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  1. Strassel: Did FBI outright spy on the 2016 Trump campaign?

    On ‘Hannity,’ Kimberley Strassel expands on her Wall Street Journal piece that asks if the FBI placed a mole within Trump’s 2016 campaign.

  2. Trey Gowdy, John Ratcliffe on efforts to get info from DOJ

    The DOJ has been accused of stonewalling when it comes to providing information to Congress; Reps. Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliffe share an update on ‘Hannity.’

  3. CBC – Toronto teens want better protection from predatory teachers

    Teens from several Toronto high schools walked out of class in protest Friday, because they want better protection from predatory teachers.

    Ontario recently changed the law to revoke the licences of teachers who grope or sexually touch their students.

    But students say more needs to be done, including measures if teachers make sexualized comments that distress students.

  4. CBC in Syria: Inside a town once held by ISIS

    With rare access in Syria, CBC reporter Margaret Evans takes us inside a town once held by ISIS. Yalda is one of the many towns torn apart by fighting.

    It was once in the hands of ISIS, but is now under the control of Syrian authorities.

  5. BBC – Poland: Europe’s problem child?

    Emily Maitlis sits down with the Polish President’s chief of staff, Krzysztof Szczersk. After 14 years in the European Union, it is still a club that Poland wants to be a part of?

    • Poland: Europe’s problem child?

      Europe: Poland’s problem child?

      There, fixed that.

      Notice the subtly slanted language which implies that Poland’s behavior is infantile?

      If there is an immature and problematic entity in the region, it is the EU.

  6. Congress may fund the search for intelligent life in space as they can’t find any in Washington

    Having SETI funded by the U.S. Government, again, would represent one helluva boost in resources for scientists who, for the past two decades and change, have had to rely on funding from private interests like universities to continue their search for intelligent life beyond earth. However, as with all things the government sticks its snout into, there’s a catch. The new bill that says that funding SETI would be cool is, as points out, just an authorization bill. For federal funds to change hands, an appropriations bill will have to be drafted and approved, first.

    In other words, don’t get any ideas about shaking hands (or other appendages) with a creature from another world anytime soon: the sweet red tape of bureaucracy will likely keep us from having to share a towel with a hoppy Betelgeusian frood for some time to come.

    • Yes. let’s all send our data into space and assume that ET is benevolent In a universe that is predatory (Black holes swallow smaller black holes, stars absorb smaller stars etc. etc. ad infin. and the fact that in a civilization nothing advances technology like a war , hot or cold, plus the fact that our water planet while not unique is uncommon and extremely desirable and still has untouched reserves of precious metals. Yes I can see how ET will be very willing to come here. However as a friend? You are kidding! WHY would he even bother talking to us unless we had a chance of defeating him? And if he has the technology to even arrive here then there is no chance of that.
      The blind assumption that an approaching stranger is not hostile is another leftist pipedream of the late 20th century with absolutely no factual basis but absolutely tons of historical proof of the opposite.

      • Yes. let’s all send our data into space…

        SETI is a passive listening system that is dedicated to searching for electromagnetic signals containing complex, repeating sequences which might represent some sort of organized information.

        SETI send no data outwards into space. Our television and radio stations do that job quite well enough, thankyouverymuch.

      • This is where so many UFO believers go wrong, they are looking for the Great Galactic Wizards to show up and save us from ourselves. What they don’t think through is that an species that gets advanced enough to travel between the stars will be the top predators on their planet. If they weren’t the other predators would have eaten them a long time ago.

        No the aliens won’t be friendly, they won’t necessarily be hostile but the best we can hope for is that they are non hostile.

    • “Melanie Phillips No Liberty, No Equality, No Fraternity”
      Speakers Action Group – Published on February 26, 2018

      • “Melanie Phillips: How the media manipulates truth”
        Speakers Action Group – Published on February 27, 2018

  7. For Liberals, the Watergate Hangover Has Been Excruciating

    The victory against a tainted Republican president was glorious. Then came the backlash.

    As Donald Trump’s legal challenges multiply, so do comparisons of him to Richard Nixon, the only president ever removed from office. 1 We’re getting used to headlines like “How Trump’s Scandals Mimic Watergate,” “Trump Is Going Full Nixon on Mueller” and “Who’s Worse, Trump or Nixon?”

    Turn on MSNBC on a given night, and you’ll hear veterans of the Watergate scandal like John Dean and the prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks explaining the parallels — the special prosecutor, the witnesses who may “flip,” the possible subpoena of the president.

