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  1. Facebook today announced that Jeff Zients, the CEO of Cranemere, has been appointed to the company’s board of directors and audit committee, effective May 31, 2018, immediately following Facebook’s annual meeting of stockholders. Following Zients’s appointment the board will consist of seven independent, non-employee directors out of nine total directors.

    “I am proud to join the Facebook Board and I look forward to working with Mark and the other directors as the company builds for the future. This is an exciting time for the company, and I am delighted to be part of the Board as the company works to face the opportunities and challenges of trying to bring the world closer together,” said Zients.

    Note: Zients was Obama economic advisor

    • Zients was [an] Obama economic advisor

      Oh no! It’s …
      .Wait for it!
      .Land of the Zients


  2. Under these conditions, Obama—with the help of an equally arrogant 38-year-old national security fabulist, Ben Rhodes (with whom he’s said to “mind-meld”)—succeeded in remaking the Middle East to empower America’s most hated enemy, the only United Nations member state committed to the annihilation of another state: the theocratic Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Rhodes and Obama knew that, for anyone but the hard-left to accept a deal with America’s bitter enemy in Tehran, a new narrative needed to emerge, even if it was relatively transparent nonsense. As Rhodes explained to his bemused interviewer, David Samuels, in a New York Times Magazine profile this weekend, it was first necessary to lie to a corrupted and inexperienced American media about all sorts of things, beginning with the nature and intentions of the enemy Iranian regime. Subsequent lies were caked on, as the White House took advantage of a dangerous mix of journalists’ ignorance, their ideological and partisan commitment to the administration, and, finally, their career aspirations.

    Rhodes said, “The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns… They literally know nothing.” Thus they will believe what he tells them. He also tells friendly non-governmental organizations and think tanks what he is telling the journalists. Those outlets produce “experts” whose expert opinion is just what Rhodes wants it to be. These ignorant young journalists thus have quotes that look like independent confirmation of the White House’s lies. Here’s how Samuels describes the scene:

    • Daniels’ lawyer: Cohen got $500K from Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg

      Stormy Daniels’ attorney claimed Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen received $500,000 from a company controlled by a Russian oligarch, deposited into an account for a company also used to pay off the adult film actress.

      Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, also detailed other transactions he said were suspicious, including deposits from drug giant Novartis, the state-run Korea Aerospace Industries, and AT&T.

      Novartis confirmed it had paid Cohen’s company, Essential Consultants, and said Special Counsel Robert Mueller had inquired about the arrangement in November. AT&T also confirmed it paid Cohen’s company, for “insights” into the Trump administration.

  3. Emails show Clinton ties to Russian oligarch under investigation

    New emails show Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and a powerful Russian oligarch as her agency lined up investors for a project under his purview.

    The Clintons’ relationship with Viktor Vekselberg, the billionaire whose name appears in the documents, has taken on new significance amid an expanding criminal investigation into his company. Last week, authorities raided the offices of Vekselberg’s firm, Renova Group, following allegations of bribery from several of Renova’s subsidiaries.

    Vekselberg had been named head of a partnership dubbed the “Russian Silicon Valley” just three months before a Clinton Foundation employee began pushing the State Department to approve Bill Clinton’s proposed meeting with Vekselberg and a handful of other Russian executives.

    • Emails show Clinton denied, then met with Ukrainian donor

      Emails made public Tuesday show a Ukrainian businessman and major Clinton Foundation donor was invited to Hillary Clinton’s home during the final year of her diplomatic tenure, despite her spokesman’s insistence in 2014 that the donor never crossed paths with Clinton while she served as secretary of state.

      Victor Pinchuk, who has given up to $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, appeared on the guest list that was sent between Dennis Cheng, an executive at the foundation, and Huma Abedin, then Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department, ahead of a June 2012 dinner. Abedin noted in a subsequent email that the gathering would be hosted in Clinton’s home.

      Amid scrutiny of Clinton’s ties to Pinchuk in 2014, the Democratic nominee’s spokesman, Nick Merrill, said Pinchuk had never met with Clinton during that time. He told the New York Times that, “from Jan. 21, 2009, to Feb. 1, 2013,” the Ukrainian businessman “was never on her schedule.”

