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As I have complained about already, Youtube has made a staggering and so-obvious case of selective enforcement against our attempt to bring you news of the world that doesn’t match the narrative, that its clear its one step from destroying our channel and our work.

The most recent one was the video of the Arab-Israeli trying to prove to a Jewish friend that he was wrong, and it was in fact, safe to wear a Kippa in Berlin, Sadly, a brutal failure as a proof of concept. Youtube pulled the video and placed a community standards strike on our account. This has consequences. RT, Euro-News, (although predictably they ignored the fact that it was a muslim Syrian migrant who did the attack) and others have the exact same video up. The Daily Mail and New York Times have the story, each with their own version of the clip. So clearly its news, and clearly Youtube acted against our channel for reasons that are not the ones stated, as so many instances of the exact same video live on Youtube with zero consequences to the account holders.

Which brings me to the ask.

For the past few months, all the videos we made have been mirrored at our BitChute channel, and many videos which looked like they would be kick-bait for Youtube also were put there without being uploaded to Youtube at all.

So I ask my readers to please create an account for yourself and then subscribe to our Bitchute channel.

Also, feel free to go to our so-far still extant Youtube channel and download any videos you feel are important in case they need to be restored. Especially if they are older than about 5 months.

Subscribing without having a Bitchute account doesn’t work. They cant notify you of new uploads and it doesn’t show as a subscriber in our viewer subscription number.

So please consider signing up there and clicking Subscribe. That way you will get all the uploads, including the ones that may not make it to this site, rare thought that is, it occasionally happens due to time constraints or no-direct relevance to the couple of topics we try and stay limited to, large as they are.

Once again, the channel is at

Thank you!

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  1. Look, the situation with YouTube may not be as dire as we fear. The left keeps underestimating the size and the enthusiasm of the deplorable conservative movement and YouTube CEO Ms. Wojcicki, or whatever her name is, might just be doing it again. Remember when they thought they could win Brexit and the damn public stood in their way. How about that Donald Trump victory despite a full-on assault from the mainstream media?

    Susan Wojcicki is a dyed-in-the-wool radical leftist feminist who honestly thinks that people like us are ignorant racist Nazis and she will do everything in her power to silence us. She thinks, just as Hillary did before her, that we are all deplorables that her company can easily afford to flush down the toilet. Wrong! I got my BitChute account and would love nothing more than to see YouTube go bankrupt and close their doors if they’re going to characterize me as a Nazi. F YouTube! As far as I’m concerned anyone who is against freedom of speech and democracy is my serious enemy and that now includes Susan Wojcicki.

    The Democrat Party is waging a war to destroy white America and the Republican Party and replace it with a permanent, always-in-power Democrat Party that always plays identity politics and always makes everything worse as long as it lines their pockets in the process. The whole bunch of them belong in jail. They want to turn the US into Mexico, with the same good-old corruption party in power for decade after decade…

    Chin up. They’re not going to win this. They’re not going to outlaw freedom of speech.

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