    At the same time, however, prominent liberals, including Democratic Representative Adam Schiff of California and Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, are trying to tamp down talk of impeachment.

    Richard: note how they don’t talk about the lack of evidence or the way the investigators are breaking many laws. The way things are going the Watergate Hangover is going to be nothing compared to the Trump investigation hangover, the one where the Dems are destroyed as a political power.

  8. Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!

    California Congresswoman Maxine Waters doesn’t want to hear any talk about making America great, especially if it’s coming from a straight white man.

    Waters went off the rails at a recent House debate when Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly had the audacity to suggest the country needed to shift focus from what divides to what unites.

    • Maxine Waters explodes on House floor: I resent ‘making America great again’!

      Of course she’s outraged. America in on track for a strong economic recovery and this Narrative Whore™ (you saw it here first), had absolutely nothing to do with it..

      • She doesn’t want to have anything to do with it, she wants the US very weak and subject to following the orders of all of the Third World dictators running the UN.

  9. Saudi Arabia reiterates vow to pursue nuclear weapons if Iran does

    Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir says Saudi will match any Iranian development of nuclear weapons

    Saudi Arabia will develop its own nuclear weapons if Iran does, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN on Wednesday, amid spiralling tensions between the regional rivals.

    Asked whether Riyadh would “build a bomb itself” if Tehran resumes a nuclear weapons programme in light of Washington’s nixing of the 2015 nuclear deal, Jubeir said: “If Iran acquires nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same.”

    In March, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said his country would develop a nuclear bomb if Iran does.

  10. “Screaming” man runs into Kwik Fit garage shouting ‘I’ve been attacked with acid’ in upmarket London suburb

    Scotland Yard said the victim was approached by two suspects who threw a “noxious substance” at him before stealing his mobile phone

    A man burst into a car garage in an upmarket London suburb “screaming” that he had been attacked with acid today.

    Police, firefighters and paramedics were called to Kwik Fit in Whetstone, north London, this morning after reports a man had a “noxious substance” thrown at him.

    A supervisor in the shop told thisislocalLondon the distressed victim repeatedly said he had been attacked with acid and that he constantly washed his face until emergency services arrived.

    Police said they understand the man was approached by two suspects who threw a “noxious substance” at him before stealing his mobile phone.

  11. “The youngest daughter of Martin Luther King Jr has called for a boycott of Waffle House following two controversial arrests of black patrons.”

    This is the problem I have with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was a philanderer and neglecter of his children.

    And yet he carried the title of rabbi, holding Jesus’ teaching as his very own, to lead and preach to the lost sheep into walking the path of the True Faith just like him. Standing directly in the way of salvation of their souls, by giving them a new Gospel of Marxism: the promise of Heaven on Earth, to embolden them to steal from others who are wealthier. ‘We are just like you.’

    In his infamous “I have a Dream” speech.
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal.”

    This is a deliberately misconstrued lie. All men are created equal before the Law. Whereas, it is painfully obvious that not all men are created equal. There is never an equality of outcome that is virtuous. There are only equal-opportunities where talent can rise, and scum will sink.

    “…the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.” Sons of their parents have nothing to be ashamed of. This guilt-tripping is waxed thick. Reparations, preferences and entitlements will soon to follow.

    “We can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their selfhood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating “for whites only.””

    But this never robbed people of their dignity unless they let it. The Jews had this done to them for thousands of years. Rejected and reviled. ‘No Jews welome’ And together they built a nation. And yet today, openly on campuses, his children say, “Non-Whites Only”.

    Every civilized society, starts in the home. So does every collapsed one.

    Therefore, he was not who he claimed to be. This Trojan Horse that is still worshipped, with two moral degenerates in Waffle House being championed for the color of their skins by his daughter.

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    They had no character. He did not pass any to them. And if they did not repent and forgive Revend King, to separate from him and become themselves, to be guided by their own conscience, then they have no character still. That’s how it works.

    “One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.”

    They still do, and always will, unless they change their ways.

    But there is always someone to deride your prosperity and pull you down to their level of hypocrisy – so they rise to become the Big Stalin over little Stalins. The judge of all who are worthy of judgement.

  12. London Mayor Sadiq Khan plans TfL ‘junk food’ advert ban

    The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, says he wants to tackle the “ticking time bomb” of child obesity in the capital.