    • Mueller Probes Charitable $150K Donation To Trump But Ignores Ukrainian’s Millions To Clinton Foundation
      Photo of Richard Pollock
      Richard Pollock

      Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly turned his latest prosecutorial sights on a $150,000 donation Ukrainian Victor Pinchuk made to a Trump charity.

      Mueller can investigate the donation, but it pales in comparison to the tens of millions of dollars Pinchuk bestowed upon the Clintons, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation.

      The Clintons have repeatedly jetted to his Black Sea resort to attend his galas. They’ve also accepted between $10 million and $25 million from his foundation for the Clinton Foundation, according to the group’s web site. Hillary Clinton rewarded him frequent access to the Department of State while she was secretary. Pinchuk also was tied to allegedly illegal sales to Iran while Hillary headed the State Department.

      • Politics
        Secret intelligence source who aided Mueller probe is at center of latest clash between Nunes and Justice Dept.

        Last Wednesday, senior FBI and national intelligence officials relayed an urgent message to the White House: Information being sought by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes could endanger a top-secret intelligence source.

        Top White House officials, with the assent of President Trump, agreed to back the decision to withhold the information. They were persuaded that turning over Justice Department documents could risk lives by potentially exposing the source, a U.S. citizen who has provided intelligence to the CIA and FBI, according to multiple people familiar with the discussion and the person’s role.

        The showdown marked a rare moment of alignment between the Justice Department and Trump, who has relentlessly criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other top Justice officials for the probe into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election led by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

        But it is unclear whether Trump was alerted to a key fact — that inform

        • Where on Earth Did Avenatti Get His ‘Bombshell’ Dirt on Michael Cohen?

          Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti dropped a bombshell Tuesday evening on Twitter, namely a report saying that Donald Trump‘s attorney Michael Cohen received $500,000 dollars from a Russian oligarch with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin after the 2016 election. Avenatti also speculated that this sum of money “may have” been the source of the $130,000 paid to his client. Where did Avenatti get this information? We don’t know, and he hasn’t answered our question about the source.

          “There is no question this is accurate,” Avenatti said during an interview on CNN.

  4. The family of freed American prisoner Tony Kim thanked President Trump for “engaging directly with North Korea.” The statement was released as Kim and two other former prisoners flew home with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday.
    All three were arrested on vague charges of subversion and treated abominably by North Korea during their captivity. The White House said on Wednesday that all “appear to be in good condition” after their ordeal and were able to board the plane home without requiring assistance. All three share the common surname “Kim” but are not related. All three have Christian religious affiliations.

    The statement from Tony Kim’s family reads

  5. Italian Government Forecasts Demographic Plunge by 2065 (breitbart, May 9, 2018)

    “The Italian Statistics Bureau (ISTAT) has released demographic forecasts for the country predicting a steadily declining population due to a birthrate well below replacement levels.

    From 60.6 million in 2017, Italy’s population is expected to fall by more than ten percent over the next several decades to just 54.1 million in 2065, ISTAT stated in its May 2018 report. This drop will occur despite increased life expectancy, which is projected to grow by 5 years for both genders, reaching 86.1 years and 90.2 years, respectively for men and women (80.6 and 85 years in 2016), ISTAT said.

    The fertility rate in Italy is currently 1.34 children per woman, significantly below the replacement level of roughly 2.1 children per woman. Globally, Italy is ranked 212 out of 223 countries for new live births as a percentage of the total population, with just 8.6 live births per 1000 citizens.

    Since Italians are having fewer and fewer babies, the only thing holding keeping the population from more severe decline is immigration, which means as a consequence that Italy is becoming less and less Italian…”

  6. Six years before she became the central figure in the IRS’s illegal targeting of Tea Party tax-exemption applicants, Lois Lerner cleared the way for the Clinton Foundation’s transformation from building a presidential library to being a $2 billion global political influence peddling machine, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

    Trending: Mueller to President: *I* WILL DECIDE How and When You’re Interviewed!

