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  1. OT/ Happy Holiday – Shavuot!
    Today marks the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai.
    We stay up all night studying Bible or Talmud. I’m off to a study group now.

    Services tomorrow feature the Book of Ruth. (That makes it kinda ecumenical.)
    The festive meal is dairy delight: the Bible nourishes the spirit, sweet like milk and honey.
    (I hate cheesecake, but my Russian neighbors promise me blintzes with a chaser of Lactaid. There’s always ice cream, fudge, bananas, the works.)

    • “‘Make an altar of earth for me and sacrifice on it your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, your sheep and goats and your cattle. Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you. 25 If you make an altar of stones for me, do not build it with dressed stones, for you will defile it if you use a tool on it. 26 And do not go up to my altar on steps, or your private parts may be exposed.’

      “If you buy a Hebrew servant, he is to serve you for six years. But in the seventh year, he shall go free, without paying anything. 3 If he comes alone, he is to go free alone; but if he has a wife when he comes, she is to go with him. 4 If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her master, and only the man shall go free.”

      Yucki, enjoy the study group. Metaphors, meaning, culture, lessons learned, Promised Lands… Fundamentalists can’t really be blamed for wanting to return to these pure and better ways, especially when those around them, born so few years ago, collectively say it is all true. They will herald in the return of Elijah. Or Jesus. Or the Mahdi. Where each will smite their respective Unbelievers down. Oh Happy Days. Peace. No more conflicted minds. Transfixed. The viruses that grew into and out of their heads. Where one is greater than the other.

      • Random hyperlinks from for-dummies translations make easy burlesque for echos of antiquity. It’s not all that different from the jeers of barbarians hurled at our sages for millennia.

        We’ve spent a couple thousand years working on the Talmud to make the legal framework of the Hebrew Bible appropriate for the times and societies in which we find ourselves. It’s always a work in progress.

        You’ll find the Talmud a deep dive – after you learn to read Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, it takes about seven years of daily study to get through one pass. It’s traditionally done with one or more partners, and includes commentaries both ancient and modern. Repeat for the rest of your life.

  2. This is heavily edited (IMO)against Jordan Peterson. I have been expecting a character assassination attempt upon him and I ask if anyone knows of the whole debate as I would like to see how he handled it. Frankly, the word “debate” is used sarcastically as from what I could see it was more of a platform to insult Peterson:

    • “Political Correctness Debate ft. Stephen Fry, Jordan Peterson, Michael Dyson, Michelle Goldberg” Truthspeak – Published on May 18, 2018

          • “The Washington Post Slanders Thomas Jefferson Over Slave Children” By Margaret Menge – April 2, 2018

            “”One of the most intriguing might-have-beens in American History”

            Jefferson’s Tardy Constitution
            by Jack Lynch – Spring 2007


            The most striking difference between Jefferson’s constitution and any of the ratified constitutions is another clause in that same Article 4: “No person hereafter coming into this country shall be held within the same in slavery under any pretext whatever.” Slavery was much on Jefferson’s mind in 1776. In an early draft of the Declaration he added to his list of George III’s crimes that “he has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither.” This passage had influential supporters: John Adams, for instance, considered it the best part of the document. But Adams and Jefferson did not have the votes, and the newly independent United States had no policy banning slavery.

            Jefferson’s plan for a Virginia constitution in 1783 went further, not merely ending the slave trade but emancipating all slaves in the state: “The General assembly shall not have to power to …permit the introduction of any more slaves to reside in this state, or the continuance of slavery beyond the generation which shall be living on the 31st day of December 1800; all persons born after that day being hereby declared free.”

    • This ‘debate’ with a charlitan that the audience applauds.

      How close then are we to the revolutions of Marxism and Fascism that have taken two thirds of the world into the slavery of Communism and Islam? The Devil on two sides, where freethinkers are imprisoned or murdered.

      Professor Jordan Peterson is called an ‘Angry White Man’ by a man who got a doctorate in Christian Mythology. The book-memorisers with failed-lives who tell us how to live.

      • Thank you Xanthippa for the link.

        It is most frustrating when three presenters are dysfunctional social constructs and one is a Clinical Psychologist. Father, Holy Spirit and Son replaced by their inverts. The Christian Minister who rejects G_d to have a Roman God to serve as Master and became Priestly by learned association; the Marxist Mother who will have the State catch you so you can jump into poverty and be unscathed; and the Homosexual man-boy practitioner who turns deviant behavior into Preferential Status and Identity. None to find the pain of conscience.

        Jordan knows the truth sets you free. That is the clinical model.

        These three demons therefore strive for collective blame and collective approval. And like expecting a Socialist government will be on your side to defeat Islam, (they won’t, and will imprison you), Jordan has a self-confessed Born-Gay defending his back.

        Sickening to frame this as a real debate, that Political Correctness was created to hide the truth, but informative of those robed with their religions on their sleeves. Unified in their values that they should never be offended, and should be promoted to the high table of Divine Love. Their ransacking of Heaven and the loss of the minds of Men.
        Twisting of reality. Enjoy.

        • Jesus removed blame, now every White Man too.
          The State replaced the Father, (genocide’s the clue).
          And manhood sucked off men, what’s girl to do?
          Soul, Heart and Body; Islam came for you.