    If the proposal is approved, adverts for “unhealthy food and drink” will be banned on the London Underground, Overground, buses and bus shelters.

    The scheme is backed by child health experts but the Advertising Association said it would have “little impact”.

    The junk food advertising ban forms part of Mr Khan’s London Food Strategy, which has been published for consultation.

    TfL’s director of TfL’s transport strategy Lilli Matson said it had a “large advertising estate with a diverse audience”, and is supporting the mayor’s attempts to make London healthier.

  13. China Rapidly Building Advanced Arms for Use Against U.S.
    Space weapons, drones using artificial intelligence priority in Beijing military buildup

    China is rapidly building space weapons and other advanced arms infused with artificial intelligence capabilities as part of Beijing’s bid for military dominance, according to a congressionally sponsored study.

    Anti-satellite missiles and orbiting killer satellites, swarms of attack drones, hypersonic missiles, maneuvering warheads, lasers, and high-speed rail guns are key systems China is fielding in the coming years in a bid to leap ahead of the U.S. military supremacy.

    “All of China’s advanced weapons systems are moving forward at ‘full speed’ and are all seen as ‘priorities given [China’s] overarching emphasis on finding a vulnerability in the U.S. armor,'” the report warns, quoting a 2013 Chinese military strategy.

    The advanced weapons are part of a shift in Beijing’s military focus from deploying high-technology “informatized” weapons to “intelligentized” arms—revolutionary capabilities boosted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, the report said.

    The study examined five advanced arms being developed by China: space weapons, unmanned vehicles, maneuverable missile warheads, directed energy weapons, and electromagnetic railguns.

    “Past history and existing potential point fairly clearly to the likelihood that these systems will become a feature of the strategic landscape in a decade. Or less,” states the report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

    • Beijing can bluster all it wants. A single Ohio-class nuclear submarine carries enough throw weight to turn all of Communist China’s major cities into vast smoking wastelands.

      Quite like Islam, The Mainland had best be very careful about what it wishes for.

      • That is why they spend money buying Democrat Politicians, they know the Dems will take the money and reduce the US military. What they hope is that one of these days they will reduce it enough that China can takeover.

        • Well, they almost succeeded with 0bama. I still shiver when I think of how narrowly America avoided another four years of Pentagon bloodletting.

          • I don’t think it would have happened, if she had won too many people would have revolted. I have heard rumors that there were two different coups planned in case she won. I don’t know if the rumors were true but we wouldn’t have survived as a free nation if she was let lead the US for 4 years.

  14. What’s with this ‘loss of human lives’ alibi DOJ’s been using to stonewall House Intel Committee?
    By J.E. Dyer May 11, 2018

    By now, many readers are aware of Kimberley Strassel’s deduction, which she wrote about on Thursday, that the FBI’s 2016 probe of the Trump campaign involved a human source. By human source, she means a spy on the inside.

    The tangential details that indicate this have come to light because of the House Intelligence Committee’s demand to understand the basis for the 2016 investigation. In its oversight role for agencies created by Congress – like the Department of Justice and the FBI – the House has every right to make such demands.

    Strassel lays the groundwork:

  15. No, Israel-Iran skirmish in Syria this week had nothing to do with Trump pulling out of JCPOA
    By Jeff Dunetz May 11, 2018

    Twenty rockets were fired toward Israel from Syria early Thursday morning. The rockets were fired by Iranian Quds Force (the special forces unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards) based in Syria. Four of the Iranian rockets were shot down by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, while the remaining sixteen landed in Syria.

    Israel, of course, unleashed a barrage at Iranian sites based in Syria. According to Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, “If it rains on us, it’ll storm on them.” Describing how the IAF hit “nearly all the Iranian infrastructure in Syria,” Lieberman, speaking to a conference at the IDC college in Herzliya, added, “We are not going to let Iran turn Syria into an entire military base against Israel … I hope we’ve finished this chapter and that everyone got the message.”

    • … I hope we’ve finished this chapter and that everyone got the message.

      The only “message” Iran’s mullahs will ever understand involves régime change. Most likely at gun point, if not muzzle flash.

      • If we can find the right people inside of Iran to support that will happen, of course we can expect the Dems/Left to fight tooth and nail to stop us from doing anything like that.

  16. Iran Targets the Gulf

    by Richard Miniter
    May 11, 2018 at 10:30 pm

    More than 7,000 miles from Washington and far from America’s headlines, a war in Yemen is rewriting America’s strategy against Iran and terrorism.

