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  1. Turkey: 3 wanted for ties to US-based cleric seized in Gabon (abcnews, Apr 10, 2018)

    “The African nation of Gabon has arrested and handed over three men wanted in Turkey for ties to U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday, vowing to press ahead with efforts to chase the cleric’s followers abroad.

    The three Turkish nationals, who were directors of schools linked to Gulen in Gabon, were arrested by authorities in Gabon’s capital, Libreville, on March 23, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

    They were returned to Turkey in an operation led by the Turkish intelligence agency, Anadolu reported Tuesday, citing unnamed security sources.

    “Gabon has handed over three important members of (Gulen’s organization),” Erdogan said during a speech to his ruling party’s lawmakers in Ankara. “They can run to wherever they want; they’ll run, we’ll chase.”

    Turkey accuses Gulen of masterminding the coup attempt in July 2016 and has branded his movement a “terror organization.” The cleric has denied involvement in the failed attempt.

    Since the coup, Turkey has arrested more than 38,000 people for alleged links to Gulen and fired some 110,000 public servants. Many of those arrested or fired have proclaimed their innocence.

    Last week, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said as many as 80 suspected Gulen supporters in 18 countries were “bundled up and returned” to Turkey in operations conducted by the intelligence agency.

    Last month, Turkey secretly arranged the deportation from Kosovo of six Turkish men — five teachers and a doctor — accused of supporting the coup attempt. The move angered Kosovo’s prime minister, who fired the country’s interior minister and intelligence chief for not telling him about it, and drew sharp criticism from human rights groups.

    Anadolu said the three who were arrested in Gabon used an encrypted messaging app which the government says was used by Gulen’s supporters to communicate secretly with each other. The three were wanted in Turkey for “membership in an armed terror organization,” the agency said.”

    • One of the points he is making, a point he has made before is that this is an investigation into a man and not a crime. By making it an investigation into a man the DOJ, DNC and Mueller is a move from a Third World Nation. This investigation of a man is Stalin saying “Show me a man and I will show you the crime.” US Code is so complicated that everyone in the US has broken some Federal Law at some point.

      If the idea that you can open an investigation into anyone they can open an investigation into you because they don’t like something you are doing. What you are doing doesn’t have to be a crime it will be enough to open the investigation to drive you bankrupt and force you to confess to a crime you didn’t commit just to stop the investigation.

      • Mr. Rubashkin refused to confess to crimes that he did not commit.
        Issued on: December 20, 2017 Mr. Rubashkin has now served more than 8 years of that sentence, Weeks after the immigration raid Shalom Rubashkin and other Agri officials were arrested on charges of harboring illegal aliens, violating safety regulations and other crimes. The standard procedure for one about to be arrested for a federal violation is to inform the subject’s lawyers. The attorney will then inform the prosecutor that his client will surrender voluntarily and plead not guilty to the formal charge. Whenever a prosecutor speaks with a defense attorney the suspect always submits himself.

        But this was not the case with Shalom Rubashkin. The man was treated like no other defendant ever arrested on illegal immigration violations. The federal prosecutors sent out marshals to handcuff and shackle him in manacles as they led him past a phalanx of waiting photographers and TV crews on October 30, 2008.

        A bearded chassidic man led off in irons would surely promote the prosecutor’s careers and earn them front page New York Times coverage. They also did not fail to leak their incendiary and false accusations that Agri possessed a meth lab and that workers traded arms for cash.

        These were the same Federal Prosecutors that rejected Agri’s invitation to peacefully enter the plant and eliminate anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

  2. Does China Need Sanctions?

    National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow recently said on air that China is openly “breaking a lot of laws,” something that must be stopped.

    “No tariffs have been implemented. Now, they may be over time, depending on whether China wants to talk to us or negotiate in good faith,” Kudlow stated.

    “In the next several months, [the Trump Administration] will ask the public to comment, and then they will comment on the public’s comments, and then a decision will be made. So it’s not going to be something hasty. It’s going to be something that’s well thought out. A lot of this is going to depend on China. So far China has not responded to President Trump on stealing our technology. They have tall trade barriers, and they’re breaking a lot of laws. President Trump is right. He’s not the problem. China is the problem. But they haven’t responded satisfactorily.”

