Gazans send Nazi themed kites on fire towards Israeli personnel on border

Gaza rioters attack Israel with flying firebombs

Gazans protesting along the Gaza border have begun attaching firebombs to kites to fly over the fence into Israel in a new tactic as the riots enter their fourth week.

For protests set for Friday, Gazans were hoping to send dozens of kites over the fence, including some carrying notes telling Israelis “there is no place for you in Palestine.”

On the eve of Friday’s protests, a group of terrorists worked to create the flying firebombs under a tree in an olive orchard hundreds of meters from the Israeli border east of Gaza City.


As AFP watched, three young men carried one kite dozens of meters towards the border before stopping to set the bottle alight.


With the flame lit, they sent it into the air and cut the thread — watching as it floated over the border and crashed, causing a small fire.

“We use the kites to send a message,” one proud teen terrorist said.

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3 Replies to “Gazans send Nazi themed kites on fire towards Israeli personnel on border”

  1. 6- A Muslim hostile to Canada posing as a western Progressive telling me what my values are. An obsequious journalist who remains servile to Progressive taqiyya before the world.

    Should I waterboard myself now, or later?

  2. Isn’t “Friday” their so-called “holiest” day? Strange inspiration they get from collectively lifting their bums in their mosques.

    Incidentally: Deutsche Welle, the German “international” media chain have reported this as the “big bad Israeli soldiers having killed some poor poor poor palesteeeeeenians” who simply, playfully-like let a couple of Kites fly over the wall into their “Heimatland” (homeland).

    Deutsche Welle – like the BBC and their ilk – is out-Al-Jazeering Al Jazeera. They leave “Tokyo Rose” for dead when it comes to spreading the poison.

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