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    • Thank you, Richard.

      The irresistible Ms. Malkin is my absolute Favorite Filipina Firecracker™.

      Mwuahhhh! [Did I say that in my “out loud” voice?]

      At forty minutes, this is a definite, “must watch”.

      It is so good to see the ever-delightful Ms. Malkin get the professional production and backing she so richly deserves What’s not to like about this sort of uppity dame? I mean, usually, I have to pay a lot extra for nothing that even approaches her level of quality … and I’m just talking about the conversation!

      • I agree with you, she is very intelligent articulate and I don’t know any men that haven’t fallen in love with her.

  1. Is Canada facing the real estate crash?

    Ten years after the bursting of the real estate bubble in the USA, real estate prices on the North American continent are once again excessive. The bladder threatens to burst. But according to experts, Canada is much more susceptible.

    In Canada, a gigantic real estate bubble has inflated. While the US market cooled off significantly after the crash, house prices in the neighbouring country simply continued to climb. But now it looks dangerous on the Canadian real estate market. Prices have already collapsed in booming cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Potential buyers withdrew. In some cases, sales of residential properties fell by 40 percent. And the prices are still insanely high despite the fall in prices, not even a lawyer can afford to buy a house in Toronto.

    Too much cheap money

    Why could such a bubble inflate at all? This is the result of the loose monetary policy of the central banks. Many investors see the Canadian central bank as the main culprit, as the Bank of Canada has left interest rates far too low for far too long despite rising asset prices.

    Low interest rates allow investors – in search of better returns – to flow into assets such as shares and real estate. This creates bubbles.

    Black Peter for Bank of Canada

    The Bank of Canada has already turned the corner in view of improved job creation and a robust economy. But it was more cautious than other central banks with interest rate hikes. Even today – at 4 p.m. she announced her new interest rate decision – she kept her feet still, although the rising inflation would certainly allow rising interest rates.

    However, putting the blame on the BoC for the bubble formation in Canada is too short. After all, foreign buyers were a price-driving factor. Above all price-insensitive Asian buyers – Chinese – have fueled the real estate boom in Canada. In this respect, in the search for the cause of the bubble one can point to loose monetary policy all over the world.
    Severe recession ahead?

    The Canadian government has also fired the boom. It encouraged banks and citizens to finance more than 80 percent of their property purchases on credit. Canadian households are now more heavily in debt than most other countries in the world. Private debt amounts to 101 percent of economic output. By comparison, the figure in Germany is 53 percent.

    This too is a risk: as in the USA ten years ago, a devastating chain reaction could start if property prices continue to fall. Because then the loan collateral for the banks will dwindle. The risks could become threatening for the Canadian financial sector. The whole country could fall into crisis. Last year, the OECD warned of a “severe recession” in Canada.
    Ugly chain reaction

    An economic crisis would put highly indebted private households under pressure and the debt burden would be unacceptable. As a result, banks would also face problems, which would have to struggle with more and more bad credit. A scenario that is very reminiscent of the financial crisis in 2008.

    How ugly such a chain reaction can get was already felt in Canada last year when Home Capital, Canada’s largest mortgage financier outside the banking system, stumbled. There have been investigations into possible misrepresentations in the granting of loans. They were also concerned about the quality of the loans. Investors withdrew massive sums of money.

    No nationwide price erosion

    But prices have not yet fallen across the board. Although home sales have fallen nationwide in recent months, statistics show that prices have also fallen. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), the average price of Canadian homes fell by more than 11 percent in a year and the number of sales fell by around 14 percent to its lowest level in seven years. But the statistics are deceptive. It is distorted by the fall in prices in Toronto and Vancouver.

    In reality, prices are rising in several regions. There is no such thing as a nationwide drop in prices. So, all clear for Canada? Analysts won’t go that far:

    The risk that the property market could deteriorate further in the coming months remains high, which could possibly lead to a real decline in property prices.
    Benoit P. Durocher, Desjardins Co-operative Bank

    Central Bank needs sensitivity

    In view of the fragile situation, the Canadian central bank must demonstrate sensitivity in further interest rate hikes. When it raised the key interest rate for the first time since 2010 in July 2017, there were the first shock waves on the real estate market. Because rising interest rates make financing more expensive.

    “The situation will need to be closely monitored in the coming quarters to support a very gradual approach to rate hikes,” Benoit P. Durocher, analyst at the Canadian cooperative bank Desjardins, recently stated in a study. Any further rise in interest rates can dampen confidence in buying a house. Canada could be in for the worst.

