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48 Replies to “Martyrdom video of IS agent who stabbed many people in Paris yesterday”

  1. Strong before the weak
    Weak before the strong,
    (Welcomed by the sheep
    Who just want get along).
    To claim the Judger’s Throne
    So they can do no wrong
    Three times in submission:
    Truth, Life, Soul is gone.

  2. He may think victory is near, it isn’t near for Islam and it isn’t near for the west. The west is starting to fight back and as long as we fight they can’t win, in the long run we will win as long as we don’t fall into a deep depression and surrender.

    • Well said, except bag the depression they ( the Shadow Govt) is trying to instill in us.
      We aren’t responsible for ISLAM’S 1400 years of massacre and enslavement. They are a psychopathically insane, politically supremacist culture who insists they must rule the world. I make no apology for saying that they are not welcome in America, and should ALL be treated as enemy combatants. Nov 11th, 2018. Looking forward to a great new day in America.

    • You sure they are not winning now? Islam didn’t exist on our soil 50 years ago. They hold political office. We have turned our society upside down.
      If you ask me that looks like winning

    • Pig entrails in his grave with him would reduce this quick smart. If only comeone had the cojones to do it.

      • The good news is, you don’t have to waste any pig entrails (amazingly useful creatures in all walks of life) to do this. You just have to float the rumour that they did do this for the full effect. Photoshop some pics etc.

        Pig bullets etc. do not have to be done. They only have to be seen to be done. Because there is no ‘Jenna’ or ‘allah’. If we ACTUALLY do this stuff, then we buy into their mythology and we lose either way.

        We need to use the fact that they buy into it. Not buy into it ourselves.

        • Dear Eeyore, I think I’m in love. I like the way you think.
          I have been touting pig entrails for a long time, but your way is better. Nice!!!

          • I don’t really care what anyone else believes as that is their problem. But I do know that muslims fear pigs and I am quite happy to assist their delusion and shoot them with guns cleaned with a gun oil possibly using pork products. I agree that as a rumour it may help but then some leftist scientist will set out to disprove this (and thus win a Saudi cash grant and I am not joking) so it does have to have a factual basis to it. I do know that you can purchase pork tainted gun oil in the USA. Maybe the CIA could spread the rumour(thx to the Indian mutiny) that Kalashnikov ammo/weapons are oiled with pig fat : )

    • Islam is submissive, seductive, deceptive, subverting, unlimited funding of mosques across America, they hire all the best lawyers money can buy to negotiate construction of mosques with all the relenting, submissive city counsel members who don’t want to be call Islamophobic, racist, bigot. Did you see all the stupid, idiot, Americans in Subway who agreed with the Muslima, tells me they knew nothing of Islam, never read the Quran, Hadith, Sharia, Granted, the aggressor was outspoken and truthful to a point. Why do we allow Muslims to walk among us, when they want to kill us? All most Americans ever do is submit to Islam and Islamic demands by Muslims, weak, passive, unread, Americans!

  3. I love the typical dead, empty muslim eyes. The peace of islam at work, I guess: kill the soul and one will have “peace”.

      • Delusions is not the word, maybe the fire will consume him for his denial of the true God, Jesus Christ. They are being lied to for over 1400 years and will see that all the death and destruction they reaped will be their own death of a trillion deaths, and will beg for mercy, but mercy will not come. Satan does not give out mercy, he gives out death forever in the pits of Hell with Satan when Jesus and the Angels bind him and all his follower demons.

    • Jannah is an invention from a liar. Nothing Muhammad said can be proven true, but lots can be shown to be false. Splitting the moon… explain why nobody else on Earth saw it while the moon is visible from almost half of Earth at any time?
      Explain the convenient revelations. Does it make sense that Allah would “reveal” to Muhammad that people should stop looking at his young wives and get out of his house after dinner (Quran 33:53).

      Muhammad used the desire to believe from gullible people to abuse them, and your imams keep the lies alive

    • What a beautifull tenderly told sermon.
      What a pitty so many innocent blood has to be shed to get there, or at least a life lived in fear and full of obligatory rules.

    • He talks like the Qur’an reads….boring, repetitive, and saying basically nothing that couldn’t have been said in one sentence. What a waste of oxygen.

    • Muhammad was misogynistic. He made up a “revelation” that women’s testimony is worth half of a man’s.

      Does it make any sense that an educated woman’s testimony is worth by definition half of a peddler?

    • Islam is nothing but superstitions created to take advantage of gullible people. I’m sorry for muslims but you are wasting the only life you have by obeying all restrictions imposed by those superstitions.

      Nothing proves Islam is true. Open your eyes and you’ll see contradictions and lies.

  4. Life In The Grave – Mindblowing

    «…the prophet indicates , or tell us, the dead people visit each other in their grave…»

    • And when you are selling snake oil, there is nothing like a carefully adjusted digital reverb and a kafir women’s choir in the Catholic tradition to help you bat it home.

      • Yes ,Isnt it wonderful they can talk for God, Put words in his Mouth and finally realise ,Mohammad isnt the only one who can believe they hear voices in their heads.
        Talk about Dualistic ,Hypocritical and Human to think Any tgod needs us To kill for him.

    • Creepy derivative sappy garbage.
      Pitch for 8-year-old girls to bag themselves? ready for some old perv with a red beard and a rug-burn on his forehead?