    She helped accomplish this feat through a 2007 letter on two legal issues of such magnitude that it’s unlikely the Clinton nonprofit could have become what it is in 2017, 20 years after its creation.

  7. ‘Disturbed’ Quran-Chanting, Knife Throwing Moroccan Male Arrested Outside French Police Station (breibart, May 9, 2018)

    “Police officers in the 18th arrondissement of Paris arrested a 60-year-old Moroccan man who appeared in front of their police station armed with a knife, chanted verses from the Quran and had pictures of officers who worked at the station in his possession.

    The 60-year-old appeared in front of the police station in the heavily migrant-populated neighbourhood in the early afternoon on Monday. The Moroccan-born French citizen is said to have stood in the entrance to the police station and to have thrown a 15cm long kitchen knife wrapped in newspaper toward officers before being arrested, French broadcaster BFMTV reports.

    After being taken into custody police found that the man, who they claimed seemed mentally disturbed, had in his possession two photographs of uniformed officers who worked at the station in his bag.

    Police have so far not released any possible motive for the incident, but police across France have been on high alert for months due to a number of attacks and attempted attacks against police officers by radical Islamic terrorists…”

  8. EXCLUSIVE: Horrific moment teenage girl writhes in agony on shop floor screaming ‘Help me, I’m burning’ after she was squirted with ‘acid’ on London bus
    New CCTV footage has emerged of Tuesday afternoon’s shocking ‘acid attack’ in Brixton, south London
    An 18-year-old girl was sprayed in the face with a noxious substance on a London bus by a female attacker
    She stumbled off the bus and into the Reliance Arcade where she slumped on the floor and doused herself in water
    Footage shows the woman spraying water into her mouth as she writhed in pain and screamed to shocked passers by who looked on
    Firemen were seen hosing her down to wash away the liquid before she was taken to hospital as police say they are treating the incident as grievous bodily harm
    Shopkeeper Mohammed Raffiq told MailOnline: ‘She said, ‘Someone gave me acid! Someone put it in my mouth! It’s in my mouth!’
    Do you know the victim…? Email [email protected]

  9. Jubeir: Saudi Arabia will seek nuclear weapon if Iran does

    Saudi Arabia will seek to develop its own nuclear weapons if Iran does, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN on Wednesday, amid spiraling tension between the regional rivals.

    Asked whether Riyadh would “build a bomb itself” if Tehran seizes on Washington’s withdrawal from the 2015 Iran deal to resume a nuclear weapons program, Jubeir said: “If Iran acquires nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same.”

    Saudi Arabia has long said it would match any Iranian weapons development, but Jubeir’s renewed vow came after US President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of an accord designed to prevent Tehran’s alleged quest for the bomb.

    And it came amid growing tension over Iran’s support for the Houthi rebels in Yemen, who have been firing rockets across the border.

    Riyadh, which is part of a regional coalition that intervened in Yemen’s civil war to fight the Houthis, accuses Iran of supplying the militia with ballistic missiles.

    “These missiles are Iranian manufactured and delivered to the Huthis. Such behavior is unacceptable. It violates UN Resolutions with regards to ballistic missiles. And the Iranians must be held accountable for this,” Jubeir told CNN.

    “We will find the right way and at the right time to respond to this,” he warned. “We are trying to avoid at all costs direct military action with Iran, but Iran’s behavior such as this cannot continue. This amounts to a declaration of war.”

  10. White House Sources: John Kerry’s Stealth Lobbying Backfired, Helped Kill The Iran Deal

    News of former Secretary of State John Kerry’s alleged collusion with the Iranian government played a role in President Donald Trump’s decision to scuttle the Iran deal, two White House sources with direct knowledge of the president’s thinking tell The Daily Caller.

    Trump announced he was pulling out of the deal Tuesday, just a few days after news broke that Kerry had been parlaying with Iran in an attempt to keep the deal alive.

