Hungarian Intel-analyst, Laszlo Foldi

This guy is always amazing. Thank you CrossWare for the effort on this, and all your great work.

“Szemt?l szembe” [Face to Face]

They want to throw Europe into debt with the European migrant crisis and keep the states in check

Date: 15 May 2018
Balázs Somorjai
László Földi, an intelligence analyst
Zoltán Lomnici, Jr., a constitutional lawyer

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    • Beware that source “the local” I have seen some of their stuff with a marked slant, they seem to want to be like the BBC when they grow up. And the AFD is only the “extreeeeeme” right if you stand on the left. Having said this i have not seen the article yet being away from my desk. AND Dr. Alice Weidel ROCKS!!!

  1. In support of Foldi’s argument note how an economically crippled Greece serves the invasion process so perfectly. A better paradigm for control is difficult to imagine. Debt subservience is infininately more effective both practically and optically. No native uprising has occurred in Greece. The country serves nicely as a massive staging platform for toxic human capital to be relaunched North. This would not be possible without debt slavery. Meanwhile Romania, Serbia and other countries line up for EU membership because elites there hope to skim some butter for themselves from the top of transfer payments. The Soros Plan, of course, emerges as money supply (M1 in economics lingo) married to Controlled Chaos (CC) for this most effective construct.

    M1CC will be repeated in every western country where political malfeasance is permitted by docile populations. This seems to mean every western nation except the U.S. and the V4, and even half the U.S. is in ideological peril.

    Frankfurt School neo-Marxism and its dog-faced sister postmodernism rule and facilitate post-nationalism. Spending to victory is their modus operandi. And since small and medium-sized business is held in contempt for its independent mindset, it is no wonder that it is mercilessly taxed and red-taped into dust. Besides, it’s only the big boys who really matter under Fascism. These guys are willing to suffer the burden of big government because their backs get scratched by favourable legislation, corporate welfare, competition-free contracts and government hostility towards competing entities. In short, the public purse is not opened for Ma and Pa. Look at Bombardier, General Motors, Chrysler, and how the IRS went after conservative groups for examples.

    As Soros knows very well, only the Big Boy Club need apply when reconstruction of war-torn societies is required following M1CC.

      • Thanks Crossware and thanks for all your fantastic translation work. Also my 90-year old father listened to Foldi and thought his assessment to be quite lucid and realistic. He is very old but very Magyar!

  2. Word of Hungarian who has been following Földi’s interviews for years:
    Földi is a former secret agent of communist times and he remained with anti-Western mindset.

    Földi says that wars are wanted by a minority to create the invasion of Europe to create markets. This is insane!

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