      Death, death. Wu-wu.
      Losers, bye.

  5. God loves Muslims and is calling them to change their thinking (repent) and confess Jesus died for them personally. Jesus shed His blood to pay for our sins, once for all. For those in Christ there is no need to murder other people to pay for our sin or to gain assurance of heaven. Why shed the blood of others as the followers of Allah do? This is not ‘mercy’ but murder. Thou shalt not murder. Moses gave us this command and Muslims believe in Moses. Why do Muslim disobey Moses? Eternal life is a free gift from God in Christ. Confess with your lips that JESUS IS LORD. Heaven is assured 100% for the follower of Jesus. No more blood shed. No more murder. No more lying to trick people. No more tricky Allah. Even Mohammad had no assurance of his on destiny. Ask yourself who wrote the Qur’an? Why are there no manuscripts from the time of Mohammad for the next 250 years? Did the Muslims purge the truth from the record? Did they invent a deception of salvation by murder and enslavement?

    • Because MohaMMAD is their true Prophet.He is perfect in their eyes .That an Illiterate goat herder climbs a hill a book falls from heaven ,hits him in the head and Viola he is gods messenger. Personally I believe the book was meant to kill him and avoid islam as a Whole.
      Who says god doesnt make mistakes?

    • Well spoken brother in Christ, this is how the Holy Spirit is speaking, praise the name of Jesus (Yeshua).

  6. This is the legacy of Mohammad , a pedophile, rapist, psychopath and murderer of thousands in his jihad against infidels. Radicalized Muslims are doing the exact same things today brainwashed into a deranged belief system supported by the Koran and the cult of Islam. These people need years of reeducation in F.E.M.A. camps throughout the United States. This must happen to keep our Republic safe .

    • Estimates are that Islam is responsible for 270 to 280 million deaths of non-believers. That includes 80 to 90 millions Buddhists. That makes Mohamed the greatest father of Genocide in all of human history. Hitler, Stalin and Mao where amateurs compared to the self serving lunatic named Mohamed.

      • The death cult of Islam makes the atrocities of Communism and Nazism look like “amateur hour”.

  7. Unable to reason they fell prey to mohammed and his delusion of the Arch Angel Gabriel annointing him as the new prophet as was believed in those days….Send them to jannah.

  8. The West needs desperately to understand Muhammad, not the “Perfect” bullshit, not the “Peace” bullshit, but the truth. Muhammad was a Mass Murderer, a Paedophile, a Sex Slave Maker, Owner, Trader, and User.

    Until we tell the truth, that Islam is a Pervert’s dream, we will never rid ourselves of it’s disease. It is NOT a religion, no miracles, no insight, no future could possibly result from it’s EVIL. If it’s a religion, it’s the Devil’s religion.

    • Its a Dualistic Political ideology made up by a Man who with such a Depraved twisted mind he used a religion as a Cloaking device to pour murder ,Rape ,Child abuse throughout the world.

    • Not to mention that there were never any scriptures in any religion that foretold the entrance of Muhammad, and nothing of any miracles, witnesses, or divine show of Prophethood. Until 300 years after Muhammad’s death did any scriptures send a messenger to foretell his time to come. The Koran states that Allah is a great deceiver, and the Bible states that Satan is the great deceiver, so in examining this fact, that Muslims admit that Allah is a great deceiver who tells the Muslims to deceive and lie and rape and kill, is stating that the Bible is true and the Koran is the false religion, and the Koran is a book of Evil in the world.

  9. (A great endorsement from Dr. Bill Warner of Political Islam, he sent this out to his email subscribers).

    Martyrdom video

    This is testimony from the jihadi who went on a stabbing spree in Paris over the weekend. These are his final words. I would relate this back to doctrine, but he does a good job of it for me. To avoid the eye of the social media tyrants and not get a hand slap for violating “community standards”, I share with you via email.

  10. “I came to the absolute conviction that it is impossible…impossible…for any human being to read the biography of Mohammed and believe in it, and then emerge a psychologically and mentally healthy person.”

    – Syrian Psychiatrist Dr. Wafa Sultan

  11. “Martyrdom” is not an appropriate tittle to for suicide bombers. Even in the widest definitions, the word does not apply to someone who kills but to someone who is put to death. The original martyrs were the Christians who chose death rather that renouncing their beliefs. This is not the same as killing for one’s beliefs. Whereas a martyr is persecuted, a suicide attacker is persecuting. A more appropriate title is “fanatic”.

    1. a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion.
    2. a person who is put to death or endures great suffering on behalf of any belief, principle, or cause: a martyr to the cause of social justice.
    3. a person who undergoes severe or constant suffering:
    a martyr to severe headaches.
    4. a person who seeks sympathy or attention by feigning or exaggerating pain, deprivation, etc.
    verb (used with object)
    5. to make a martyr of, especially by putting to death.
    6. to torment or torture.


  12. Can’t we just leave god and religion out of it and treat islam as the deadly, evil ideology that it is? Faith or belief in a god is a personal contract between an individual and her god and NO one: pope imam or fuhrer has the right to interfere, intervene or comment. However, once a religion becomes organized, it is political man in action NOT any god viz the heretic wars when Christianity became the dominant roman religion where the teachings of JoN(useless vs fanatics and criminals) were totally ignored. Remember the Cathars (different period but same reason)!

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