    “We have to do this. We have to get China to change its behavior. It’s been two decades, and they’re still stealing our intellectual property.”

    • Richard,
      I heard on a radio that Chinese students come on a visa to study in our universities for only one semester to steal the courses, lectures and exams.
      Then Americans citizens who have a an idea, pattern China offered you a “Business deal” that subsequently the http address have to be from “China “, made in China. At the end, hard working , gifted Americans loose .
      Chinese economy is created out of stealing others ideas. They are not free thinkers like “American” who are free to think, created and become self sufficient. ( at least we have opportunity ).
      Communist country oppressed his own people and totally controlled their God given natural gifts.
      The gift to be born here or to have the opportunity to be an
      “American” by choice to dream about it can’t never died or be minimized.
      God Bless USA and his good hard working citizens and Natural Born Dreamers Americans kids (from parents born here or legally here in this country)

  3. The question that often drives me on is why so-called “leftists” regularly drive the populations into the arms of the hated “rightists”. Why do they categorically refuse to take on the problems of their populations?

    Instead, they spin out idiotic utopias that teach them the contrary again in the end. I can tell you: because they create these problems themselves. They are cancer in the guise of “humanity”. One day there must be a cure for a “caring siege”.

  4. Everyone likes to be comfortable, everyone wants to be comfortable, but when comfort (“chilling”) becomes the purpose of life, we are all lost. In the past one was “hardened” against all eventualities of life. Everyone likes to be comfortable, everyone wants to be comfortable, but when comfort (“chilling”) becomes the purpose of life, we are all lost.

    In the past one was “hardened” against “all eventualities of life”. Now all non-Europeans come and want to sleep in our hammock without doing anything about it.

    Today I read about “air loungers”, which are “very trendy”. I’m ashamed of the damage our degeneration did to our descendants. They sell our culture, our smallest fragile continent in the world, at the price of being as “self-denying” as possible. There has been a great deal of damage done to the minds of our youth.

    • We all worry- that’s why we are here. It is darkest before the dawn of a new day.

      But don’t worry too much Nigel, things are going our way.
      If it comes to it, I am sure younger (and older) Germans haven’t forgotten how to fight. And Germany (and Sweden) will have help and support from other Europeans, and freedom lovers.

      • I have come to believe that change can only take place within. Certainly not by rushing people, genders, classes, races, ethics and religions against each other and allowing themselves to be played off.

        Caution: this is a trap! This banana bowl was laid out so that we could slip on it on our bellies and break our bones! This is the old stupid game of “Divide & Rule”, which is more catchy today than ever before.

      • It’s all made to confuse and divide us. Distract us from ourselves. Only by pausing do we learn who we ourselves still are. Is it important to defend our race? Who says that, Hitler? In the past, entire clans, villages and tribes were exterminated.

        Today Bulgarians feel “responsible” for the Irish? I have neither Irish nor Bulgarians to thank for anything in my life. Perhaps multicultural states such as Canada or America have that.

        I consider non-native and continental foreigners to be a real threat to our being like we are. But I’m not prepared to sacrifice my life for it like our forefathers were. That’s the course of history. With our comments on the Internet we will not stop this run at all, even if the last one knew about it!

      • Is there a racial awareness, cultural awarness, religious awareness? Their representatives can’t convince me (anymore). Her arguments are always: “We’re good – you shit!” I cannot and will no longer hear all this, this is an abuse of our attention.

        I am perhaps the first “right” who no longer wants to be a “nationalist,” I have realized that there are no good, bad, high and inferior creatures on earth, but every hewing in this direction is a hubris, which is inevitably followed by self-destruction.

      • To be honest, I am glad that we no longer have tribal rituals, no peer pressure, that we do not have to wear uniforms like in Hitler’s Germany, where everywhere only swastikas hung. I even think that the world is RIGHTOUS on the whole, even if it’s unpopular to say so today, but it remains true.

        The stupid, naive people who invite illiterate, horny parasites to come to their homes to feel “morally great” will receive their punishment soon. This is the law of sowing and reaping, of cause and effect. Who else but these conditions could ever teach them that their concept is completely insane and utopian?

