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    • At the current moment (5:45 CDT) the current rate of exchange is .o46 dollars to a peso. The entire Sount American continent is in major economic trouble and about to collapse.

    • yes I can see Washington allowing that. ? 1861 repeat…however some of the democrat heavy states might join in then and hopefully for once and for all, the US can delouse itself of democrats. The US civil war was incredibly bloody as technology made early 19th century battlefield tactics totally obsolete and anyone who looked at the civil war battles in detail could have avoided many of the casualties of WW1 . but alas! Europeans were far too arrogant to bother with the lessons learned by “amateur” armies and they had to learn the hard way that mass attacks of infantry against well defended positions was suicide as at Shiloh etc.. Although IIRC even Grant had problems in learning this and it took him a while.

      • The massive causalities in the First Civil war were caused by the long period between advances in weapons, for several centuries smooth bore muskets (think shotguns) that were accurate to around 50 yards were used and the tactics were to march up, stand shoulder to shoulder and fire volleys. Captain Minie of the French Army invented a ball (really a conical bullet with a hollow base) that could be loaded as fast as a round ball in a smooth bore. Both sides were marching up to about 50 yards and fired volleys into the enemy line that was doing the same thing. Add the first repeating rifles (Spencer’s bought by the government Henry’s bought by individual units) and various breech loading rifles (Sharps, Peabody and others) the latter two groups were mainly issued to Calvary units and you had a disaster in waiting.You also had two regiments in the Union Army that were armed with the Sharps (where the term sharp shooter comes from) that were picked crack shots.

        Some of the officers on both sides were smart enough to realize that new weapons require new tactics (mainly those who had spent a lot of time on the frontier) but few of them were high enough rank to use their ideas on the field.

      • The coming civil war probably won’t see many large scale battles but it will be bloody as new weapons are used by both sides. The left has already shown it cares nothing about inflicting civilian causalities so brace for some nasty attacks on civilian targets.

  1. This was filmed last year in Iraq.
    An Iranian Al-Qud Commander, in 2017 – As I’ve been saying, defections, double agents (how did Israelis get access to Super-secret vault storage)…

    This is a new type of War, that of paranoia. Kerry and others traveling wherever, unimportant.. They haven’t understood.

    • Look ar the guy at the left, he’s not Arab, he’s Persian. And look at the body language, the angle of his hips and shoulders, very friendly.

      By now, this is infiltration aka double agents is much more advanced. Never doubt the Saudis.

      • Sassy, you can do better than this.
        Your own observations are excellent! I’ve appreciated them. What you know, what you’ve lived, your own responses.

        This junk is shaped to serve a political agenda. It looks like reporting, but it isn’t. It’s written to persuade, not inform. And generate ECHOES.

        Secret agents, infiltrators, false flags, super-special forces. Why push a conclusion so definitely, so repetitiously?

        You’re told what to look at, how you should feel about it. There’s a hook for you to relate to, you can identify with some person in the news. You’re “in” on a secret. You feel smart, you feel positive.

        It’s a hoax. You’re buying a marketed product.

        Look how the power of suggestion is used:
        We’ve all got bodies, but body language as proof? Even a professional analyst in applied kinesiology, if it’s from another culture – it’s total BOGUS!

        “NEVER doubt” => ALWAYS doubt!

        This is a package meant to look like insight. It’s passed along in different styles, forms part of the repertoire of the social media personality. This might be one of four or five topics of any given writer.

        You don’t need it. It’s not wholesome.

    • Kerry and others traveling wherever, unimportant.

      You are wrong, traitors are always important and that is what Kerry is, it is unlikely that he will be tried for his treason but his actions have major consequences. One of these the the Brit Minister Boris Johnson being in DC right now lobbying for us to stay in the agreement.

      Don’t forget Kerry’s son in law is an Iranian, Kerry is showing that he thinks his son in laws opinion is more important then civilization, of course the far leftist Kerry doesn’t really want civilizatioln to survive..

  2. Libyan coastguard prevents NGO boat from rescuing migrants: Witness (mee, May 6, 2018)

    “The Libyan coastguard on Sunday prevented a rescue ship belonging to two NGOs from approaching a boat in distress carrying migrants, an AFP photographer witnessed.

    The Aquarius, chartered by SOS-Mediterranee and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), was informed by the Italian coastguard of the presence of an overloaded boat off the coast of Tripoli, reported the photographer on board the NGO boat.

    But Rome also alerted the Libyan coastguard, which took charge of coordinating the rescue operation and stopped the NGO ship from approaching, also ordering it to move away when migrants jumped into the water to avoid being picked up by the Libyans.

    The Libyan navy later announced it had rescued more than 300 migrants in three separate operations, reporting one dead and three missing.

    The two victims were with 114 other migrants including 21 women and four children, said a Libyan navy spokesman, General Ayoub Kacem, although he declined to say whether they had been aboard the boat seen by the Aquarius.

    And he warned that tensions between the Libyan coastguard and the NGO boats could worsen over coming days if they continued to approach stricken boats…”

  3. Former Syrian beach football player convicted in Norway for people smuggling (thelocal, May 4, 2018)

    “A Norwegian citizen in his thirties has been convicted at Oslo City Court of people smuggling after he assisted refugees with identity papers, travel tickets and route planning.

    The man, originally from Syria, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for breaking immigration laws and for falsifying documents, newspaper Dagbladet reports.

    He was found to have illegally assisted around twenty people in travelling to Norway and Europe.

    Norwegian police became aware of the case on the basis of a tip-off from police in the Czech Republic, who found that the man had acted as a middle man in connection with a case involving production of false identification papers in Eastern Europe, Dagbladet writes…”

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