Some of the videos on Comey and the rot of the deep state

Also, a Top Ten from The

There are probably 15 more videos with quite good analysis of the third world, moral less attack on President Trump and his administration. The rules really have changed. Its all for one and each man to himself now.

Once again, quoting that wonderful fellow on Red State Radio:

“There are now two parties in the US. The Globalist Party and the American Party”.


And he is quite right and it is not down Dem-Gop lines entirely.



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4 Replies to “Some of the videos on Comey and the rot of the deep state”

  1. I wonder if all these liberal activists in the branches of the Federal Government realize that with every legal precedent they adjudicate on, they are stealing the rights of voters and concentrating even more power in the bureaucracy.

    I don’t understand how Judges can dictate immigration policy.

    • Yes they know they are seizing power for the government, they are leftist, usually far leftist who want the government to have the power to control all actions of everyone.

  2. It is the global socialist party not the globalist party against the American party. To leave out socialism is to hide the reality of what Americans, and for that matter European citizens, are facing. The globalist leaders, Obama, Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, etc do not hide their intent to replace their populace and rule as totalitarian socialists. To do,this, they are subjecting their native populace to an unprecedented Muslim barbarian invasion. Fortunately, they no longer hide their intentions and clarity of intent is now certain. Civil war is the only available answer, and it must be directed at these rulers first and foremost.

  3. How many potential crimes did Comey commit?

    Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett on why he believes that former FBI Director James Comey committed a plethora of crimes and the DOJ’s failure to release Comey’s memos.

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