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  1. UN Praises Riyadh Effort to Fight Terrorism (aawsat, Apr 18, 2018)

    “The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its generous support to the international organization and its strenuous efforts to fight terrorism.

    Guterres was speaking at the sixteenth meeting of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Center Advisory Board in Riyadh on Tuesday…”

  2. Yemen government accused of torture, rape and murder of African migrants (mee, Apr 18, 2018)

    “African migrants and asylum seekers in Yemen have been executed, raped and tortured in detention, Human Rights Watch and the UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Wednesday.

    Human Rights Watch said Yemeni government employees were behind the abuse at a prison in the southern port city of Aden. The group also accused the government of forcibly deporting others out to sea in overloaded boats…”

    • This is why most of the Africans are moving up the middle of the continent to avoid the really dangerous ones in the east.

  3. German militant tied to 9/11 attacks arrested by Syrian Kurdish forces: Report (mee, Apr 18, 2018)

    “A Syrian-born German national accused of helping to plan the September 11, 2001 attacks has been detained by Kurdish forces in Syria, a senior Kurdish commander told AFP on Wednesday.

    “Mohammed Haydar Zammar has been arrested by Kurdish security forces in northern Syria and is now being interrogated,” the top official said, without providing further details.

    Zammar had previously been detained by the Syrian government in the early years of the civil war, but he was freed for unknown reasons in 2014, the Washington Post reported, citing unidentified US officials.

    Zammar, who is in his mid-fifties, has been accused of recruiting some of the September 11 hijackers.

    He was detained in Morocco in December 2001 in an operation involving CIA agents, and was handed over to the Syrian authorities two weeks later.

    A Syrian court sentenced Zammar to 12 years in prison in 2007 for belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, a charge that at the time could have resulted in the death penalty.

    He was an influential cleric in Germany who helped arrange Mohammed Atta’s – the head hijacker of the 9/11 attacks – travel to Afghanistan for al-Qaeda training, according to the Washington Post.

    German officials said that Zammar frequently spoke to Atta and visited him at home while they both lived in Hamburg.

    The 9/11 Commission Report, which studied why and how the 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks occurred, said Zammar “relished any opportunity to extol the virtues of violent jihad”.

    Yet the Post said Zammar may not have been aware of the plot to attack the US, citing Ramzi Binalshibh’s testimony – another accused facilitator of the 9/11 attacks who is currently detained in Guantanamo Bay.”

  4. EXCLUSIVE: Haftar said to be suffering irreversible brain damage (mee, Apr 18, 2018)

    “East Libya military commander Khalifa Haftar is in an almost vegetative state and “will never be normal again” because of his health issues, an informed source told Middle East Eye.

    Haftar is suffering from lung cancer, which has metastasised to his brain, according to a European diplomat.

    “He is unable to talk or even fully comprehend. He can not even sit or stand up,” said the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

    “The doctor treating him says that even if he responds partially to treatment, it will be temporarily and he will never be normal again.”…”

  5. US plans to send American ‘IS fighter’ to third country (mee, Apr 18, 2018)

    “The US government intends to hand over to a third country an American citizen captured in Syria allegedly fighting for the Islamic State (IS) group, rather than present him to the US justice system, a court filing showed on Tuesday.

    In the Trump administration’s first decision on how to deal with citizens caught fighting for a designated terror group, the US military plans to turn over the man – a dual US-Saudi citizen born in the United States and now held in Iraq – to an unidentified country as early as Thursday.

    The American Civil Liberties Union, which has been representing the man known in court documents only as “John Doe,” said it plans to ask the court to block the transfer, arguing that he has not been charged with a crime and has the right to due process under US laws.

    “The Trump administration has been detaining this American citizen unlawfully for more than seven months, and forcibly rendering him to another country would be an unconscionable violation of his constitutional rights,” said ACLU attorney Jonathan Hafetz…”

  6. Iraq sentences 212 convicted Daesh terrorists to death  (memo, Apr 18, 2018)

    “An Iraqi court on Wednesday sentenced 212 convicted Daesh terrorists to death, according to Iraq’s Supreme Judiciary Council.