  3. London bloodbath: Man stabbed to death as violence grips capital (express, May 20, 2018)

    “A MURDER investigation has been launched after a man was found stabbed in the early hours of this morning as a wave of violence grips the capital.

    Scotland Yard said the victim, who is thought to be aged in his 20s, was found with stab injuries in Upper Green East near Montrose Gardens and London Road in Mitcham, south London.

    Officers were called to the scene on Sunday at 3.29am. London Ambulance Service workers tried to save him but he died at the scene.

    A 44-year-old man was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder. He is in custody at a south London police station.

    Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command are investigating.

    Formal identification of the victim has yet to take place and a post-mortem examination is being arranged…”

  4. Brothel With ‘Mainly’ Eastern European Women Busted Near UK Parliament – Reports (sputniknews, May 20, 2018)

    “The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade has accused hotels of indirectly benefiting from exploiting “vulnerable women.”

    According to The Sun, hundreds of prostitutes, mainly from Eastern Europe, are working within a mile of London’s Westminster as sex crime gangs are exploiting women on an “industrial scale.” The All-Party Group MPs seek to clamp down on sex trafficking, as well as online ads for prostitutes.

    “A revolving door of vulnerable women, mainly from Eastern Europe, are being supplied by trafficking gangs into residential properties and hotels in order to be sexually exploited by UK men. The scale on which organized sexual exploitation is taking place in this country is a national scandal. But it can – and must – be stopped,” said Gavin Shuker, a Labor and Co-operative politician.”

  5. Nationalist mob attack Thessaloniki mayor at remembrance ceremony (VIDEO) (RT, May 20, 2018)

    “The mayor of Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki, was attacked by an angry mob of at least a dozen people, believed to be nationalist extremists, during a remembrance event on Saturday.

    Yiannis Boutaris was hospitalized following the assault and treated for injuries to his head, back and legs.

    Footage from the event shows the 75-year old being heckled by a group of people before he is struck with an object and falls to the ground. The mayor is then kicked while his aides help him up. As he is escorted to his car, some members of the group, including a man wearing a balaclava, kick the vehicle and try to smash the windows.

    Boutaris, who is known for his anti-nationalist views, was attending a flag-lowering ceremony to commemorate the Pontic genocide – the massacre of Pontic Greeks by Turks during World War I and the Greek-Turkish war.

    Protesters called for him to leave the event and subsequently attacked the mayor with bottles, according to city officials.

    Boutaris was taken to hospital as a precaution. “It was a nightmare. There were several people that attacked me. They were hitting me everywhere,” he told The Greek Reporter. “They were not Pontians. Pontians are my friends,” he added.

    The attack has been condemned by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza party, who have described the perpetrators as “far-right bullies who have to face the consequences of their actions.” The main opposition party, New Democracy, also condemned the attack and called on the perpetrators to be “arrested immediately.”

    Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis took to Twitter to describe the attack as “shameful,” and voice concerns that it “openly threatens democracy and society.””

  6. Reports: Islamic State surrendering in Syria’s capital (abcnews, May 20, 2018)

    “A cease-fire between Syrian government forces and Islamic State militants in the southern neighborhoods of Damascus has held for 24 hours amid reports that some of the fighters have been allowed to leave, a Syrian war monitoring group said Sunday.

    The official state news agency and government officials deny reaching a deal to allow the militants to evacuate Yarmouk and adjacent areas. State-run Al-Ikhbariya TV said government forces plan to drive the militants from their remaining strongholds in the area.

    The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said buses carrying IS fighters left the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk and the adjacent al-Tadamon neighborhood overnight. A video circulating on social media showed lines of buses waiting in the camp with engines on. It was not clear who filmed the video or where the busses were going.

    Damascus residents said the situation was calm, with no warplanes flying overhead Sunday. Al-Watan, a pro-government newspaper, said the militants are believed to have surrendered. The Observatory said IS militants began burning their posts in Yarmouk and adjacent areas. Residents reported smoke was billowing over the area.

    The state-run Al-Ikhbariya TV said a new plan is underway to storm IS-held areas in Hajar al-Aswad, near Yarmouk. An al-Ikhbariya reporter in the area said the coming hours will be “decisive” for restoring government control over Hajar al-Aswad, but didn’t mention Yarmouk.

    President Bashar Assad’s forces launched an offensive against the militants in southern Damascus a month ago. The offensive has brought more than 70 percent of the camp under government control. The capture of the southern neighborhoods would bring the entire capital under government control for the first time since the war began in 2011.

    Yarmouk began as a refugee camp for Palestinians who fled or were expelled from what is now Israel during the 1948 war. On the eve of Syria’s civil war it was a built-up residential area home to tens of thousands of Palestinians and Syrians.

    IS has been driven from virtually all the territory it once controlled in Syria and neighboring Iraq, but is still present in remote areas along the border.”

  7. Iraq’s al-Sadr, promising reform, is constrained by Iran (abcnews, May 20, 2018)

    “Iraq’s Muqtada al-Sadr, the maverick Shiite cleric whose political coalition beat out Iran’s favored candidates to come in first in national elections, says he wants to form a government that puts Iraqis first.

    The electoral commission announced early Saturday that the militant-turned-populist preacher, who has long spoken out against both Iranian and U.S. influence in Iraq, had defeated his establishment rivals.