    A source inside the White House with knowledge of the decision process tells TheDC that the Iran deal was “done” when Trump found out about Kerry’s lobbying behind the scenes. “Trump was headed that way but Kerry just took away any of the teeth of the detractors,” the source said on background. “[Kerry’s] bulls**t ultimately killed the deal.”

  11. School severs ties with ‘Unmasking Whiteness’ conference

    University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) officials have announced that the school has ended its affiliation with the upcoming “Unmasking Whiteness” conference.

    As reported by Campus Reform last week, the North Hollywood, California-based “Unmasking Whiteness” conference in July will be only open to “self-identifying white people” and plans to explore such issues as “the meaning of whiteness” and “how to resolve guilt and shame.”

    “U.S. society does not usually ask white people to explore how race affects our lives,” the brochure for the conference states, explaining that there are “various ways we receive social and economic benefits based on being seen as part of the white group.”

  12. Iran’s Mullahs Trumped

    President Donald Trump’s announcement May 8 about sanctions on Iran brings back memories of my face-to-face with the Iranian regime.

    A few years ago, I was in Geneva at the United Nations Human Rights Council and Iran was very much in the news as the U.N. was trying to get its special rapporteur into Iran to look into human rights violations. However, Iran had refused his entry. Meanwhile, Amnesty had just published a report about human rights aberrations in Iran with facts, figures and actual incidents. In the plenary where I was also present to speak on a separate issue, the Iranian ambassador rose just before I spoke and said that there were no human rights aberrations in Iran. This was all a Western conspiracy, he said.

    Well! I immediately trashed my prepared speech and stood up with the Amnesty report in my hand and very politely told Mr. Ambassador he must be mistaken (a polite way of saying “you are lying through your teeth”) and that human rights violations in Iran are documented in this report (which I waved in the air).

    At the UNHRC people do not usually applaud, but I got applause from Iranian dissidents and some others in the room who knew the facts but were afraid to speak out because of fear of reprisals.

  13. The administration said three American prisoners walked to a plane without assistance after being freed by dictator Kim Jong-un during a visit from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to set the terms for an upcoming meeting between Kim and President Trump.

    The former hostages were scheduled to arrive back at Joint Base Andrews at 2 a.m., according to the White House.

  14. German police Monday located and arrested an 89-year-old grandmother convicted on several occasions for Holocaust denial, after she failed to turn herself in to begin serving her prison sentence.
    Ursula Haverbeck, dubbed the “Nazi-Oma” (Nazi grandma) by German media, was convicted in October on eight counts of incitement and sentenced to two years behind bars.

    But she did not report to prison to start her sentence by an April 23rd deadline.

    “After the convict failed to report to the relevant penal institution within the deadline, prosecutors in Verden on May 4th, 2018 issued an order to execute the sentence and have charged police with its implementation,” prosecutors said in a statem


    “Report: Keith Raniere, leader of NXIVM sex cult in Upstate NY, arrested by FBI” by Ben Axelson – March 26, 2018; Updated on March 27, 2018

  16. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo Sector arrested two Syrian nationals, a Bangladeshi, and four Indian migrants after they illegally crossed the border from Mexico into Texas. This brings the total number of Bangladeshis arrested illegally crossing the border in the sector to nearly 230.
    Agents working near the Santa Rita Subdivision in Laredo encountered three men who just crossed the Rio Grande River from Mexico. The agents arrested the men and took them to the station for processing. An interview with the migrants uncovered that they traveled to Mexico from Syria and Bangladesh. Since October 1, 2017, Laredo Sector agents arrested 229 Bangladeshis.

    Two days earlier, agents arrested a group of four who crossed illegally into Texas. The agents discovered these migrants came to the U.S. from India.

    Late last week, the Laredo agents arrested 15 Bangladeshi nationals, Breitbart Texas reported.

