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4 Replies to “Tucker: Hannity controversy is about hurting Trump”

  1. It was a win-win for Trump and Cohen. Hannity was most surely made aware of the plan through Cohen.

    Notice that nobody is upset, Trump had a great happy day yesterday and Hannity was laughing about it.

    Why would Cohen brandish an irrelevant non-client’s information and defy the judge in open Court? Why didn’t Cohen ask the judge for a discussion in private chamber re the ‘client’? A great circus act that is awakening more people – including all Liberal lawyers and the Democrats – to the dangers of their lawyer-client privilege.

    It’s impossible not to see an anti-Trump conspiracy in full swing.

    That said, Trump will have access to the information through the Justice Dept as he holds the privilege in client-attorney privilege as well as Executive Privilege.

    All in all, a great day.

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