        • I agree about the divide and rule.

          Problem with the non-violence determination is that sooner or later, you morally have to defend a person who can’t defend themselves properly or be damned.
          I’m not prepared to stand by and watch a neighbour or stranger be abused or assaulted when I can pick up a rock or a big stick.
          Oh course, when you have a “big stick”, then you can talk softly and sweetly, and the bully will probably listen. Otherwise, it’s the stick.
          I think this is the age old dilemma- how do you communicate displeasure or non-compliance to an entity that doesn’t speak the same language, or doesn’t want to.
          You get my drift, ja?

  5. An open letter to Gillian Merron, Chief Executive, Board of Deputies of British Jews from Joshua of Fahrenheit 211 (

    “Dear Ms Merron

    I hope that you will give some consideration to what I have to say about the statement made on the re-election of Viktor Orban as Prime Minister of Hungary, because the BOD’s Facebook statement on this issue troubles me greatly. I think that in this case the BOD is engaging in knee-jerk condemnation and are also failing to see why Mr Orban has become so popular in Hungary and increasingly so, as I observe from social media etc, in the rest of Europe…”

  6. In nature there are only three reactions:

    – attack
    – escape
    – play dead

    At what stage may our weak, cowardly,
    disgustingly self-destructive society/culture be?

    • At the stage where the Good and the civilised decisively counter-attack to destroy evil in situ, and then proceed to kick glorious ass from sunrise to sundown.
      Let’s get to it!

  7. [Ed. – Some days it’s like everything is hurtling toward a cliff. This isn’t from an independent journalistic account; it’s from state-media outlet Global Times, which means it’s what the Chinese Communist Party wants to have said about Xi’s comments to Guterres. This is what China’s central government wants the world to hear.]

    China’s Xi to U.N. Chief: ‘We Need to Be Pushing for’ Global Governance

    Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping met United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Beijing this weekend and reportedly urged the leader to further promote “global governance” to solve the world’s problems.

    Xi has explicitly expressed a desire to see China become the “keeper of the international order,” defining and enforcing international law.

    Guterres was in Beijing to meet with Xi and reportedly thanked the Chinese communist government for supporting the U.N.

    China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reports that Xi “expressed the need to improve global governance” during the meeting. “Whether it is domestic governance or global governance, we must have people’s sense of fulfillment as the objective and continue to provide confidence and expectations of stability for the people,” Xi reportedly said. “We need to keep pushing for and improving global governance to deal with this challenge.”

    • Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping met United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Beijing this weekend and reportedly urged the leader to further promote “global governance” to solve the world’s problems.

      Xi has explicitly expressed a desire to see China become the “keeper of the international order,” defining and enforcing international law.

      That’s about the worst news imaginable.

  8. [Ed. – More evidence that there really is a vile and appalling rot running through advocacy leftism.]

    SHOCK: Women’s March Supports Sex Trafficking, Child Prostitution Website

    The far-left Women’s March on Saturday came out in support of a website that was recently seized by the U.S. government for its involvement in sex-trafficking and underage prostitution.

    A federal grand jury in Phoenix returned a 93-count indictment against seven people associated with on Friday for their alleged involvement in knowingly facilitating illegal prostitution and money laundering. Politico reports:

  9. Syria: Fighting over the Corpse

    by Shoshana Bryen
    April 10, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The Syrian government’s chemical attack on civilians in the rebel-held suburb of Douma this weekend is the complete responsibility of the war criminal Bashar Assad, his Russian bedfellows, and his Iranian bankers. However, the fact that President Trump had announced that the U.S. is nearly finished its mission to defeat ISIS (which is questionable) and wants to leave Syria quickly may have encouraged the others to speed up their efforts to divide Syria’s corpse.

    An independent country for only two years longer than the State of Israel, Syria has reverted to its prior status as space across which the competing interests of bigger empires and armies are played out. President Trump claims to be uninterested in who rules Damascus — which is wise of him — but the aggressive partition of Syrian territory by Russia, Iran, Turkey and ISIS has security implications for the United States and our regional allies that cannot be ignored.