  17. London’s knife epidemic laid bare: Boy, 13, is arrested for carrying a 12-INCH serrated blade near school as urgent probe is launched into crime wave after SEVEN stabbings in 24 hours
    Foot-long blade with serrated teeth-like edges found on teenager in Bromley
    Six stabbings within nine hours in London yesterday following by another today
    Urgent probe into violent crime wave in capital launched by London Assembly
    17-year-old rapper Rhyhiem Barton was shot dead on Saturday in South London

  18. Israel spots “unusual activity” from Iran, readies troops for imminent attack

    On the heels of Trump’s announcement of the highest level of “powerful” sanctions against Iran and that the Iran nuclear deal is off:

    Local authorities in the Israeli-held Golan Heights have been ordered to “unlock and ready [bomb] shelters” in anticipation of an imminent attack.

    The first media question asked after Trump’s announcement of the halt of the Iranian deal was “is the world a safer place?”

    The clear and common-sense answer to that question is that the world could never be made a safer place by appeasing and kowtowing to enemies of freedom. That appeasement signals weakness to them, and enables them. No one enabled the Islamic Republic of Iran more than Barack Hussein Obama, who pumped billions into the mullahs’ coffers, enabling that rogue nation to step up its activities against Israel and other free countries.

  19. The #1 New York Times bestselling book Secret Empires by Government Accountability Institute President and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer is causing major ethics headaches for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.
    Multiple establishment media outlets have now confirmed the accuracy of Schweizer’s reporting about McConnell and Chao’s deep financial ties to China.

    Here, then, are seven Secret Empires McConnell-Chao facts mainstream media outlets have verified.

    1. CONFIRMED: Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao’s sister, Angela Chao, currently sits on the board of directors of the Communist Chinese government’s Bank of China

  20. Trump Ends Obama’s Iran Hostage Crisis
    In 1,251 words, Trump crushed every lie about the Iran deal.
    May 9, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Jimmy Carter began the first Iranian hostage crisis and Reagan ended it. Obama began America’s second Iranian hostage crisis.

    President Trump just ended it.

    On January 12, 2016, Iran’s IRGC terror force seized 2 US Navy vessels, extracted classified information from their crews at gunpoint, broadcast images of American sailors on their knees and forced an officer to read an apology. A day later, the Islamic terror state released its American hostages.

    Three days later, Implementation Day lifted sanctions on Iran. By next month, Iran was claiming that it had received over $100 billion in sanctions relief.

    It was not the last ransom payment linked to the nuclear deal.

  21. Hot New Idea: Millennial Reparations
    May 9, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    When normal people have trouble sleeping, they read a book or watch television. When lefties have trouble sleeping, they come up with new plans to steal your money and buy votes with it.

    Here it’s slavery reparations. Since the UK doesn’t have slavery, how about millennial reparations?

    Should young people in the United Kingdom be given £10,000 ($13,500) when they turn 25? A top think tank says yes.

    The proposal from the Resolution Foundation is one of a number of suggestions for reducing inequality between the young and old.

    Inequality between the young and old is reduced by the young getting jobs, working, saving money, having their own kids and then getting old.

  22. The Incredible Chutzpah of Obama’s Iran Statement
    May 8, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Obama has yet to answer a single question about his meeting with anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. But after President Trump pulled out of his failed Iran nuke scam, the disgraced former president objected to the move.

    “Walking away from the JCPOA turns our back on America’s closest allies,” Obama posted. “In a democracy, there will always be changes in policies and priorities from one Administration to the next. But the consistent flouting of agreements that our country is a party to risks eroding America’s credibility, and puts us at odds with the world’s major powers.”

    The nerve. The chutzpah, as they say in his least favorite country.

    Obama turned his back on America’s allies.when he made a dirty deal with Iran that allowed it to preserve its nuclear capabilities while funding its terror program. There isn’t a single ally in the region who supported the move, barring perhaps the Qatari terror sponsors who have their own agreement with Iran.

    Israel, the Saudis, Kuwait, the UAE, etc… were all against the move.

    The only allies who supported it are outside the region. And that’s the Brits, French and Germans who have business interests in Iran.

