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6 Replies to “Milo in Hungary”

  1. Soros belongs at best to the “ground staff” of Satan.
    Whether Hitler, Hillary, Merkel, there are narcissists,
    megalomaniacs who are overwhelmed with power
    and use it for destruction. When will humanity learn
    not to voluntarily hand over its freedom to gangsters?

  2. http://www.taoistic.com/taoteching-laotzu/taoteching-54.htm

    What is well planted will not be uprooted.
    What is well held will not escape.
    Children and grandchildren will not cease to praise it.

    Cultivate virtue in yourself,
    And it will be true.
    Cultivate virtue in the family,
    And it will be overflowing.
    Cultivate virtue in the town,
    And it will be lasting.
    Cultivate virtue in the country,
    And it will be abundant.
    Cultivate virtue in the world,
    And it will be universal.

    See others as yourself.
    See families as your family.
    See towns as your town.
    See countries as your country.
    See worlds as your world.

    How do I know that the world is such?
    By this.

    Morning in Germany: A room with a view https://kek.gg/i/wCxpS.jpg



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