RCMP investigating a flag sighting in New Brunswick: Links 1, April 16, 2018

1. Im pretty sure everyone here without even speaking a word of Arabic can figure out exactly what this is about

2. Police probe two killings in London in just HALF AN HOUR: Young father becomes capital’s 59th murder victim – just moments before a woman in her 30s is stabbed to death ‘after a family row’

(We can look forward to the London Mayor explaining to us all that all this killing and violence, even too much for some Afghan immigrants, is the price British people must pay for all that wonderful diversity, which, after all as PM Trudeau will tell us, is our strength.)

3. For the moral inversion files:

Neighbours vow to block burglar’s £100,000 funeral procession from passing home of pensioner who stabbed him to death

We posted another story on this same issue the other day.

4. South African Farmer genocide update:

5. UK “slavery hotline” gets thousands of calls | Jack Buckby

6. Tommy Robinson on Europe and the inversion of reason and rights there.

7. Greece: Protesters try to topple ‘capitalist’ Truman statue amid clashes</strong>

Clashes erupted between police and Greek communist party (KKE) supporters in central Athens on Monday, during a rally condemning air strikes on Syria by the US, Britain and France.

Protesters tried to topple a statue of former US president Harry Truman by tying ropes around it and dragging it down. Riot police responded by firing tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowd.

“Today we wanted to unseat the symbol of Capitalism, which is Truman”, said member of the communist-affiliated union PAME Giorgos Perros.

8. Canada’s federal police force, the RCMP, are investigating a car that was apparently flying a confederate flag in its window. This is now a crime worthy of the federal police force of Canada apparently.

The confederate flag represents a now non-existent rebel group which had a lot of aspects to it. One of which, was slavery. The flag of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania still has open slave markets and still has generations of black people in literal chains as actual property and life long slaves as will be any offspring and as were their parents.

Im pretty sure you could fly that flag in New Brunswick without a hate crimes investigation.

The link has been updated now.

They have added a discussion about conflicting rights.

Thank you ML., M. Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, NorseRadish, Yucki, Johnny U. Kathy, and a large number of wonderful people who have really been working hard to keep us all up to date and informed on topics the media actually works to hide, rather than present. 

At this point you can almost take the New York Times, the Washington Post, and EuroNews and go with the opposite of what they say and bank on the reflexivity of that to know what is actually happening.

Here is a great video that Buck sent in which uses that wonderful device of turning around the leftist argument towards their ambitions to see how inherently hypocritical they are, a tired device at thus point, but really well used in this case.



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3 Replies to “RCMP investigating a flag sighting in New Brunswick: Links 1, April 16, 2018”

  1. Slavery is once again becoming common in Europe and the US, the illegals are easy prey for the human traffickers. Slavery has never been removed from the world but it was pushed back into the more remote areas until the far left decided to attack civilization and the Barbarians moving into the civilized regions brought all of their evils with them. Now the Europeans who fought to remove slavery from the world are being called evil for what their ancestors did while the modern slave owners are called heroes for resisting assimilation into civilized society. Once again barbarism is winning over civilization, we the formerly civilized people can learn to be barbarians to preserve our freedom. This will have to be done soon if we are to preserve freedom and avoid strongman rule, sadly we will need a strong leader to achieve this goal and power is a addictive item and some of the strong leaders will not want to give up that power while they are alive. Without our civilization to ensure a peaceful transition of power we may be trapped into a cycle of revolutions and coups until someone decides to establish a Royal Dynasty hopefully the US can avoid that future but the actions of the Dems after the 2016 election say that we may fall into the cycle of revolution and coups.

  2. 3. For the moral inversion files:

    Neighbours vow to block burglar’s £100,000 funeral procession from passing home of pensioner who stabbed him to death.

    There are reports that council authorities have been instructed to remove the “shrine”.

    This entire episode certainly is emblematic of one thing. Namely, respect for one’s elders has taken a nosedive. The victim being hounded from his home is a total miscarriage of justice. I’d be curious to know why there haven’t been any counter-demonstrations in front of the perp’s house.

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