    Al-Sadr — who is remembered for leading an insurgency against U.S. forces after the 2003 invasion — did not run for a seat himself and is unlikely to become prime minister, but will command a significant number of seats and has already begun informal talks about government formation.

    Salah al-Obeidi, a spokesman for al-Sadr’s Sa’eroun political bloc, told The Associated Press that Iraq’s sovereignty was going to be the new government’s “guiding principle.”

    “We warn any other country that wants to involve itself in Iraqi politics not to cross the Iraqi people,” he said.

    However, even as al-Sadr is in position to nominate a prime minister and set the political agenda for the next four years, he will find his choices limited by Iran.

    The Middle East’s pre-eminent Shiite power has a direct line with some of Iraq’s most powerful politicians, and it is trying to rally them as a bloc to undercut al-Sadr.

    Al-Sadr’s rise threatens Iran’s claim to speak on behalf of Iraq’s Shiite majority, a precedent that could fuel independent Shiite movements elsewhere. Also at stake are top ministerial posts — political appointments that are a source of patronage and police and military power.

    Al-Sadr himself has kept a relatively low public profile. But in a public relations move that appeared to be directed at Iran, he appeared on Thursday with rival cleric Ammar al-Hakim, who has drifted away from Iran’s orbit in recent years, to say the two men share similar visions for the next government.

    Tehran has dispatched its top regional military commander, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, to pull together a coalition to counterbalance al-Sadr, according to an Iraqi Shiite militia commander who is familiar with the meetings…”

    • Iraq’s al-Sadr says next government will be ‘inclusive’ (abcnews, May 20, 2018)

      “Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose coalition won the largest number of seats in Iraq’s parliamentary elections, says the next government will be “inclusive.”

      The May 12 vote did not produce a single bloc with a majority, raising the prospect of weeks or even months of negotiations to agree on a government.

      Speaking late Saturday after talks with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi — their first postelection meeting — al-Sadr said no one will be excluded from the next government, without elaborating.

      Al-Sadr, whose followers fought U.S. forces in Iraq following the 2003 invasion, won 54 of the chamber’s 329 seats. Al-Abadi’s “Victory” bloc finished third with 42 seats in a surprisingly poor showing.”

  8. Erdogan in Sarajevo to rally European Turks for re-election (wapo, May 20, 2018)

    “Turkey’s president has arrived in the Bosnian capital to address supporters living in Europe, ahead of snap elections in his country.

    Thousands of Turks are expected to attend President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Sarajevo rally on Sunday after he meets with his Bosnian Muslim counterpart. It’s the only campaign stop Erdogan will be making in Europe, after Austria, Germany and the Netherlands announced they would not allow election rallies.

    Turkey will vote on June 24 —more than a year earlier than scheduled— in parliamentary and presidential elections, ushering in a new system of governance.

    The executive presidency, which narrowly passed in a referendum in April 2017, will concentrate more powers in the president’s hands and abolish the office of the prime minister.

    More than 3 million Turks living abroad are eligible to vote from June 7.”

  9. BBC Investigation Shows Illegal Migrants Can Acquire EU Travel Documents Within Hours (breitbart, May 20, 2018)

    “The BBC has discovered it is possible for illegal migrants to acquire EU travel documents within just a few hours — badly undermining border controls and endangering British and European security.

    The publicly-funded broadcaster conducted its investigation in Istanbul in Turkey, where at least 4.5 million migrants are encamped.

    “There are just so many Facebook groups where people are buying and selling passports, travel documents, and European residency IDs,” reveals the BBC’s reporter. “I’ve clicked on this one group, and it has over 5,000 active members.”

    To find out how easy it is to actually acquire these documents, the BBC put up an advertisement for a passport for someone around 30-years-old — receiving a dozen responses within hours.

    Posing as a Syrian couple, the female reporter and a male arrange to a discussion with a so-called ‘broker’, and sit down to a meeting with men claiming to have dozens of travel documents for sale.

    “This passport still works within the EU. If you use it everything will be fine,” says one. “It’s 100 per cent genuine.”

    The criminals claim the documents are supplied by ‘refugees’ who decide Europe is not for them and return home, and that travelling with them is easy provide the holder does not look too unlike the person in the picture.

    They do not have any British passports for sale — these are said to be more expensive — but the reporters are able to acquire German documents easily enough.

    (Holders of most EU documents are able to exercise full EU Free Movement rights in the United Kingdom, however, and are subject to less stringent checks than non-EU passport-holders.)

    “I don’t think I realised how simple this process is until now,” the BBC reporter admits.

    “We went from talking to the broker on Facebook, to meeting him a few hours later, and now I’m holding the document in my hand.

    “In theory this enables you to travel across the EU Schengen territory,” she adds — referring to the borderless, continent-spanning zone connecting most Continental EU members, which former INTERPOL chief Robert Noble has denounced as “an international passport-free zone for terrorists to execute attacks … and make their escape.”

    The BBC took their findings to the German parliament, where Stephen Mayer — a spokesman for Angela Merkel’s weakened coalition government — admitted that the scale of the problem was “quite huge”.

    “For us in Germany, it’s a tremendous problem, because our task must be to prevent terrorists from travelling to Germany using stolen or lost documents or false documents,” he added.