    The three-sided civil war pits two radical Islamist forces — Al-Qaeda’s largest surviving army and Iran’s biggest proxy force — against each other and six of America’s Arab allies. U.S. Special forces carry out covert raids and CIA drones rain down missiles on terror leaders.

    The outcome of the Yemen war matters: U.S. forces are fighting there and a new strategy against terrorism is now being tested in the Middle East’s poorest nation.

    Since Britain’s Royal Marines marched out of their Aden Protectorate in November 1967, Yemenis have killed each other over nearly every international ideology: colonialism, communism, and radical Islamism. Add in the tribal rivalries and the religious divides between competing versions of Sunni and Shia Islam — and the stage is set for perpetual war. Indeed, Yemen, in every decade since the 1960s, saw bombings, bloodshed and barbarism.

    Iran has also seemingly been trying to form a “Shi’ite Crescent” across the Middle East, through Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the Mediterranean.

    According to nearly half a million computer files released by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency late last year, captured from Osama bin Laden’s compound, Iran had also offered “support to al-Qaeda in exchange for targeting the Gulf.”

    • The three-sided civil war pits two radical Islamist forces — Al-Qaeda’s largest surviving army and Iran’s biggest proxy force — against each other and six of America’s Arab allies. U.S. Special forces carry out covert raids and CIA drones rain down missiles on terror leaders.

      A gold-plated, classic MME clusterfü¢k. At least there’s still some sort of meat grinder operating to chew up fighting age Muslim males. We’ve just got to keep all boots off of the ground in Yemen. Let these sand-loving, lamb-eating, inbred morons go at it all by themselves.

    • Interesting: VIENNA (Reuters) – The chief of inspections at the U.N. nuclear watchdog has resigned suddenly, the agency said on Friday without giving a reason.

      The departure of Tero Varjoranta comes at a sensitive time, three days after the United States announced it was quitting world powers’ nuclear accord with Iran, raising questions as to whether Tehran will continue to comply with it.

    • Yemen hasn’t been a unified country in modern history. Attempts to unify it have amounted to one half enslaving the other, misc. tribes in the middle shifting allegiances for reasons opaque to foreigners. (c.f. the Paki-Afghan badlands.)

      In Yemen it’s always an outsider, like the UK or Nasser [-Soviets] or the Saudis, calling the shots. It always breaks down in a few years at best. It’s an unspeakably awful place of warlord rule. Insulated pockets are nearly impossible to disinfect.

      AQAP – al-Queda in the Arabian Peninsula – is often cited as the most proficient branch of the organization. It concentrates “talent” from all over the world in everything from explosives to finance.

      AQAP is an opportunistic organism: having connected off and on with shift-changing Sunni terror orgs like ISIS, al-Nusra, and the MB, as well as with Iran, directly and via proxies.

      “Sectarianism” is an over-simplified explanation for what’s going on. It’s a mistake to see Sunni Arabs – or even Sunni Gulf Arabs – as totally united in purpose.

      Although the Houthis are an immediate threat to the largest of the Gulf monarchies, the Saudis across a long border, they’re not the ONLY opponent for the others.

      There’s also the Sunni terrorist infrastructure – the MB is an essential component – that threatens the tiny Emirates in particular. Individuals throughout the region continue to send money to them. The MB is even part of the Jordanian parliament.

  17. Champigny: the police station attacked, three arrests

    Thirty people fired projectiles – mortars, Molotov cocktails, fireworks – at the [police] building. Identical skirmishes had already taken place last weekend after the arrest of three men.

    Three people were arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday in Champigny after new clashes in front of the police station. They were placed in custody at the premises of the departmental security in Créteil

    It was half past midnight at Rodin square when a detonation sounded near the police station. Thirty people dressed in dark colors arrived in front of the building with a caddy containing projectiles fired in the minutes that followed on the police station: mortars, molotov cocktails, fireworks.

    The police answered with training grenades
    For the second time, about fifteen other people arrived equipped with bars of iron and other projectiles.
    The police responded with tear gas . Police reinforcements, however, had to be called.
    The group finally fled to the Rodin Tower on their way destroying a bus stop and burning two cars. Firefighters intervened to extinguish these fires as well as garbage fires, but , their intervention had to be secured by the police. The calm returned around 1:30 in the morning.