    Syria — as land — has had many masters:

  10. Trump-appointed US attorney recused from Michael Cohen investigation

    Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, is recused from the Michael Cohen investigation, ABC News has learned.

    Berman was not involved in the decision to raid Cohen’s office because of the recusal, two sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News

    The recusal was approved by senior Justice Department officials who report to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the sources said. Rosenstein himself was notified of the recusal after the decision was made.

    The raid of Cohen’s office was handled by others in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and approved by a federal judge.

    Berman is a Trump appointee with ties to Rudy Giuliani who donated money to the 2016 Trump campaign.–abc-news-topstories.html

  11. I often think about the Third Reich, in which the individual counted for nothing, the survival of the community was everything. Today one would call it a filter bubble. How could they make their plans without consulting the world? It shows how susceptible humanity is to every kind of delusion.

    In my view, it is quite possible that Jewish intellectuals have drawn the wrong conclusions from the Holocaust and are now beginning to destroy everything out of inverted “reincarnism” that has allowed them to live for thousands of years, even to aspire upwards socially.

    How could it happen that it would become a taboo to criticize them – who toss the Torah around questioning them? Answering this question is no longer our task, but theirs.

    • I’m a big fan of Buddhism. I try to break the duality between “the others” and “we better”. Even if sometimes it’s difficult for me. When two sexes (today: “genders”) connect, they try to lift the separation (duality) and to merge in the common divine.

      But we can only know for seconds, then be thrown back into separation. Jewish intellectuals like Larry King are visibly sympathetic to this attitude, but why don’t they practice it themselves?

      Quite simply: Because Jews are not “better” men than gentiles, but are just as afflicted with shortcomings and mistakes. There is a very strict duality for Jews.

      Unfortunately, Jews are no more Buddhists than we are. Although their field would be much larger due to their intellectual receptivity to fertilization.

      From Jon Kabat-Zinn I learned about mindfulness, from Georg Stefan Troller about Satprem and his (Jewish) Great Mother Mirra Alfassa.

        • I ask myself why this blog links videos to my comments I didn’t link. The vid I linked was this. Since this is the third time it’s happened, I can’t assume it’s a mistake. Since I am a good man, I forgive you.

            • I don’t know what you have against me, I had nothing against you, Vlad. Why you constantly “disappear” videos and link your own (intermediate stage), which after publication are suddenly my own again (a double), although I proceed extremely conscientiously, about it one may only speculate.

              • Im not at all certain of what you are talking about. Can you describe as accurately with links as possible what is happening?

                JohnnyU also said there is a problem with videos.

                Other than posting the French video on education to the site I haven’t had time to do much else, other than editing an interview I did which I hope to post tonight with an Alberta pastor. Its quite good by the way.

                But I have nothing against you I don’t think, I just started reading your posts today, or have you been posting longer than that?

            • I just spoke to our tech guy. I am tokd there is a technical problem with the site. Thank you and Johnny for bringing it to my attention, however I would prefer you do not jump to conclusions about my character before looking into it.

              I will do you the courtesy of not imputing your motives for posting what you did and assume it was just a hasty judgement.

  12. Give Saudi Arabia a chance, French president tells critics (reuters, Apr 10, 2018)

    “France’s President Emmanuel Macron took on critics of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Tuesday, saying it was too easy to criticise the young leader’s haste to reform and urged detractors to give him time.

    Prince Mohammed, who was ending a three-day tour to France on Tuesday, has won Western plaudits for seeking to reduce Saudi Arabia’s reliance on oil, tackle chronic corruption and transform the deeply conservative, mainly Sunni Muslim kingdom.

    But the severity and secrecy of an anti-corruption crackdown last November, after the prince ousted an older cousin as crown prince in a palace coup last June, has unnerved some investors.

    Human rights groups also question how far the kingdom has come…”

    • Beautiful young ladies. Both air sings (Southern: Gemini + Aquarius moon), Pettibone a beautiful esthetic Libra. A chatter like on a duck pond. While Sellner (Capricorn) is responsible for reality.

