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10 Replies to “Former Raegan Justice official: Weaponized Justice department”

    • “To give truth to him who loves it not is but to give him more plentiful material for misinterpretation.” – George MacDonald

  1. This has been the long term aim of the left: to create a bureaucracy that has its own leftist mind and its own view of how to fulfil the orders of the current leader. If they support the leader they will go out of their way to shield and protect that leader. If they do not support that leader they will, likewise, go out of their way to smear that leader with “leaks”. they will block or cripple any investigations that are aimed at the truth and they will continue non-official witch hunts in an attempt to depose this leader. There is no real leader here within this group just an inherent leftist Weltanshauung that controls them like a queen bee. This is what happens when you have an extremely unionized socialist bureaucracy so typical of “Big Government” with their wonderful leave, healthcare and superannuation bonuses that most can only dream about. This was what FDR created in 1932 and Harry Hopkins moulded into the largest cesspool of communists and socialists in the US: a creature with one objective: a non democratic, non free US and now preferably white free. How do you gain control of this without virtually destroying government? Very depressing as ALL of these departments march in step and cooperate under the socialist mandate if blindly so. You cannot just remove the leaders as the underlings are self motivated and will continue anyway. The ONLY cure is like the one WRT islam: radical surgery with the rotten parts excised. No one, not even Trump is that brave.

    • How do you gain control of this without virtually destroying government?

      You probably don’t, the only thing that will save the US is that the entire world will be going up in flames and it will be hard for them to move an invasion force.

      Read what I posted today (4/10/18) and watch the videos. they all agree this is just the beginning of a much larger mess and constitutional crisis.

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