Knife attacked somewhere someone in or around France

Ever wonder what it must have been like to read the news in the Soviet Union or North Korea? My guess is it was something like this:

More info is coming out now. he yelled Allah hu ackbar and here is an alleged photo of the Dijon here.

Check out CNN coverage, or as we like to call it, Pravda West:

“No possible motive known at all but probably not terrorism and we can all thank European gun laws that this non act of non-terrorism wasn’t worse cause it was a knife.”

Really. Someone should sue.

Jihadist group claims attack:

URL for site below:

OK now go back and watch the CNN clip again.

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      • In his time, John Renbourn and his long-time colleague, the late Bert Jansch, were two of the world’s finest finger picking guitarists, bar none.

        Renbourn’s “Lady goes to Church” and “My Dear Boy” (from the above album) are masterpieces which few other people could play. I’ll lob in a Bert Jansch track below and then one of their duets.

    • Thanks for the links, NorseRadish: Beautiful music (of which I was completely unfamiliar). I think that I am going to do some exploration in the near future 🙂

      • Thanks for the links, NorseRadish: Beautiful music (of which I was completely unfamiliar).

        You are absolutely welcome. Here is the group that Renbourn and Jansch regularly performed with. I had the pleasure of seeing these two superb guitarists back Pentangle’s lead vocalist, Jacqui McShee many years after the band broke up.

        • In addition, Pentangle’s bassist, Danny Thompson, also performed with another more obscure but astonishingly talented (self-taught) guitarist, Davy Graham.

          This chap was found busking in the Paris subways and ended up being dragged in as entertainment for parties being thrown by Liz Taylor and Sean Connery.

          Famous for his (self-described) “Turko-Arabic” stylings, Graham would, nonetheless, lard his albums with everything from JS Bach to Mingus and from old English ballads to Dylan or the Beatles.

          Here is his rendition of “Hornpipe for Harpsichord”, by Gustav Leonhardt.

    • He looked pretty dead to me in that picture even with artificial circulation. I would not have bothered myself but I would have made certain that the electrical paste used was of pig fat if I had.
      Personally if the relatives of the victim pour pig fat over his grave it will be apt.

      • Yeah , i was merely quoting Eeyore ; i could think of a number of other reasons to sue those lying s.o.b.’s , being incredibly stupid just isn’t one that would stick , sadly …. 🙂

      • Yeah , i was merely quoting Eeyore ; i could think of a number of other reasons to sue , being incredibly stupid just isn’t going to stick , sadly 🙂

    • Can you sue someone for being so profoundly stupid ?

      A favorite bumper sticker of mine reads, “Stupidity should be painful.”

      Which is very close to a much older German folk saying, “If stupidity was painful, they’d all be screaming.”

  1. Gather up your candles
    Cheer another sob-display
    Charlie Hebdos are the vandals
    Mocking Muslims what they pray.

    Hate Speech causes scandals
    Police interpret what your say
    Two knives, different handles
    Stab five times a day.

    Don hijabs and sandles
    Peaceniks also pray
    The weakest soul enables
    Identity Decay.

  2. Does anyone know if these muslim killers are tested for drugs? It’s my understanding that they have been widely used in places such as Syria; they make the users excessively aggressive, violent, with abnormally high strength and unafraid and insensitive to pain.

    • DAILY MAIL – Knifeman, 20, who killed one and injured four in rampage near Paris opera house a decade after arriving as a refugee from Chechnya urges his ISIS ‘brothers’ to ‘stay strong’ in martyrdom video

      […]The attacker was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ – Arabic for ‘God is the Greatest’ – as he slashed throats at random.

      […]According to Le Figaro, the attacker was armed with a 4in kitchen knife.

      […]In the video, Asimov (…)refers to his ‘brothers’ in ISIS overseas in Iraq and Syria and explicitly declares his allegiance with the group.

      He goes on to address other extremists residing across Europe in Germany, France and the UK telling them to ‘stay strong – victory is at hand’.

