition to the current immigration crisis.

    Susan Henthorn, 61-years-old, said her neighborhood is rapidly changing because of immigration and wants to see it stop.

    “I’m sick of it,” Henthorn, 61, said of immigrants illegally coming to her community, where she has lived for 30 years. [Emphasis added]

    “You get tired of it,” said Henthorn, a retired cardiology scrub nurse. “You. Get. Tired. Of. It. I feel like the minority.” [Emphasis added]

    Another American, Art Gallegos Jr., said he supported President Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and wants to see illegal immigration stopped. Gallegos is a first-generation American from Mexico.

    “A wall could be looked at as something that’s going to prevent you from getting somewhere — or it’s going to protect you from danger, from threats,” said Gallegos, who helped found the city’s Latinos Conservative Organization last year. “It has never been to deter people from reaching the dream.” [Emphasis added]

    As Breitbart News has reported, Americans are supportive of Trump’s plan to enact a merit-based immigration system, where legal immigration is reduced by at least half.

    Trump’s plan to transform the current U.S. legal immigration system to one that is in keeping with the work of Civil Rights icon Barbara Jordan, who fought for reductions to legal immigration to boost black Americans’ wages and job opportunities…”

    • … they “feel like the minority” in their own country.

      Color me, “Nonplussed in Peoria”.

      Hasn’t this been the entire intent of these efforts for decades?

  4. Al Shabaab fighters seize town in central Somalia – residents (memo, Jun 2, 2018)

    “Somalia’s militant group al Shabaab has retaken a small town in the centre of the country after it was abandoned by government troops, residents said on Saturday reports Reuters.

    Fighting broke out in the town of Muqokori, about 300 kilometres north of the capital Mogadishu, late on Friday, almost a month after government troops ousted the insurgents.

    “Al Shabaab attacked from various sides. After one hour of fighting, the government forces left and al Shabaab seized control,” Hussein Nur, a local elder, told Reuters by phone.

    The militant group claimed that 47 government soldiers had died in the fighting.

    “We have their dead bodies,” said Abdiasis Abu Musab, al Shabaab’s military operations spokesman, adding they had captured four vehicles and dozens of weapons.

    The military said the insurgents were not in full control. and that soldiers had been withdrawn for strategic reasons…”

    • Isn’t this like starving rats fighting over an overflowing outhouse?

      Call me, “Stranger in Danger”.

  5. Inside The Clinton-Connected Sex Cult

    Keith Raniere and Allison Mack are names that not many are familiar with, although they both should be household names at this point. Recently charged with sex trafficking, Raniere (Vanguard as he’s known to his followers) and Mack should be on everyone’s radar. This story should be just as big if not bigger than the Russian Collusion Delusion that the mainstream media has pushed for essentially two years now. All media should be covering this weekly, if not daily.

    As many know, the mainstream media are owned by an elite group that push the narrative they want dished out to us in the form of programming (TV programming). So why wouldn’t something so disgustingly evil and inhumane not be blasted on every TV in every airport, doctors office waiting rooms and the like? Perhaps it’s because those in the uppermost levels of mainstream media have a connection to this atrocious sex trafficking cult. Not only those in mainstream media, but also within the highest levels of government.

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