  23. Trump and the Two Americas
    Why the anti-Trumpers just can’t give credit to the president for his successes.
    May 9, 2018
    Bruce Thornton

    Nearly a year-and-a-half into Donald Trump’s presidency, Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to rage. No number of successes––from tax reform and low unemployment rates not seen since 2000, to bringing North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to the bargaining table––can lower the fever of the anti-Trump disease. Even those few who are willing to give grudging recognition to Trump’s achievements feel compelled to add snarky asides about his person and style in order to assert their anti-Trump bona fides.

    How can we explain this bizarre obsession with image and style in the teeth of successful substance?

    I’m not talking so much about the progressive Dems. Like the scorpion in the fable, poisonous slander is in their nature. Their slogan has always been “by any means necessary,” a dogma at home in the breviary of every looney cult. So too is their aggressive belief in their own self-righteousness and entitlement to rule, which the election of Trump has challenged. This certainty of their own purity allows them to excuse any number of inconsistencies and double standards. That’s why they will complain hysterically about Trump’s past sexual peccadillos, while shrugging off Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and sordid adventures on the Lolita Express; or they will hyperventilate at Trump’s vulgar tweets while enjoying Michelle Wolfe’s mean-girl insults and pornographic “humor” at the media’s nerd prom, aka White House Correspondents Dinner.

    More interesting is the continuing resentment and anti-Trump animus on the part of self-proclaimed Republicans and conservatives. Even when acknowledging Trump’s successes, they too can’t resist some attack on Trump that signals their lofty virtue. They still reflexively insist that “principle” and “values” lie behind their disdain, that Trump has violated the “norms and traditions,” as serial liar and Democrat toady James Comey put it, that previous presidents have honored. Trump’s lack of decorum and his braggadocio, we continually hear, is “not who we are.”

  24. GERMANY – Ellwangen: 300 Flüchtlinge demonstrieren gegen Rassismus Polizeigewalt & Kriminalisierung v Geflüchteten

    • Germany: Refugees march against media ‘smear’ campaign

      Around 200 protesters demonstrated against deportation and criminalisation of refugees in the town Ellwangen, southern Germany on Wednesday.

      The march started in the city, with protesters holding numerous banners, before ending with a press conference outside the refugee reception centre.

      The town’s refugee population believe they are victims of a smear campaign orchestrated by the media.

      Recently, local news outlets reported that police were prevented from deporting a Congolese man by hundreds of migrants. The officers un-cuffed the individual after finding themselves outnumbered and being threatened by violence.

  25. Jewish Groups Praise President Trump for Dumping Iran Scam
    May 9, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield
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    While media coverage is being dominated by Obama’s Iran Firsters, authentically Jewish groups (as opposed to astroturf anti-Israel hate groups like J Street that are part of the Iran Lobby) have come forward to praise President Trump’s decision to stop propping up the Iran scam.


    Today, the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) praises President Donald J. Trump for his courageous decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

    Founder and President of EMET, Sarah Stern, said, “As we said in 2015 when the JCPOA was negotiated with a regime that dubs the United States “The Great Satan,” has killed and injured thousands of Americans, is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, and consistently calls for the destruction of our strong ally, Israel, it is imperative that any final nuclear deal actually prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The JCPOA did not.” She continued, “President Trump was right to withdraw from it. I strongly salute him for this courageous decision.”

    Simon Wiesenthal Center.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center commends President Donald Trump for withdrawing the United States from the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and in imposing sanctions on the Iranian regime.

    “A regime that serially celebrates the denial of the Nazi Holocaust—history’s most documented genocide— ever took place, can be relied upon to lie about its commitments to the international community,” said Rabbis Marvin Hier, founder and dean and Abraham Cooper, associate dean.

    “Lying is the National Anthem and Magna Carta of the Ayatollah’s regime,” they added.

    “Proof of the Ayatollah’s perfidy about its drive to nuclear development was uncovered by Israeli intelligence and is proof positive that Tehran cannot be trusted on life and death issues impacting the region and the world,” Hier and Cooper continued.

    “Leaving the status quo with Iran awash with billions of US taxpayer’s cash, would only ensure a growing circle of violence and terrorism in the region and ultimately could help pave the way for a nuclear arsenal that could reach our shores,” they concluded.