    • The true purpose of the minimum wage is to drive more people onto welfare and keep them there, the more people who are dependent on the government the more people who will vote for the left.

    • So far the only video of her I have watched that was wrong was the one where she said that if the US government wasn’t in the Middle East the terrorists wouldn’t be in the US and Europe.

  2. Quite best enemies: Soros and Netanyahu

    The foundations of George Soros, the so-called Open Society Foundations, pursue a decidedly leftist agenda. Of course, this is not about criticism of capitalism. You wouldn’t take that away from a man who brought down entire economies with currency speculation. The aim is rather a change of society in the sense of cultural Marxism, in which everything revolves around minority cult, gender mainstreaming and migrants.

    This dissolution program, which is directed against national identities and established community ties, makes Soros the favorite billionaire of the left-liberal establishment from Berlin via Brussels to Washington. Governments that do not want to sacrifice their peoples and nation states on the altar of One-World ideology are arming themselves against the subversive work of the Sorosians. Hungary’s recently triumphantly re-elected head of government Viktor Orban is fighting with an open eye against the whispers of so-called civil society financed by Soros, who want to turn his country into a multi-ethnic and multi-faith madhouse.

    The Soros Foundations, for example, sniff out alleged Islamophobia everywhere and consequently regard prohibitions of concealment as “discrimination against Muslim women”. In 2015, the Russian Attorney General’s Office declared the Open Society Foundations and the OSI Assistance Foundation interwoven with them in the Putin Empire undesirable and closed the institutions. The authority justified its decision by stating that “their activities endanger the foundations of Russia’s constitutional order and the security of the state”.

    A heart for illegal immigrants

    Parts of Austria’s right-wing conservative government also view the activities of the self-proclaimed philanthropist with suspicion. FPÖ politician Johann Gudenus expressed sympathy for the Hungarian Prime Minister’s anti-Soros campaign and commented that the US citizen had “tried with much capital power to finance all kinds of upheaval tendencies in Eastern Europe”. He also supports NGOs that are “jointly responsible for mass migration to Europe”.

    FPÖ leader and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache called the accusations of anti-Semitism made against his party colleague “absurd”. Criticism of Soros was completely legitimate and was also voiced by the Israeli Prime Minister. In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu – like his Hungarian counterpart – is considered the multi-billionaire from New York to be an enemy of intimacy.

    This became apparent in the summer of 2017, when Orban had posters with the statement “99 percent reject illegal migration” put up in the course of an educational campaign. It said in capital letters: “Let’s not allow it to be Soros who laughs in the end!” When Israel’s ambassador in Budapest, Yossi Amrani, protested, his prime minister immediately called him back. Netanyahu accuses Soros of undermining Israel’s democratically elected government and supporting anti-Israeli activities.

    In a statement by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem it was said that Soros financed organizations that defamed the state of Israel and denied it the right to self-defence. At the same time Netanyahu’s Likud Party, similar to Hungary, was considering an anti-Soros law against NGOs working with foreign funds.

    For example, the 87-year-old stock exchange billionaire supports the organization Schowrim Schtika (“Breaking the Silence”), which consists of reservists of the Israeli army who criticize the occupation policy and military action in the West Bank. The hostility between Soros and Netanyahu received new food when at the beginning of the year the Israeli government took concrete steps to deport up to 40,000 Africans living illegally in the country and accused Soros of supporting hyperventilating refugee helpers.

    The authorities sent thousands of deportation orders to single Sudanese and Eritreans urging them to leave the country by the end of March. In the case of refusal, the “intruders”, as the migrants in Israel are called, were threatened with imprisonment.

  3. Jeff Sessions is absolutely worthless as attorney general: Jason Chaffetz

    Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on President Trump’s frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

    • Mueller looks into Trump’s request for Sessions to rescind Russia recusal: report

      Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on the New York Times report that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump’s push for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his decision in recusing himself from the Russia probe.

  4. John Bolton hires top staffer from ‘conspiracy-obsessed’ anti-Muslim group (mee, May 30, 2018)

    “US National Security Adviser John Bolton on Wednesday appointed the vice president of an anti-Muslim far right group as the executive secretary of the National Security Council, the official forum that advises the president on foreign policy and military matters.

    Fred Fleitz, who was serving as senior vice president of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), was also appointed Bolton’s chief of staff.

