The Trump Effect?

#BREAKING: #SaudiArabia: #Gulf states have classified #Hezbollah leaders as terrorists, including Hassan #Nasrallah and Naim Kassem

#US, #Gulf states designate #Hezbollah chief Hassan #Nasrallah as terror sponsor

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  1. Isn’t it interesting that the Muslim states need to lead the way in this? For many, many years we, in the west, have been feed a bunch of blather regarding Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Nusra, Al Shabab, and all of the other brutal Islamic fronts. The sad thing is that much of the west buys this blather!
    We, here in the US can’t even designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist org. even though documents presented in the Holy Land Foundation trial prove exactly that.
    There are some very powerful forces on the national level that want to promote this obfuscation. It is very hard to tell who is being bought off.

    • Thank you Nobody! Great videos. If you are Swedish or Finnish maybe you need some help now against the commie bastards. We can bring some Magyars to help!

  2. Well soon the Iranians will release the list of those who cash in on the Iran deal….uranium deal.
    Mainstream media is worry about the stormy not the real storm…
    Italy , the Vatican has 2 popes residing under the same roof who would be the liberal fraud, Marxist , the Argentinian , who denied the truth . Secret trial ongoing about pedophilia …The swamp

  3. @Johnnyu

    Right know we Scandinavians are very impressed by the Magyars and they way they use their brains (and how you voted)! 10 x better than how we Scandinavians think and vote. Hat off for you!

    Maybe one day in the future we might need your help. Don’t worry you will know clear and loudly, when.

    And as many in the new USSR – we also whish… ”…give me back my country!”:

    P.S. About U.S,A embassy move; couldn’t resist this – ”Jewish men singing Pink Floyd’s”:

  4. Question: If all of the people in that lead image suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth (never to be seen again), would our world be a worse or better place?

  5. Feel-good thought, but not correct.

    Hezbollah is shooting missiles into Riyadh from Yemen. They may be calling themselves “Houthis”; it simplifies reporting for an audience that doesn’t bother with things tribal. Strictly speaking, the Houthis are Zaidis from northern Yemen, but a jumble of identities find the Houthi flag convenient.

    Iran and Lebanon get it, though.

    Hezbollah al-Hejaz, or ‘Party of God of the Hejaz:
    The Hejaz is the west coast of the Arabian Peninsula, the urban, populated zone that contains Mecca and Medina. It is – or sees itself as – distinct from the rest of the Arabian Peninsula, speaks a different dialect, and looks down on the “nomads” from the east.

    The Hejaz was conquered by Ibn Saud, who’s identified tribally with the Najd region. The relationship has always been tense. (Incidentally, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was a transplant from the Hejaz.)

    Hezbollah and the Yemeni Missiles

    • More than that, the so-called Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is the prize that GB gave to Saud’s rivals in return for help defeating the Ottomans. The then-undeveloped Amman was its new capital. photo in front of his tent in Amman, 1921 born in Mecca, Hejaz, Ottoman Empire, was the second of three sons of Hussein bin Ali, Sharif and Emir of Mecca and his first wife Abdiyya bint Abdullah (d. 1886).

      • Exactly. Iraq as well as Jordan, though quickly overthrown in the former, propped up in the latter.

        The Hashemites got the raw end. And they were from the most cosmopolitan region of the peninsula, the most “noble” lineage.

        I’d have to check specifics, but I know tribal allegiances remain strong between the Saudis, tribes in Lebanon, and others in Iraq. I think they originate in Najd, but maybe there are Iraqi Hashemites.

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