    In a statement, council spokesman Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar said that 815 people had been tried for Daesh links since the terrorist group was driven from the city of Mosul late last year.

    This figure includes the 212 recently sentenced to death, 150 imprisoned for life, 341 who received limited jail sentences, and 112 acquitted of charges.

    According to Bayrakdar, all the defendants received public trials in line with Iraqi law…”

  7. Child marriage doubles amongst Syria refugees in Jordan  (memo, Apr 18, 2018)

    “Child marriage among Syrian refugees has more than doubled in the last four years according to new data released by Jordan’s court system.

    War, poverty and economic instability have been major factors in the increase in under age marriage throughout the Middle East.

    In 2014, 15 per cent of all Syrian marriages included a child bride. Now, it is 36 per cent, according to new figures published by Jordan’s court system.

    Child marriage is a growing problem for Syrian girls in refugee communities in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. In some refugee communities 41 per cent of marriages are said to involve Syrian women under the age of 18.

    For Syrian families, marrying their daughters is a desperate response to their living conditions which see parents struggling to provide for their children and fearing for their safety – particularly as a result of the increase of sexual violence against girls…”

  8. Russia: Joint nuclear energy deals with Egypt amounts to $60bn (memo, Apr 18, 2018)

    “Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” have signed a number of contracts with Egypt worth tens of billions of dollars, the company’s chief announced yesterday.

    Alexey Likhachev said that Rosatom had signed a series of commercial deals with Egypt, most significantly the $60 billion contract to construct the Dabaa nuclear power plant, as well as its maintenance and supplies of nuclear fuel.

    “These contracts are the first-ever in the nuclear industry and are Russia’s largest non-crude products export agreement,” Russia Today (RT) quoted Likhachev as saying. “This is certainly a very big contribution to the development of Russian-Egyptian relations.”…”

  9. UAE minister lashes out at pro-Iran media (gulfnews, Apr 18, 2018)

    “The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, has lashed out at pro-Iran media for continuing to disseminate false news about Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

    “False news from Iranian sources, such as the Fars News Agency and Al Akhbar newspaper, against the UAE and Saudi Arabia, continue,” he posted on his Twitter account. “Let us check the source and the confused ones who initiate false news to targeting us” he said, adding that it was a part of a “distortion” campaign.

    On Tuesday, Fars News Agency claimed that Saudi Arabia and the UAE were recruiting thousands of African mercenaries to serve in their military forces overseas, including Yemen.

    “The Kingdom is likely using Chadian mercenaries in its operations abroad,” the agency said, citing quotes by “Saudi sources” to Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper, a London-based daily reportedly funded since 2013 by Qatar.

    The article alleged that Saudi Arabia had signed secret agreements with N’Djamena, enabling its enlistment of thousands of Chadian mercenaries.

    The daily also claimed that the UAE was “seeking to recruit thousands of mercenaries from Uganda to deploy in Yemen and Somalia.”

    “The UAE is eyeing Ugandan recruits amid the prospect of Sudan’s withdrawal of its forces from the Saudi-led coalition,” the report said.

    Iranian and pro-Iranian media and their supporters have been publishing and posting aggressive anti-Saudi Arabia and anti-UAE news, making use of fake news, baseless allegations, ugly distortions and blatant lies to discredit them locally, regionally and internationally.

    The war in Yemen against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, the situation in Syria and Iraq, the recent developments in Syria and the Qatar crisis have been exploited by the fake news media to target Riyadh and Abu Dhabi for their positive stances.”

  10. German states look to reintegration to reduce migrant crime (DW, Apr 18, 2018)

    “The number of migrants in German prisons has steadily risen since 2015, according to data obtained by DW from five state justice ministries. German states are putting more resources into reintegrating them into society.

    Since 2015, the number of Syrian, Afghan, Eritrean, Iraqi and Serbian migrants in German prisons has risen steadily, according to information obtained from five state justice ministries, which highlighted the trend in the largest groups of migrants arriving to the country in recent years.

    “Most of the detainees in correctional facilities were property crime, offenses involving bodily harm and violations of the Narcotic Drugs Act,” Jörg Herold, spokesman for the Saxony state Justice Ministry told DW.