    CSP has been labelled a “conspiracy-obsessed mouthpiece for the growing anti-Muslim movement in the United States”, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a watchdog that tracks hate groups in the US.

    “An individual who held a leadership position in a notorious hate group should not be placed in a policy-making post in the White House,” Robert McCaw, government affairs director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said in a statement.

    “We urge the Trump administration to drop Mr Fleitz and to remove all other staffers who espouse bigoted views or back discriminatory and unconstitutional policies.”

    CSP promotes unfounded claims that Muslims are taking over Western countries. They particularly focus on conspiracy theories about a covert campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood to influence US institutions.

    A recent post on Facebook by the group falsely stated that the United Kingdom “is submitting to Sharia-supremacism”.

    The centre’s website features leading Islamophobic figures like Robert Spencer, who has repeatedly said that Muslim immigrants are “conquering” Europe.

    The Trump administration has regularly hired appointees that Muslim advocacy groups view as bigoted.

    Bolton himself has served as chairman of an anti-Muslim think-tank called the Gatestone Institute, whose fellows have baselessly warned of Muslim immigrants taking over the West violently…”

  5. Asylum seeker sets himself ablaze in Germany (alaraby, May 30, 2018)

    “German authorities say a rejected asylum seeker from Iran suffered serious injuries after setting fire to himself at a town office near the southwestern city of Ulm.

    Police said the 35-year-old, whose name wasn’t released, entered the town office in Goeppingen midday Tuesday and asked two employees for help, showing them papers indicating his application for asylum had been rejected.

    Ulm police say the staff assured him they would help, but the man became aggressive and then pulled a bottle out of his backpack, poured liquid over himself and set fire to it as the two workers fled.

    A third worker grabbed towels from a cleaner’s cart and suffocated the flames.

    Police say the man was rushed to hospital by helicopter and is being treated for severe burns…”

  6. Marrakech: Authorities Arrest Imam who Raped Several Children (moroccoworldnews, May 30, 2018)

    “He will finally face justice for his crimes. Authorities are charging the imam of a mosque near Marrakech with “rape of several minors between 7 and 12 years old.”

    The suspect, aged 45, was the imam of Douar “Bihalwane” Mosque in Sti Fadma. He allegedly used Qur’anic lessons as an excuse to rape minors. The case erupted a few days ago when one of his alleged victims, now aged 17, told police she had been raped by the imam when she was 10.

    The girl who was about to get married and had no other recourse but to disclose the assault to her family and to the Royal Gendarmerie, which immediately charged the imam…”

  7. Egypt foreign ministry dismisses EU criticism of recent arrests in the country (ahram, May 30, 2018)

    “Egypt’s foreign ministry released a statement on Wednesday saying that it rejects recent criticisms by the EU over what the European body described as the arrest of political activists in the country.

    The foreign ministry affirmed that Egyptian authorities do not target critics or human rights activists, and described the EU’s comments as a misreading of the situation in Egypt.

    Earlier on Wednesday, the EU spokeswoman for foreign affairs and security policy voiced concerns over what she described as “the increasing number of arrests of human rights defenders, political activists and bloggers in the latest weeks in Egypt,” adding that these events are “a worrying development.”

    Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said that Cairo completely rejects the spokeswoman’s statements, which he described as “inaccurate,” adding that the comments “do not serve the channels of dialogue and partnership between Egypt and the European Union.”

    “No citizen in Egypt gets arrested or tried because of their activity in the field of human rights, or for criticising the Egyptian government, but [they get arrested] for committing crimes punishable by law,” the statement read.

    Over the past few weeks, Egyptian authorities have arrested and detained a number of people over charges including broadcasting false news and working with a terrorist organisation.

    Abu Zeid also expressed in the statement Egypt’s concerns over human rights conditions in the European Union, which he says include the ill-treatment of migrants and refugees. The spokesman also highlighted the rise of extremist right-wing movements and parties in Europe and the associated racism, violence and hate speech.”

  8. Attack in Saudi city of Taif kills at least one: local media (reuters, May 31, 2018)

    “Two assailants stabbed to death a traffic policeman in the western Saudi Arabian city of Taif and then exchanged gunfire with security forces at a nearby National Guard facility, a local newspaper reported on Thursday.

    The attackers stole the policeman’s vehicle and service weapon before entering the military site, according to online news site Sabq, which is seen as close to the authorities. One attacker was wounded and detained while the other one fled, the report said.