    High tensions in the neighborhood of Bois-l’Abbé
    These new arrests occur in a tense context in the neighborhood of Bois-l’Abbé. Last Saturday, three men were arrested after using mortar fire. They must be tried on June 8 in the court of Créteil. …..

    • Anyone want to bet against these same five mega-corporations having globalist agendas?

      What’s that Shelly? No conspiracy theories, you say?

      Actually, it doesn’t take much of a bent for conspiracies to see that this portion of the financial 1% are subtly altering headline news, program content, and all forms of advertising to promote self-doubt, consumerism, over-consumption, and the Leftist narrative. Self-loathing probably fits in there somewhere as well.

      Why the Leftist narrative? After all, these are multi-billion dollar corporations that don’t have much use for Social Justice along with all of the other impedimenta and psychological baggage that modern Liberals tend to sport. While there are some major Left-leaning firms like Alphabet, Apple, and Facebook that are hardcore Liberal, much of the financial 1% is not and their combined wealth makes Silicon Valley’s tech geeks look like so many newcomers.

      Just like the Left is attempting to use Islam as their own private wrecking ball, so are these media giants using the Left to deconstruct Western Civilization. It’s that simple and that’s why it’s so critical to starve out the mainstream media. Cut the cord!

      • The way things are going the media giants are going to lose most of their influence. we will see most of them survive but greatly weakened.

          • If they survive that is a given, their survival is up for question and all of the broadcast giants have managed to create such abortions for programs few are watching. It is unlikely they will change until they start breaking up.

            • It is unlikely they will change until they start breaking up.

              These MSM turds can wave at the NFL as they drive by.

  18. ‘Kalashnikov Has Never Let Us Down’: Afghans Go For Russian Arms (sputniknews, May 12, 2018)

    “Russia’s legendary Kalashnikov assault rifles are a household name in Afghanistan due to their high quality, ease of use and reliability.

    Since the Americans started replacing Russian firearms used by the Afghan security forces with US-made ones, Afghan officers and military experts have had a chance to compare the two and they all agree that the Russian Kalashnikovs are hands down better than their US counterparts.

    In an interview with Sputnik, Safiullah Mirbacha, the head of a police precinct with more than 1,000 police officers under his command, said that the

    Russian AK-47 is really the go-to weapon for his men.

    “This is because they know this weapon. The Kalashnikov is easy to use and it never misfires in combat situations. The Kalashnikov has never let us down,” Mirbacha said.

    “We also use Makarov pistols,” he added.

    Police General Zalamai Wardak joined in explaining that many Russian-made weapons that can be fixed and used again lie idle because the Americans want to sell their own weapons in Afghanistan…”

      • AK’s are more reliable but are much less accurate…

        It’s why the typical AK-toting Arab’s principal strategy is commonly known as, “Spray and pray”.

        • Yup, and both are why I prefer a M14, is as accurate as a 16 as reliable as a 47 and reaches out forever and a day. The 14 was the shortest issued rifle in US military history and the longest serving, it is still used as a snipers rifle. The only problem is it weighs 9 and a half punds empty and 11 and a half fully loaded. Not fun to pack around all day, not fun but a lot of men in Nam were very upset when they were replaced with 16s.

  19. Polish Immigrants Returning Home Cite Fear of Terrorism, Anti-White Racism by Black Brits (breitbart, May 12, 2018)

    “WARSAW, Poland: Polish migrants living in and leaving the United Kingdom for their native country have cited concerns about life in contemporary Britain, with issues including economics, anti-white racism, and terrorist attacks…”

    • Polish migrants living in and leaving the United Kingdom for their native country have cited concerns about life in contemporary Britain, with issues including economics, anti-white racism, and terrorist attacks…

      This is one of Britain’s richest rewards for its anti-White policies. All across Europe, Polish guest workers have earned themselves a (well-deserved) reputation for high quality and hard work. The morons on Downing Street have exchanged a highly productive immigrant population in favor of importing gangs of pedophile, rapist, stabby, parasitic, unemployable, misogynistic, sand-loving, lamb-eating, inbred, semi-retarded fü¢kwits.

  20. Poll Finds Immigration and Terror Top Issues for People Across Europe (breitbart, May 11, 2018)

    “The top two issues facing the European Union (EU), according to voters in Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Finland, Poland, and Lithuania, are immigration and terrorism.

    The only nation where another issue occupied one of the top two spots, according to a new YouGov poll, was Italy, where they were immigration and unemployment.

