French media deceiving its citizens, much as does the CBC

Below are two clips from French news expressing outrage at Donald Trump for his imputed offence levied at the victims of the Bataclan, muslim terrorist attack.

Please forward this to anyone you may know in France. Especially if they have a blog or website at all. s far as I am aware, French media has not bothered to actually inform the French public as to what President Trump actually said which is so offensive. Here it is subtitled in French for them.

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4 Replies to “French media deceiving its citizens, much as does the CBC”

  1. I can confirm that they never actually detailed what he said, just talked about how outraged they were, the one exception was talking about the Boom bit, which I heard referred to once on a radio.

    By the way BFM which I call Battling For Macron, is very anti Trump, they seem to have links with CNN and they have this really weird expert on the US who is just so bad it is appalling. He hates Trump with a passion, and last night their explanation for Iran was that Trump is removing the legacy of Obama, period. Nothing about the falsehoods of the deal, or the fact that they cannot check military installations.

    French media is a utter joke..

  2. Once again the left can’t stand the facts, they know that if the people start hearing the facts they and their political philosophy are going to be thrown on the trash dump of history.

  3. But there’s always the internet. The French establishment can play all the games they want and they will fool millions of people but the people with higher IQs and a greater need for the truth will find the real speech on the internet and will know that the establishment is lying to them most egregiously. I can just see a few million French men nodding in agreement as the Trumpster made his painfully true observations. Ever noticed how things keep backfiring on people who try to mess with Donald Trump? Ever notice that…?

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