    Anis Amri, a Tunisian migrant who was able to carry out a deadly truck ramming on a Christmas market in Berlin despite having previously been jailed in Italy and his German asylum application rejected, used at least fourteen different identities while he was in the country, and escaped across multiple European borders after fleeing the scene of his attack.”

  10. French Mainstream Media ‘Fact-Checker’ Wins $50k Funding From Soros-Funded Institute (breitbart, May 20, 2018)

    “French ‘fact-checker’ service CheckNews has been announced as the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the International Fact-Checking Network, run by the George Soros-funded Poynter Institute, to be the lastest fact-checking service funded by the left-liberal billionaire…”

  11. 78 Per Cent of 9,000 Afghan ‘Children’ Allowed To Remain in Sweden Are Really Adults (breitbart, May 20, 2018)

    “A proposal to allow some 9,000 young Afghan migrants to stay in Sweden has been controversial among voters, as a new report shows that at least 78 per cent are really adults.

    Last month, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his government announced a plan to allow some 9,000 “underage” Afghan migrants to stay in the country after a wave of protest against deportations to Afghanistan.

    The issue has remained a highly controversial topic ahead of this year’s national election, but now it has been revealed that the vast majority of the migrants were not underage Expressen reports.

    The newspaper conducted a study with a portion of the 9,000 migrants and found that none of the men had valid identification documents when they entered Sweden and that a significant number, almost half, had lived in Iran for at least a year before heading to the Scandinavian country.

    Additionally, 99.4 per cent of them are male…”

    • “Kjell Stefan Löfven is a Swedish politician serving as the 33rd and current Prime Minister of Sweden since 2014 and Leader of the Social Democrats since 2012. Löfven previously worked as a welder before becoming an active trade unionist.”öfven

      How the unqualified live.

      Show me the merkel, and I’ll show you the Man.

  12. Swedish Security Service: Potential Terrorists Becoming Much Harder To Track (breitbart, May 20, 2018)

    “The Swedish security agency Sapo has revealed it is having a much harder time tracking down potential terrorists as more and more lone wolf attackers inspired by, but not directly tied to, the Islamic State continue to emerge…”

  13. Cambridge professor outed as FBI informant inside Trump campaign

    A Cambridge professor with deep ties to American and British intelligence has been outed as an agent who snooped on the Trump presidential campaign for the FBI.

    Multiple media outlets have named Stefan Halper, 73, as the secret informant who met with Trump campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos starting in the summer of 2016. The American-born academic previously served in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations.

  14. NRA Spokeswoman Accuses Media of Promoting Mass Shooters

    National Rifle Association Spokeswoman Dana Loesch berates the mainstream media, accusing them of “creating” mass shooters by providing blanket coverage on the suspected gunmen.

    During an interview this week, Loesch argued the names of the shooters become publicized by media reporting or through social media posts, resulting in copycat shooters looking for fame.

    Her comments came following the tragic shooting rampage at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas which left 10-people dead.

    Loesch previously slammed the mainstream media for “loving mass shootings for higher ratings.”

  15. China Agrees to Buy More U.S. Goods in Hopes of Alleviating Trade Tensions

    China is agreeing to purchase more U.S. goods in an effort to alleviate trade tensions between the world’s largest economies.

    In a joint statement today, the U.S. and China said there was a consensus on taking steps to reduce the trade deficits between the two countries.

    China reportedly resisted demands from Washington to cut trade deficits in half, and was hesitant to commit to purchasing more U.S. goods.

    Nonetheless, both sides agreed on meaningful increases in both U.S. agriculture and energy exports.

    Senior U.S. officials –including Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer– continue to engage in talks with China in hopes of avoiding a trade war.

  16. Defying global pressure, Maduro seeks re-election in Venezuela

    CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was seeking a six-year term on Sunday in a vote condemned by foes as the “coronation” of a dictator and likely to bring fresh foreign sanctions.

    With the mainstream opposition boycotting the election, two of his most popular rivals barred from standing and state institutions in loyalists’ hands, the 55-year-old former bus driver is expected to win despite his unpopularity.

    That could trigger oil sanctions from the U.S. government, and more censure from the European Union and Latin America.

    The self-described “son” of Hugo Chavez says he is battling an “imperialist” plot to crush socialism and take over the OPEC nation’s oil wealth. But opponents say the leftist leader has destroyed Venezuela’s once-wealthy economy and ruthlessly crushed dissent.

    Maduro’s main challenger is former state governor Henri Falcon, who predicts an upset on the back of some polls showing him ahead and widespread fury among Venezuela’s 30 million people at the collapse of their economy.

  17. South Korea, U.S. to work closely on summit after Pyongyang’s about-face

    SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump held discussions on Sunday to ensure that the North Korea-U.S. summit remains on track after North Korea threatened to pull out of the high-level talks.

    Moon and Trump spoke over the phone for about 20 minutes, and exchanged their views on North Korea’s recent reactions, South Korea’s presidential office said without elaborating.

    “The two leaders will work closely and unwaveringly for the successful hosting of the North Korea- U.S. summit set on June 12, including the upcoming South Korea-U.S. summit,” the presidential official said.

    Moon and Trump are set to meet on Tuesday in Washington before North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with Trump on June 12 in Singapore.