    In the state of Saarland, the majority of offenders, both adults and minors, were jailed for violent crimes, theft and drug-related offenses, said Sirin Ozfirat, spokesperson for the Saarland Justice Ministry.

    Although the ministries of justice in Hamburg and Lower Saxony do not specify which crimes have been committed by migrants, their respective spokespersons confirmed that the number of Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Eritrean and Serbian prisoners had risen.

    “Particularly since 2016, we have seen an increase in the number of prisoners in custody,” stated Marion Klabunde, a press officer for Hamburg’s justice authority. “This increase is reflected throughout the entire prison system.”

    More people, more crime

    The main factor contributing to the increase of non-German prisoners in the country’s penitentiary system is the influx of migrants from 2014 to 2016, said Dirk Baier, who heads the Institute of Delinquency and Crime Prevention at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

    “More people always mean more people who behave criminally,” Baier told DW. “It will be interesting to see how the penal institutions have to react to these ‘new’ groups of prisoners, develop their own concepts or something similar.”

    In 2015, Germany witnessed nearly 900,000 people enter the country and apply for asylum in what European leaders described as a migration “crisis.” Many of the migrants were fleeing war and extreme poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

    Figures from Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees shows that migrants originating from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Eritrea were the largest groups to arrive in the country in 2016.

    In the state of Bavaria, the total number of foreign prisoners jumped from 3,902 in January 2015 to 5,214 in January 2018. In the state of Hamburg, the data show the number of migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Eritrea and Serbia in correctional facilities increased from 301 in 2015 to 500 in 2017.

    Serbian inmates

    But Baier noted that the three largest groups of asylum seekers – from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – only doubled since the height of the migration crisis. However, the number of Serbian prisoners rose despite no noticeable increase in migration to Germany.

    “Somewhat surprising is the high number of Serbian detainees,” said Baier. “The increases in the numbers cannot be attributed to the increase in the number of refugees since 2015, because Serb refugees did not make up most of the refugee population.”

    Reintegration begins in prison

    Since 2015, federal and state authorities have boosted resources to better help migrants adapt to life in Germany, even for those who have been convicted of a crime.

    Bavaria’s regional parliament has allocated €170,000 ($210,000) for German language assistance and integration programs in its 2017-2018 budget, Rebekka Übler, deputy spokesperson of the Bavarian Justice Ministry, told DW.

    “A total of 260 new jobs have been created at the Justice Ministry, including 40 posts for the general prison service and 10 posts for psychologists in the prison system, particularly to tackle the refugee crisis,” Übler said, referring to a supplementary budget for 2016.”

  11. Iran: Defiant Rouhani showcases military might during Tehran parade

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani watched over a military parade in the capital of Tehran on Wednesday, National Army Day, as he claimed Iran would not heed to Western pressure.

    “We tell the world that we often produce any weapon that we need,” Rouhani told a squadron of military personnel. “We will not wait for their [Western powers’] word or agreement.”


  12. MONTREAL – [.. M.U.S.L.IM...] Man admits to sexually assaulting a student at UQAM

    A young man with schizophrenia admitted Wednesday that he sexually assaulted a university student on April 14 when he was intoxicated.

    Aimen Rechrech, 24, pleaded guilty in the Montreal courthouse to charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement.

    The victim, a 23-year-old student in mathematics, was alone April 14 at UQAM, in downtown Montreal, to practice an oral presentation.

    The young man, who had entered the pavilion without being questioned, had not taken his medication to control his schizophrenia and had consumed crack, a derivative of cocaine whose effects are more violent, fast and brief.

    He had first spoken to the young woman before leaving, but she had seen him walk past the glass door a few times to finally find that he had come back and stood in front of the door, watching him through the window.

    Wanting to know why he was there, she opened the door to meet face to face with Rechrech masturbating.
    Aimen = Arabic Name =M.U.S.L.I.M

    more details here :

    Un jeune homme admet avoir agressé sexuellement une étudiante à l’UQAM

    Pics on his Google+ page :

    the same assaulted 2 men in the Gay Village last summer
    Homophobic insults used in Gay Village attack: police


  13. Democrats are working with deep state to attack Trump: Rep. Gaetz

    Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) discusses the letter sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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