    Immigration was the top concern for the bloc as chosen by 53 per cent of people in Finland, 51 per cent in Greece, 49 per cent in Sweden, 47 per cent in Italy, and 39 per cent in Britain.

    Terrorism was rated as number one by 43 per cent of people in Poland, 38 per cent in France, 35 per cent in the UK, and 34 per cent in Lithuania.

    And when asked what caused the “crisis in dealing with the influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq” the top answer was the EU itself in all countries besides Germany and Sweden, excluding “don’t know.”

    In Sweden and Germany, which opened their borders and took more migrants than many other nations, people were most likely to blame the EU’s individual member-states.

    Furthermore, in Britain, France, Sweden, Greece, and Italy, more people said they were “pessimistic” about the bloc’s future that “optimistic,” and in every single nation a significant majority (mostly between 70 and 80 per cent) believed they had little or no “voice” in the EU — apart from Lithuania.

    Professor Mathew Goodwin, a Senior Fellow at Chatham House, gave a brief analysis of the data on Twitter.

    “There is a new issue agenda. Europe is moving rightwards,” he said.

    “Unless the centre-left finds something meaningful to say it will be cast aside, not least because these issues will only likely become more important to voters,” he added, mentioning “migration, ethnic change, unresolved refugee crisis.”

    He also claimed the “problem for the EU is not just the new issue agenda but that Euroscepticism is merging with identity [and] security threats whereas in [the 1990s and 1980s] it was far more a fringe constitutional issue.”

    Pollsters asked a representative pool of around 1000 people in each country between the 18th and 30th April 2018 as part of the bloc’s ‘State of the Union’ study.”

  21. Police: 13 Albanians arrested for alleged drug trafficking (abcnews, May 12, 2018)

    “Police in Albania say they have cracked down on an international drug trafficking ring that allegedly smuggled marijuana, heroin and cocaine to European Union member countries.

    An Albanian State Police statement issued Saturday said officers arrested 13 Albanians and five others have been jailed in Turkey and Macedonia.

    The statement says the group is suspected of trafficking 7 metric tons of marijuana that police in Greece, Macedonia, Italy and Turkey impounded during the last two years. The crime ring also is believed to be involved in trafficking heroin from Turkey and cocaine from Latin America.

    Albania has been known as a crossroads for marijuana smuggling. A government crackdown led to a significant reduction in the number of cannabis plantations, but regular seizures indicate traffickers still have marijuana stored.”

  22. Yemeni officials say fighting kills 115 in western Yemen (abcnews, May 12, 2018)

    “Yemeni officials say fighting over two days in western Yemen has killed at least 115 people on both sides of the conflict pitting forces loyal to a Saudi-led coalition against Iran-backed Shiite rebels.

    The officials said Saturday the clashes west of the province of Taiz also wounded dozens. They said the forces loyal to the coalition backing the internationally recognized government seized control of some rebel-held areas in western Yemen.

    The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to brief the media.

    The coalition has been at war with Yemeni rebels, known as Houthis, since March 2015. The Houthis control much of northern Yemen, including the capital, and have fired dozens of missiles across the border at Saudi Arabia.”

  23. “Eight things we learned from James Comey’s Toronto interview with Heather Reisman” By Jean Grant – May 11, 2018

    Things we learn about Heather Reisman.

    “Trumpocracy Lecture”
    David Frum – Published on January 26, 2018
    David Frum and Jeffrey Goldberg interviewed by Heather Reisman for the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management’s Shift Disturbers Speakers Series

  24. Swedish govt pressed to reveal links between increasing migration & crime levels

    Sweden is bowing to public pressure for a study into the link between increasing migration and crime levels.

    However, Stockholm is still uncertain about publishing data that could reveal links between the two due to the current ‘political climate’.

  25. Canada’s plan on ISIS fighters who have returned remains unclear

    Canada’s Conservative House Leader, Candice Bergen, wants to know what authorities are doing about at least 60 former ISIL fighters who have returned to Canada.

    It comes on the heels of a New York Times podcast in which a former jihadi gave a detailed account of his killings in Syria. The former ISIL figther, known as Abu Huzaifa, confessed to taking part in execution-style murders of Sunni Muslim men.

    • Watch: Trudeau calls question on returning ISIS fighter divisive

      To Justin Trudeau, asking questions about a terrorist is going too far.