    Although a historic inter-Korean summit in late April raised hopes of reconciliation, North Korea showed a dramatic change in tone in recent days.

  18. EU sources deny report of proposed new nuclear deal with financial aid for Iran

    BERLIN (Reuters) – Three European Union sources have denied that diplomats meeting in Vienna on Friday to salvage the imperiled Iranian nuclear deal after Washington withdrew will discuss offering Iran financial aid in exchange for concessions.

    A German newspaper reported on Sunday that diplomats from Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia will meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss next steps after the May 8 decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to pull out of a 2015 nuclear accord with Iran.

    The Welt am Sonntag newspaper cited an unnamed senior EU official as saying that the diplomats would discuss a proposal for a new agreement between Iran and world powers that would be the same as the 2015 deal but with some additions to appease the United States.

    These could include provisions to address U.S. concerns over Iran’s ballistic missile program and Tehran’s support of armed groups in the Middle East, the source said.

    “We have to get away from the name ‘Vienna nuclear agreement’ and add in a few additional elements. Only that will convince President Trump to agree and lift sanctions again,” the senior EU official told the paper.

    Such an agreement could in the future include financial aid for Iran, the report said.

  19. Stefan Halper: ‘Planted,’ not merely opportune, if he was an FBI informant – but not an insider
    By J.E. Dyer May 20, 2018

    Time has elapsed, and in the game of “Russiagate revelations,” mainstream news outlets have now named Stefan Halper as (probably) the FBI informant everyone has been dancing around for the last week.

    As I have said before (without naming him), Halper never had an inside role in the Trump campaign, and can’t be considered an informant or “spy” from the inside, in that sense. There is a narrow limit to what his role could have been. But it is worth examining, since it sheds light on how the FBI was treating the Trump campaign as a target of surveillance.

    Halper, a research professor at Cambridge University and formerly an official in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations, has been identified as an individual who contacted both George Papadopoulos and Carter Page in the summer of 2016. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross wrote the canonical articles on these encounters (the first one, involving Papadopoulos, in March 2018).

    • The evidence shows that the man Halper was directed to make contact with the Trump campaign and possibly/probably steer conversations in the direction that would make it seem that there was Russian Contact with the Trump Campaign. The timing (detailed in the article) and the history of Halper (detailed in the article) show a shadowy figure that works on and off for various governmental law enforcement and more often spooky tunes organizations.

      Was he there to gather information or to steer things to provide some backup to the Dossier?

      If he was there to be an agent provocateur the only reason that makes sense is that the Deep State was trying to ensure that if Trump won they had a reason to carry out a witch hunt that would 1) hamper Trumps actions 2) give the propaganda media something to talk about besides what Trump is doing, 3) bankrupt as many of the Trump people by continued legal investigations into nothing.

      All of the above listed reasons are important but the last one is in many ways the most important, if they do this to enough of the Trump people who is going to work in future campaigns that are designed to put someone besides the establishment in power and to return rights, liberty and political power to the people and the states.

      One thing to remember about this article and the coming revelations is that Halper was on the outskirts of the campaign, he wasn’t talking to people deeply involved so it is possible that there was another asset planted deeper inside the Trump campaign. An asset that we know nothing about, if this is true the exposure of Halper is to protect the deep planted asset. A couple of years ago I would have thought this possibility was tin foil hate territory but but given what has already come out so far nothing is too far out to be possible.

      Remember Hillary was suppose to win, she was to continue the work of the Obama administration of destroying the rule of law and making the Constitution a historical relic that has no power. This goal was stopped by the Election of Trump and the Deep State who had been breaking the law by using governmental organizations to spy on and harass political opponents. If Hillary had won they were safe there would have been no investigations and it would have been business as usual. Trump won and they were stuck with the fact that their crimes were going to be investigated and that there was a good chance of a lot of them going to jail. The only thing they could do was set events in motion that would give the propaganda media and the Dems in and out of office a smoke screen to talk about. To an extent this smoke screen is working but it is starting to fail and new and more radical and ridiculous claims are being made.

      Only one thing is sure in the quiet coup, President Trump is being distracted from world events at a time when the world is drifting towards a series of small wars that will have the effect of being a major war. The lefts continued push to treat each event as a separate crime with no connection to the previous “crimes” is preventing us from fighting the war of survival the way it should be fought. The end result of their attempts to hamper the Wests defense is going to be the destruction of Western Civilization (it is probably already destroyed) and a forced return to barbarism for everyone on earth. This destruction of the rule of law and morals is occurring at a time when technology is advancing to the point where the dystopian novels of the past are becoming possible.

      We are sailing a leaky ship in uncharted waters during a massive storm.

    • the gateway pundit – Records Show FBI ‘Informant’ Stefan Halper Was Paid $282,000 in 2016 For Spying on Trump — And Another $129,280 in 2017

      […]Stefan Halper was paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 and 2017 for work with the US government that included spying on the Trump campaign.
      Being a Deep State spy definitely has its perks.

    • the gateway pundit – President Trump to Order DOJ Investigate Alleged Spying on His Campaign By Obama Admin

      President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon he is ordering the Justice Department to investigate whether the Obama administration spied on his 2016 presidential campaign. The order comes on the heels of leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post that the Obama administration had an “informant” make several approaches to three Trump campaign officials, included one that involved an offer of cash and another an offer to “advise” the campaign.
      twitter @realDonaldTrump

      “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!”

