A slam dunk on global warming

First, read this article:

Solar activity crashes – the Sun looks like a cueball

Right now, the sun is a cueball, as seen below in this image today from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and has been without sunspots for 10 days. So far in 2018, 61% of days have been without sunspots.

Then, watch this very well done documentary that uses actual science (which is effectively illegal now unless it produces the right foregone conclusion, which of course makes it not science) about the relationship between sunspots and climate:

Please do watch this. It will equip you to defeat any global warming advocate in the realm of reason and science. Which is why they do not operate in that realm, but in the realm of cultural-Marxism, because actual climate science is of no interest to them. Only destroying free market economies is, and you will learn that first hand once you defeat in debate the phoney pseudo-scientific arguments for man made global warming.

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5 Replies to “A slam dunk on global warming”

  1. We are entering into a solar minimum which the left will try to exploit to gain power, they are counting on their war on science to have dumbed down the public to the point they will believe any BS the left wants to put out.

  2. I have watched this whole beautiful documentary. Its truth has set me free.

    Immediately I shall go out and rev-up my 1971 Bel-Air that has no emission controls. I will do this without an ion (ha yes ion not iota!) of politically-charged guilt.

    I will not hold my breath for the Nobel prize to be awarded for any scientific discipline used to make this discovery.

    I will not hold my breath for Al Gore to drown in his rising seas.

    I will force-feed this program to my children, and to the universe beyond.

    Oddly, I look at clouds from both sides now.


  3. I think Musk is a sheister. Imagine the impact to his debt-driven business should climate change not be driven by CO2, but rather cosmic rays, and this understanding be common knowledge. The bottom would drop out of the whole Green Energy narrative. All western government subsidies for electric cars would stop. Solar and wind farms polluting valuable farmlands would disappear. The lithium battery industry would falter (Chinese control rare-earth metals). Every manner of fear-mongering and guilt-driven left wing politics would lose credence to their narrative, including the mass migration of IQ-challenged African Allah worshippers. This movement, lest you forget, has been blamed on both global warming (stupid) and American/Israeli warmongering (wrong).

    In short, the tsunami of political bullshit we have been subjected to over the last 50 years would find its miserable deserved end. If there is a god who believes in truth this will happen.

    I think there is.


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