    • I’ll never forgive the ‘court Jews’ who did what their counterparts did during the Shoah. Sold their brethren like Judas. They can all hang, their portion is suicide.

      John Kerry, son of a self-loathing Jew who chose the rope as his destiny. He dares speak of “legacy”! A fool, son of a fool. Dust in the wind.

      From the ADL to the Democrats of AIPAC, and including their lickspittle counterparts in Europe. They’re through. They’ve discredited themselves and deluded their followers. Their roots are severed, cut flowers wither and die.

      This is an old story. It’s a recurrent theme in the Hebrew Bible. It is written that only a remnant will survive to have a share in the Promised Land. Only a remnant will merit a share in the World to Come.

      This is why. We are witnesses.

  26. Boy Scouts Just Lost 1 Out of 6 Members
    May 9, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    I’m sorry, it’s not the Boy Scouts anymore. It’s the Scouts BSA or the something Scouts. Or don’t ask what.

    But this is what the left does.

    It can’t rest until it takes over a traditional American institution, turns it into a twisted version of itself that disavows all its old values, and ruins it utterly. Sometimes that works out better than others. Disney is still on a roll. At least until ADD makes even their frenzied computer generated cartoons too demanding for the next generation.

    But the Boy Scouts are another matter.

  27. Richard: I make the list in several categories, I’ll bet all of us do.

    The 72 Types of Americans Considered ‘Potential Terrorists’ – Are YOU on the Watchlist?

    According to official U.S. government documents compiled under the Obama administration, if you’re not ‘in line’ with their government agenda you may be on the ‘potential terrorist’ list.

    According to thetruthwins:

    At one time, the term ‘terrorist’ was used very narrowly. The government only applied that label to people like Osama bin Laden and other Islamic jihadists. Then the Obama administration removed all references to Islam from terror training materials and began applying the term ‘potential terrorist’ to large groups of American citizens.

  28. Mueller’s Secrecy is About to Cost Him His Case Against Russia

    If we recall that Mueller was originally appointed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, then the charges his office brought against Russian companies and citizens earlier this year are the only evidence that he’s actually been doing his job.

    Oh yes, he’s got a doozy of a case against Paul Manafort (for crimes that have nothing to do with the election). And yes, he seems to have wrung a guilty plea out of Michael Flynn (for lying to the FBI, even though the FBI “did not detect deception” when interviewing him). And he was apparently involved in some way in the Michael Cohen fiasco, which appears to have less to do with Russia and more to do with a porn star.

    But as far as the actual SUBJECT OF HIS INVESTIGATION? Yeah, this was all he had.

    And now, because his team is so determined to keep the nature of their investigation a secret, he could lose even that.

  29. New NRA President Oliver North Says Organization Is ‘Under Attack’ [VIDEO]

    The NRA has come under heavy attack from gun control advocates and legacy media, the group’s newly appointed president, Oliver North, said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

    “This is a time when you need a marine at the top of the pyramid at the National Rifle Association. It’s under attack,” North said. “Quite frankly, I have never seen anything quite like it. They’ve hacked into almost everything they could. They’ve threatened officers, directors, the staff. The harassment goes beyond simply yelling at people. It now includes vandalism. It’s slashed tires and broken windshields and things like that.”

  30. he feeling of personal security among Jews in Israel is two-and-a-half times greater than it is for Arab citizens, according to a report issued Tuesday by the Abraham Fund Initiatives.

    “Violence, Personal Security, and Policing in Arab Communities – 2017” is the first in a series of annual reports the Jerusalem-based NGO plans to publish.

    Be the first to know – Join our Facebook page.

    The goal of the reports is to monitor attitudes among Arab citizens of Israel on issues relating to policing and violence; the work of the police among Arabs; and to evaluate progress in implementing Government Decision 1402 – adopted on April 10, 2016 – for enhancing personal security in the Arab sector.

    The report found a sharp rise in the level of crime and violence in Arab society over recent years. “The phenomenon appears to have reached plague-like proportions,” a statement released with the report said.