    • NYT – Mueller Plans to Wrap Up Obstruction Inquiry Into Trump by Sept. 1, Giuliani Says

      WASHINGTON — The special counsel plans to finish by Sept. 1 its investigation into whether President Trump obstructed the Russia inquiry, according to the president’s lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, who said on Sunday that waiting any longer would risk improperly influencing voters in the midterm elections in November.

      The office of the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, shared its timeline about two weeks ago amid negotiations over whether Mr. Trump will be questioned by investigators, Mr. Giuliani said in an interview. A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment.

      Mr. Giuliani’s comments were an apparent attempt to publicly pressure Mr. Mueller amid their interview negotiations. He urged that the investigation be wrapped up as soon as possible, pointing as a cautionary tale to the revelation by the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey in the last days of the 2016 presidential race that he was reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Mr. Comey’s announcement is widely blamed by Democrats for costing her the election. The F.B.I. found no wrongdoing.

      “You don’t want another repeat of the 2016 election where you get contrary reports at the end and you don’t know how it affected the election,” Mr. Giuliani said.

      Handing in a report to the Justice Department on his findings in the obstruction case would not signal the end of Mr. Mueller’s work. The obstruction examination is one piece of Mr. Mueller’s broader inquiry, a counterintelligence investigation into Russia’s campaign to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. Counterintelligence investigations are used to gather information quietly about the activities of foreign powers and their agents — sometimes for years — and can result in criminal charges.

      Mr. Giuliani sought to frame the outcome of the obstruction investigation as pitting the credibility of one man against another: Mr. Trump vs. Mr. Comey. The president asked Mr. Comey in the early days of the administration to end the investigation into his first national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, according to contemporaneous memos and congressional testimony by Mr. Comey. The president’s request is one of the main episodes Mr. Mueller is examining to determine whether Mr. Trump had criminal intent to obstruct the Russia investigation.

      “We want the concentration of this to be on Comey versus the president’s credibility, and I think we win that and people get that,” Mr. Giuliani said, adding that he also hoped that the Justice Department would open a criminal investigation into Mr. Comey for perjury and for his role in the sharing of information cited in New York Times reports last year about his encounters with the president that prompted Mr. Mueller’s appointment.

      The president, Mr. Giuliani said, wants the report to be made public. His comments echoed tweets by Mr. Trump hours earlier, when he complained that a prolonged inquiry would hurt Republicans in the midterms.

      Mr. Giuliani said that he and Mr. Mueller’s office were still hammering out the terms of an interview with the president. He portrayed his client as a willing interview subject, saying that in the president’s view, no evidence exists that his associates coordinated with Russia’s election interference.

      Mr. Giuliani said that an interview would be a distraction for the president and that the amount of preparation required meant that the president could not sit for questioning until after the scheduled summit meeting between Mr. Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, on June 12 in Singapore. Based on that schedule, Mr. Giuliani said, the president could be questioned around Independence Day.

  20. ‘Dreamers’ hosting a summer camp for future ‘community organizers,’ ‘social justice warriors’

    Summer is just around the corner. If you haven’t enrolled your little ones yet, know that spaces are filling up fast.

    Know also that if you do fail to get your deposit in on time, there are specialized camps that are likely to have spots open. LU has mentioned a few in the past, such as the ‘summer camp’ in Gaza that teaches kids how to stab and shoot Jews (Jewish parents send their children at their own peril) and a DNC-sponsored camp that teaches children how to “resist” the tyranny of the Trump administration. (Don’t confuse that camp with the “Youth Activist Camp and Resistance Space,” which is organized by Black Lives Matter and has a different interpretation of the word resistance.)

    This year there’s a newcomer for radical parents to consider. It’s hosted by United We Dream (UWD), which advertises itself as “the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country” and is dedicated to building “the next generation of leaders.”

    Toward that end, UWD will offer summer workshops under the umbrella “Summer of Dreams.” But those dreams won’t be made up of swimming or campfires or arts and crafts classes or cookouts. Instead, children will learn all about “community organizing” and “social justice.”

    The program will be available at a half dozen locations throughout the country, including Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D,C.

  21. CBC -An ISIS source with conflicting stories and the challenge for journalists

    A returned ISIS fighter gives differing accounts of what he did in Syria to two reporters who publish independently. In the aftermath, how do they account for the differences?

  22. CBC -Have Spies Hacked Journalism?

    If a foreign intelligence agency is behind a damning leak, should that change how journalists report on it? Our interview with [ NYT ] Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Scott Shane.

  23. Canada to add third gender option in government surveys

    In future data collection, including the 2021 census, respondents will have a third option where they are asked to indicate how they identify

    […]The move reflects a two-year process of fine-turning the survey process, said Laurent Martel, director of demography at Statistics Canada.

    “We want to make sure all Canadians can identify themselves within the census,” he said.


    Statistics Canada begins testing non-binary gender options in surveys

    […]The agency is testing new questions on some surveys to capture a wider definition of gender, acknowledging that not everyone identifies as male or female. In its recent opioid awareness survey, for example, respondents were asked what their assigned sex was at birth. The next question asked respondents what their gender is; the options were male, female and “or, please specify.”