      A typical pattern in our Western societies where the man sees himself as the provider of the woman. And the woman the man as her provider. Madly, this is exactly the prison that makes us unfree.

      Why? Because the men who would otherwise have to fight and defend, or train their minds, do pointless work only so that they can – pardon – lick the pussy they desire.

      • The interesting thing is that “fathers” (Indo-Germanic “head of the family”) raised their children themselves before industrialisation 200 years ago.

        Until then, the woman had nothing to decide. Women cannot “educate” because they are half children themselves.

        • Women (XX) make women’s politics, men (XY) make human politics. The Israeli military historian and antifeminist Martin van Creveld is now discovered by the Alt-Right as father figure.

          • Henryk M. Broder called it the “reclericalization of public space”. The communication scientist Dr. Norbert Bolz emphasized that the more prudish a society becomes, the more pornographic it becomes. Since all longings are pushed back into a forbidden shadow area.

            • Bolz is an intellectually particularly courageous philosopher. He studied with the Jewish professor Jacob Taubes, who became his doctoral supervisor.

              Taubes taught him not to be inferior or superior, neither left nor right. Bolz has written groundbreaking books, e.g. about the fact that today’s Christianity is the forerunner of the Antichrist, although he himself is not a believer.


              One can understand Europe and its success story only against the background of its Christian development story, who denies it, is a corrupter of western culture and everything that emerged from it. One could compare such false Christians with Pharisees or “modern Jacobins”.

  13. Armed Groups Control Libyan Prisons, Torture Rampant: UN Report (tasnimnews, Apr 10, 2018)

    “TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Armed groups in Libya are killing and torturing detainees in prisons, some nominally under government control, where thousands of civilians are being unlawfully held, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

    Successive governments in Tripoli have allowed the armed groups to arrest opponents, activists, journalists and politicians, while paying the fighters salaries and providing them with equipment and uniforms, it said, Reuters reported.

    “As a result, armed groups’ power has grown unchecked and they have remained free of effective government oversight,” the UN human rights office and UNSMIL (UN Support Mission in Libya) said in a report.

    “Men, women and children across Libya are arbitrarily detained or unlawfully deprived of their liberty based on their tribal or family links and perceived political affiliations.”

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein denounced “appalling abuses” and “the sheer horror”.

    Zeid urged authorities to release people held in custody without cause and to prosecute crimes including torture, kidnapping and executions as a step toward re-establishing the rule of law.

    The report said many detainees have been held without charge or trial since the 2011 revolution that overthrew former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi…”

  14. No Hiatus in Iran’s Nuclear Activities: MP (tasnimnews, Apr 10, 2018)

    “There has been no interruption in Iran’s nuclear activities under the JCPOA, the nuclear agreement with the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany), Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Tuesday.

    He made the comments in a meeting with Tarja Cronberg, a member of the Executive Board of the European Leadership Network, held in Tehran.

    Highlighting Iran’s readiness to accelerate its nuclear activities, excluding nuke-related programs, Boroujerdi said if the US government exits the JCPOA, Iran will have no more motive to honor the deal.

    After a possible US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the world would realize that the Islamic Republic’s nuclear capabilities outstrip its pre-JCPOA power, the lawmaker added.

    He also called on Europe to defy the “excessive demands” and violation of the multilateral nuclear agreement…”

    • US Backs EU Iran Sanctions Push (tasnimnews, Apr 10, 2018)

      “Speaking in London at the start of a tour of European signatories to that deal, Sigal Mandelker, US Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said sanctions were an important part of a comprehensive effort to “counter Iran in the region”.

      “We understand that the EU, it’s been reported in the press, is considering new Iran-related sanctions. This is a good and important step that we support,” she told reporters before meetings with British officials, Reuters reported.

      Last month, France, Britain and Germany sought EU support for approval of new sanctions, but have struggled to persuade other member states to back them. Mandelker will visit Berlin and Paris during her three-day tour.

      “We say any company thinking about doing business in Iran or with Iranian companies face serious risks that they will be doing business with those, like the IRGC, supporting terrorism and instability throughout the world,” she claimed…”

  15. Russia urges U.S.: Refrain from Syria plans you are developing (reuters, Apr 10, 2018)

    “Russian U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia appealed to the United States on Tuesday to “refrain” from any action it might be planning against Syria over a suspected deadly chemical weapons attack.

