German girl defends herself against two (migrant?) attackers in subway

It turns out defending yourself actually works both to stop a crime against your person, and when done by lots of people, encourages respect of victim group while discouraging attacks on them.

So no wonder governments across the Western world are trying to make self defence illegal in every possible way.

From Essen Germany:

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6 Replies to “German girl defends herself against two (migrant?) attackers in subway”

  1. Wow – that was encouraging to watch. Good for her. She looked tall and strong; unfortunately, not all of us are (of either gender). But we can all use pepper spray, canes and other items for self-defense – at least for the time being (a point Vlad alluded to).

  2. You Go Girl!
    I especially liked her kick to the 2nd attacker!
    But, WTH is going on here? A German woman the is using the transit system they pay for is attacked… WAKE UP GERMANY!

  3. Looking very well at the attackers, I think they are from Scandinavia…Blond…blue eyes…must be nordic-Scandinavians.

  4. Fighting back works, which is why the government discourages it. After all you might get the idea to fight back against the government.

  5. Germany and the other nations that have made this type of savage attack possible should know that Americans are spreading the word, don’t go to Europe for “vacation”. I hope all tourist dollars dry up. Who on earth would want to go to any of these hell-holes?
    Europeans, your time is running out. Better speak now. It is very late.

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