    […]“We’re testing different ways, and looking at how people respond, and then we’ll modify and adapt,” said Marc Lachance, director of Statscan’s social and aboriginal statistics division. “Terminology changes over time … it’s a work in progress.”

    […]In collecting data on gender, the agency’s classification structure now includes options of male, female and a new “gender diverse” or non-binary category. The agency’s official definition of gender diverse includes “persons whose current gender was not reported exclusively as male or female … persons who were reported as being unsure of their gender, persons who were reported as both male and female, or neither male nor female.”

    […]The last federal budget announced $6.7-million in funding over five years to establish a Centre for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics at Statscan. Consultations are under way to identify key data gaps and priorities on which areas should be filled.

  24. A two-year-old girl has died in Belgium from a gunshot wound to the head after reportedly being held out of the window of a van full of migrants to keep pursuing police at a distance.
    The suspected people-smuggling vehicle was carrying 30 Kurdish migrants — 26 adults and four children — and had been chased for around an hour in southern Belgium, near the town of Namur.

    According to local media, police are investigating if the child’s body was used to break the window of the van after officers found traces of skin on the broken glass.

    The girl, who had been with her mother, died in an ambulance on the way to a hospital, and an autopsy later revealed that she had died from a gunshot wound to the cheek.

    Frederic Bariseau, a local deputy prosecutor, told a press conference on Friday afternoon that “an investigation will determine” what firearm was used and who fired it.

  25. Neighbors in the Northwest part of the Valley said a group of teens have been terrorizing their community near Elkhorn and Fort Apache.
    Neighbors in the Northwest part of the Valley said a group of teens have been terrorizing their community near Elkhorn and Fort Apache.
    LAS VEGAS (FOX5) –
    Neighbors in the Northwest part of the Valley said a group of teens have been terrorizing their community near Elkhorn and Fort Apache.

    On April 27, the group of teens were recorded on cell phone video attacking a woman. Neighbors said the woman was attacked three times and suffered a sprained ankle and broken finger.

    “Sixty kids came out of no where and just rushed everyone,” Jon Harris said of his wife’s attack. “I don’t know how it started but we turned around and my wife was getting jumped by a bunch of kids.”

    In the same video that captured the attack, the group of teens were seen picking up baseball size rocks and throwing them. Many of those rocks, neighbors said hit homes and cars.

    “They hit my neighbors’ wife with those rocks,” Harris said. “He was also hit trying to protect his wife.”

    As shocking as the video was to watch, neighbors said this is the new normal in their area.

    “I want people to know that video where my neighbor is getting beat, this isn’t a one time thing,” Eric Phillips said. Phillips is a middle school math teacher, and lives in the neighborhood.

    Others there said the teens have been causing problems in the area for months.

  26. Protecting Hungary from George Soros’s open borders agenda will preserve the nation as a safe haven for its Jewish community, Viktor Orbán has told the World Jewish Congress (WJC), highlighting the rise of anti-Semitism in Western Europe.
    Responding to a letter from WJC chairman Ronald S. Lauder which criticised his government’s crackdown on foreign NGOs promoting mass migration, the Hungarian prime minister said the Open Society Foundations (OSF) organisation and its globalist, billionaire founder “bear responsibility for the increase in anti-Semitism in Europe”.

  27. The Times of Israel reports: The UN agency for Palestinian refugees is fueling “unrealistic” hopes of return after 70 years and is therefore helping keep the Israeli-Palestinian conflict alive, Switzerland’s foreign minister said Thursday.
    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) was established after Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, when around 700,000 Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes.

    But Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis pointed out that the number of Palestinians characterized as refugees — the vast majority of whom are descendants of refugees — living in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza has swelled to more than five million. This is because, unlike other refugee populations worldwide, the UN extends refugee status to the children and subsequent descendants of the original Palestinian refugees.

  28. It’s easy to find timelines that detail Trump-Russia collusion developments. Here are links to two of them I recommend:

    Politifact Russia-Trump timeline

    Washington Post Russia-Trump timeline

    On the other side, evidence has emerged in the past year that makes it clear there were organized efforts to collude against candidate Donald Trump–and then President Trump. For example:

    Anti-Russian Ukrainians allegedly helped coordinate and execute a campaign against Trump in partnership with the Democratic National Committee and news reporters.
    A Yemen-born ex-British spy reportedly delivered political opposition research against Trump to reporters, Sen. John McCain, and the FBI; the latter of which used the material–in part–to obtain wiretaps against one or more Trump-related associates.
    There were orchestrated leaks of anti-Trump information and allegations to the press, including by ex-FBI Director James Comey.
    The U.S. intel community allegedly engaged in questionable surveillance practices and politially-motivated “unmaskings” of U.S. citizens, including Trump officials.
    Alleged conflicts of interests have surfaced regarding FBI officials who cleared Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information and who investigated Trump’s alleged Russia ties.
    But it’s not so easy to find a timeline pertinent to the investigations into these events.

    Here’s a work in progress.