    Seventy Arab citizens were killed in 2017, accounting for more than 55% of murder and manslaughter victims in Israel that year, according to the report.

  31. Soros Continues Massive Cash Offensive in Florida
    Latest reported donation again gives boost to ‘true progressive’ in gov’s race
    Billionaire political activist George Soros continues to write six-figure political checks in the swing state of Florida ahead of the 2018 elections, the latest being a $250,000 drop to Forward Florida, a political action committee supporting Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in his run for governor.

    Soros contributed $200,000 to Forward Florida in 2017. When adding that to a $50,000 donation from Alex Soros, son of the hedge fund billionaire, the Soros family has staked half-a-million dollars on Gillum via the PAC.

    As the Washington Post reported in late April, the Democratic primary races for governor in several states are “emerging as central battlegrounds in the broader struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party.” The same article also pointed out that the governor’s races are sometimes more responsive to the party’s grassroots because, “unlike congressional races, where the parties’ campaign committees have intervened in primaries, there’s no national group that takes sides in choosing the nominee.”

    It is against this backdrop of choosing and shaping the issues crucial to the Democratic Party’s future that Gillum has repeatedly sold himself as the only “true progressive” in the race.

  32. Border deployment leads to arrest of 1,600 more illegal immigrants

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have apprehended an additional 1,600 people attempting to illegally enter the country from Mexico since April 15 as a result of the deployment of National Guard troops to the southwest border, CBP and defense officials said Wednesday.

    National Guard officials overseeing the border state deployments said troops helping monitor the international boundary have freed up more border agents to physically guard the border. The result has led to a surge in the amount of criminal activity agents have stopped.

    The increased surveillance and communication between guardsmen and border officers also led to CBP intercepting an additional 451 people who were turned back before illegally entering the U.S.

    Those numbers could tick up considerably if the 4,000 National Guard troops President Trump approved on April 4 are called on in a future request from CBP.

    As of Wednesday, 775 troops have been deployed and are on the ground providing “direct support on the ground” in seven sectors assisting law enforcement officers.

  33. Students ‘deeply hurt’ by criticism of liberal intolerance
    Jacob Floam
    Jacob Floam
    New York Campus Correspondent
    Today at 3:35 PM EDT
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    A conservative student was scolded by an administrator for giving a speech at a recent “Open Mic” event that apparently “deeply hurt” her liberal classmates.
    The administrator said several students had filed complaints after Nicole Miller read a letter describing “horror stories” of conservative students being ridiculed, threatened, and even attacked simply for being “Trump lovers.”

  34. Are Ontarians obliged to use ze and hir instead of he and she?

    The war of words over gender-neutral pronouns that has led to two disciplinary letters against University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson was sparked in large part by the requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code.

    Certainly, the university noted the OHRC in its request that Peterson address students by the pronoun of their choice and to stop speaking out about what he sees as the intrusion of political correctness and the use of hate speech laws to ‘weoponize tolerance’ and stifle debate in post-secondary institutions.

    The Sun asked the OHRC to weigh in on this raging controversy, and Chief Commissioner Renu Mandhane responded:

    •University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson is raising an argument that the OHRC is being used as a weapon to smother free speech. His university has said that the OHRC obliges him to address students by the pronoun of their choice. Must he?

    “The OHRC recognizes the right to freedom of expression under the Charter. However, lawmakers and courts have found that no right is absolute. Expression may be limited where it is hate speech under criminal law; or amounts to harassment, discrimination, or creates a poisoned environment under the Code.”

    •Is it a violation of the Code to not address people by their choice of pronoun? And if so, in what setting?

    “Refusing to address a trans person by their chosen name and a personal pronoun that matches their gender identity, or purposely misgendering, is discrimination when it takes place in a social area covered by the Code (employment, housing, and services like education).”

    •Would universities have greater latitude to discuss gender issues or disagree with the OHRC?

    “Universities are vital places for informed discussion, debate and disagreement, including debate about human rights. However, universities have the same positive obligations as other organizations to take all necessary steps to prevent and respond to discrimination and harassment, and avoid a poisoned environment.”

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