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23 Replies to “Interview with Diana West on leftism and Islam, and American History”

  1. Diana believes that the Communists are way more smarter than the Islamic supremacists. I disagree, because the Islamic supremacists out witted the Marxists after the Iranian revolution.

    • Were the communist just being naive and out of date? Remember for a long time they had been told that Islam was a dead force what wouldn’t ever revive. One of the two major weaknesses of the left is believing its own propaganda, the other is a history of moving too early and losing because of the early move.

      • That and the excellent long term strategy that Islamic supremacists have. Dr Bill Warner has remarked on that and you can see it in the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to take over America.

      • On the average the communists are probably smarter then the Moslems, however some of the Moslem leaders are smarter then almost all of the communist. As dangers to what is left of the West I rate China as our major enemy of equal importance and as dangerous as the internal communists followed by Islam and Russia.

        Having said that the major enemy of Europe is Islam followed by the internal communists and then Russia. The Chinese come into the threat to Europe only in their actions to send massive numbers of Africans into Europe to further overload their health and welfare systems.

        All of the western nations need to revamp their laws and arm all of their military and police veterans putting more trained personal on the street to protect their people. Need to but probably won’t, the closest is the way the various states in the US are (for the most part) making it easier for the ordinary person to get permits (or in a growing number of states Constitutional carry) permits to carry weapons. These states have a much lower rate of violence then the states where they have draconian gun laws.

        • Once the camels nose of private carrying of weapons is under the edge of the tent the rest of the people can start lobbying for the right to defend themselves.

        • My guess is close to yours.
          #1 + #2 are intertwined. #1 makes all the rest happen. #3 subversive financing, domestic (buys congress-critters, owns corporate media, etc.).

          • #1 Internal Commies – broadly defined {globalist Left ~ DeepState/ Soros/ Totalitarian-Tech}

          • #2 Tards {MB -legally; al-Q + Hezbollah, IRGC – coordinated terror}

          • #3 China

          • #4 Russia will pile on wherever she can to exacerbate damage done by any and all of the above. Sneaky – always keeps options open for future alliance with us. Because we will win, our interests will aligned, and Russia knows it.

    • Problem is, the Communists may have been smarter, but they expected the Muslims to hold to their agreements. Meanwhile, Muslims have no problem violating any agreement with infidels, and used any agreements as a means to take advantage, applying taqiya as they deemed fit.

      In short, in any agreement with Muslims — you’ll lose, no matter how much smarter you are, because they WILL betray you.

  2. Diana is a breath of oxygen. Great interview! And I agree that the world we are learning of now, with the help of people like her, is not the pure-hearted paradigm our fathers gave us–that all in America was baseball, apple pie, and the Stars and Stripes forever. Fact is our fathers didn’t know how dirty freedom was and HAS to be. (Has to be in terms of fighting dirty to defend it) At least not to this apparent depth. It’s actually a bit of a cultural shock to be hit with in middle age, one which requires considerable resilience to grapple with. It also makes for difficult answers to inquisitive children. And I agree, Jay, that it’s a curious comment she makes about who’s the Boss Tyranny, the commies or the tards. Although in fairness she never really rooted out her thought on this for us. Regardless, I hold faith that neither one will survive the Tyranny of Truth.

    What’s the difference between “fair” skinned and “light” skinned? Is this how we’re supposed to speak in a world without racial profiling? Is this how light and fair-skinned Pakistani muslims haul their jihad to our doorstep? Forgive me for jumping to this conclusion, but in the furtive world of modern journalism caution is just a cover for propaganda.


  3. http://ottawasun.com/news/local-news/police-investigate-beating-sex-assault-of-woman-in-downtown-religious-building/wcm/a52a6daa-aec0-48b0-a731-9138e2aa7eb6

    This seems by all accounts to be a horrific crime. Sickening sexual violence combined with a possible religious motive. Hmm. Will a red-pilled or blue-pilled detective be on this case? Am I inferring incorrectly that this crime has anything to do with the concerns of this blog? Well, in the absence of real journalism, and the obfuscation of truth by modern news propagandists, the blogosphere is granted licence and liberty to wonder aloud, all in the interests of self-preservation.

    • @ johnnyu

      In my humble opinion it might either be a “nothing-to-do-with-islam” attack, or a “nothing-to-do-with-islam” attack. In both cases, I dare say, it is a “nothing-to-do-with-islam” attack.

  4. I don’t have any doubts about Putin being a dangerous enemy of the US, right now I rate China and Islam as bigger threats but I am willing to admit that Putin may (probably is) playing them to do things that will weaken the US and make it easier for Russia to reach military parity with the US.

  5. Had “American Betrayal” on my shelves or a while , tonight I’m taking it down to read.
    I just LOVED this interview, my brain (such as there is) complained about too much work 😉
    Somehow I was reminded of what a young French man said, quite a while ago, in a program of TV Libertés, were they discuss the politics of the week. I extracted a little piece and it is mainly the last part of the extract which caused me an “Aha” moment:

    • I think the man is dreaming when he says the idea of a civil war is being pushed from outside for the interest of outsiders.

      Yes the leaders of some of the Islamic nations are using the jihad for their own good, this doesn’t mean that the jihad isn’t being carried out for religions reasons just that some Islamic leaders want more power. ignoring the religious motives of the people doing the fighting is to throw away any chance of winning the war.

    • My brain complains at times, that is one of the reasons I like fishing so much, it is a very good form of meditation.

    • Yucki the only editing was adding the titles and book cover, and once or twice Diana had to cough and get water so I edited that out but zero changes were made to her content and flow of thought whatsoever. Just technical glitches and human issues where removed.

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