  29. The Swedish security agency Sapo has revealed it is having a much harder time tracking down potential terrorists as more and more lone wolf attackers inspired by, but not directly tied to, the Islamic State continue to emerge.
    Fredrik Hallström, Deputy Unit Manager at the Security Department, has revealed that the agency is having a harder time tracking down potential attackers, Swedish radio broadcaster Sveriges Radio reports.

    “We see, above all, that the type of attack threat we handle does not come from established networks in the same way as before, but there are unknown actors, where we have not received information about them earlier, which means that it will be more complex to assess.”

  30. Prosecutors say “manipulative” police officer Mohammed Perwaze repeatedly raped an 8-year-old girl, telling his victim: “I can love you more than your puppy ever will.”
    Perwaze, who until he was charged in November worked as a police sergeant with Durham Constabulary, denies four counts of rape and 14 other charges relating to the girl — including five of indecent assault and four of sexual assault.

    Sheffield Crown Court heard the girl had been “broken down” from constant attacks carried out on her by the 45-year-old after he began abusing her at the age of eight, the Northern Echo reports.

    Simon Reevell QC, prosecuting, said: “By the time she was a young adult, she had quite literally been broken down by this man so he could use her for his sexual gratification because of the sexual attraction he had had for her since she was eight years old.

  31. MOSCOW — Four gunmen stormed a church in Russia’s predominantly Muslim region of Chechnya on Saturday, killing at least one churchgoer and two police officers, according to authorities.

    All the attackers were killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police at the Archangel Michael Church in the center of Grozny, the capital, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia, an internal security agency.

    The gunmen initially took hostages, the leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said, adding that the assailants were armed with knives, hatchets and homemade explosives as well.

  32. A proposal to allow some 9,000 young Afghan migrants to stay in Sweden has been controversial among voters, as a new report shows that at least 78 per cent are really adults.
    Last month, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and his government announced a plan to allow some 9,000 “underage” Afghan migrants to stay in the country after a wave of protest against deportations to Afghanistan.

    The issue has remained a highly controversial topic ahead of this year’s national election, but now it has been revealed that the vast majority of the migrants were not underage Expressen reports.

  33. Hamed Abdel-Samad: Integration? What?

    “Integration – Protocol of Failure” is the title of the latest book by Hamed Abdel-Samad, one of the most well-founded Islam connoisseurs and critics in Germany.

    If one believes in the political leaders and their media makers, then the Federal Chancellor’s “we can do it” is still the highest command. In this respect, such a book title looks like a sacrilege.

    But facts are facts and that´s what Hamed Abdel-Samad works with. How can it be that so many studies presented by the media draw a much more beautiful picture of this new multi-culti enriched world?

    We asked Hamed Abdel-Samad to start a small series of interviews.

    (It is possible to enable subtitles in English). Watch Hamed tear apart the “everything´s great” narrative of the media:

  34. TURKEY – Minister says Wikipedia ban to remain as long as it shows Turkey supporting ISIL

    Turkish Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan has said a ban on online encyclopedia Wikipedia will remain in place in Turkey as long as it does not remove content that shows Turkey supporting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

    In a controversial move, Turkey blocked access to Wikipedia in April 2017.

    “As long as it [Wikipedia] shows Turkey, which has rendered more than 3,000 terrorists ineffective, as a supporter of DAESH [ the Arabic acronym for ISIL], it will not be allowed to operate in Turkey,” said the minister in a statement on Friday.

    The Ankara 1st Criminal Court of Peace ordered a ban on the website after Wikipedia reportedly refused to remove two English-language pages that claimed Ankara had supported jihadists in Syria.

    The Turkish Telecommunications Authority (BTK) asked an Ankara court that a “protection measure” related to suspected Internet crimes be applied to Wikipedia.

    The minister said Wikipedia editors who want to intervene in the “inaccurate content” from Turkey are prevented from doing so.

  35. Spanish police arrest 12 from alleged hash smuggling ring (abcnews, May 20, 2018)

    “Spanish authorities say they have broken up an alleged drug ring that smuggled hashish from Morocco to Europe.

    Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido said Sunday that Spanish police arrested 12 alleged smugglers and confiscated nearly 190,000 euros ($224,000.)

    Zoido said in a Twitter post: “We have declared war on those who deal drugs.”

    The arrests mark the second major bust of alleged drug smugglers in the province of Cadiz in southern Spain this month. Two weeks ago, police arrested 14 suspected smugglers and confiscated drugs and boats allegedly used to run stashes across the Strait of Gibraltar.

    Spain’s Interior Ministry says Cadiz province, which is located 14 kilometers (8.6 miles) from the coast of North Africa, is the entry point for 40 percent of the drugs smuggled into Spain.”

  36. Spanish boats pick up 162 migrants crossing Mediterranean (abcnews, May 20, 2018)

    “Spain’s maritime rescue service says it picked up 162 migrants who were attempting to make the perilous trip across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe this weekend.

    The service said its rescue craft intercepted 121 people traveling in three separate boats on Saturday and pulled another 41 passengers from a fourth boat on Sunday.

    Each year, tens of thousands of migrants attempt to reach Spain and other southern European countries by crossing the Mediterranean in smugglers’ boats. Most of the vessels are unfit for open water, and thousands of people drown each year.

    The United Nations says 615 migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean so far this year. A total of 22,439 travelers reached European shores, 4,409 of them arriving in Spain, during the first four months of 2018.”

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