      The attacker can be seen speaking to the camera in French as he sits in a rainy park with trees in the background.

      He ends the video by looking into the camera and simply saying ‘goodbye’. […]


  3. Paris attack: Chechen President identifies knifeman – and says France is solely to blame for his murderous rampage

    ‘I consider it necessary to state that all responsibility for the fact that Khamzat Azimov went on the road of crime lies completely with the authorities of France’

    Chechnya’s president, Ramzan Kadyrov, has identified the attacker who killed one man and injured four others in central Paris before being shot dead by police as Khamzat Azimov.

    French media also named Azimov as the 20-year-old French citizen born in Chechnya who attacked by-passers with a knife in a busy area popular with tourists near the Opera Garnier on Saturday night.

    Chechnya’s strongman President Kadyrov said France bears responsibility for the fatal knife attack.

    “I consider it necessary to state that all responsibility for the fact that Khasan Azimov went on the road of crime lies completely with the authorities of France,” he said.

    “He was only born in Chechnya, and his growing up, the formation of his personality, his views and persuasions occurred in French society.”

    On Sunday, police arrested a friend of the attacker in the eastern city of Strasbourg, an official source has said.

    The man, who is being held for questioning, was also born in 1997 – the same year as the attacker – the source added.

    The attacker’s parents are also being questioned after their son was shot dead by police when he threatened to kill officers.

    French media reports that Azimov arrived in France with his parents at the start of the 2000s. He is reported to have lived in Nice and Strasbourg among the Chechen community, French newspaper Le Monde reports.

    Azimov and his mother obtained French citizenship in 2010, French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said in an interview with reporters.

    Mr Griveaux said Azimov was listed as a suspected radical who could pose a threat to national security in 2016.

    According to an official source cited by Le Monde, Azimov had ties with a group of young people trying to reach Syria to fight with Isis which included other people of Chechen origin.

    […]According to Jean-Charles Brisard, president of the Terrorism Analysis Centre, between seven and eight per cent of French people involved in terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq are of Chechen origin.


    • Yeah, we got the same distancing palaver about the Tsarnaev monsters: They must’ve picked up some violent tendencies in Boston. That cowboy ethos, doncha know.

      Made in the USA:
      Boston bombing suspects: Tsarnaev brothers from Russia’s Caucasus, long-term US residents

      Even bonafide jihadis – Chechen killers – said ‘not us! – Russia-Russia’:
      Caucasus jihadist group denies involvement in Boston attacks

      [Translation from the Dagestan affiliate of the Caucasus Emirate {al-Q}]:
      [T]here are speculative assumptions that [Tamerlan Tsarnaev] may have been associated with the Mujahideen of the Caucasus Emirate, in particular with the Mujahideen of Dagestan.

      The Command of the Province of Dagestan indicates in this regard that the Caucasian Mujahideen are not fighting against the United States of America. We are at war with Russia, which is not only responsible for the occupation of the Caucasus, but also for heinous crimes against Muslims.

      The statement also stressed that the leader of the Caucasus Emirate, Doku Umarov, has discouraged targeting civilians and blamed speculation about the Tsarnaevs’ connection to Chechen separatists on Russian propaganda.…

  4. France: Friend of Paris knife attacker arrested in Strasbourg

    A friend of the Paris knife attacker was arrested in Strasbourg on Sunday.

    The police left the building in Strasbourg’s L’Esplanade neighbourhood with a handcuffed man, who was wearing a black T-shirt reading ‘Grozny’, the capital of Chechnya, and depicting a drawing of a Kalashnikov.

  5. France: Paris knifeman school friend ‘very surprised’ by attack

    A man, named Ilies, claiming to be an old school friend of Paris knife attacker Khamzat Azimov said he was “very surprised” that Azimov was behind the stabbing spree, when speaking in Strasbourg on Sunday.

    Footage released by DNA – Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace.

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