    “The threats you are proffering that you’re stating vis-a-vis Syria should make us seriously worried, all of us, because we could find ourselves on the threshold of some very sad and serious events,” Nebenzia told U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

    “I would once again ask you, once again beseech you, to refrain from the plans that you’re currently developing for Syria,” he said after the council failed to approve a third draft resolution on chemical weapons attacks in Syria.”

  16. UAE Condemns Somalia for Seizing Private Jet (aawsat, Apr 10, 2018)

    “The United Arab Emirates condemned on Tuesday Somalia authorities for seizing one of its civilian aircraft that was carrying millions of dollars, reported the WAM news agency.

    In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that the jet was seized at Mogadishu airport carrying US$9.6 million in cash allocated to support the Somali army and trainees.

    The Ministry added that some those onboard the plane had been held at gunpoint and assaulted by Somali security forces.

    This action is an illegal step that “contradicts the established diplomatic norms and traditions between countries and is a serious breach of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two countries in November 2014,” it continued, according to WAM.

    The UAE “deplores this violation of international law and norms, at a time when the UAE has provided all kinds of political, economic, military and humanitarian support in the darkest conditions to establish security and stability in the Somali Federal Republic.””

  17. Linked by Mossad, saying: What are you all looking at us for?
    Report: Islamic Jihad leader suffers massive stroke

    Ramadan Shalah, the secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, reportedly had to undergo surgery to save his life; Islamic Jihad denies reports there was an attempt on his life, saying he merely suffering from ‘natural illness.’,7340,L-5226167,00.html
    PIJ is Iran.

  18. France 3rd largest investor in Kingdom (saudigazette, Apr 10, 2018)

    “French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said on Tuesday that his country ranks third in the volume of investments made in Saudi Arabia, coming next to United States and Kuwait.

    “About 80 French companies are operating in the Kingdom with creating more than 27,000 jobs for Saudis,” he said while inaugurating the Saudi-French CEO Forum, organized by the Saudi Center for Strategic Partnerships, on the sidelines of the official visit of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to France.

    Drian highlighted the historic relations between Saudi Arabia and France since 1967, and emphasized the importance of further enhancing bilateral ties in the areas of security, energy, economy, science, culture and technology. The forum aimed to define features of economic investment future and open new horizons of cooperation and partnerships between the two countries in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030…”

  19. VICE REPORTS – Sexual Exploitation of Young P.A.K.I.S.T.A.N.I Refugees in Greece

    «…. war, poverty and CLIMATE CHANGE has displaced more than 65 million people…»

  20. Syria MISSILE STRIKE ‘within hours’: Eastern Mediterranean on ALERT for ‘possible launch’

    BRITISH and French forces could launch an imminent missile strike on Syria within a matter of hours, aviation monitors have revealed.

    A coalition force could fire “air-to-ground or cruise missiles” in the wake of a horrifying chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria last week.

    Aviation experts AirLive have reported this evening a “rapid alert notification” warning aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean to be wary of a sudden missile strike.

    AirLive said the alert was issued by Eurocontrol this evening for a “possible launch … within the next 72 hours”.

    AirLive said: “According to reports, British forces are mobilising at their bases in Cyprus and Rafale fighter jets could takeoff from St Dizier airbase in France for possible strikes against Syria.”

    The Eurocontrol alert said: “Due to the possible launch of air strikes into Syria with air-to-ground and/or cruise missiles within the next 72 hours, and the possibility of intermittent disruption of radio navigation equipment, due consideration needs to be taken when planning flight operations in the Eastern Mediterranean / Nicosia FIR area.”

    The UK has said military intervention is a possibility following the chemical attack in Douma.[…]
    READY TO STRIKE Syria – US-led coalition warplanes ‘seen flying over Iraqi border’ as nerve gas counter attack looms

    The US military has reportedly ordered civilian planes to clear the skies as flight radar shows aircraft avoiding the area

    A HEAVY flight of US-led coalition warplanes have reportedly been seen flying over the Iraqi border as a nerve gas counter attack looms.

