Reproducing the socialist, “Jesus is gay” experiment with muslims in Denmark

Danish lawyer, journalist and now politician, Rasmus Paludan, did a rather interesting experiment in an enriched area of Copenhagen on April 20th of this year.

Much like the experiment that got Lauren Southern banned from the UK, Rasmus decided to repeat the socialist experiment where fliers were passed out, and socialists called from tables etc. that Jesus was a homosexual.

Well if that is fair game, in what at least recently was a Christian country, the UK, then why can we not try the same thing with Islam. You know, to prove how peaceful it is and all that claptrap.

Here is how it went:

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7 Replies to “Reproducing the socialist, “Jesus is gay” experiment with muslims in Denmark”

  1. It shows once again very clearly that Islam is a hermetically closed system, neither integratable nor connectable. Especially not assimilable. Every square metre of land left to these invaders is regarded as “Islamic territory” with its own rules. Including the inferior infidels (“kafir”) living on it, who are considered property.

    • What is crazy is that their self-conception makes them believe: Everything is only there, for them to enjoy. The western welfare state is an indulgence, technology, medicine or communication would be a debt of the decadent west to Islam. Their cursed sadistic “Allah” gave them the oil, otherwise they would still be riding a camel, living in a mud hut and using a drum with donkey skin to “communicate”.

  2. Jesus could have been Gay
    (A single-mother’s child)
    Repented, faced his demon
    Father’s nature reconciled.

    So post John The Baptist
    And pre Saint Paulian
    Evil he didn’ resist
    Because no evil was in him.

    The LOVE of a dhimmi
    The HATE of a muslim
    Those with eyes to see
    Can see it lives in them.

  3. How many times does this have to happen before the Europeans learn that Islam will not assimilate into any European culture?

  4. Sorry, but this video is meaningless unless the viewer can follow the speech. Who are the people here? What are they saying? Are the people wearing POLITI vests police, or trainee politicians? Subtitling would be nice, but difficult because people are talking over each other.

  5. Ah, thanks for the tip to “turn on the captions” by clicking on the CC icon. I should have thought of trying that.

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