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5 Replies to “Katie Hopkins on the Mayor Molenbeek”

  1. I can’t even bear to watch this sort of twaddle anymore.

    Simply declare people like Molenbeek’s mayor, Micron, and Justine Trudeau to be suicide cases, then have them confined and medicated as necessary. These individuals are a danger to themselves and the people around them. Full Stop.

    • A new study reveals the growing cultural and religious divide between native Europeans and their Muslim neighbors.

      The Belgian government surveyed nearly 4,500 residents of Flanders and Brussels with Belgian, Moroccan, Polish, Turkish, Congolese, and Romanian national or ethnic ties to gauge their opinions on issues as they pertain to the social environment.

      “The research is an instrument for measuring the temperature in society,” said Liesbeth Homans, Flemish Minister For Integration.

      39% of Turkish respondents said their religious faith ‘must precede’ Belgian law, and 23% of Moroccans and 19% of Congolese agreed. Turkey and Morocco are both nearly 100% Islamic.

      Correspondingly, when asked if it is acceptable for their children to have partners with a different faith, Turks and Moroccans supported this idea the least.

      Only 18% of Belgians believe that Islam is compatible with the ‘Western way of life,’ and even fewer Polish or Romanians felt so, at 11% and 9%, respectively.

      31% of Turks and 28% of Congolese were opposed to homosexuality, saying gay men and women should not be allowed to live how they wish. Only 2% of Belgians said the same.

      In a report on the survey, Flemish paper De Morgen smeared Belgians as “racist” while withholding any comment on presumably ‘homophobic’ Turks.

      “The Flemish appear to be pretty racist,” De Morgen says. “Living together with Muslims is more difficult for native Belgians than for most Belgians with a migrant background.”

      However, in sharp contrast to De Morgen’s malignant accusation, foreigners said they felt at home in Belgium and “appreciated by their colleagues.”

      In 2016, Belgium experienced the worst terror attack in its history when Islamic terrorists detonated bombs in the airport and metro in Brussels, killing 32 and injuring more than 300.

      Brussels is synonymous with Islamic radicalism for some, as the no-go ghetto of Molenbeek has been called the ‘jihadi capital of Europe,’ producing a slew of terrorists in recent years – a fact that even the New York Times and Washington Post have been forced to admit.

      The Muslim population of Brussels is estimated to have reached 25%, and if the ISLAM Party of Belgium achieves its stated goal, the country will become an Islamic state by 2030.

  2. Miss Hopkins is asking for donations to help her fight any legal case bright against her by this Belgian mayor. I’ve made a small contribution.

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