      A returning Canadian ISIS fighter has admitted to some pretty horrific acts while he was with the group. He made these admissions, including claims he executed people, on a New York Times podcast.

      Watch as the Conservatives ask Trudeau why nothing is being done and Trudeau claims the Conservatives are being divisive.

  26. “Discrimination and Disparities with Thomas Sowell”
    HooverInstitute – Published on May 3, 2018
    Recorded on march 14, 2018

    • “Larry Elder – Thomas Sowell Responds to Being Mentioned by Kanye West”
      The War on SJWs – Published on May 7, 2018

  27. Saudi-financed Belgian mosques teach hatred of Jews, gays: report

    The texts used in mosques including the Brussels Grand Mosque call for gays to be stoned to death or thrown off buildings and describe Jews as “evil”, the report by the OCAM national terrorism monitoring centre said.

    The writings, which are used to train preachers and theology professors, were “inspired mainly by classical Islamic law from the Middle Ages,” OCAM said in a copy of the report obtained by AFP on Friday.

    They have “problematic content in terms of radicalism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism,” the OCAM report said.

    Belgian lawmakers say they will discuss the report next week.

    The report singled out Arabic-language religious training manuals in the Grand Mosque, which is near EU headquarters in Brussels.

    The Belgian government said in March that it would terminate Saudi Arabia’s half-century old lease of the Grand Mosque over concerns it was promoting radicalism. It had been run by the Muslim World League.

    The manuals call Jews a “corrupt, evil and treacherous people” and call for “war” on all people who do not follow Sunni Islam.

    They also recommend “stoning” and “fire” as methods of killing gays, along with throwing them off “the highest building in the village”.

    One manual says “the most important principle of jihad is to fight unbelievers and aggressors,” according to the report. “Armed jihad becomes an individual duty for every Muslim.”

    OCAM said such manuals are widely available “thanks to the unlimited financial and technological means of the proselytising apparatus of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.”

    The manuals, it added, were found not only in Belgium but also in neighbouring countries, both in hard copy and online.

    The report comes from the work of the Belgian parliamentary committee investigating the suicide bombings that killed 32 people at Brussels airport and a metro station in March 2016, which were claimed by the Islamic State group.

    OCAM director Paul Van Tigchelt will next Wednesday discuss the report with committee members behind closed doors, members of parliament told AFP.

    “There is an urgency to be firmer and much clearer and close this scholarly institution,” centrist opposition lawmaker Georges Dallemagne said, referring to the Grand Mosque.

  28. VICE News – We Camped Out With The Antifa Activists Plotting To Disarm The Alt-Right

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The alt right is struggling to hold itself together. It’s dealing with infighting and money problems, and some of its leaders have decided they can’t risk holding events that are open to the public.

    One reason for that is ANTIFA , the anti-fascist activists best known for punching Nazis but who also engage in digital counterintelligence, infiltrating white nationalist message boards and chat rooms to find out who they are and what they’re doing.

  29. The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel received the ‘Lamp of Peace’ in Assisi in Italy.

    …It’s a Catholic award for seeking peaceful coexistence of people

  30. CBC – Trump presidency like a ‘forest fire,’ – James Comey

    Donald Trump’s presidency is ‘a forest fire,’ says former FBI director James Comey, who outlines his criticism of the U.S. president in his book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership.

    ( 11 min )

  31. Radicalism: The Real Shock Was the Reaction of the Americans…

    by Majid Rafizadeh
    May 12, 2018 at 5:00 am

    “Soon,” said the letter, “America Will Be Ours”.


    The writer, it became clear, was an extremist Muslim in the U.S. who claimed to be a reputable religious preacher. With each new word, concern grew.

    He pointed out, throughout the letter, the “sinful” ways of the West: dancing, drinking, dating…

    He expressed disgust that most women did not wear the hijab or participate in prayer five times a day. Then he got straight to the point: “Ours,” he explained, represented Muslims like him.

    The sentiment is hardly a new one. A person hears similar proclamations from many Muslim extremists throughout the years. The real shock was not letter but the reaction of many Americans after seeing it.

    Such a thing, they said, could never happen. The writer’s words were “just bluster,” nothing to be taken seriously. Most surprisingly, they stated — honestly — that Muslims who speak of such intentions do not really mean what they say, so these threats should not be cause for concern.

    • Such a thing, they said, could never happen. The writer’s words were “just bluster,” nothing to be taken seriously. Most surprisingly, they stated — honestly — that Muslims who speak of such intentions do not really mean what they say, so these threats should not be cause for concern.

