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3 Replies to “ITALY: The Election That Will CRASH THE EU”

  1. Adolfine Merkel welcomes her most loyal minions at the Berghof. Subline photo: “Shielded by several security people, Angela Merkel is carefully accompanied by Sami Khedira”.


    46 Islamists received protection status in Bremen


    The BAMF-Scandal now hits the Chancellor’s Office: Merkel knew it already since 2017 Two secret reports on the asylum chaos. Revealing internal papers: The BAMF – probably Germany’s worst authority


  2. Left-Green shitpaper tries to make a killer of the courageus Police women in Flensburg:

    “But what triggered the attack? Was the man suffering from a mental disorder, did the sight of the uniform trigger a panic reaction? If so, it was really bad luck: The officer from Bremen was actually off duty, so she did not have to travel in uniform. In Schleswig-Holstein, the head of the police school in Plön said in an interview, it is not really intended that officers wear uniforms and weapons during their free time.”


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