    Civilian planes were said to have been ordered to clear the airspace over Syria by the US military for at least 48 hours as flight radar shows aircraft diverting.

    The European air traffic controller has warned airlines to “exercise caution” in the Eastern Mediterranean due to the possible launch of airstrikes in Syria in the next 72 hours.

    Nafiseh Kohnavard, a reporter for the BBC, tweeted: “Airlines that are still using Syria’s airspace have received a request to change their corridors for the next 48 hours.

    “Sources say that all military bases and important centres of the Syrian government are on high alert as a US attack is expected.”[…]

    • What happened: Did Russian troll farm’s fake Hillary Clinton sex tape swing the election?

      Hillary Clinton already offered up 512 pages of excuses for her 2016 election loss in “What Happened,” and she’s added to those reasons in TV appearances and speeches around the world. But so far we haven’t heard her bring up a fake sex tape allegedly pushed by Russian trolls.

      NBC News has the exclusive.

      Exclusive: Russia’s troll farm pushed a fake Hillary Clinton sex tape on Reddit, Imgur, Pornhub, SpankBang. Over 250,000 people saw it. And it’s still up on the internet.

      more :


      NBC – Russia-linked account pushed fake Hillary Clinton sex video

      A pornographic video that falsely claimed to show Hillary Clinton engaged in a sex act has been traced back to an account that Reddit acknowledged on Tuesday is linked to Russia’ Internet Research Agency.

      […]Former FBI agent Clint Watts, who testified before Congress in 2017 about Russian disinformation tactics, told NBC News that a pivotal part of Russia’s propaganda strategy is to “place videos like this on 4chan or Reddit and hope it takes off in other places on its own.”

      […]the problem of fake videos is just beginning to gain attention.

      As we see fake audio and video online become more authentic looking, instead of 250,000 views, maybe next time you get 250 million.

      on this page :

    • Los Angeles painting city streets white in bid to combat climate change

      California officials are hoping their latest attempt to stem the rising tides of climate change leads to a more socially conscious — and cooler — summer.

      Officials in Los Angeles have been painting streets white to reduce the effect of urban “heat islands” and combat the effects of climate change.

      The LA Street Services began rolling out the project last May, which preliminary testing shows has reduced the temperature of roadways by up to 10 degrees. The project involves applying a light gray coating of the product CoolSeal, made by the company GuardTop.

      “CoolSeal is applied like conventional sealcoats to asphalt surfaces to protect and maintain the quality and longevity of the surface,” according to the company website. “While most cool pavements on the market are polymer based, CoolSeal is a water-based, asphalt emulsion.”

      While each coasting could can last up to seven years, they are also pricey, with the estimated cost of $40,000 per mile, the L.A. Daily News reported.

      CoolSeal does pass the California skid test in addition to the slip test for wet traction, and is applied in two coats, each 50 microns thick, over an asphalt roadway or a slurry-sealed asphalt roadway, according to the streets department.[…]

  21. Hitchens claimed Hitler was a Catholic. Which Catholic sends children into a senseless war that has long since been lost? Either this “atheist” can’t put two and two together, or he’s just using Hitler to defame Catholicism.

      • It’s pretty easy to analyze all this madness these days. The question is why no one analyses today’s madness. Does it always have to happen afterwards, when the child has already fallen into a well?

          • Recently I read a paper on why extreme capitalism developed in England, separated from the continent, is incompatible with all continental societies. Unfortunately, I forgot about the authors.

            But it seems logical to me that the English have no idea of raids, migrations and border walls. This is why they were able to build their “Empire” without being disturbed by the sea.

            Nevertheless, the English model of globalism is “groundbreaking” in world destruction today. Adam Smith was English.

            I can imagine neither Americans nor Englishmen who have even a hint of doubt about this concept of exception with regard to the world (not yet “happy” by them).

            • So as not to be misunderstood: Capitalism worked wonderfully in England. A wonderful form of society in which one can clearly distinguish between having and wanting, rich and poor. Who is the main culprit in the globalist-multicultural misery will be a mystery to world history for a long time to come

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