    Sabq reported additional injuries among the security forces without providing details.

    The Interior Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Taif is perched in the mountains just east of Mecca, the holiest site in Islam.”

    Dr. Watson – Published on May 30, 2018

    • Attached Video

      “02.02.2013 – UK TELFORD GROOMING SCANDAL – EU WERE WARNED – SOROS MEPS IGNORED IT” Dr. Watson – May 12, 2018

  10. The 61-year-old retiree Angela O. suffered unbelievable suffering in the German town of Riem (Munich). After she had to leave her apartment, she was forced to move temporarily into a local asylum shelter.

    The 22-year-old African Nahom T. is said to have attacked the defenseless pensioner there at night and raped her. The brave old lady was able to defend herself and free from the clutches of the perpetrator, then immediately alarmed the emergency call.

    But it gets even worse: because the perpetrator is not in custody, the 61-year-old runs into him every day!
    Ambushed in the middle of the night

    As reported by the “tz”, their landlord had declared his own requirements. She had no choice but to move into the refugee home.

    There she is said to have been raped by the Africans on June 4. He is now on trial, but denies the allegations.

    The prosecution has accused Nahom T. of robbing the woman at her room door and knocking her to the floor. The prosecution says literally, “He grabbed her naked chest and kissed her.” Nahom T. is also said to have laid down on Angela O. and grabbed her pants and panties.
    Brave pensioner defends herself

    Angela O. continues in her statement in court: “I came back from the toilet and was still drowsy. Then he pushed me into my room, I fell on my stomach on the mattress. He held me there, I could not resist.”

    She cried “No” several times, so that the rapist would let go of her. Again and again I asked him to stop”.

    “I shouted for help out loud, but no one heard me.”

    No detention pending trial

    But she decided to defend herself “I hit him with my fists and elbows”. But it was only after a few torturous seconds that the senior citizen was able to free herself. According to the prosecution, Nahom T. had sat on her and brutally invaded her.
    Treacherous DNA

    He left several DNA traces on the senior citizen’s body. The verdict in the trial is still pending. Because Nahom. If he is not in custody, the raped pensioner runs into him every day.

  11. Turkish FM accuses ‘some Muslim countries’ for trying ‘to demolish economy’ (hurriyetdailynews, May 30, 2018)

    “… “They began working on how they could demolish Turkey through its economy after the July 15 coup attempt failed. We have managed to repel these attacks with minimum damage by taking precautions,” Çavu?o?lu said.

    “Some countries are in this scheme, as well as financial institutions and the interest rate lobby. These include some Muslim countries, too. I will not name names here, I am only drawing the framework,” he added.

    Among the Muslim majority countries, Turkey currently has the thorniest relations with Syria and Egypt, as well as oil-rich Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

  12. Senate rejects ban on foreign funding for Swiss mosques (thelocal, May 30, 2018)

    “The Swiss senate on Tuesday on Tuesday voted against a motion calling for foreign funding of mosques in the country to be banned.

    Politicians in the upper house voted 29 to 7 against the proposal which had narrowly passed through the lower house Council of States.

    The motion had been put forward by Lorenzo Quadri, a senator for the right-wing Ticino League party in Switzerland’s Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.

    The proposal, modelled on rules already in place in Austria, would also have seen imams required to preach in a Swiss national language while compelling Islamic centres to disclose the origin of any funding.

    With the motion, Quadri had targeted some 35 mosques and Islamic centres in Switzerland reportedly funded by the Turkish government with the money being used to spread radical Islam, Swiss news portal 20 Minuten reported.

    But Switzerland’s seven-member Federal Council had said the motion was discriminatory and rejected the comparison with Austria saying rules in that country came in the context of bolstered official recognition for Austria’s Muslims.

    The Swiss executive noted, however, that no Swiss canton had officially recognised Islam and it was unfair to impose rules without offering rights. Green senator Robert Cramer also noted the motion could impinge on religious freedoms and the right to free assembly.

    A Swiss Islam?

    The Swiss Socialist Party (SP) demanded in a recent strategy paper that Islam be recognised officially in Switzerland as long as equality between sexes was guaranteed, the secular state was recognised, financial transparency was assured, and independence from foreign countries existed.

    In return, Islamic communities should have the right to collect taxes like the official churches in Switzerland as well as to provide pastoral care in prisons, hospitals and the army.

    “We need a Swiss Islam,” said SP president Christian Levrat of the plan set to be discussed at an upcoming party summit.”

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