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14 Replies to “Tower Hamlets, Sunday, May 6, 2018”

  1. The modern world: Governments leading invasion of the countries they were elected to protect. I always dreamed of going to England to see the land of my forefathers, but now I’m not sure I could contain my anger.

    • It attempts to equate being Jewish or Zionist as being inherently bad, and therefore all her views are invalid. As a (true) liberal, i believe that the merit of the argument rests with the argument and not the speaker. If I had cancer and Stalin had a cure, I wouldn’t refuse it because Stalin invented it.

      In other words, if Lauren Southern is Jewish it makes zero difference to me at all. And the video is slanderous bilge.

      Caveat: I only watched half.

    • Anti-Semitic garbage – why waste our time (and your own) with this? So what if she is of Jewish descent? And Jews have ruined the West? Right – and 9/11 was a Mossad operation, don’t you know. Give me a break.

      I have read, though, that unlike, say, the excellent former Rebel Faith Goldy, Southern charges substantial speaking fees and while she may be passionate about the issues she speaks and writes about, her back account is certainly not suffering as she does her thing. Nothing wrong with that of course but I personally wonder sometimes about the depth of her convictions. Just a little anyway.

      • She does a lot of traveling which costs money, youtube has demonetized her so she as to get the travel expense money somewhere.

    • The maker of the video has a lot in common with Ms S–neither disclosed what could appear to be conflicts of interest. Except that, the video author or authors is unknown, but apparently likes “Jewfro music.”
      The video is entertaining as a parody of Zionist conspiracy mantras. Speaking of disclosure, is the video maker going to out Geraldo Rivera next?

  2. I was hoping for a knife attack or an acid attack but then I realized it probably doesn’t happen in the enriched areas.

  3. I was hoping for a knife attack or an acid attack but then I realized it probably doesn’t happen in the enriched areas.

    Oh yes it does, they just reserve such niceties for so-called “honor killings”.

  4. The quality of the video is amazing. Anyone got an idea what they were using. It was as if I was walking there myself.

    • Yes actually as it was a friend who shot the video.

      Interestingly, it was not even on its best setting. The phone she used, a Sony XZ Premium 2017, actually has a 4K setting which is much better than the 1080 she used. The phone is now on sale as Sony is selling its incrementally better one, the XZ 2 Premium, for 2018. The 2017 model of it is a staggeringly good deal right now at Clove or Amazon.com

      If you get one, set the video camera for 4K.

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