      A potential epitaph for the gravestone of Western Civilization. Words like these have appeared on innumerable monuments to races and cultures which were long-ago ground to dust beneath Islam’s merciless boot heel.

      • Perfect.
        In Spain I used to get teased for the way I crossed the street. My tombstone would read:
        But I have the right of way!
        –She said.

  32. ISTANBUL – Thousands of Muslims pray at Hagia Sofia

    More than 2,500 Muslims prayed at Hagia Sophia in Istanbul early Saturday morning.

    According to reports, the worshippers gathered at the monument – a UNESCO world heritage site and now officially a museum – at 4 a.m.

    Greece has protested over Quran readings in the past inside what used to be Christendom’s greatest cathedral, built in the 6th century under order of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.

    It served as the seat of the Greek Orthodox Church before it was converted into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of the Byzantine capital of Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) in 1453.

    It was turned into a museum by the Turkish government in 1935.

    jihad watch Turkey: Thousands of Muslims gather to pray at Hagia Sophia

    […]When thousands of Muslims gather to pray at the Hagia Sophia, they are essentially demanding that it be designated a mosque again.

  33. BBC -Two dead in Paris knife attack – reports

    One person has been killed and several injured in a knife attack in Paris, French media say.

    The attacker – who has not been identified – is reported to have been shot dead by police.

    The incident happened in the Opera district in central Paris.

    Eyewitnesses spoke of panic, describing people rushing back into restaurants and cafes from the streets. The motive for the attack was not immediately known.

    Eyewitnesses say police officers first tried to taser the attacker – but then fired two shots after this failed to stop the assailant, France24 reports.


    hd video on twitter quickly deleted

  34. Eastern Europe blocks EU rant over US embassy move

    Three EU countries block statement slamming US over upcoming Embassy move.

    The Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania have recently blocked a European Union (EU) statement slamming the United States over its plan to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a spokesman said Saturday.

    “The Czech Republic has protested against the planned statement,” Jiri Ovcacek, spokesman for Czech President Milos Zeman, told AFP.

    “We appreciate that Hungary and Romania have taken the same principled stance,” he said, adding Zeman had agreed on the refusal with Prime Minister Andrej Babis and Foreign Minister Martin Stropnicky.

    The US will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday, following its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by US President Donald Trump last December.

    Zeman would like the Czech embassy to move to Jerusalem too, while Romania is also contemplating the move.

    “Israel and the US are key allies for the Czech Republic,” said Ovcacek. “Seventy years ago, Czechoslovakia helped Israel in its struggle for independence and 100 years ago, the US helped Czechoslovakia emerge” as a state, he said.

    Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, four years after shedding a totalitarian Communist rule of four decades.

  35. SKY NEWS – Day of Freedom – Drag Queen attacked over right wing rally

    Drag Queen Vanity Von Glow says she’s lost bookings and faced criticism after attending a right wing rally.

  36. PARIS (AP) – A knife-wielding assailant killed one person and injured four others in a lively neighborhood near Paris‘ famed Opera Garnier before he was killed by police Saturday night. The Islamic State group claimed the attacker as one of its “soldiers.”

    Counterterrorism authorities took charge of the investigation, and President Emmanuel Macron vowed that France would not bow to extremists despite being the target of multiple deadly attacks in recent years.

    Paris police officers evacuated people from some buildings in the Right Bank neighborhood after the attack, which happened on rue Monsigny at about 9 p.m. (1900 GMT.) Bar patrons and opera-goers described surprise and confusion in the immediate area.

  37. Swedish National Football Team Player Embraces Islam (moroccoworldnews, May 12, 2018)

    “Goalkeeper of Swedish Uppsala Women’s Football team, Ronja Andersson recently announced her conversion to Islam.

    Years of thorough research about Islam have proved fruitful for 19-year-old keeper Anderson, who came to accept prophet Muhammed peace be upon him as Allah’s messenger and announce her religious conversion to the public.

    In an interview with National Swedish newspaper Expressen, Andersson expressed devotion to her new faith, saying that she is proud to be a Muslim despite the hate she received from certain people: “They are full of prejudice against me… I was also exposed to hatred,” she said…”

    • Goalkeeper of Swedish Uppsala Women’s Football team, Ronja Andersson recently announced her conversion to Islam.

      Well, at least she won’t get raped on the street anymore.

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