Berlin: Young Man Beaten And Attacked For Wearing Kippa

This happened Tuesday afternoon in Berlin, in broad daylight. A young man who was wearing a Kippa is attacked and beaten by another young man who yells “Yahudi something something”.

Last night we posted a video of a young Jewish boy in Berlin being beaten by a Muslim for wearing his kippa. YouTube took Vlad’s video down shortly after I posted it, so I replaced the old embed with his BitChute version.

Strangely enough, however, RT posted a version of the same videoon YouTube this morning.

Here’s what Egri and Vlad had to say today:

When Vlad published this video on YouTube last night, YouTube immediately took it down, for “violating their guidelines”. So Vlad re-uploaded it to Bitchute. We are aware that Bitchute is not as convenient and popular yet as YouTube, but please take the moment to watch. Also, the more we use Bitchute, the more user-friendly it will get.


The Daily Mail posted the entire video on its site as well!

There is something particularly odd about YouTube’s decision to remove this video. Much like the way they leave up videos of imams preaching supremacy and hatred but remove the videos of the same when translated to show that they are indeed saying these things.


Even if there is an innocent explanation, its wrong from the ground on down. We must be allowed to expose the reality of enemy propaganda for the home crowd, and we MUST be allowed to show the EFFECTS of that propaganda, which this video most certainly does.


Without imams constantly preaching that Jews should be attacked, this just wouldn’t happen. So not to remove videos showing imams saying such things, and then to remove videos showing Muslims following these instructions, makes YouTube APPEAR to be in league with them, whether they are or are not.

The Daily mail posted the entire video on its site as well!

There is something particularly odd about Youtube’s decision to remove this video. Much like how they leave up videos of imams preaching supremacy and hatred but remove the videos of the same when translated to show they are indeed saying these things.

Even if there is an innocent explanation, its wrong from the ground on down. We must be allowed to expose the reality of enemy propaganda for the home crowd and we MUST be allowed to show the EFFECTS of that propaganda, which this video most certainly does.

Without imams constantly preaching to attack Jews, this just wouldn’t happen. So to remove videos showing imams saying such, and then removing videos showing then following these instructions, it makes Youtube APPEAR to be in league with them, whether they are or are not.


RT now has the SAME VIDEO on Youtube!

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24 Replies to “Berlin: Young Man Beaten And Attacked For Wearing Kippa”

  1. It’s unfortunate that common folk are not allowed to announce the news online. This is a news story.

  2. Is anyone surprised by this? Does any Vlad reader doubt that wearing a kippa in any city in Germany, indeed, in any muslim-dominated area of pretty well any Western city would be foolhardy and dangerous? Multiculturalism: feel the love (or is that “hate”?)

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  4. I posted videos from the Vlad’s YT channel on a couple of reasonable, conservative websites. Lots of likes, but the comments – sewage.

    This response got more “likes” than the video itself. [copy-paste caps, without the {sic’s}]:

    Poland’s Plight:
    Your right!
    The Zionist’s are hard at work pushing that NWO. Their after Syria right now, Iran, N. Korea and Cuba are all they have left for total control of the planet. If the Zionist’s are defeated Poland and the World will be great again out from under their rule. Yahweh is in us and around us.

  5. To be objective, it is not Jew hatred solely of the left. However this is not to say it is of the right. One need only look at commenters on Zerohedge. Pick any story, it seems, and all roads lead to Jewish conspiracies. And I believe these types to be relatively apolitical in the sense that their focus is primarily on money and investment. I go there to find the sources of good stories–always following the links to those sources in order to avoid the garbage.Before it was sold some years ago Zerohedge focused laser-like on smart money questions by real traders–some of the smartest people around. Unfortunately this all changed. Maybe the default setting of some humans is a scapegoating mode that obscures self-deficiencies for the sake of self-preservation. Otherwise, the empirical intellectual and emotional poverty of some loser looking into the mirror would be enough for him to promptly blow his own brains out. Muhammed knew this at least viscerally, I am sure. If only we could find and disable the scapegoating gene in Muslims and give them free compact mirrors our problems would be solved. –Same goes for mealy-mouthed lazy socialists eager to spend our money.

    • Scapegoating is normally done by people who know they aren’t capable of achieving high goals but don’t want others to know this, thus they invent some reason why they haven’t been a great success. The historical attacks on the Jews provides them with a villain without the losers having to do any hard thinking. The problem is that some people who can be successful will join the movement to become an instant leader.

    • I’m seeing _plenty_ of it on the right.
      Yes, there is a dreaded ALT-RIGHT – – –
      ……And it’s NOT Pepe the Frog or Milo or Potus-45.

      Sometimes I’ll check out a site for homeschooler friends. The best moderated keep it down, sweep out the trash before it stinks up the thread. An example is the “Ron” idiot who trolls here occasionally. That’s a staple. He might pose as right-wing on commie sites.

      One conservative site posted these guidelines:

      “In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll’s amusement.”

      They target sites for mischief. They get off on replies, any kind of attention. They fancy themselves the agent in control of a thread. Moderators do their best, but stuff gets through.
      • Don’t encourage a troll, don’t reply, that’s usually enough.
      • If it persists, please notify the moderator.

    • Moon of Alabama is another one.
      Unfortunate. The guy knows his stuff, but if it touches his ‘sweet spot’, the analysis is totally skewed.
      Makes me want to wipe my screen, close down the browser. I don’t go there anymore.

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